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The Edgewood ISD Board of Managers and Dr. Emilio Castro, Superintendent, have
come to a mutual agreement in the best interest of the District that allows the Board
to transition the district’s leadership immediately rather than at the end of Dr. Castro’s
current contract in December of 2019.

Therefore, Dr. Castro has submitted his letter of resignation effective March 31, 2018,
and the Board has taken action to accept such resignation. Dr. Castro shall be paid
his normal salary and benefits until his last date of employment, which is March 31,
2018 and 7 local and 8.5 state leave days that he has earned and accrued while
working at the District. The District shall not pay any other compensation to Dr.

Edgewood ISD’s Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Philip Chavez, was appointed as
acting administrator in charge of Edgewood ISD on February 23, 2018 and has served
in this role since then. Mr. Chavez is a decorated graduate of the District and has
previously served as interim superintendent for another district. As the District moves
forward to search for an interim and permanent superintendent, Mr. Chavez will
remain in his acting administrator in charge role, as he brings a wealth of experience
and leadership qualities that will allow for a smooth transition for the District.

The Board intends to continuously monitor the implementation of its policies

regarding harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in order to ensure that these
policies are vigorously enforced. The Board also wishes to thank the complainant for
coming forward and any witness that participated in the investigation and would like
to reiterate that harassment of or retaliation against any District employee is strictly
prohibited and will not be tolerated. All District employees are strongly encouraged
to report any form of harassment to their immediate supervisor in accordance with
Board policy.

Edgewood Independent School District ° 5358 W. Commerce ° San Antonio, TX 78237

210-444-4500 (office) ° 210-444-4602 (fax)
The Board would also like to thank the independent law firm of Rogers, Morris &
Grove for the thoroughness and efficiency of its independent investigation into the
complainant’s allegations, which allowed for a swift resolution. The Board
appreciates the support and confidence that the District’s constituents have placed in
this process.

Moving forward, it is the Board’s intent to identify a permanent superintendent who

aligns with the District’s philosophy and goals of providing the best education
possible for all of Edgewood ISD’s students while at the same time maintaining a
safe and professional environment for the District’s students, faculty and staff.

Edgewood Independent School District ° 5358 W. Commerce ° San Antonio, TX 78237

210-444-4500 (office) ° 210-444-4602 (fax)