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Janista Chaikanjanasak

Aye 1206

Reflection on Junior Achievement Project

In grade 12, I chose to attend Junior Achievement Company as my Capstone project. It is a

nonprofit organization to deliver the experiential programs on many topics including financial

literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship to the students in kindergarten through high school. It

is the world’s largest organization providing the knowledge and skill to the children and young

people. These things are for their success in terms of economic and plan for their future with a

smart economic choices (Junior Achievement, n.d.). The name of the company is “Multiplexer or

MUX. Our company was formed by 23 students divided into 5 departments. Then we needed to

come up with the product that we will create and sell based on the voted and suggestion from the

advisors and member. The concept of the product was an eco-friendly and appropriate price to

promote the natural resources of Thailand. Finally, our product is the shoe freshener; officially

called “MUX Shoe freshener”. The budget of the company came from stock selling in school and

outside of school. At the beginning of the project, I decided to be one of the parts of production

department because I want to learn the process of making products and how to be the part of the

production. The duty that we did were to find the best materials and ingredients to form the product.

At first, we need to find a shop or any company that sell the materials having the property that

belong to us. There are many materials and ingredients that we needed to find including fabric bag,

rope, coffee grounds, bergamot, tea, paper tag, recycled box, and printed sticker. Thought out these

process, there are some obstacles while we were searching for the best shop. Some shop are too far

from and gives an effect in terms of the transportation cost. In every single material, we needed to

be carefully pick and buy it because if we make a lot of mistake, it can gives a negative effect to our

company specifically in cost. In this project, production and marketing department needed a lot of

cooperation because of the duty. We need to discuss a lot about the price and the information about

the ingredients and materials that we used. The other obstacles we faced is that sometimes, it is very
Janista Chaikanjanasak
Aye 1206

hard for us to talk directly on something and on some issue occurs because we did not know each

other yet. However, this project made me grow up and has enough ability to talk and cooperate with

other department even though we did not know each other yet. (Leadership) After finishing the

process of searching and finding the best material that fit to the concept and theme of the product.

Our company started the process of making real products. The obstacle for me in this process is that

the charcoal cannot inserted into fabric bag that we ordered from the company because the charcoal

is too big. Our department need to break it out into the smaller pieces to be easier to put it into the

fabric bag. Moreover, our biggest barrier is in terms of timing. There were a huge number of orders

from the customer after we opened the pre-order period at our school; MUIDS. We did not have

enough time to make the product causing by our department that has only 5 people. After this

problem occurs, our department ask for the volunteer by giving the community service hours as a

reward. Our company go to sell the shoe freshener as a pop up store at Gateway Ekamai and joined

the competition of Junior Achievement between each international schools. We got a great feedback

and circulation. After that, we also went to Mahidol University Salaya campus as a pop up store

again in the market. However, the feedback is not quite well. Our company is not only sell the

product in the pop up stores but also selling online but most of the circulation came from the

students and teachers in school and on trade fair.

In conclusion, our circulation on the shoe freshener product circulation is very well done.

We get the second place of Junior Achievement competition. We sold all of the products that we

made. We get the profits from creating our company. There are many several lessons we learned in

this project which directly related to MUIDS ESLOs. First, I learned how to create the eco- friendly

product to represent the natural resources of Thailand which clearly shows that I am the “Altruistic

global citizens”. Cooperation is also one of the big things I learned in here. I can work on a group’s

differences and accept its decisions which also illustrates that I’m the “Leader of the future”. I also
Janista Chaikanjanasak
Aye 1206

able to build on the ideas, explanations, solving problem and reasoning of others in the company

and which also represents that I’m the “Innovative thinker”. For the failure that our company made

is about the materials and ingredients as a huge one. The ingredients that we ordered for the product

were over quantity and too much. That affected the budget of the company. If I have an opportunity

to do this kind of project again, I will spend more time on calculating the quantity of the ingredients

that we will order and also manage the number of people to be more efficient in terms of making