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Sebastian Marin English essay


The conflict is equivalent to football, because it embodies a dispute between two sides who
seek victory by all means at their disposal. But this dispute is not always peaceful, so much
so that the game is permeated by the incorporation of the principles, categories and
languages of the war; however, it is necessary to go back in time to understand how brutal
were the beginnings of this sport. In the beginning it was considered as a mechanism to
beat and annihilate the enemy, because that was the direction of the victories; so much so
that, in England, the first "ball" used to play soccer was the head of a Roman soldier killed
in battle1.
Violence in football is almost as old as the sport itself. Its origins can be traced back to the
football carnival during the Middle Ages, which were characterized by not having rules and
by the disproportionate use of violence. In 1314 the first prohibition of this sport to avoid the
growing wave of violence that was produced. The first appearance of violence in modern
football, from 1863 onwards, occurred in 1885, when a meeting between the English teams
of Preston North End and Aston Villa ended with a brutal fight between players of both
With all this, what is the true essence of football? What is its purpose? What is violence and
why football is violent?
The violence is conceived from a particular relationship to the conflict, that is born of a
complex social and political construction in a territory and at a specific time. A statement of
this type leads us to understand the violence as a result of the interaction of multiple direct
and indirect actors, historically constituted. From there that violence is not one but multiple
-because the conflict is plural - and, therefore, that all of them are linked to each other, but
violence is a constitutive part of the human being and it has to do with the aggressive
impulses and destructive that we all have. The question is to be channeled as adequately
as possible to be transformed into actions aimed at developing the creative impulse and vital
more than to become a destructive force toward themselves and toward others. That is what
is happening in the present times: there is violence in society as a whole, in its different
aspects and environments.
Football, a crowd's passion as the saying goes, and the space in which it develops, the
court, where all feel protagonists, (who plays and who believes, as much as the one who
leads the viewer, the fan and the barras bravas ) are much more easily the emotions, and
anger is one of them. It is a space that is used as a way out, exhaust, all the tensions
accumulated during the week.
The same competence implies a certain level of aggressiveness and aggression especially
in group sports (football, rugby, hockey, basketball, handball) and even more when these
sports are professionalized. In fact, does not imply that the professionalism is a trigger for
aggression, but if that by virtue of the fact competitive increases.
When the competition is linked to violence, may cause and, in fact, the history of the sport
shows, irrational feelings that can come in the form of extreme to racial hatred, nationalist,
continental. The social prejudice also immoral here presents his credentials.

1. "Legend has it that the first ball used in England, a country to which is attributed the paternity of the modern football,
he was the head of a Roman soldier killed at the battle of the year 55 before Christ, in which the Bretons expelled the
armies of Julius Caesar. In the same country is told also that the legend of the head driven by the upper part of the
Shrove Tuesday of Chester and its antecedent was the skull of a Viking also died in battle." (Carda Candau, Julian, 1996).
Sport is one of the most appropriate activities and recommended to maintain a stable health
and an orderly life. Competitive sports are a stimulus to the development and there is nothing
better than teaching children from an early age that life is equal to a good game of football,
where the individual is as important as the collective, and that - having the ball- that is more
valuable than stop to rocket to the personal showcasing. Nothing in life is achieved if there
is a coherent and harmonious team and, rather than the goal, the way to do it, with that
magical mix of inspiration and perspiration that require all the disciplines are sporting, artistic
or scientific works and, of course, the activities of the art of government…
Paradoxically, the sport born among other causes, such as need to channel the aggressive
impulses of man, has become, in our case, in a source of violence, which has distorted its
origin and nature.
And what has been done to fix it? The power, money, and the fanaticism transform a
situation which could well be an excellent show healthy competition on the basis of personal
talents and/or group on a real battlefield, with permanent insults and beatings. The true sport
is lackluster and the party, most of the time, ultimately generates more disappointment than
anything else, it also warns that the players do not play "t-shirt", as before, but they seem to
be and feel as objects that are easily passed from one side, according to the highest bidder,
and that is the basis of the violence: the market, the money and greed What would become
of a country or of a multinational if it is unable to sell products at the expense of this sport?
When the sport becomes spectacle and entertainment in big business, it is necessary to
ensure that the elements outside the fundamental basis of the game does not take the lead.
As well, the scandals, passes millionaires, the intimate life of its members and the pipeline
of personal social frustrations and resentments of classless people and marginalized by
horrific plans of exclusion should not be the highlight or replace to the only thing that matters:
the good game, the impeccable technique, sportsmanship, high that includes respect for the
adversary and the joy of the public.