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Business Process Analyst, ERP / Project / Web

Applications Manager
Saeed Aslam Siddiki

CV Reference # CV1750648

Contact Information

King Fahad Road / Olya Phone (Evening): +9661.4636099

EBI KSA Mobile: +966.502991822
P. O. Box 8166 E−Mail:
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Career Objective

A project manager with a brilliant track record of spearheading turnkey ERP and business solutions for some
of the leading global entities in the region. Seeking a strategic techno−managerial position with a dynamic
organization to formulate and spearhead major initiatives aimed achieving long term organizational profit

Personal Information

Nationality: Saudi Arabia

Resident of: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Birthdate: 20 Oct, 1977
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Number of Dependants: 2

Professional Experience

January 2005 − Present: EB KSA Projects − Head

Emirates Bank International (EBI)
Saudi Arabia

• Build and sustaining cross border teams in Riyadh and Dubai within 3 months
of joining (Comprising of 5 members). Conducted and retained full KPI’s of all
team members.
• Completed 3 critical projects over the course of 9 months
• Lead the resolution of 30 major systems production issues within 5 months of
• Prioritized and realigned local system strategies to Dubai HO objectives and

• Responsible for reengineering the entire process which resulted in new staff
hierarchy and job descriptions, optimal utilization of the in sourced and
outsourced logistics fleet and cost efficient systems.
• Evaluating and monitoring the status quo of all branches of EB through ERP
Logistics Module. Ensuring optimal usage of all available resources to operate as
per schedule and within budgeted overheads. Enforcing budgetary guidelines and
cost control.
• Collating and analyzing data pertaining to various performance and business
parameters to plan and effect turnkey operational solutions, aimed to enhance
profitability, throughput and system responses.
• Drafting annual budgets, effecting cost cutting measures, evaluating tenders
for sub−contractors and outsourced jobs, providing regular reports and analysis to
senior management on business process activities, as well as financial and
budgetary implications.
• Designing and scheduling tasks for seasonal demand cycles, meeting
assigned targets and effectively managing quality and costs.
• Reviewing industrial performance, market trends, competitor’s strategies,
after sales services structure, vendor relations, customer analysis, SWOT reports,
and budgetary adherence on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

January 2004 − Business Process Analyst

December 2004: Samba Financial Group
Saudi Arabia

Key Responsibilities:
• Liaised with personnel across departments with diverse technical and
professional profiles (business unit staff, supervisors, technical staff etc.) to
develop policies and facilitate the implementation of system modules, models,
and or enhancements.
• Worked with a team of programmers, technical support specialists, database
administrators, system analysts, and other associated IT professionals to create
integrated range of solutions for diverse financial systems.
• Conducted customized training sessions, seminars and presentations for
Corporate Relationship Managers to leverage newer systems and identify / bridge
GAPS in existing process models.
• Performed market analysis based on information gathered before proposing
projects to the management.
• Analyzed impact of proposed solution across the organization and developed
cases that explain / demonstrate business requirements / specifications.
• Lead systems enhancement efforts which lead to a comprehensive systems
development strategy. Generated key reports to support quality control and
provide time−critical information.

September 2000 − Web Operations Manager

January 2004: Saudi American Bank
Saudi Arabia

Saudi American Bank (SAMBA), one of the largest banks in the Middle East,
employing a total staff of 2, 500 with state of the art technology infrastructure.

• Set up e−Business Solutions Unit that to cater to the Intranet. Devised
complete wire−frames for the internet / intranet sites ensuring consistency in look
and reducing duplication of work
• Originated the steps within the Emergency Command Center procedures,
developed and facilitated e−Awareness sessions within SAMBA.
• Composed various articles on the intranet support information architecture.
• Piloted the conceptualization, management, and sustenance of the portal
architecture and coordinated with the business and technology teams.
• Initiated a ‘Web Watchers Group’ and conducted proper usability tests
to improve application acceptance.
• Perfected the in house content management system / application (CMS /
CMA) based on user tests.

June 1998 − October e−Marketing Assistant

1999: Community Webs Inc.(CWI)
Littleton CO USA, United States

Major Responsibilities & Highlights:

• Formulated marketing master plan and conceptualized strategies to identify
and capture target consumer base while having a firm eye on objectives, based
on extensive research of on−line navigation trends.
• Orchestrated the strategic placement of banner ads and thumbnails on key
areas of the site to boost banner popularity and in return boost client satisfaction.
Developed online alliances and affiliate programs which link to CWI. (Link
• Spearheaded market studies to identify competitors and to develop strategies
to counteract the potential business threats.
• Creating stage−wise profit projection reports in consonance with preceding
factors. Enhanced the development strategies on Return on Investment (ROI)
and devised alternative revenue streams.
• Repositioned and enhanced the site performance through constant aesthetic
and technical feedback to web designers, performed test runs on the final site
across various platforms and configurations to ensure optimal compatibility
• Augmented the page templates for standardized production.
• Revamped the site by creatively utilizing MP3 technologies and by recording
the general tracks used on certain banner ads.


August 1999: University Of Denver, Daniel's College of Business, Colorado, United States
Bachelors/Higher Diploma, Marketing Management

• Graduated with a cumulative 3.3 / 4.0 GPA
• Daniel's College of Business Dean's Honors List (Spring of 1998)
• Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Russell Travel Grant (Fall of 1998)
• Was the lead speaker within the Arab Student Body and other occasions that
needed a multilingual approach.

Career Level

Career Level: Management (Manager/Director of Staff)

Notice Period: 6 months or less

Target Job

Job Location: UAE; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ; UK; USA

Job Category: Banking; Consulting Services; Customer Service; Financial Services; Human
Resources; Information Technology; Internet/E−commerce; Marketing;
Management; FMCG
Employment Type: Employee
Employment Status: Full time


Skill Level Years practiced Last used

ERP, Business Process Analysis, Strategic Expert More than 5 years 1 month or less
Marketing Mgmt, Project Mgmt, Content
Mgmt, Devpt & Copywriting
E−business Skills, Systems Mgmt, Expert More than 5 years 1 month or less
Budgeting, Cost Cutting, Standardizing
Procedures & Report Generation
Developing Wire frames with Macromedia Expert More than 5 years 1 month or less
Fireworks, Web Applications, MS Office,
Access & HTML
Communication, Interpersonal, Analytical, Expert More than 5 years 1 month or less
Team Building, Creative Problem Solving &
Leadership Skills


Language Level Years practiced Last used

Arabic Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less
English Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less
Urdu Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less


Reference Relation Phone E−Mail

Abdullah Alawami SAMBA Finanical +966.505653394
RM Eastern Province Group
Suliman Ansari Unilever UAE +971.506550874 −
Product Manager
Nasir Sakrani Emirates Bank +9715.06517295
RM / CM Corp. Dept. Islamic Banking
Farid Farouq Dubai Islamic +9715.04537077 −
Projects / IT Head Bank

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