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Text 1 Coober Pedy: Really Down Under

Due February 20, 2018

1. Fauzan Muktasid
2. Nicollas Gary Lamag
3. Mochammad Indravianto


Academic word for this unit:
 Assume
 Create
 Emerge
 Environment
 Ethnic
 Immigrate
 Liberal
 Locate
 Notwithstanding
 Predict
 Similar
 Structure
 Technique
 Unique

I have never seen I have seen the I understand the I have to tried to I use the word I use the word
the word before. word but I am not word when I see use the word, with confidence with confidence,
sure what I or hear it in a but I am not in either both in speaking
means. sentence. sure I am using speaking or and writing.
it correctly. writing.
Notwithstanding Locate Environment locate Environment Environment
emerge Liberal Ethnic Assume Ethnic Ethnic
Immigrate Create Liberal Create Create
Assume Predict Immigrate Predict Predict
Similar Similar Similar
Structure Technique Structure
Technique Technique
unique Unique

Before you read :

1. Where is Australia? What do you know about its weather and its landscape?
2. Have you ever seen a movie or photograph showing a mine? If so, describe what you saw. If
not, what do you think conditions in a mine are like?
3. Would you like to live in an underground house? Why or why not?
1. Australia is located in the continent of Oceania, across from Papua New Guniea. What we know
about Australia’s landscape: it has snow-capped mountains and large deserts, tropical and
temperate forest
2. Yes we have. The coalmine and it’s located in the middle of the sea at south Korea. There are
some underground tunnel that connected each other. The tunnel is not dark because in the inside
there are so many lamps that connected by cable. The lamps are powered by a generator. The
workers are usually used such as train mines to collect their mining products. – From
“Battleship Island” a film famous Korean actor, Song Joong Ki
3. No, we would not. Because we can’t get the sunlight

Reading strategy: Previewing and Predicting :

Word or Phrase Prediction Accurate?
1. Down under The reading will be about Australia Y
2. Aborigines The text will talk about on of tribes from Australia Y
3. Soldiers The text will talk about a war N
4. Ethnic The reading will talk about some different ethnic Y
5. Suffer The text will talk about torture N

Mark each sentence as T (true) or F (false) according to the information in reading 1. Use the
dictionary to help you understand new words.

T/F No. Sentence In Line

T 1. Underground homes are considered normal in Coober Pedy Line 8

F 2. The first underground homes in Coober Pedy were built by Aborigines Line 1-3
F 3. All the opals located in and near Coober Pedy belong to one trading company Line 35-36
T 4. Coober Pedy has liberal laws about drinking and gambling Line 45-46
T The environment around Coober Pedy is dry and rocky Line 53
and 56
T 6. Some tourists have died from failing into holes in the town Line 68
F 7. Most underground structures in Coober Pedy were originally opal mines Line 61
T The cost of creating an underground home is similar to the cost of building a Line 85-88
home on the surface
T 9. It is easier to dig an underground home into a hillside than into the ground Line 73-75
F So far, only one underground home in Coober Pedy has water service Line 109-

Read these excerpts from another article on underground homes. For each excerpt, cross out the line
word or phrase in parentheses with a different meaning from the other three choices.

1. Unlike most homes, underground homes can be (located / built / structured / positioned) on
steep surfaces. They take up very little surface space.
2. Underground building (methods / houses / techniques / processes) mostly use materials
already available at the home site.
3. A typical house makes (careful / wide / extensive / liberal) use of energy, mostly for heating
and cooling. An underground home needs little or no heating or cooling, because underground
temperatures remain stable. Consequently, it uses only about 20% of the energy used in a
conventional home.
4. Underground (environments / settings / surroundings / creations) provide excellent noise
insulation. Underground homes are exceptionally quiet places to live.
5. Finally, underground houses have a (special / well-known / unique / one-of-a-kind) ability to
blend in with nature. This is not only looks nice but also preserves habitat for wildlife.


Word Form Chart

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
Prediction Predict Predictable Predictably

To predict something means to “say something is likely to happen in the future.”

Town planners predict that in the next few years, more people will want underground homes.

Predict is also often used to talk about weather.

Forecasters are predicting another hot day tomorrow.

Predict can also be a noun.

The weather prediction is inaccurate.

Predict as an adjective

The weather in Jayapura is predictable

Predict as an adverb

We already evacuated before the flood is coming, because the weather is predictably.

Answer these questions in your notebook. Use the form of predict in parentheses. Compare
sentences with a partner. Refer to reading 1 for information

1. You want to buy 100 opals. What can you guess about their origins? (predict)
I can predict that about 80 of them will be from Coober Pedy.
2. Why do people in Coober Pedy not get upset about fights and other rough behavior?
When people get drunk, their behaviors are predictable by the miners.
3. What would the weather service normally say about tomorrow’s weather in Coober Pedy?
The forecasters predict that tomorrow’s weather in Coober Pedy is cloudy, with
70% chance of rain
4. Someone is planning to construct an underground home in Coober Pedy. What tools will
he or she probably use? (Prediction)
The prediction from the architect if someone want to build an underground house,
they will need some special tools such as big hammer, brick, iron pike, etc.
5. Imagine that the people do not build a large number of homes in the hills far from town.
In that case, what could you say about the development of Coober Pedy’s road system?
The architect predicted that Coober Pedy’s road system will not be developed when
people lost their attention to live underground.