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to the fourth issue of ‘theCODEtv’. After a short summer break we’re back in time for Freshers Week, the latest fashion attire, exclusive interviews with Maxi Jazz & Sister Bliss from Faithless, more art, loads of fantastic competitions and other funky stuff! Enjoy…

Meow Meow!

Fashion Story

The Beach

Faithless Interviews


Event Guide

Thailand Competition


Danica Mallia from Kalkara receiving the prize from Paul Fleri Soler at Emirates.

Misha Grech writes...

Even if we haven’t seen anyone popping, we are all aware that education on drugs is necessarily to everyone. But I doubt whether the common customers at the coffee shop have identified themselves with MEOW-MEOW. Whilst this drugs media name sounds cute and fabulous, it’s worrying to know that MEOW-MEOW’ is disguised & marketed as “plant food” to avoid the Medicines Act and is

easily bought online. Maybe more worrying is that teens are snorting this plant food to get the same highs as if they were taking cocaine or ecstasy but it can be bought for much less money. Mephedrone, not to be confused with Methadone, is classed in many countries as a “legal high” and described as a research chemical “not for human consumption”.

What’s in it?
One of a group of drugs derived from cathinone, an extract from a plant called khat. Cathinone is related to amphetamine compounds like ecstasy.

Why is it popular?
Gives you the same high as Ecstasy (without making you look awful). Takes time to wear off like Cocaine – giving the best of both recreational drugs. Can be easily bought online. Cheaper than other drugs.

What the expert says...
Professor David Nutt, a drugs specialist has advised caution with so-called “legal highs” since they’re such an unknown quantity. He said: “Who knows what’s in [mephedrone] when you buy it? We don’t have a testing system. It could be very dangerous, we just don’t know. These chemicals have never been put into animals, let alone humans.” It is hard to disagree with Professor Nutt’s assessment.

Downfalls & dangers of taking this Drug!
Not enough information on the drug is documented – like for example its ‘recommended’ dosage – making it extremely dangerous. Any drug is not recommended, but Mephedrone has severe side effects such as sleepdeprivation which can lead to worse problems like paranoia, severe panic attacks, hallucinations and nose bleeds. When the high is over, produces emotional and social effects and in turn severe psychic problems may be the case. Until it will be banned properly, in many countries it is considered as a legal high.

Expose Yourself!
Here at theCODEtv we invited artists to submit their work and we must say we’re totally impressed by the new raw talent out there! This month we highlight the digital work of

Rowiel’s Art

My name is Antonella Zammit and I am mostly self taught. I began to show interest in art since the tender age of 7 when I used to scribble and draw during my free time. In my secondary school days, my teachers noticed that I had a flair for art thus I was encouraged to take up art classes to further my skills .

During those days I learnt new techniques, improved and developed my style. Then back in 2007 I discovered digital art and I began to explore this infinite world full of colours and imagination. I began to read tutorials and read books and magazines about the subject and of course I began to experiment with photoshop.

You could say that this programme helps me with my works and together with my wacom tablet they have both become a big part of my life. I am proud to have a small collection of works which show my imagination and reflect the way I see the world.

Want to be exposed?

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through the lens of George Saguna

I have been to Glastonbury five times so far and plan to return in the near future. I started going out of curiosity and quickly got hooked. What I love about this festival is the fact that there is something for everyone and nothing is ever the same. Whether you want to listen to the latest band in concert, go to a stand up comedy show or drink organic chai tea in a tipi, you’ll find an area at Glastonbury which will offer what you want. The sheer size of the festival is impressive and means that you never manage to see everything, which makes you

want to go back for more. As far as the music is concerned, I’ve seen some of my favourite artists (Muse, Killers, Florence and the Machine to mention but a few) and also others which became stars within a few months of appearing at the festival. That’s another thing I like, that you get to see tomorrow’s stars before anyone has even heard of them. There is a friendly atmosphere, which makes it a great place to take one’s family too, as I did last year. My wife and four year old daughter joined me and had the best time of their lives.

Getting Married In 2011?
Every year Bryan Azzopardy accepts a very few selected bookings to produce Wedding Movie Mementos. If you’re after a ‘traditional wedding video’ this is not for you...BUT if you’re after something more fun, more candid and more stylish, then get in touch... Packages with Top Local Fashion Photographers available on request.

Mob: 7945 2099 • Email: bryanazzopardy@onvol.net

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25th September

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With 2010 being the 55th anniversary of the Fred Perry brand, it was the perfect time for the Malta branch of Fred Perry to celebrate by reinvention by relocating in a newer, larger and more modern store that is located in the historical Merchant Street, Valletta.The eve of Wednesday the 25th saw the official opening… VIP’s enjoyed drinks and canapés whilst listening to British songs performed live by Red Eletrick. Afterwards up to 500 others attended the Autumn/Winter Preview show that was held by the historical Victoria Gate reminiscent of the British era and fittingly complimenting the Fred Perry brand.

The setting had a magical feel to it, with the old buildings lit up in colour, the old red telephone box standing proudly next to the bridge which was used as the cat walk for the show. The setting was further enhanced by the sounds from the Mod era churned out by Dj Mahoney, models sporting Fred Perry must have Polo’s, Shirts, Track Jackets, Shoes and Accessories for men and woman and the hair done by Toni & Guy completed the British classic cool look. When the show came to an end we were surprised by another performance form Red Electrick that set the mood for how the evening was going to continue…

The Fred P with Mod erry Polo Shirt w as popula s from th eE r modernis t) is a sub arly 60’s. Mod (fr om in Londo culture th n, a and pea England in the la t originated ked in th te 1950s ee Significa nt eleme arly to mid 1960 s. nts of the include: mo fas pop mus hion (often tailor d subculture ic, -m The orig and Italian moto ade suits); inal mod r scooter s. scene w associate as a d all-night with amphetamin lso dancing at clubs. e-fuelled

Krabi is a town on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of Krabi river leading into the Andaman sea. The town is the capital of Krabi Province and with it’s beautiful beaches and over 150 islands is now one of the most famous tourist destinations in Thailand. It’s landscape boasts huge jagged bolder like rocks protruding from all over the sea with limestone cliffs that attract rock climbers of all levels from all over the world. However the most popular attractions are it’s jaw dropping coconut palm fringed beaches. Friendly people, delicious cheap food, a relaxed safe atmosphere

and all amenities make Krabi the perfect family resort but most travelers use it as a stepping point for the wonderful surrounding destinations such Railay, Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi with the latter being the most popular island in this region. The islands came to worldwide prominence in the new millennium when Maya beach on Ko Phi Phi was used as a location for the blockbuster movie The Beach. The islands were again on the news worldwide this time in unfortunate circumstances when the 2004 tsunami devastated it’s two main beaches and with it nearly all the islands infrastructure.

Words & Photography by Bryan Azzopardy

Since 2010 most of this has been restored and many claim that the islands now actually looks much better as all the illegal huts and cheap buildings have been swept away. The best time to visit is between December to March.

My Love for Muay Thai...
Max Magri writes...

My love for Thailand started 9 years ago, on a holiday with friends. The nature, weather, beaches, animals, temples and its people are just a few examples of what this diverse country has to offer... and the reason why once you go there, you’d want to go again! This July was my 7th time there and what has taken me there on a regular basis is my passion for Muay Thai, or as it is more commonly known, Thai Boxing. It is also known to be the art of the eight limbs, since one can strike using fists, elbows, knees, and legs. I enjoy training on an island called Koh Yao Noi. Smaller than Gozo, it is purely Thai and still virgin. With a very laidback lifestyle, lots of rice

plantations, rubber and coconut trees, fishermen and the best tiger prawns money can buy, it is situated right in the middle of Krabi and Phuket. Training is very tough with two sessions a day, one in the early morning, and one in the afternoon. All the training I do, both in Thailand and here in Malta is bearing its fruits, since I have had 2 Stadium fights back in Thailand as well as some smaller scale gym fights.

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A Spiritual Evolution is happening to people in all walks of life everywhere. We’re living in times of profound change where the old fear based reality is collapsing. We’re shaking off the shackles of conditioning and limitation. We’re going deep into the heart, peeling away that which no longer serves and unfolding our deepest spiritual selves.

Openhand is helping catalyse this new evolution. We’re working with evolving people everywhere who are breaking through into a bright new beginning. We’re letting go of the past, reclaiming our divine birthright and ascending into a magical new reality of openness, trust, unconditional love and harmony with the natural flow of the universe.

Are you keeping your chest under cover because you have fleshy flab that feels like… a feminine? Everyone wants a huge chest, plain and simple. The reality is that there is nothing complicated about building an impressive chest. All you need is consistency, effort and the right exercise. And what about those biceps... It’s a fact... all men want BIG biceps. They are the easiest muscle to show off !! (without getting undressed), women love to wrap their arms

around them when walking down the street, and they’re small! Whoa, hold up there Joe… I didn’t mean YOURS were small. I simply mean that compared with other muscles of the body, like your chest, back, and legs, your biceps are a relatively small muscle. That’s good news for you and me because it means that it’s much easier to target your biceps for growth than it is to take on larger, more complicated muscle groups. So why aren’t YOURS the size of softballs yet?

Airport Impressions
to launch their highly awaited album...
Award winning band Airport Impressions have just announced that the release of their debut album is now set for the 22nd of October. The launch will be held at Tattingers and the guest act will be “ No Snow No Alps’. Airport Impressions will be performing all their hits and all tracks from the new album alongside a few other surprises to be revealed on the night. This will be the 2nd physical release following their EP ”Seeing with your eyes closed” and is accompanied by the smashing hit single ‘ Walk with Me’, which has kept the NO.1 position on the radio charts for 4 consecutive weeks. The band teamed up with renowned director and producer Jean Pierre Gatt for the production of the video “Walk with Me” who chose an iconic landmark at the south of Malta boasting perfect scenarios for a music video. The director ambitiously reveals cultural differences blended in a rather simple but dramatic scenario. The end result compliments well with the most upbeat song released by the band to date. Asked to describe the video, Johann (guitarist) says “It’s a visual trip of diverse characters from different aspects of life.

As the song evolved different people merged in, denoting that inequalities can be ignored to walk together, even from a distance.” Howard Keith (Jagged House) added “This video marks the first single release off the band’s highly anticipated album which is in its final recording stages before mixing.”

‘‘We have decided to release a music video for a song which we consider as one of our musical treasures” continued Errol (band’s singer). This feature tallied the band’s number one hits to five from all the five releases since the band’s debut in 2008

On this special day, CLUBBERS EVENT (Ministry of Sound Malta) presents BEDROCK at Gianpula, on the night which will feature 3 areas of full on underground music! BEDROCK is a name synonymous with excellence in electronic music, having established itself all over the world, hosting a number of arenas and events all over the globe, from Southwest Four Festival in the United Kingdom to the United States of America.

The word “bedrock” holds two connotations. Literally, it is a solid mass of rock that lies underneath layers of loose, unconsolidated soil. Figuratively speaking, it refers to a basic principle, an irrefutable, fundamental idea upon which other thoughts and movements are derived. Whichever definition you apply, British DJ-producer John Digweed and his 10 year-old Bedrock club event have lived up to its implications.

Other attractions include
MAIN ROOM - Featuring JOHN DIGWEED hosted by Miss Roberta’s Get Funky TECHNO ROOM - Featuring the Drumcodes Records Commander, ADAM BEYER! TECH HOUSE ROOM - Featuring YOUSEF hosted by Quazar

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Gianpula...how it all started!
The idea behind Gianpula went no further than just, a desire of the owners of a farmhouse secluded out in the country side, to entertain a few chosen friends for wine and pizza one hot August evening in 1980. The wow factor expressed by the guests, encouraged the owners to develop the concept further and open up a business commercially. The opening set up offered a rudimentary table as a make shift bar and very basic music sound system and lighting facilities. Over the last thirty years Gianpula has now mushroomed into a mega centre for summer entertainment. Divided by design into 4 clubs, Marrakech, Groove Gardens, Molecule, Gianpula Fields and Gianpula main room, it has become the biggest open air venue. The venue during the last thirty years, has attracted many of the world’s global acts including Tiesto, Guetta, Clamaran, Moby, Faithless, Chicane, Deadmau5, Erick Morillo and many others.

Celebrating 30 Years @ Gianpula
The Power Of A Simple Idea

Faithless in Concert live at Gianpula Fields was a fitting way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gianpula. The event organised by ‘Knockout Events’ and Gianpula attracted a sizeable ‘up for it’ crowd who were first entertained by a Live DJ Set by the ever so popular local band Tribali, There were also dj sets by Miss Roberta, Dj Ryan and DJ Ruby

plus an after party featuring the highly acclaimed South Central. Well done Gianpula, may we have another 30 years please!

Faithless Live
@ Gianpula Fields
From the moment Faithless stepped on stage the atmosphere turned electric as the crowd made up of at least 3 generations jumped to the chunky beats and sung in response to the smooth swagger and lyrics of Maxi Jazz. The band churned out hit after hit which included the clubber’s favourites Insomnia, God is a DJ and Music Matters as well as some new wicked tracks from their latest album The Dance. This was Faithless’s second Live Performance in Malta and at least the fifth visit for top DJ & Producer Sister Bliss!

Exclusive Interviews


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A monthly visual blog from Malta`s pioneer of electronic dance music. Showcasing his experiences, music, events & more.

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Freshers Week...back to Uni!
Summer offers students a welcome respite from the stress of everyday life at university. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. All too soon it will be time to go back to the gridstone! the 8am lectures.. the numerous assignments... and even worse exams. For the ‘Freshers’, the first week on campus is generally a time of confusion, panic and trying to come to terms with life on campus. This is a normal stage, a phase which all of us have been through and sucessfully survived! There is much more to life at University then just getting by. There are many different organisations which offer a multitude of activities, including; social, sports, academic, political, spiritual and many others. Another experience not to be missed is the opportunity to participate in a student exchange or erasmus experience. KSU brings togther all these different entities and facilitates access for all newcomers. Life on campus is much more than academic achievement. When the University experience is over one will look back and cherish all of these achievements which will last a lifetime. A warm welcome to all of you!

Karl Agius
KSU Secretary General Student Representative on Senate

Friday 17th September

WHITE NOISE Presents Uto Karem
Stitch Club Uto Karem one of the leaders in Italy’s techno scene accompanied by Tone, Mato, Duncan F.

Saturday 18th & Monday 20th September

End of Summer Special - Weekender
Ta’ Qali Fresh presents Deadmau5 & Gareth Emery on the 18th And David Guetta on the 20th September.

Saturday 18th September


SILK CLUB - Under Scarlet Lounge New Weekly Night Starting 18th September featuring popular DJ CARL BEE as resident.

Monday 2ost September

Clubbers Event presents Bedrock
Gianpula CLUBBERS EVENT (Ministry of Sound Malta) presents BEDROCK feat. John Digweed, Adam Beyer & Yousef.

Saturday 25th September

Notte Bianca
Valletta The free all night event returns to magically light up our world heritage sites within the capital city Valletta.

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Saturday 25th September


Buskett Roadhouse A night of twisted house & techno by the Berlin Duo Tassilo Ippenberger & Thomas Benedix.

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th September

Malta International Airshow
Luqa Airfield Interesting aircraft & helicopters on display followed by a spectacular aerial display held over the airfield.

Sunday 26th September

Elton John & Ray Cooper Live
Granaries Floriana Sir Elton John is honouring his promise to visit Malta again! He will be accompanied by Ray Cooper.

Friday 02nd October

Ruby & Friends - Vietnam
La Grotta, Xlendi, Gozo DJ Ruby supported by a Tech House Cast feat. Carl Bee, Duncan F, Bengy, Luc Adams, Brogan & Roltek.

Sunday 10th October

The Gathering, Tribali Improvised Jam
Masgar, Mtarfa Tribali Improvised Jam, World Music Set & Special Guests. Ethnic Market, Art Exhibition & Kids Area.

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