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Ivan Pavlov Differences J.

B Watson

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov John Broadus Watson


A pioneer of classical Theory The study of human
conceptual arrangement emotional learning

Each stimulus will create a Opinion Humans inherit 3 natural
response emotions such as fear,
anger and affection

Learning can occur due to Result Human emotions / changes
the link between stimulus are studied through the
and response process of conditioning

The process of sorting The process of sorting

Removal process

The re-learning process Law

Recovery process

Process generalization

Discrimination process

A dog, bell and food Review goes on A 9-month-old baby, a
tame white rat and a
powerful shot
1. The teacher needs to 1. Removals may take
realize that stimulation and place if affirmation is not
response have links that granted. This means that if
can be exploited or a behavior is not
learned. The link between reinforced through
stimulus and response can rewards, the behavior may
be strengthened through be erased.
training. The more
frequent the stimulus is
attributed to a response, 2. Teachers should always

the stronger the reaction is. be aware of the
unspeakable stimuli given

2. Elimination can be to students

applied if no confirmation
is granted. This means that
3. The stimulus and the
if a behavior is not Application in teaching
feedback are always in the
reinforced through and learning process. Apply pure values
rewards, the behavior may
in the pupils. Teachers
be erased
can diversify the positive
reinforcement used to
maintain their