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Management & Leadership Reflection: The assignment focuses on the student’s personal

reflection on five factors identified as being influential in a nurse’s leadership development: (1)
Self-confidence; (2) Innate leader qualities/tendencies; (3) Progression of experiences and
success; (4) Influence of significant others such as role models; and (5) Personal life factors.

As you write your reflection, consider what reinforces your confidence in yourself. Identify the
innate qualities or traits you have that contribute to your development as a nurse leader. Consider
what professional experiences, mentors, and personal experiences or events can help you develop
your leadership ability. Discuss how you can obtain these experiences. Include references found
in the literature that support your thoughts and rationale.

This reflection paper is a required management and leadership assignment and is due on or
before Friday, February 24, 2017.

Refer to Giddens (2013) Chapter 37 (p. 375-385) to review the concept of Leadership.

Grading for the reflection paper is based on a 25 point scale and is 5% of your N460 grade.

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