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Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:07:26 No.65220105

Antivirus reccomendation

Hey /g/, i'm building a computer for my normie neighbor and i'd like to know which free antivirus is the least annoying
to install on there.

>tell him to use common sense lol

Yeah, if we all had common sense nobody would be using Windows in the first place.
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Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:10:54 No.65220138

Microsoft Security Essentials is probably the least annoying. It's also probably the least effective, especially if he tries circumventing
Windows Update.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:17:13 No.65220199

>Dr web security space

You get 3months trial. When your trial is over register with another fake mail.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:17:52 No.65220205

this + the occasional malwarebytes scan. Both are now free and the least intrusive.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:18:32 No.65220212


Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:20:04 No.65220222

MSE is good enough.
Honestly anything more is just wasting your time, power and performance unless it's carbon black or the like - which require far more
than a normie PC to run and cost millions of dollars.
Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:24:57 No.65220279

>register a new mail every 3 months

I wouldn't really expect that kind of diligence out of them...


It has one of the 8-core AMD FX CPU's, i figure it won't be too noticeable if it takes up just a thread or two.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:25:49 No.65220289

Windows 10's Defender or MSE if he's using an outdated OS.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:26:21 No.65220295

First, think about install a third party firewall and a sandbox, faggot.

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Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:26:51 No.65220302

MSE is fine for that.
Carbon Black which I otherwise mentioned, requires ~32 cores @ ~2ghz minimum for a protection of a small datacentre.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:27:10 No.65220305

Just use windows defender? Why would you use anything else?

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:35:02 No.65220369

Temporary email service exists. Opening new email shouldn't be an issue.

>I wouldn't really expect that kind of diligence out of them...

They don't mind when I do this.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:36:13 No.65220377

Windows Defender

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:38:37 No.65220394

Just install mint cinnamon. Perfect for normie shit like facebook & web browsing.
Setup an auto update cron job to run every night at like 4am and you're done.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:40:21 No.65220417

Never install Linux on a normie's PC, unless you're fine with being the 24/7 free customer support.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:44:45 No.65220451

common sense

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)09:46:08 No.65220466


If it was only adults using that PC it might've been an option but the Kids want to play their car-stealing electronic computer games. In
that vain, i should probably rephrase my original post - i'm not looking for the least annoying per se, rather the most fool-proof.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)13:08:03 No.65222397

360 total & enable bitdefender and avira engines

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)13:11:40 No.65222433


forgot to state its completely free

they also have a based AF android version in chinese only (the us version is at good) that basically warns you about each and every
app that has permissions which can be exploited

also both are 100% free, only reason av-test got butthurt is because the bitdefender and avira engines arent default and so they re-ran
AV tests with just the 360 stock engine and it wasnt AS good

bottomline is avira and bitdefender are the best engines every year, its 100% free

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)13:20:27 No.65222515

30 day Trials don't mean it's free, anon.
360total is botnet with ads

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)13:37:32 No.65222668


i never get ads

enjoy worrying about refucking registering new emails every month for total security suites (not just AV)

bitdefender is the fucking top suite each and every year, be an idiot and keep using their trial version

ill use their fucking engine for free, along with avria's along with 360's

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)13:42:37 No.65222709

I have a PC with windows 7 on it and i use it for literally nothing else but playing games on steam. I have had Kaspersky anitvirus
since like 2010 because i actually used the pc for other shit back then. Do i even need it now?

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)13:50:30 No.65222768


ever since windows 10 i havent had 1 positive trip on searches

its always just game trainers

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)13:59:51 No.65222861

So just get rid of it then? I mean i have a laptop with ubuntu on it that i use as a shitposting and web browsing machine. The pc is
used only for steam games

Im pretty sure i pay annually for the kaspersky service so it would be nice to get rid of it if there is nothing to worry about when using
steam. I am a bit of tech brainlet if yall havent already picked up on that.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:02:11 No.65222885

bitdefender so far, avast, avg, and avira all had annoying pay me pop ups, i forget bitdefender is on there.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:08:12 No.65222937

no, Windows 10's defender and MSE are shit

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:13:11 No.65222987

stop paying for kaspersky and just install 360 total security and enable all the features

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:17:22 No.65223036

My suggestions for you:

>Auslogics Disk Defrag
>Chrome or Firefox with Adblocker

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:18:47 No.65223052

So whats /g/ opinion on Comodo Antivirus?

Not want to let another Thread die for this question.

128 KB JPG

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:30:10 No.65223155

There is a disk defrag on ccleaner. Why should I get a 2nd disk defrag.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:33:39 No.65223186

how's he handling the bitcoin these days

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)14:53:05 No.65223365

CCleaner is bloat nowadays. Avoid

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)15:27:33 No.65223677


I remember using the free version in the WinXP days and was satisfied with it. Not sure how naggy it has become since then...

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)16:05:56 No.65224153


Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)16:06:14 No.65224161

Except they're not, at least the W10 one, it's unironically better than any 3rd party one.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)16:27:31 No.65224430

AVs are pretty much useless for normies. Windows 10 is kept up to date, even against the user's will. Browsers too. Gmail and others
automatically put phishing scams in the spam folder, while browsers warn the user when they try to visit scam sites 99% of the time.
The only thing normies have to worry about is trashware that comes with freeware installers, but AVs don't protect against those,
because those are technically not viruses. AVs only protect them from viruses that come with torrents, but that doesn't matter
because they will just turn off the AV to install the pirated program because someone in the comments told them to.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)16:28:15 No.65224448

Install gentoo on it.

Anonymous 03/23/18(Fri)16:29:26 No.65224459

Preinstall malware that fight other malware and drain pennies from his account as a fee
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