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CC Idaho/MSHS ERSEA Recruitment of Children

HSPS: 1302.13, Community Partnerships CP 800
CC Idaho/MSHS will develop and implement a recruitment process designed to actively inform all
families with eligible children within the recruitment area of the availability of program services, and
encourage and assist them in applying for admission to the program. MSHS will specify efforts to
actively locate and recruit children with disabilities and other vulnerable children, including homeless
children and children in foster care.
Data Support Specialist
CMT (Lead by Center Coordinator)
All MSHS staff including MSHS Central Office staff
Program Preparation:

The Community Council of Idaho Recruitment Manual was developed to provide guidance and
direction to Migrant Seasonal Head Start personnel in identifying and recruiting migrant and seasonal
families & their children.

An annual Recruitment Manual will be developed and revised to ensure all families with MSHS
eligible children are being informed of CC of Idaho/MSHS services in their area. Each center
individualizes the recruitment plan based on their service area. Recruitment is an ongoing process
that begins prior to center opening and continues throughout the program year. Recruitment also
enables CC Idaho/MSHS Central Management Team to initiate the process for creating
Community Partnerships with other agencies and organizations.

The Center Coordinator who will act as the lead in the centers recruitment efforts but all CENTER
MANAGEMENT TEAM is responsible for recruiting. The plan will be entered in Child Plus at the end
of the month for the following month. CMT will participate in the meeting to plan and coordinate
activities that will take place during that month
The Recruitment Plan will include (but is not limited to):
1. Contacting families previously served, door-to-door recruitment, Policy Council member’s and
MSHS parents will also assist in “getting the word out” about recruitment.
2. Community presentations to community partners and stakeholder who serve migrant and seasonal
farm workers.
3. Participation in local events such as fairs, festivals or holiday celebrations.
4. Written information in the form of posters, flyers and brochures. They will be placed in strategic
locations in the centers’ recruitment area.
5. The use of media such as radio, newspapers, public television and websites (Idaho’s 211).
6. Other activities individual to the community.
The Education Coordinator, together with CMT, will take the lead in the activities that will result in
locating and recruiting children with disabilities to participate in MSHS by performing but not limited to
the following tasks:

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CC Idaho/MSHS ERSEA Recruitment of Children
1. All Part B (school districts) and Part C (Infant/Toddler) providers within the service area
must be contacted prior to center opening.
2. The contact list will include specific agencies that serve children with disabilities specifically the
following at a minimum:
Service Coordination Agencies, Child Find Coordinators through your local District Health
Department, Regional Head Start Programs, Department of Health and Welfare Infant and
Toddler Programs, Parents Unlimited Inc. Regional Coordinators, Local School District Migrant
Education Coordinators, Low income and Migrant Health Clinics (i.e. Terry Reilly), 211 Idaho
Care Line, Idaho Stars

Activities will include a minimum of the following:
1) Personal contact with families at home, work and various community functions.
2) Personal contact with employers in the area that hire migrant and seasonal families.
3) Personal contact with agencies and programs (including CC of Idaho) that serves Migrant &
Seasonal Farm workers.
4) Follow-up to previous year’s resource list of Community Partnership Agreement with phone calls
to schedule presentation to agency staff. See Community Partnerships SOP CP 800.
5) Post recruitment materials throughout the community and distribute program informational
brochures/cards (make sure to get permission).

The Recruitment Plan will be entered directly in Child Plus at the end of each month with the plan
with activities for that month. Recruitment efforts will be documented on the Recruitment Log Form
ERSEA 10 and uploaded to Office 365 to each Center’s folder (Recruitment Logs) on a Bi-Weekly basis
by the Center Coordinator. Each staff member assisting in the recruitment effort will complete their own
recruitment logs ERSEA10. If it is done in a group them one person can take the lead to document those
recruitment efforts. Efforts to recruit should not stop once full enrollment has been reached,
recruitment logs must be uploaded on a Bi-Weekly basis to Office 365.

Presentations will be made to Part B and Part C providers. CDS’ will develop a PowerPoint
presentation to be used. Document this activity on the Recruitment Plan ERSEA 12 and
Recruitment Log ERSEA 10

The CMT as well as supervisors will always consider the safety of team members and never place them in
situations that are unsafe. At no time, will a staff member go to unfamiliar areas alone. The “buddy
system” will be used any time home visits or door-to-door activities are planned.

 Recruitment Plan-Child Plus
 Recruitment Log ERSEA 10
 Flyers/ Posters/ Pamphlets
 Community Partnership Agreements CP01

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