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Olivia Kitz


Letter of Reflection

As a board member of Madonna University’s Nutrition Network and a

Captain of the Madonna Women’s Soccer Team, I have learned the leadership skills

necessary to make a difference in the Dietetics community. As a dietetic practitioner,

one should be able to exhibit the leadership skills that are essential to successfully

impact the lives of others. Over the next few years, I plan to be a promoter in my

local community to help teach young children the importance of leading a healthy

lifestyle. Volunteering in the public school systems and speaking in front of

schoolchildren will help to inform them of nourishing new foods, healthy habits, and

will benefit my continuing education. Teaching younger generations proper

nutrition education is crucial for the overall health of our population. Within the

next five years, I plan to hold a leadership role within the Michigan Academy of

Nutrition and Dietetics and to be an avid member of School Nutrition Services DPG,

Public Health/Community DPG, and Nutrition Education for the Public DPG. Over

the next five years I also plan to speak at multiple conferences about community

nutrition and my personal experiences that I’ve had within the field of Dietetics.

The Madonna Dietetics program has made an immense impact on my overall

strengths and character. Many of my nutrition courses have provided me with the

opportunity to work on my public speaking skills because I have been required to

give class presentations. For instance, I gave an in class presentation on a position

paper published by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on the

topic of nutrition and sports performance. My skills in public speaking have helped

me to gain a love for teaching my peers and presenting information and personal

experiences. Because of this, my future goal is to speak at multiple conferences. The

Madonna Dietetics program has also given me lifelong friendships and ample

networking opportunities. The connections I have built will carry on throughout my


Throughout my academic career at Madonna, I have been inducted to the

Sigma Zeta Science and Mathematics Honor Society, made the Deans list all 3

semesters, and have been named Social Media Chair of Nutrition Network. Being

involved in the Women’s Soccer Team has led me to hold a position as a captain,

held academic honors such as being named to the All-Academic Team, selected for

the All-Conference First Team, and have been awarded the Coaches Award in 2017

by my fellow teammates. All of these honors I’ve previously listed have taught me

hard work, dedication, commitment, leadership skills, and perseverance.

As a member of Nutrition Network, I have been able to take part in many

different events and conferences. These events entail communicating with Madonna

University students on different nutrition topics, making posters/handouts, and

creating healthy recipes for students to sample. Participating in Nutrition Network

events has helped me to get involved in the student life community and inform

others of better ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.