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“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe
in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe
in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not
believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do
not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many
generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything
agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all,
then accept it and live up to it.”

Kalama Sutta
Siddhartha Gautama - Buddha
(681 B.C. – 601 B.C.)

Author: Stjepan Spanicek – Independent Researcher
Version 7.0 – March 24, 2018.
Zagreb, Croatia

This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on
copyrights, so the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and for
education purpose. The author retains right on changes, modifications, improvements and making
some appendices, because of material affluence and complexity, the entire research is just like …
never-ending story. Therefore, always check if you have the latest version of that text.

At the very beginning of this essay, need to say one very important thing. I am very happy we are recovering
this very special sub-divisional branch of Jyotish called … Medini Jyotisha … designated to deal with mundane
events, worldly events, and similar. Of course, Medini Jyotisha covers much more than just seeing birthdates of
ancient leaders. It deals with countries as well, how long they will last and how prosperous they will be. Medini
Astrology-Mundane Astrology deals with so many things of common interests. This is …

“predictive astrology of territorial regions and is used for predicting important events such as earthquakes, weather
events like storms or rains, war, national politics and economy, prices, etc, based on analysis of astrological dynamics in
the horoscope of a territorial region of all sizes including whole world, and/or general transit events.”

Well, there are still so many mysteries about Jesus, no doubt about that. Many things have been deciphered
and decoded along with this serial of essays where the main role is given to the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, but
some enigmas and some questions still remained open. Now we are turning our attention little bit forward, so
the key point is what happened after the Crucifixion? As we know now, the historical Jesus survived, because,
simply, he was not on the Cross, and he was not the one who was crucified.1 Therefore, the question is, what
were they doing after the departure of his twin brother Judah? If we find the answer to that question, maybe
we shall be capable to answer all other remaining questions as well. For instance, perhaps all that will shed more
light on these initial few decades of developing of the Christianity. Indeed, that period from 30 C.E till around
75 C.E. was the most crucial for the development of the new religion. Nevertheless, somehow it happened, this
period is still in total darkness, which by the way is so thick and nontransparent, that we absolutely do not have
any clue what was happening at that time.

Anyway, it would be nice to start this new essay not exactly from the Crucifixion Event. Instead, we need to start
to cover events form little bit before, from the moment when Jesus shut down the Academy-Ashram of John
the Baptizer in the Alexandria in Egypt, in February-March of 27 C.E. Because, everything is so interconnected,
and all these events are overlapping, so that each of them is like the key to understanding what was happening
next. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to go further on without summarizing a few points, and of course,
we need to insert all that what was possibly missed before.

Of course, the act of crucifixion is a very complex topic, so partially was covered along with the previous essay,
and partially in this essay.2 This is kind of balance because we cannot draw the straight line in-between.

Just to repeat once again, now we know as something very definite that it was not him, the Jesus, who was
crucified. It was his twin brother Judah who was crucified instead. But why?

Because they switched up, and Judah, who was the twin brother of Jesus, and due to that very similar to him,
took this role on himself. It was all going on according to previously meticulously developed plan to remove
Jesus from the scene and to use all his achievements and charisma for the purpose of establishing the new
channel of spiritual development for the Mankind, which was based on highest spiritual knowledge. Jesus
became an instrument of the Evolution Force for all very necessary and absolutely inevitable changes to be

1) This essay, along with the complete serial after all, is narrating the story about the historical Jesus. Therefore, even though majority of
records about Jesus are talking about theological Jesus, I was supposed to find as much as possible clues on historicity of Jesus. The search
was long and exhaustive, but in Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), there is a nice free eBook exposing all what is known at one place.
This is the collection of eBooks … , and the title of the eBook is … Who was Jesus –
Exploring the History of Jesus’ Life …
2) Please find appropriate links on previous essays at the end of this essay. It is recommended to be familiar with previous writings for
comfortable following of this easy.
performed. Then, all conservative dark energy forces unified against him, with only one purpose … not to change
anything. In fact, after big initial success in influencing masses, there was a hunt launched on Jesus. Therefore,
he was supposed to disappear anyway. The only question they were facing was, how to accomplish that. Thus,
there was no betrayal. That was a setup. Though, initially, it was not planned to go this way.

Jesus and his group were supposed to take over the power within the country, because, that was the only way
spiritual reforms could have been implemented. Nevertheless, absolutely all circumstances were against them.
Then, as a culmination, the tragedy did happen.

It happened that the tragic death of Prophet John the Baptizer was definitely kind of awakening for Jesus and
for all others around him. It can possibly be that some other associates of him lost their lives till the April 4, 30
C.E. as well. All that made one thing clear. It became clear that taking over the power in the country, what was
proved as their main aim at that moment, will not be so easy task to accomplish. Actually, it will be proved soon
as mission impossible to do. It became clear to them that they do not have only Jewish priesthood against them,
and official Jewish ruling establishment, but they had Romans on their way as well. Therefore, this task was even
more difficult than what Herod the Great accomplished when he was establishing his kingdom. The fact is, he
had Romans on his side. All that meant only one thing … a lot of bloodsheds. That was a moment of truth for
Jesus and for his followers. If they continue this way, they would need to initiate a civil war with a lot of killings,
and it is a big question who would survive. After all, they were not designed to run heavy wars. Jesus was
designed to make miracles, not for running wars. We see that the Mangal-Mars in Jesus’ natal chart was not in
the perfect place to be a worrier. He simply did not have enough negative energy to confront directly all these
highest possible negatives around him. He was designed for preaching and making miracles. It is at that point
that they turned to … plan B … again. There is always plan B in every situation. To be honest, I do not know how
it came to, kind of “sacrifice” Judah for that purpose, but that was definitely the plan which was developed.
They saw it as an only possible solution in that situation, to make Jesus seemingly dead, and to see what they
can do afterward. His charisma till that moment was big and strong enough, and Jesus was about to use it and
to continue his teaching, but in a different way. And this is exactly what they did.

In fact, that was the only thing they could have done. They did not have many options. Not at all. That was
almost the highest negative peak of Iron Age, or Kali Yuga, how we call it in Sanskrit. Negative polarization was
at the highest point in the collective consciousness, and this is a wind in the sails of negatives to enjoy their
supremacy. That was the time of complete darkness. Very strong and nontransparent veil descended and
covered the consciousness of Humanity entirely. Maybe the biggest darkness in the history of the Mankind, I
would say. It was simply not possible to confront such kind of negativity at that moment. Of course, Jesus could
have come as the Superman, and defeat everybody around. Of course that he could have done that. But, again
I would like to emphasize, that would mean a lot of blood to be spilled around. And that was not an option. Not
in that moment. After all, this is not the purpose of Evolution. This is not about him, about the Jesus, to show
his supremacy. Trends of world ages are supposed to be followed. Instead, it was chosen more peaceful
message along with his sacrifice for the Humanity, so to say. It was created an image of God which is kind of soft
in nature, with forgiving nature, so that even in that biggest darkness every individual could find a shelter in
him. That was the picture and message given publicly. But, we will see later on that Jesus did continue his fight
with negative forces after the crucifixion event as well. In fact, that is the main subject of this story.

Furthermore, we saw there was a prophet, the great man of wisdom, called … John the Baptizer … who
introduced great knowledge which will be called … Hermeticism … later on.

Hermeticism was so universal knowledge indeed. It is all-inclusive, comprehending all disciplines, and offering a
holistic view of the world around us. It combined together with the knowledge about healing and preserving
health, what is actually at the base of every natural system of healing … the prevention.3 All systems tuned with

3) It is only deviation of our present time that we have established such a system of health care which will promote diseases. This is typical
devotion connected with Vaishya consciousness and with the Capitalism, where more diseases means … more money to be earned. Of
course, this is only one side of the medal. The main focus is supposed to be on education of the people how not to be diseased. The entire
responsibility is on the individual itself. Therefore, prevention and education based on Natural Law, is at the basis of good quality health
care system.
Natural Law do expose predominantly the knowledge how not to become diseased. Furthermore, Hermeticism
combined together astronomy and astrology, which at that time were still considered as one unique discipline.
Also, Hermeticism offered the complete knowledge about … the Alchemy. It offered the knowledge about Ether-
Akasha, and how to use it in daily life in order to uplift the level of consciousness and general well-being as well.
These were only some practical exposures of that holistic and unique approach. But it also offered a complete,
unique and holistic understanding of theology, cosmology, and cosmogony. This system is so brilliant that even
today it would not be ashamed to stand shoulder to shoulder with any other system of holistic knowledge. It is
so universal, complete and holistic by itself. As we already said, it was leaned onto unified knowledge system
inherited by Alexander the Great who unified Vedic Knowledge of Vedic India with the Egyptian tradition. The
Civilization of Egypt, that was absolutely great civilization indeed, and it was going on for thousands and
thousands of years before the Christ Era … and then, even more, deeper in the past … while legendary continent
Atlantis was still around. That also includes the knowledge about Enlightenment and higher states of
consciousness, and that knowledge was quite an important part of the system. Actually, that was the most
important part. A huge amount of that precious knowledge was hidden for a long time in the treasury of the
Egyptian priesthood, who, in some moment, declined from the God and started to hide everything from
Humanity. It is a great pleasure of mine to announce that we are just about to open this treasury and all the
knowledge of the past will be released … and all secrets will be totally exposed …

Actually, Hermeticism was supposed to be the underlying system of every religion. It had the ambition to unify
religions, and to finally offer an ideal of every religion, what every religion is supposed to be. Because, if we
analyze the very name … RELIGION … then we see it comes from the Latin word … RELIGARE … or … RE-LIGARE
… and the meaning is … TO RECONNECT … TO CONNECT AGAIN … To reconnect what with what? Or, whom with
whom? There is only one real and authentic meaning … TO RECONNECT THE MAN WITH ITS OWN SOURCE …
And what is the Source? The Source is … The Pure Consciousness … The Unified Field … The God … The Brahman
… The Creator … or whatever name we want to use.

And this is exactly where we see the recognizable signature of John the Baptizer, as the incarnation of Saptarishi
Vasishta. He established a unique system of knowledge capable to offer realization and liberation for Humanity.
But what happened? This knowledge was suppressed very soon. We should always have on mind this is very,
very dark era of world ages when there is so less of light, and every knowledge system is so easy to be destroyed
or scattered by dark forces, negatives, who are enjoying and rejoicing their time very much.

Anyway, though suppressed for some time, this knowledge would find a way and became the lighthouse at the
time of the Middle Age and the Renaissance. The time of Renaissance is the time when Iron Age, the darkness,
was fading out and a new thirst for the knowledge occurred stronger than ever before, and this knowledge was
there right away at that spot, at that very appropriate moment when it was needed.

We should also have on mind that John the Baptizer and Jesus did not come right in the most negative point of
the negative cycle, the Iron Age, how they did call this age at that time, or Kali Yuga, how we call it in Vedic
Science. They came a little bit earlier to the negative peak. Then their appearance was still somehow possible.
The real negative peak of Iron Age occurred about 400-500 C.E. That was the time when some weird branch of
the Christianity suppressed all other branches. That was the time when real knowledge was outlawed, and only
dogma and ignorance prevailed. But that negative peak has gone also, and we are not in Dark Age anymore,
every day there is much more light all around us, and soon there will not be any dark niche, not even the slightest
shadow, for negatives to hide around. Only the light … the light of Ether-Akasha … will be prevailing.

We saw that natal charts of Jesus and John are of complementary nature; Navamsa charts predominantly,
emphasizing their complementary roles. Though they are working together on the same Project, their aims and
ways to accomplish them are entirely different. John is the forerunner, he will prepare terrain along with
establishing such a knowledge system which will be in tune entirely with that evolutionary moment. When that
was done, it was on Jesus as the Vishnu incarnation to continue further on with the basic idea to implement
that knowledge into everyday life. Prophet John the Baptizer was functioning from the level of his Academy-
Ashram, which was very specific by nature, kind of micro world was created, which does not have anything to
do with the real life outside. John’s methods included certain intentional manipulations and twisting words and
philosophies, and he had a right to that. As it was explained in the previous essay, all that is for the purpose of
attracting ignorant people to start to work on their spiritual development and to guide them toward
enlightenment. Therefore, though he was giving the highest knowledge, he was not possible to be considered
as the man of the highest truth, even though he was talking about the highest Truth itself. His methods
sometimes included tricks and manipulations, but in a positive sense only. As I mentioned, he had a right to do
that. Such kind of situation was depicted very nicely in one entirely different situation. Just before he embodied
as John the Baptizer, he was incarnated as Greek man of wisdom and philosopher … the Plato. One of his most
prominent disciples was … the Aristoteles … And do you know how Aristoteles depicted his life with the Plato?
He said this famous sentence which became legendary actually.

He said …

Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas

… translating to …

Plato is my friend, but truth is a better friend.

… what would literally say …

Plato is friend, but truth is more friend (to me than he is)).

This is the best possible illustration of how to consider the knowledge given by Prophet John the Baptizer as
well.4 That was great knowledge indeed, but it was needed to be filtered out. And who was about to filter that,
nobody else then Vishnu himself. Jesus was there who was supposed to filter everything. And this is exactly
what he did.5

As we are now discussing all these events in details, and sort of summarizing everything, it is absolutely
unavoidable not to say few words more about King Herod, his family and his wife the Queen Malthace especially.
She was the Mother of Jesus and Judah after all, and therefore she is so very important. Therefore, for the
moment, we focus on them fully. Circumstances on the royal court are already explained, and due to that, it is
much better to add something new.

4) This quote which is ascribed to Aristoteles, is taken from the link …,_sed_magis_amica_veritas
5) This is nothing new actually. John the Baptizer was incarnation of great Saptarishi Vasishta. He also came as the great thinker and
philosopher Plato, who came just little bit before, and together with some others, they shaped the entire philosophy system of the ancient
Greece, but it was King Alexander who did the final shaping. Or, in ancient Persia, it was Saptarishi Vasishta who came as the Zarathustra,
and he did set up the religious and spiritual system, but it was great King Cyrus who made the final shaping. And there are endless suchlike
The story of legendary King Herod the Great,
and his beautiful wife, the Queen Malthace
Well, now when we know that Jesus and Judah are offshoots of the Royal Family of King Herod the Great, it
would be logical to start with him in this quest for missing natal charts. Nevertheless, even though the entire
story is revolving around the King Herod the Great, his family and his kingship, after all, I would rather think
about his prime-wife, the Queen Malthace, to consider first. It seems to me that her role is far more impressive
in this story.

I also need to highlight, just when it was almost clear that there are no surprises regarding exposed graphics in
Jyotish natal charts of ancient characters, like kings, emperors, or perhaps spiritual reformers, and when it was
almost for sure that we have seen everything, then some new graphics occurred all of sudden, along with the
natal chart of the Queen Malthace. To be honest, I was surprised very much. But, need to say, nothing was going
smooth way. Not at all. Nevertheless, let we go step by step.

Indeed, I was just curious enough … and was thinking … how it would be if we try to generate the natal chart of
the Queen Malthace herself, the Mother of princes Judah and Jesus. But what do we know about her? OK, this
is what I found along with my research. I did find her origin is within the Samaria, the province of the Biblical
Kingdom of Israel, which was placed on the northern border. Some sources exposed the fact that she was
extremely beautiful. She was proved to be the fourth wife of King Herod the Great. Before she gave birth to
Judah and Jesus, she already had three kids with King Herod … Herod Antipas, Herod Archelaus, and Olympias.6
The only additional thing what we know is that she disappeared from the scene just a few months after King
Herod himself, and that is in 4 B.C.E. actually. And basically, this is all that we know about her from the literature
and from the point of view of the History Science.

Furthermore, what else can we deduce about her? If we start to think as a good Jyotishi would do, what
conclusions can we drive out?

First thing what comes on my mind after considering the fact that she gave birth to Jesus, and that she was very
probably connected somehow with the teaching of Prophet John the Baptizer because she might have been his
follower indeed, is that she must have had the exalted Guru-Jupiter in her natal chart. Interestingly, if we check
for Jupiter-Guru transits around 40 B.C.E., about what time she was supposed to be born, then we can
immediately observe that Guru-Jupiter was exalted by staying in Karkha-Cancer rasi-sign right during 38 B.C.E.
mostly. OK … it seems now we are coming close.

But then, which lagna-ascendant to use? After long contemplation, I was prone to consider Tula lagna-Libra
ascendant. Tula rasi itself is ruled by Shukra-Venus, and that would give that the entire natal chart is dominated
by this very beneficiary graha-planet, and that would give the highest beauty first of all; inner and outer,
depending on the dignity of the graha itself. Somehow it happened we did not have this lagna so far when
considering very important ladies and incarnated goddesses. So then, let’s start with Tula rasi lagna. That means
exalted Guru-Jupiter falling into the tenth house. Sounds good. And then, as I was researching summer and early
autumn of 38 B.C.E., Shukra-Venus and Mangal-Mars found their places in the second house. Well, that is even
better … remember the statement that she was extremely beautiful! Shukra-Venus in the second fits perfectly
well, she will have a very beautiful face. Considering the Mangal-Mars in the second, well, that would be also
very indicative in this case, by telling some disputes could happen in her family. This is also fitting very well into
the story of her life. And then I’ve noticed this strange configuration of possible … Scales … formation … and
then … just to place the Chandra-Moon in the ninth house to fulfill the demands of symmetry and image of
Scales formation. Perfect! The chart was close to getting its own final shape. Then, it was supposed to be
considered which Nakshatra is Chandra in, and the Punarvasu was proved as the only logical choice.7 Just to

6) An interesting article mentioning the entire Family Three of the King Herod can be found in the BAR on …
7) Later on this position of Chandra in the Punarvasu Nakshatra will be proved as something we need always to follow when casting any
natal chart of this devata. This is the great Goddess behind, playing very important role in the Evolution process, with very firmly and
mention that she was always very spiritual, and Chandra in the Nakshatra ruled by Guru-Jupiter would be a good
option. OK, let’s now adjust the Navamsa lagna to the Tula rasi as well. Just to make a probe. And then even
bigger shock almost paralyzed me! It is there! … The FISH is there again! So we have primary … Scales … and
secondary … Fish … as a response, showing us that this is absolutely the right natal chart. Unbelievable!

Thus, now it is becoming absolutely clear … the Queen Malthace was born on September 8, 38 B.C.E. at 6.40
AM LMT in the Samaria. Coordinates I took just as a preliminary guess. Couldn’t find any concrete city in Samaria
as her birthplace. This point should be additionally reconsidered, but the probable error is not big, and this
option can be used for all initial researches.

clearly defined rules for natal chart generating. Other settings defined with this case of the Queen Malthace should be followed as well.
That means, it is always Tula lagna, and always Tula lagna in the Navamsa chart. Chandra is always in the ninth house of Janma Kundali,
and in the Punarvasu Nakshatra.
This is the symbol of … Scales … a device for weighing things.

Thus, we have this new symbol of scales exposed in the main natal chart – Rasi kundali, or Janma Kundali,
depicting the sign of Libra, or Tula rasi. This is telling that Navamsa lagna-ascendant should be adjusted to the
Tula rasi, and when we do that, we get the correct and the complete natal chart of the Queen Malthace.

This is amazing. This is now just one more and absolutely new symbol within this research discovered. But it is
very interesting how this symbolism works. One can observe it only when coming very close to the real time of
birth. So, it is not to be seen accidentally. That means only those who know what they are searching for can see
it and can find it.

Now, if we watch in her natal chart when princes Judah and Jesus were born, then we come to the planetary
period … Bu-Sk-Gu-Ma-Ra-Bu …, and that option sounds very plausible actually.

Well, deeper analyses of the natal chart itself, I will leave for some other time.
Now, let we consider King Herod himself.

When considering his official birth date, it seems that somebody was very eager to confuse a lot, and to
introduce very wrong information, because, official dating was very wrong. There is the difference of about 12-
14 years, depending on which commentator to follow, what is a lot of such historically renowned personality.
Then, we can only conclude that somebody was intentionally hiding the real birth time. But this is not
exceptional, as we’ve already seen. Many, or better to say, almost all dates are wrong.

Anyway, whoever did it, and however it was done, it doesn’t matter anymore. All such false stories have their
own expiry dates. Because, thanks to this beautiful knowledge of Vedic Astrology – Jyotish, we reviled the truth.
Jyotish is the Light, and by applying this light, nothing can remain hidden anymore.

After extensive research, his birth time was discovered as well. Thus, King Herod the Great was born on October
17, 86 B.C.E. at 00.51 AM LMT in the Idumea, province of ancient Israel, just next to the Judea.

Here is the natal chart:

There was a spiritual revolution in the game, what induced spiritual clash and civil war, and that is the reason
the Mangal-Mars, as the lord of the ninth, should be in the first house. We know that Herod when fighting for
the power in the Judea almost eliminated previous priesthood prone to support Hasmonean Dynasty.8 He
established the new priesthood, which will be called Herodian Priesthood later on, and which was loyal only to
him and to his royal family. Strong connection of that Priesthood with Herod’s Royal Family, is something very
important to be noticed. Though, they say that he, as being of Idumean origin, was never accepting Judaism
entirely. Discussions about that point are very lively even today. Indeed, maybe exactly due to that fact, we can
understand why he was opened to the new spiritual knowledge as well. Just to remind that King Herod allowed
Prophet John the Baptizer to work publicly. Not only that, it seems that the entire Royal Family of Herod was
closely connected with this knowledge and with the Prophet John personally. The knowledge of John, though
leaning on Jewish tradition as well, was radically different. This is Essene’s knowledge basically, and they had
the knowledge about higher states of consciousness and how every individual can achieve this supreme purpose
of the life itself … to be established in the higher state of consciousness, to achieve … the Enlightenment. In
fact, this is something that all religions are carefully going around. Altogether, the high level of spirituality of
King Herod should be seen in the natal chart as well, and therefore an assumption was there that Guru-Jupiter
must be exalted. Then, by walking Chandra-Moon up and down, I’ve noticed this unique form or shape, which
planets are making by their placements. It was … Scales … occurring again. Then it became clear that, for the
picture to be clear and the symmetry to be achieved, something is missing there in the eighth house … one

8) A lot of information about the life and building achievements of the King Herod can be found in BAR free article by … Ehud Netzer …
on … ... under the title … In Search of Herod’s Tomb …

planet is missing there. That was an impulse to move the Chandra-Moon to the eighth house and to make very
exhaustive research of all possible implications on that position itself. This is how the natal chart of King Herod
the Great was born.

Actually, exactly this position of the Chandra-Moon in the eighth house, as the lord of the twelfth house where
exalted Guru-Jupiter with Saturn is being placed, and receiving the ninth aspect from that exalted Guru-Jupiter
itself … and with Parivarthana Yoga involving the exchange of rulers of these two houses … all that is showing
that these two houses are becoming extremely important in the life of King Herod. Actually, all that became sort
of trademark of King Herod the Great.

King Herod the Great, besides extraordinary lust for power and ruling position, was obsessed with occult
knowledge and sex. These two last features of his character are being seen from the eight house itself. His effort
to recreate and restore the Solomon Temple was actually an occult tendency. His Herodium was also such kind
of undertaking. Sexual activity of the person is also being seen from the eighth house. And power for both, for
occult buildings construction and for sexual activity was given by Mangal-Mars, which is of extraordinary power.
Mangal-Mars, by having a high spiritual background as a lord of the ninth house in the first house, the lagna-
ascendant, and conjoined by Rahu-North Lunar Node, will become occasionally extremely malefic, almost
dreadful. We see that Mangal-Mars is being placed in the Nakshatra Purva Phalguni ruled by Shukra-Venus, and
this is how special relation of Mangal-Shukra is formed which will amplify sexual desire and sexual drive

From historical records, we know that he had 10 wives and 15 kids, and this last number probably doesn’t
include Jesus and his twin brother Judah. We see that King Herod was about 80 years of age when Jesus and
Judah were conceived. I was also surprised by this fact; was expecting to be at least a few years younger, but
this is the true fact. Nevertheless, considering his obsession with sex, and extraordinary Mangal-Shukra-Rahu
connection in the natal chart, it becomes obvious that he had this power to do that in spite of his age. After all,
all his life he was proved as a sportiest, taking active part even on some Olympic Games. Considering the fact
that he had all luxury around him, especially when he became a king, and considering the fact that they did not
have polluted food and water at that time as we have today, he was eating good, healthy food … so considering
all that including the Jyotish chart tendencies, I do not have any doubt on his father-ship on Jesus and Judas.

As both houses, house twelve and house eight, represent secrets, and … as eight house represents secrets
hidden and unknown to the owner of the natal chart itself, it is becoming obvious that some hidden or secret
kids should be considered as well. This is where we found out that he actually did not know what is happening

all until Magi came to ask him about the newborn king of Jews. And he really did not know anything till that

The Queen Malthace must have been much younger. As we know, she was born in 38 B.C.E., what means that
she was about twenty years of age when she gave birth to the Herod Antipas. Now we see that Herod Antipas
was the true brother of Jesus and Judas. That means, not half-brother, not foster brother … not … just the true
brother of having the same Mother and the same Father. The same royal blood was flowing in their veins …
Judah and Jesus have been completely legitimate sons of Herod the Great and his wife, the Queen Malthace.

There is absolutely no doubt how important this natal chart of King Herod the Great is for all our considerations.
This is the point where we are finally fitting in all what was exposed before. One is not supposed to be an expert
in Jyotish to see confirmations of all exposed claims. Celestial symbolism is telling everything. The picture is
worth more than a thousand words …

Furthermore, we have Surya-Sun in the Libra-Tula, in the sign of debilitation, but it is far from the deepest point
of debilitation, almost on the borderline. Surya will lose this debilitation grip along with the time. The third
house is Upachaya house, it will grow in strength, along with the time, and probably the dignity as well. Indeed,
Herod became king, a vassal king, in his 40-ties, and along with the time his position was just getting stronger.
This initially debilitated Surya-Sun would show that he was supposed to involve enormous efforts in order to
become the king. Indeed, we know from his biography, there was a civil war … which was going on for a few
years, until, he finally won and became a king. Interestingly, this is all happening in Surya Mahadasha, when
Surya-Sun was activated and ruling over other grahas-planets. In order to become a king and to keep this
position, he exposed enormous wisdom and even quality of being cunning. Maybe this is just a soft way to say
because we saw he could expose unprecedented brutality. Considering this role of Herod the Great, and some
other incarnations of his, we see that this avatar character does not have any problem with negative energy at
all. Actually, we see that he can play both roles equally well … He can play good guys roles … and bad guys roles
as well. Somehow it happened both energies are needed so very much for Evolution to go smoothly on. Only
thing, if he is somewhere around, hope he does understand that … THE GAME IS OVER ...

Altogether, this chart is fitting perfectly well into the story of King Herod the Great, and I hope it will be a big
help for science and true history to fill in all these missing points of the mosaic.

This is all so interesting, isn’t it? The circle is closed! Actually, the complete story had started with the birth of
Jesus and Judah, and with the uniqueness of The Star of Bethlehem, and now we are easily coming back to that
point again by introducing their true Mother and true Father. Amazing! After all, two thousand years of
misinterpretations and false interpretations is quite enough, I think.

As I have mentioned already before in the previous essay, at the Academy-Ashram of John the Baptizer in the
Alexandria Jesus met the Mary Magdalene, the beautiful daughter of Joseph of Arimathea. They fell in love, and
though the situation was not simple along with the situation development, after closing the Academy, and after
he started to preach and heal little before Passover of 27 C.E., they get married very soon …

But this is long story actually, and it is better to go into details, and to devote special chapter for that purpose
only …

Mary Magdalene – The Bride of God – 636 666

Many words have been spent so far on the topic of whether Jesus had a wife or not. This is a very intriguing
topic, of course. It is intriguing, but at the same time, it is very thrilling and enigmatic. A lot of theories, a lot of
guessing … but nothing firm and solid to be found yet. Again, must say that I was thinking for a long if Vedic
Astrology-Jyotish can offer some solutions. Until now, it helped in so many cases, and I wondered if something
can be done about this topic as well.

Nevertheless, before we apply Vedic Astrology-Jyotish in order to see if we can find the wife of Jesus and
decipher this problem finally, once and forever, I would suggest that we summarize what we know about the
hypothetical wife of Jesus. I used the word “hypothetical”, because, at the moment, this is still in the domain of
theories and hypothesis. Because official sources do not offer any option and clue in this case, what is nothing
unusual after all, we turn toward alternative sources again. Indeed, there are some clues in this field. First of all,
need to mention Leonardo da Vinci. There are some indications that he is narrating the true Biblical story. So,
what does he tell about? At this point, it would be the best we recall this famous mural painting masterpiece of
his called … The last supper … So let we summarize first … I will reinterpret some portions exposed in previous
episodes of this serial.

We see confirmation of this story in the masterpiece of Leonardo … The Last Supper. This work is actually not the last
supper. It doesn’t have anything to do with the last supper of Jesus, as they use to say. This work, as well as all other
Leonardo’s works, as it will be proved very soon, they are all carrying completely wrong names. I would rather say this
is the feast of celebrating newborn baby of the Jesus and the Mary Magdalene, his wife, and partner, but with some
elements of commemoration to the recently tragically departed Jesus’ twin brother Judah.

Courtesy of

Just recently the baby in this picture was discovered. The baby is just next to Judah, what means it is carrying the same
name … Judah. They named the newborn baby by the name of tragically and heroically departed twin brother of Jesus,
to pay homage to his heroic act. We see that Judah is more in dark and black nuances … that means … this person is not
alive anymore, he is dead. On the table in front of him there are a few small bags, filled with golden coins probably, so
to say. This is again that Leonardo is pricing Judah. “Judah is the most worthy!” - Leonardo said.

There is also some music found encrypted into this masterpiece. This is a requiem, requiem for his recently departed twin

Leonardo is not the only one who is talking about this topic. There are many books, even films, exposing the
topic that Jesus had the wife named … Mary Magdalene … and therefore, we need to do all that we can in order
to find her finally.9 We need to find that long-time the missing wife of Jesus.10

Well, somehow, step by step, it seems, we are coming to the culmination point of what really had happened in
Jesus’ time. Some essential natal charts were recovered so far and, like a jewel on top of everything, it comes
to this natal chart of the Mary Magdalene, or … The Bride of God … how they also called her. Of course that she
married Jesus. She was his wife. But let’s see the natal chart first …

When making her chart, of course, that I had some troubles, and had a lot of uncertainties. Nevertheless, just
by the guidance of the Divine Providence, it was enough to come close, when all of sudden some celestial
symbols started to reveal again, but something entirely new, never seen before. Therefore, it became clear, as
clear as the beautifully clear sunshine day, I am on the right way. And, as a final result, we have one extraordinary
natal chart. The key natal chart … or … the Crown Witness’ natal chart...

As I had some clue that her natal chart would be closely connected and reflect the natal chart of Jesus, I’ve just
tried with the same sample by using same principles. First with searching for Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, because
her life, according to all what we know, was very spiritual, full of politics and, it is also very clear … full of danger.
Therefore, Guru-Sani conjunction must be there.

Then, Karkha-Cancer lagna-ascendant and Chandra-Moon in the ninth should be searched as well. But then,
there are three Nakshatras there: Purva Bhadra, Uttara Bhadra and Revati, and all three could be suitable, so
which one to use!? That is to define which day exactly she was born. After playing for a few days, I was still not
sure … And then the breakthrough did happen! I’ve noticed that in the birthday three-time six could possibly be
repeated. Wow! That is the code! Use it! Fine, I tuned it to June 16, 6 B.C.E. … 16.6.6 … and then … what then?

By following the same logic as with casting Jesus’ chart, let’s try to adjust Atmakaraka to ninth house Navamsa.
Then I noticed something very strange again as real birth time was walking around 6.36 AM. It became clear …
THIS IS THE RIGHT MINUTE! 6.36 AM! This is the code again. As 666 is the God number … and representing the
God … then … 636 represents … the Bride … finally, we have … 636 666 … The Bride of God! … Unbelievable!

She was born on June 16, 6 B.C.E. at 6.36 AM LMT.

9) The intriguing and very thrilling book which offered some hints, some clues, in search for real, historical Mary Magdalene, was
published in 2014, under the name … The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary the Magdalene
… written by investigative journalist … Simcha Jacobovichi … and Religious Studies historian … Barry Wilson ... This is the link talking
about …
10) Very interesting article by … James D. Tabor … arguing this topic was published in the Huffington Post … ... under the title … A Married Jesus:
Here’s the Best Historical Evidence …

Thus, the imaginary wall clock, adjusted and tuned to the imaginary (or real) sundial in front of the house, on
that 16th day of the sixth month of the 6th year B.C.E., would have shown exactly … 6.36 AM … of Local Mean
Time (LMT), when she was born. Amazing!

Place of birth? Well, there are a lot of uncertainties about too. I tried several options. We know that she was
the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea, the rich trader with metals and ores, like iron ore, lead, tin, and probably
gold and silver as well. He had his own mines, ships with crews, and his business was spread all over the vast
Roman Empire, and even on a bigger scale perhaps. He was very rich. Actually, he was incredibly rich, they say.
So by following family roots, we came to the Arimathea as a possible place of birth. But there is no clear evidence
where this place was at that ancient time. I tried some options for this place, but I also tried some other places,
like Jerusalem itself, and tried to find the Magdala, which was mentioned in many stories as a possible place
from where Mary Magdalene originated. They say that even her name is connected with the Magdala itself.
Interestingly, no big changes in the chart for any of these places, of course, only some differences can pop up in
dasha system. Therefore, one option was chosen, and later on, it will be explained why.

And this is not all. When we look at the Janma kundali, the main natal chart … all planets are placed in such a
way that they form the very clear shape of … the tiara or crown. The tiara symbolizes a queen. She was his
queen. Actually, she was exactly like the real queen! Strong and powerful, nice and beautiful, highly spiritual
and truthful … charismatic …

But, when I was searching for the proper image of the tiara on the Net, I stumbled on one which is so
unbelievably close to the graphics. This is the … The Dutch Sapphire Tiara … attributed to the queen of Holland.
It was used by Queen Beatrix before, and now by the Queen Maxima. Amazing resemblance! Please see the
following graphics and appropriate photos which follow the graphics.

Courtesy of:

The photo was taken from

Amazing similarity! This Dutch one is especially spectacular. I think that the original tiara of Mary Magdalene
could have looked exactly like this one tiara of beautiful Dutch Queens. Though, later on, it will be proved that
the tiara of the Mary Magdalene, is actually … the celestial tiara.

We can look at that graphics in another way, and we can freely say that it looks like a stylized letter M. Therefore,
this graphics can symbolize the letter … M … for Mary. Both analogies are equally strong, and actually can be
valid simultaneously.

So, now about the chart itself. Let’s see if symbols are correct.

Then again, amazing facts show up.

We see amazingly brave personality with Mangal-Mars, as a lord of the tenth and fifth in the third house in the
Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars itself. Mangal-Mars is the significator of the third house, the house of braveness
and courage. Mars is very strong in the third house. This person is definitely not afraid of anything, and it will
step boldly just straight through the life. Real Braveheart! No question at all.

There are no combusted grahas-planets in this natal chart, what is very good. That means no any graha coming
too close to the Sun-Surya. Surya-Sun is the lord of the second and it is placed in the 12th house. That will indicate
her very strong spiritual inclinations. Furthermore, her father will be kind of spiritual leader as well, and as a
lord of second in the 12th … this means both, daughter and father will finance some spiritual organizations … or
… even to live in some isolated spiritual places … like an academy or ashram. Life abroad, out of the native
country is indicated as well, so, that position significates that owner of the chart and father as well, could be
abroad for some reasons, for the business purpose for instance, or even because of spiritual aims.

Then we have Shukra-Venus in the second, amplified by high dignity Rahu in the eleventh … Shukra’s house.
This combination shows that person is incredibly wealthy. Furthermore, it is seen that Sani, as a lord of eighth
aspects Rahu in the eleventh, what will say that the source of the wealth is family heritage. Also, the second
house is facing… and Shukra-Venus is there … she was incredibly beautiful, elegant and gracious … with very
strong feminine energy. But, Shukra-Venus is in the Magha Nakshatra ruled by Ketu … and that shows that family

will be involved in some secrets … and even occult knowledge. As Shukra-Venus is the lord of the fourth house
as well, this will indicate a big and clean heart, and luxurious house of living ... or home.

Budha-Mercury is very strong in the first house, retrograde Mercury, describing very high intellectual
capabilities, no doubt that she was the first to receive and understand the teaching of Jesus.

This is how we come to the ninth house reading. The situation here is very complex but I can immediately foresee
something not so brilliant. Unfortunately, it seems, this is not a happy end story. It should be clear from the very
beginning … Chandra-Moon as a lagnesh … it is there with Sani-Saturn … lord of eight … longevity significator …
and this is not a good sign. Such a similar situation of Chandra-Guru-Sani conjunction we already have seen with
King David. We saw in his case that he didn’t leave more than 40-41 years.

Unfortunately, we have absolutely the same situation here with the Mary Magdalene. She did not live longer
than 40-41 years of age. So years … 34. C.E … or 35. C.E. … is her final period of life. He killed her. We know very
well who.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene get married in 27 C.E., I think. That was very possibly in her … Shukra-Shukra-Guru
… planetary period … Sept 23, 27 C.E. until Feb 28, 28 C.E. In Jesus’ chart we see this is fitting well with the …
Shukra-Sani-Shukra … pratyantar … Sept 12, 27 C.E. until March 19, 28 C.E. Actually, this is perfectly fitting in.
I’ve researched even deeper, and can say … that most probably this wedding and marriage did happen around
… November 22-23-24, 27 C.E. … Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Yes, transits and dasha system shows
exactly these days as plausible wedding time when considering both charts. We know that the traditional Jewish
wedding and marriage is very complex. First is betrothal, then wedding itself, and then celebrating feast is going
on. They say this wedding was very big, and it was going on for about one week. So, this is the week around
these just mentioned days. This is exactly the time when the wedding and marriage of Jesus and Mary
Magdalene took place.

Of course, that wedding in Cana was their marriage.11 Otherwise, who else’s it would have been!? Jesus was
ministering and preaching for about three years already before crucifixion did happen. Year 27 C.E. was the first
year of his ministering. We know now that it was not him who was crucified. I think good Jyotishi will easily find
children also. There were two kids. Their compatibility was amazingly good … fascinating. Out of 36 points, they
had 33. Except for these points, all other parameters of compatibility are great as well, so when they were
together they used to be very happy, whatever situation or circumstances surrounded them. There was no end
to their happiness.

Now when I mentioned compatibility analysis, need to expose one additional explanation. One of my teachers
of Jyotish explicitly said that all that is above 30 points in compatibility analysis, is actually not so good and
favorable. The theory is one thing, but in practice, he said, something unusual and not so favorable can happen
to the couple when compatibility is above 30 points and all until 36. And he gave a few examples. He said, there
are several variations, but something will not go well. For instance, the couple can have a happy life but no
children. Or, there will be children, but the complete family will live in poverty. Or, the situation with children
can be all right as well as with finances, but one of them will be gone. By checking that point on many different
occasions, I found this to be very true. The case of Jesus and Mary Magdalene confirmed that as well. Thus,
compatibility of 30 points I consider being ideal for a couple, of course, along with good alignment in some other
details of compatibility analysis as well.

That year 27 C.E., as we know now, was of extraordinary importance for them. This is the year, just early in the
spring, when they did move back to Israel from the Alexandria in Egypt where the Academy of John was going
on all since 4 B.C.E. This is all connected. We know now that Jesus shut down that Academy because of the

11) It is plausible that Jesus established his headquarter in the Khirbet Cana of Galilee, the small place in the hilly mountain region just
some 15-16 kilometers away from the Nazareth itself. BAR article … Where Did Jesus Turn Water into Wine? … covers that topic, and
article is at the link …

accumulation of an enormous level of negative energy, and because of doing so, he attracted this negative
energy to be channelized on him. Cana was his first headquarter, kind of safe house probably because
animosities and hostilities were already in the air. They already had a lot of enemies. Yes, from the Academy
itself. They needed some security, and Cana in Galilee was chosen probably because this is where Jesus spent
his early days. Cana is not far from Nazareth, actually, it is very close, just about 15-16 kilometers to the North.
Cana region was already part of the mountain, among hills, nicely hidden and offered beautiful protection. The
group around Jesus was not only spiritual, but they also had very high political aspirations. No need to mention
that the main aim of theirs, was to take the power in the country. Taking power and ruling the country; that was
the only way to apply all social, economic and spiritual reforms they wanted to perform.

After she was murdered, there was a revenge strike on the author of the murder, the Saul called Paul. That
happened in 35 C.E., I think. After initial devastation, funeral ceremony and mourning … exactly about one year
after the murder, when everything was still fresh, they plotted to strike back, in order to remove this gangster
from the surface of the earth. When he was on the way from Jerusalem to Damascus, he was ambushed … bitten
to death … They left him thinking he is dead, but he survived somehow anyway. This near to death experience
must be seen in Jyotish chart as well. Year 35 C.E. witnessed the very unusual gathering of planets while in
transits. Thus, after initial devastation, desperation, ritual funeral … mourning … just about one year afterward…
probably when all that was still hot … and when the initial feeling of devastation was replaced only with one
desire … the desire to remove this gangster once and forever … they struck back. Therefore, meeting … the
resurrected Jesus … was actually the real event, the real story, with the real Jesus. This event Paul afterward
perfidiously used as a theological parable, and as a sign for his transformation to be Jesus’s believer, and for the
abandonment of Jewish tradition and religion, and for initiating the new religion … The Christianity. He actually
took Jesus as a brand, but behind he was running his own personal agenda. He entered this story into the Bible
after he hijacked Jesus’ movement entirely, and this is something that became the foundation for the Pauline

Afterward, when Saul-Paul reached Damascus somehow and recovered, they realized they failed, and they
launched another attack … there in Damascus itself … but he survived again. He did find the way out again, he
gathered more people around him, and the complete situation was on the threshold to be turned into an open
war between these two rival groups. Such a situation was going on for about two years. Then, after seeing that
some other people could be easily killed (or maybe some others were already murdered), in 37 C.E … Jesus’
group split up and left Jerusalem and Israel. It was Mary of Bethany, her brother Lazarus, Joseph of Arimathea
with small kids, and many other disciples of Jesus, they sailed to Alexandria, Egypt, first. At that initial stage,
they felt safe enough there, they had many friends there because they knew that region very well, they lived
there for so long. After some time, it was not safe anymore there, because they were chased. Then they sailed
to France, Marseilles, where they split up again. Mary and Lazarus stayed there in Marseilles, while Joseph of
Arimathea and others continued toward Gaul and England. He, the Joseph of Arimathea, he did know England
well, because he was mining there, in Somerset and Cornwall mainly. And this is how Merovingian lineage has
been established giving kings to rule the France … and Tudors in England as well.

I think, Jesus was with them in Egypt, but later on, he did not follow them to France, they separated and he
went his way. He took some other course which will be discussed a little bit later on. They knew they shall be
searched, so they rather separated, and along with it, they did spread the seed for new cultures all over Europe.
This is the starting point of all cultures of modern Europe. In general, Europe was not developed fully at that
time, not even explored entirely, and it just waited for to be inhabited completely, and it waited for a new stage
for evolution to be built up there. Therefore, we know now, it all started with Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Mary
Magdalene is the Mother of modern Europe.

Mary did not live long, as we just discovered. In spite of that, she left in-erasable traces … in our hearts and in
our memories. Personally, I am of thinking that he, Jesus, never forgave himself that it happened this way. I
think, all until the end of his life he was reasoning if this was possible to be avoided.

Thus, there is no happy end to this story definitely. But evolution just continued, and this is the most important
thing. That was a very dark age. Maybe the darkest the history can remember. For people of truth and justice
definitely not an easy time. We should always have in mind that was just about negative culmination, negative
peak point, of Kali Yuga or Iron Age, how they call it in the terminology of cycles of yugas or world ages.

Later on, everything was misinterpreted, turned upside down, and all those who were close to Jesus became
criminals, gangsters, and prostitutes in the Bible, while real gangsters and criminals became world leaders and
people of glory. Not even to mention, they became “saints”!? What a tragic time!!!??? This is the irony of the
age of darkness. But nothing is forever, the dark age faded out completely, light is coming, light is everywhere
actually. I see it everywhere, and it opens the frame for such individuals with gangster consciousness not to be
among us anymore. Worlds are splitting now. There was a time for everything. Everybody had a chance. Now …
THE GAME IS OVER! … Worlds are parting indeed, and our ways are parting as well.

In this upside down construction, Mary Magdalene, one of the biggest hero of Biblical times, she became a
prostitute, and somehow she is fused with other important women around Jesus, and they are all depicted as
… prostitutes. One of this fusion is putting together Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany. Mary of Bethany is
also very important in Jesus’ life, very important. But this is not to be discussed here.

Very probably these two Maries were always with Jesus and following him everywhere. Third Mary is probably
the mother or sister of Jesus.

Now we can also expose the following thing. Even though Mary and Jesus were separated violently and
forcefully along with these tragic events, the separation did not last for a long. They met again, and they were
together in just next incarnation of both. This is … Lucius Artorius Castus … and … Guinevere … Guenevere or

Thus, after seeing these preliminary facts about Mary Magdalene, no doubt that some new questions are being
raised. Actually, there are many questions, but let’s consider the most important right away.

The first question is about the tiara itself. If a tiara is so explicitly pronounced, what does that mean? Indeed,
why is tiara so much emphasized? Initially, I already mentioned that she must have been his queen. Fine, but
this is one very general explanation. A woman who is being loved by a man, and after he marries her, of course,
that she is his queen. She is the queen of his family, the mother of his children, his personal queen, so to say.
Nevertheless, is there something more behind? Is she some other kind of queen? What would the chart itself
say about? Well, first of all, by seeing this natal chart and this phenomenal celestial tiara performed by starry
constellations, which association we can immediately drive out? Is this some kind of celestial queen? Queen of
Heaven perhaps? That would mean goddess, right? There are some texts exposing this idea. So, is she a goddess?
In fact, this is very plausible. Because, as I already have noted in some previous post, Vishnu does not come
alone. There are many fabulous incarnations around him. Many of them are having the nature of the avatar as
well. According to my cognition and understanding of Vedic Knowledge, and what we could find in Vedic
Literature easily, it is the Mother Divine wing of Heaven who creates several avatar beings who are involved in
helping and assisting Vishnu while he is incarnating on Earth. For instance, many times we could witness in Vedic
texts that Vishnu married Sarasvati … or similar … But heavenly goddess Sarasvati is already married! She is the
wife of Lord Brahma … The Creator. So then, how can Vishnu marry Sarasvati!? Yes, he can marry her if they
both incarnate on Earth. And that did happen quite often in Vedic times.

Mary Magdalene is such one incarnation as well. She is a goddess. According to my cognition, three out of four
such celestial beings had been incarnated around Jesus at that time. Mary Magdalene is one of those three
celestial characters, deities. She is close to being depicted as goddess Athena in Greek mythology. She occurs
with him on the very regular basis, and therefore, she is a very important character in this play.

Thus, there are at least four celestial beings, goddesses, created in this way, who are always around Vishnu, to
make and generate an appropriate story for every generation. But they play a different kind of roles. Once again
I need to emphasize, they are all incarnations of Mother Divine branch of Heaven.

We can consider now another example. In King Rama’s story we have Lakshmi, his celestial consort, incarnated
as well; she was the Sita, his wife. Lakshmi is depicted as sometimes taking dark and murky incarnations as
goddess Kali. Then she carries some dark agenda. In Greek mythology, we can compare her with the goddess
Hera. As Hera, she is depicted as a beautiful and very attractive woman, very passionate in nature and very
erotic, but quite often she is jealous and vengeful. It is exactly such a depiction what helped me to find out the
natal chart of Sita, and along with this discovery, some other very interesting incarnations of that heavenly
character were reviled as well. These characters and appropriate natal charts will be exposed additionally.

Another very striking point, and another question in this story of Mary Magdalene, which absolutely deserves
to be discussed, is the appearance of these symbolic numbers … 363 … and … 666 ... After all, this is how her
natal chart was found. This is definitely not the first time we meet with these numbers, but there are a lot of
controversies about, especially about the number … 666 …, so let us see what we know about.

Number 666 in mostly all texts is depicted as the “number of the beast” or “number of the demon”!? Exactly
this way it is depicted. But, how then, and why, I claim this is the God’s number?

The first and very preliminary explanation is actually very prosaic. The thing is that attribute “the number of the
beast” or “number of the demon” is produced by some offshoots of Pauline Christian Movement. We just
discovered what the true nature of these people is. They represent a dark and demonic force in action, whose
only intention is to obstruct humans in their quest for ultimate aim … the Enlightenment …, and higher state of
consciousness, in order to be released from chains and bondage of the Karma and the Karma Law. So then, if a
demon says for someone to be a demon, who is that person ultimately? Who is this entity? This is the God

Another explanation is even more sophisticated. It says that 666 is actually an angle … 66.6 degrees …, what is
actually the complementary angle of … 23.4 degrees …, and this is exactly the tilt of Earth’s axis at the moment.
But then, what is a connection with the God!? The thing is that now we need to enter Ether-Akasha into an
explanation because nothing can be explained without it. Here is the text I produced recently on some occasion,
and along with some small modifications, it can be very helpful right now.

Level of consciousness we have on Earth depends upon astronomical background. Level of consciousness of humans on
Earth is directly proportional to the level of Ether-Akasha present on the Earth. Thus, the Ether or Akasha is the keyword.
But what is Ether-Akasha?

First, let say what is not. Akasha is not a vacuum! It is not an empty space as well. It is not an Air. It is not the Sky either.
What then Akasha is?

Akasha is the first expression of the un-manifested transcendental pure consciousness when it starts to manifest. This is
… The Light … from so famous verse of the Genesis:

“And God said, “Let there be Light”. And there was Light”.

In fact, we see that we are very familiar with Akasha, with the Ether, the first thing that had occurred in still non-
manifested creation. This is sort of vibration of course, though, it is necessary to explain that it doesn’t have anything to
do with electromagnetic waves or Hertzian waves, how Nikola Tesla called these electromagnetic waves, which are
transverse waves by the way. This is very important to have in mind, because, somehow it happened, only by mentioning
waves and radiation we predominately think of such electromagnetic waves.

Actually, Ether-Akasha is completely another kind of vibration. These waves are pressure waves, what we also call
longitudinal waves. We do not need an antenna to pick them up. Simply, we can influence the Ether-Akasha by pressure,
or … Ether-Akasha can make an influence on us by … pressure. Or, it can simply pass through us … if some parameters
are tuned this way. Ether-Akasha acts and behaves more like fluids, like liquids and gasses. Ether-Akasha is also being
called … Luminiferous Ether, because it carries the light itself. This is the media in which the light is being carried on. This

immediately gives us an answer if there is something faster than the speed of light. Of course, there is … the vibration
contained in the Ether-Akasha is much faster than light, because, simply, it carries the light.

Ether-Akasha, due to the fact it is so close to the source, contains enormous energy and power, and all other
manifestations in the Creation occurred from the Ether-Akasha itself, including all material particles, and what we call
material world; this Universe of ours, other parallel universes, and entire Creation literally. Our bodies, our physiologies,
they are also produced by Ether-Akasha, but by extremely rarified Ether-Akasha. As we are running away from the
Source, we are actually going down dimensionally, and we have less Ether-Akasha around … our bodies are less etheric
… they are more “material” … and this in the final stage can be proved as a problem. Thus, we cannot run from the
Source endlessly.

In fact, Ether-Akasha is so beneficial for us, for our physical body, and for our consciousness as well. Permanent exposure
to such radiation for a certain amount of time daily while radiation is fully adjusted and tuned with physiology, can cure
all our diseases, and can rise up our level of consciousness. Therefore, our state of consciousness is directly and closely
related to the Ether-Akasha. Getting Cosmic Consciousness or Enlightenment how we call it, is nothing else then
permeating our body with Ether ... with Akasha ... and this is completely a mechanical process. Only later on the way, on
the way toward God Consciousness (GC), and Unity Consciousness (UC), it will come devotion. It will come balancing of
polarities we have embedded within ourselves ... it will come … Unity … in the final stage. So Cosmic Consciousness ...
Enlightenment ... is nothing else then being established in Ether-Akasha, and that is the reason we need to have Ether-
Akasha around if we want to get higher states of consciousness. That is the reason for going to the Himalayas, or some
other pure natural places, in the quest for Enlightenment. Spiritual seekers actually search for an unpolluted area where
there is a lot of Akasha ... or Prana ... what is just another name of the same. Ether-Akasha ... Prana ... Orgone … Chi
…CANNOT COEXIST with pollution of any kind. We need natural resources and natural materials all around us. We need
a pure nature. Everything artificial and unnatural has a devastating influence on Ether-Akasha.

Nevertheless, why do we know so less or almost nothing, about Akasha? This is the essential question, because, Akasha-
Ether ... was forbidden! It was forbidden to talk about, it was forbidden to think about. The knowledge about Akasha
could raise the level of consciousness of Humanity, and that is the reason it was completely forbidden topic for last few
thousand years, all along with this Dark Age we just left behind us. But some few hundred years ago Ether-Akasha was
rediscovered. All along with the Victorian Era, the Ether-Akasha was the subject of deep scientific research. They did find
out that Akasha is directly responsible for Gravitation Force, and it did find its own way to the formula of Gravitation.
But shortly afterward, Akasha mysteriously disappeared from the formula of Gravitation, as well as it did disappear from
the Science itself!12

Indeed, even some hundred years ago scientists knew about Ether-Akasha very well. Nikola Tesla was one of them. He
very quickly discovered its full potential and power, and he invented ways how to harness Ether-Akasha and use it for
the benefit of the mankind on a grand scale. The ancient world was full of such kind machines-power plants, like pyramids
and similar. Even a hundred years ago Tesla did develop the complete technology for the Age of Enlightenment. He
developed special motors which worked on Ether-Akasha, special heaters for heating houses and homes, light devices ...
all on Ether-Akasha. But what was the problem? The problem was ... this energy was/is free!!!

Thus, shortly after it was rediscovered, Akasha disappeared from the Gravity formula, but luckily it did not disappear
from Patanjali Yoga Sutras ... where it is still involved in Yogic Flying. It is still there! Yogic Flying and levitation, they are
not utopia. This is not a wishful thinking. Yogic Flying becomes reality when the body is being saturated with the Ether-
Akasha … and then … the Ether-Akasha takes control over what we call “matter”. And then Gravitational Force is nullified
entirely. This is the scientific background of Yogic Flying and levitation. I invite all scientists of the New Paradigm to unify
their efforts in order that Ether-Akasha will be reestablished back to the formula of Gravitation, where it does belong.
After all, it seems that a lot of experiments are being done on so-called … Antigravity Propulsion System … Though this
is a very conspirative field, because, a lot of experiments are being done in total secrecy.

The fact is that all energy and intelligence (Ether-Akasha) which come to the Earth from the Galactic Centre or
Brahmastan of our galaxy Milky Way, depend upon moving of the Earth and Solar system throughout the Space.
Sometimes this energy flow is obstructed and on Earth, we have dark ages, and vice versa when no abstraction of energy
flow ... there is a bright age on Earth. Therefore, there are cycles ... and cycles ... and cycles ... and cycles within cycles.

12) There is a very interesting book with the title “Lost Science” …
Vassilatos/dp/0932813755 ... by Gerry Vassilatos, exposing that we live far beyond our possibilities when advanced technologies are in
the question.
Just cycles everywhere! Our planet Earth performs at least 8-10 complex moving simultaneously, and all that is filtering
incoming energy and intelligence. We depend so much on every our move within Space. Amazing!

Modern Science of today easily is coming back to rediscover the Ether-Akasha.13 They already discovered that about 75%
of the energy of the entire Universe is so called … mysterious Dark Energy.14 In fact, this is the Ether-Akasha. Close to
this, they also discovered so-called … Dark Matter.15 This is also the Ether-Akasha, but a rarified little bit, though without
big rarefication so that it did not condense into what we see as a solid matter. It is still invisible to us and for our
instruments, and only by some intermediate ways, we know about because it is gravitationally active. Astrophysicists
did find that all galaxies including our own, have a big halo (aura) of Dark Matter, with very strong gravitation, and only
one very small percentage condensed into what we see as visible matter; visible stars, galaxies, and planets. And this is
exactly the point where and when the Science will be reborn again … only when it cognizes the true nature of life, and
that is the Ether-Akasha as the first manifestation of un-manifested pure transcendental consciousness.

Ether-Akasha was a basic substrate for knowledge systems of all ancient civilizations. Ancient Egypt was entirely leaned
onto the Ether-Akasha. Pyramids of Egypt, are nothing else then Ether-Akasha Machines. All was done to keep the level
of consciousness high according to standards of Sat Yuga, for which they knew it is about to fade out. Because, the level
of Ether-Akasha on Earth was declining, and with this decline inevitably the level of consciousness of humans was
declining as well. They tried to preserve and to prolong high level of consciousness as long as it was possible. The origin
point of the Egyptian Civilization should be considered the same as with the Vedic Civilization in India, some 18.000 years
before our time.

The Vedic Civilization in India was entirely based on the knowledge of Ether-Akasha as well. Veda is knowledge of how
to live in perfect tune with the Natural Law. Basic presumption of Veda is higher states of consciousness for humans to
have because this is considered as a normal state of consciousness for humans to live in. Thus, Veda and all belonging
branches are here just to help us to elevate ourselves into higher states of consciousness. Therefore, all limbs and
subdivisions of Veda, they all do highlight the search for Ether-Akasha.

Let’s take Sthapatyaveda for example. This is a branch of Vedic Knowledge which is entirely devoted to designing,
architecting and building homes and houses according to Vastu principles, and that is, how to live fully tuned with
Natural Law, with God’s Laws. The entire Sthapatyaveda is organized and structured just about the point how to grasp
and use Ether-Akasha to ensure our wellbeing and promote higher states of consciousness. It uses the basic principle of
generating a high amount of negative ions, which are very beneficiary for our health and general well-being. In fact, it
uses very well-known principle that Ether-Akasha when reaching any metal, induces and generates such enormously
high voltages within the lattices of the crystalline structure of the metal, what is measured in millions of Volts so that
electrons will be ejected out of that metallic structure. Then, these electrons will find themselves soaring in the air, and
because they are not stable particles, they will immediately join to the Oxygen atoms, which are just in the vicinity, by
the way. Thus, in the outer shell, the atom of Oxygen will have eight electrons instead of six, and that will promote it
into a negative ion16. That is the reason we always have … metallic Kalash … on top of the Sthapatyaveda House, in order
such “miracle” to happen. And then, we have the Brahmastan of the house, just as a freeway to carry all these freshly
generated negative ions around every part, and every corner of the house, so that dwellers can enjoy beneficial effects
of negative ions. Even a small amount of negative ions will produce dramatic effects on our health. Nevertheless, with
further increase in a number of negative ions around us, that will promote clear vision and dramatic change in the size
of the pineal gland, where is the seat of all what we call … paranormal and metaphysical. Well then, this is the basis for
what we call … higher states of consciousness. Therefore, the Sthapatyaveda is basically leaning on the science of

13) I would recommend reading of an extraordinary and so fascinating book “Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of
Everything, Inner Traditions International, 2004, written by Hungarian philosopher of science, originally a classical pianist, Erwin Laszlo.
14) Beautiful article under the name “The Quintessential Universe” was published in special edition of the Scientific American Magazine
in December 2002. An article can be found at the following link …
15) An extraordinary article of Vera Rubin under the title “Dark Matter in the Universe” was published in Scientific American Magazine
during 1998., and can be found at the following link …
16) The knowledge about beneficial influences of negative ions on human physiology and human health becomes very important scientific
topic of modern science. There are many works published so far. For all those who want to improve beneficial influence of negative ions
within houses, offices and factories, there is one very useful instrument to use in order that the level of negative ions could be measured.
Today we have sophisticated, but very affordable instruments for measuring the presence of negative ions around us. They vary in size,
features and price, of course, but good ones and portable, can be found even for few hundred Euros. They could possibly came under
different names, ion counter, ion meter, ion detector, but they all do the same function, they will give you precisely the number of negative
ions present in any spatial environment you want. Such kind of instrument could be practical for any household to have, because there
are always ways to increase the number of negative ions around. Furthermore, such instrument, I am sure, soon will become standard
tool for all architects, and especially for all Sthapatyaveda architects.
electricity, so you will need a good electronic engineer to consult at first. Though need to say, that should be an electronic
engineer of the New Paradigm, who knows that behind any electric and electronic manifestation, there is actually the
Ether-Akasha behind. In fact, when the Vedic Civilization was at the peak, Sthapatyaveda was part of the Vedic
Astrology-Jyotish, where it entirely belongs because of very strong connections with the entire Universe. Therefore, if
you are involved in such projects, ensure that you have proper metallic Kalash on top of your Sthapatyaveda house so
that Ether-Akasha can do the final “magic” for you.

Well, based on all that, it becomes clear that the Ether-Akasha is the main target of our search and our quest. Because,
when we find and when we truly understand the true nature of Ether-Akasha, then the Enlightenment is not far away
anymore. Thus, the search and quest for Ether-Akasha become our primary aim. Though need to mention this, we have
to be careful with ancient texts and scriptures, because, simply they have undergone through terrible changes and
modifications along with descending cycle and dark era we just left behind. It is very likely that we shall not find the
Ether-Akasha there.

Therefore, we depend so much upon Ether-Akasha. As fish cannot be without water, in the same way, we cannot
live long without Ether-Akasha. We need Ether-Akasha desperately! Without Ether-Akasha we become ill
physically and mentally. Without Ether-Akasha we have fallen, we were downgraded from higher states of
consciousness. All religious texts do mention Eden, as that we were fallen from Eden … heavenly paradise on
Earth. Yes, we did fall from Eden, from paradise, but just to say that Eden is not some place we need to go. Eden
is a higher level of consciousness we need to climb up again in order to use our full potentials, what is our right
by birth, in order to live eternal celestial life on Earth, in order to live … the Heaven on Earth. Therefore, this is
all about consciousness and about Ether-Akasha.

So then, if we need Ether-Akasha so much, we just simply take it … or collect it, because our planet Earth is just
floating and moving through the Universe immersed in an abundance of this energy. Of course, not all regions
of the Universe and our galaxy Milky Way are equally rich by Ether-Akasha. Today, this is not a homogeneous
media, as it was in primordial Creation when it was just a Light around. That was just one very early stage of the
evolution of the Creation. Later on, Ether-Akasha diversified, and due to that, some regions contain more Ether-
Akasha and some less. That is the reason we have cycles and ups and downs with cultures and civilizations on
Earth. But these cycles and ups and downs of cultures and civilizations … this is also something very evolutionary.
This is part of the game as well, and not some mistake or failure because there are entities who need exactly
such kind of evolutionary background in order to perfect and advance their own personal evolution.

As we saw, we need to collect the Ether-Akasha which is all around us. There are several ways to do that. In
ancient time people used strong and powerful generators-power plants in the form of pyramids to collect the
Ether-Akasha and redistribute it in a form humans could approach easily. These pyramids were energy
machines, but at the same time, they served as devices for uplifting the level of consciousness of humans. This
was actually the primary use, to uplift the level of consciousness. So this is one way to use it.

Another, much simpler way to use it, is to build our homes and houses in such a way they will naturally grasp
and collect the Ether-Akasha while Earth is moving and spinning throughout the Universe. Houses and homes
built on such a way will naturally deliver this energy to us as we are living in them on daily basis. To do so we
need to orient our houses in a certain very specific way. We need to orient our houses toward the direction of
moving and spinning the Earth is doing. We need to use the angle of 23.4 degrees from the North, or 66.6
degrees from the East, as this is the angle of Earth’s axis tilt, and … as the Earth is spinning around the axis, we
are just directly intersecting Ether-Akasha layers and drifts around us, as we are moving through the Space
together with Earth. This direct contact with Ether-Akasha is essential for our wellbeing, and especially it is
important for Pineal Gland, which is extraordinarily sensitive to Ether-Akasha. Without Ether-Akasha Pineal
Gland will be atrophied, and in contact with Ether-Akasha Pineal Gland will start to grow up, to blossom. Instead,
to be of the size of peanut it will become the size of a chicken egg, and as this is the seat of all, what we call
paranormal or metaphysical, we shall develop our hidden, atrophied and not used potentials, and that will
propel us toward higher states of consciousness.

So houses and especially religious temples are supposed to be oriented in such a way. This is all about our
wellbeing and getting a higher level of consciousness. In the ancient world, we have some examples of such
construction. Roman Emperor Diocletian of Illyrian origin, built up a big complex in Split-Croatia, what is now
proved to be thermal and temple complex, and orientation is exactly such one … 66.6 degrees from the True
East. Because there are remnants of this big complex preserved till today in some stage, all people walking there
still report about unusual energy and unusual experiences they had experienced there.

Furthermore, the Solomon Temple had the same orientation. In fact, the mentioned Palace of Emperor
Diocletian was a true replica of the Solomon Temple. They were completely identical. Actually, that was the
purpose and intention of first temples in general … to uplift the level of consciousness of the people. People
were obliged to visit such temples on regular basis in order to keep their level of consciousness high.

In some systems of architecture, like Vedic Architecture - Sthapatyaveda for instance, they simplified the
principle little bit, by making orientation generally to the East, what is a good point no doubt about that, though
they had used very sophisticated system leaned on Jyotish to determine the best orientation for every
individual, which can differ from the East. East is definitely good as a general principle, but the best effects and
strongest grip to collect the precious Ether-Akasha can be achieved only by using the mentioned angle … 66.6
degrees from the East … or … 23.4 degrees from the North.

This is the reason why … 666 … is the God Number, because, simply, it will elevate the level of consciousness of
humans, to live in God Consciousness and in Unity Consciousness … and that is to say … to be equal to the God.
Because the God made the Man be in his image; to be like him. As such, this number remains to be used in
mystical texts and symbolism all the time. As we see, it was used to cast the natal chart of the Mary Magdalene
as well. She is the Bride of the God. Her symbolic number is … 636 666 … or just shortly … 636.

Now we know who she is. We can trace her back to all ancient cultures because she is the archetypal mother of
all cultures and all civilizations, ancient ones and contemporary ones. She appears as a beautiful young woman.
She is … the Athena … venerated so much in Greek culture. She is … the Minerva … from the Roman culture.
She is … the Neith and Thebe … from the Egyptian culture. She is … the Vedic Goddess Parvati …, the celestial
consort of the mighty God Shiva, and she incarnates along with innumerable incarnations, and together with
Vishnu … they are seeding the seed for every culture and every civilization for the purpose of making the stage
for Evolution forever to go on.

She is the Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus. She is the mother of his children. She is the Mother of Domain of
complete Europe, and through Europe, she is the Mother of Domain of the entire World. She is … the Holy Grail
… the Queen of Heaven … incarnated on the Earth itself.

We can easily conclude this extensive story on Mary Magdalene with good news actually. On March 29 C.E. the
daughter was born to them, to the Jesus and the Mary Magdalene. According to all alternative sources, her
name was Sarah. Nice and beautiful name, no doubt about that. The real meaning in Hebrew is … The Princess
… and this is what she really was. Furthermore, legend has it that they all moved to Alexandria around 37 C.E.,
and then after about 3-5 years she, Sarah, sailed to Gaul, to the south of France, with Mary of Bethany, her
brother Lazarus, Joseph of Arimathea and some others. Thus, a story that Sarah came to France from Africa, is
actually true, they came from the Alexandria, Egypt, or from the region around. Only thing, she was not dark
skinned as some sources would declare. She was the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It was quite an
effort to find her natal chart indeed.

But before exposing her natal chart, as a real end of this story, just to mention another good news. Some sources
reported that Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus, was pregnant second time at the moment of the Crucifixion.
Therefore, that was just an indicator for me where to search for their second child, the son named Judah.

Here she is … Sarah … the first-born daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus …

Jesus the Christ – What happened after the Crucifixion?
For every new beginning, even if this is just a chapter of one essay, it is good to have some good news. As we
have this very important bit of information that Mary Magdalene, the wife, and companion of Jesus, was
pregnant along the Crucifixion event, then the search for the newborn child was narrowed toward just a few
months, perhaps 4-5 months, after that event itself. Because we know that the Crucifixion did happen on April
4, 30 C.E., then for the newborn child of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, I was searching in July and August of that
year, perhaps the beginning of September as well. We know that was the second child of her. From Leonardo,
and from some other alternative sources, we learned that it was a son and that his name was Judah. No doubt
that they wanted to glorify memory on tragically departed twin brother of Jesus, and they gave him the same

But this is not all. As we know, nobody is dying; people do reincarnate, and I was just wondering if some
additional information could be gathered from that fact. Well, once again I would like to emphasize that the
biggest hero of the Bible is Judah, the twin brother of Jesus, who took on him this heavy task to die on the cross
instead of Jesus. His death was tragic, and that was a big tragedy for the whole family itself, no doubt about
that. From one point of view, that was the end of one very prosperous life. We need to know that Judah was a
rabbi, very high in consciousness, and without this, he would probably live a comfortable and easy life.
Crucifixion was tragic end indeed. But, was that a real end, or it was perhaps a new beginning? There is no such
term like … The End … in Evolution. The End doesn’t exist in Evolution. Only fools are dying, somebody said very
nicely. People reincarnate immediately; quite often within the same family. I am not talking empty words. Just
try to look at your background and your family lineage in the more critical way, and you will find some very
interesting details. Try to scrutinize your own family line, and you will find out some frappant similarities … you
will find out that the same characters are reemerging again and again … and most probably you will be capable
to find some previous incarnations of yours. Genealogy is so fascinating …

The knowledge about reincarnation was established, and it was fully blossoming in all these ancient brilliant
civilizations, but somehow, as Humanity was stepping into the deep darkness of the Middle Age, it vanished.
Indeed, this is a very important brick in the foundation of the Life itself, and if we do not understand that, then
we do not understand the Life at all, and Evolution in general. I do not want to go now into this story completely,
just to mention that we will need to recover that knowledge and reintegrate it into our new paradigm, which by
the way, is just being produced now along with tuning with the Highest Truth.

Just to make the story shorter, I was thinking exactly this way. I was thinking, what if this is not just the name of
Judah, what if this is Judah himself, who would have reincarnated again in the same family, but now as a son of
Jesus? We need to know that the Heaven never forget great deals and great heroism. Never! This is how Judah
himself would be benefited in the best way. And, it seems, this is exactly what happened!

So, I started my search for the natal chart of Judah, the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, just by searching for
Simha-Lion lagna-ascendant. Some other details surfaced as well, and I am pretty sure this is the natal chart of
Judah, the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene …

He was born on August 24, 30 C.E. at 3.00 AM LMT.

We see this is a natal chart with Simha-Lion lagna-ascendant. The Navamsa with Mesha-Aries lagna-ascendant
is identical as well. Natal chart indicates some planets in high dignity of exaltation and Vargottama. But Shukra
is in deep debilitation by being placed in the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, the one it is ruling. In addition, in the
Navamsa Shukra is debilitated by position in the Kanya Rashi. So this is double debilitation, so to say. This is
partially softened by aspects Shukra receives by exalted Mangal-Mars, and by exalted Guru-Jupiter.

For Jesus and his family, the Crucifixion was the end of one era. Wheatear they stayed there in Cana or Nazareth,
I cannot say right now, but he definitely ceased down exposing himself publicly … because he was declared
dead. Officially he didn’t exist anymore. He went into a hide together with his family. They went underground
for some time. In fact, that was probably a very happy time for them, devoted to family life and growing two
kids; firstborn daughter Sarah and second born son Judah. Years were passing, and they relaxed somehow. It
seems they relaxed too much. They forgot that danger is still lurking on them. It looks like they did forget they
still have enemies somewhere there in real life. As my research is going deeper and deeper, by following transits
of planets, I think I found that on April 1, 34 C.E. kind of idyllic life of theirs was abruptly shaken by Mary
Magdalene’s murder. After mourning, they strike back but failed. They simply did not have enough negative
energy to fight with these highest negatives. A lot of negative energy is needed to oppose such gangsters
directly. They didn’t have that. After about three years of big tensions, in 37 C.E., they decided to withdraw;
Judea and Galilee became too dangerous for them, they moved to Egypt or somewhere around. This is the place
which they knew, and they taught it will be good for staying there at least for some time. Children could progress
with their education comfortably. Nevertheless, that was not for a long anyway. They had noticed they could
have been in danger there as well, so they separated. Joseph of Arimathea, Mary of Bethany, her brother
Lazarus, kids and some other, they sailed to France, where they separated again. But Jesus was not with them
on that trip to France. On September 24, 39 C.E., Moon-Chandra mahadasha started for Jesus, and that is the
moment when we need to search for something new to happen in his life; some new chapter of his life is just
about to begin, I would say. Just to say, in summer of the same year, Herod Antipas was removed from a
leadership position in the Galilee, and he was exiled to the Gaul. This fact, at the moment, doesn’t mean
anything, but soon can get some meaning actually.

To be honest, I needed a long time to decode that situation, and to understand what was really happening with
Jesus in these years. This question was in the air for a long indeed. The answer came just recently, just maybe a
few months ago, almost accidentally, as usual. I was searching for something else actually, and somehow did
stumble on one very interesting story of … the Simon Magus.

By official texts of Christianity, Simon Magus was declared as the biggest heretic. Such words are used for
depicting him that one would instantly think that he has invented Heresy. And exactly that way he was called …
the Father of Heresy. Then, he was depicted strongly as the one who was opposing the so-called Saint Peter.
Well, this is very interesting, I thought. If somebody was opposing Peter then he must have been a good guy,
because we know now that Peter was just another gangster next to Saul-Paul. Then it was shown he was
opposed to both indeed. Even more interesting! The final and most convincing clues came along with this
famous competition held in Rome in 64 C.E. That was competition in making miracles between Paul-Saul and
Peter on one side, and Simon Magus on another side. Simon Magus claimed that he will fly by the power of his
mind. It seems, Paul and Peter, they opposed him with the claim that with their prayers to the God they will
stop him flying, that they will stop him doing this pagan heretic sorcery, as they said. Nevertheless, this is still
too early to talk about what was going in 64 C.E. It is much better to go step by step.

In the 2nd century, a Simonian sect arose that viewed Simon Magus as the first God, or Father, and he was sometimes
worshiped as the incarnation of the Greek god Zeus. His consort Helen was regarded by his followers as the
earthly manifestation of Athena.

In fact, all of sudden it became clear to me what happened there. Apparently, Jesus couldn’t go around with his
old identity of Jesus, because obviously, he was proclaimed dead. For all people mostly, Jesus was crucified and
he was dead. But, as we know that Jesus was not crucified, then simply we need to search for him even after
the crucifixion event. Thus, it seems, Jesus just simply changed identity. Some 10 years after the Crucifixion did
happen, around 40 C.E., when real facts about the event started to fade out easily and a lot of legends were
born, and after the departure and splitting in Alexandria, when he separated from his children and the rest of
the group, he reappeared in Jewish world again, but in Samaria this time, and started his mission again from the
very begging with altered personality. The village of Samaria called Gitta is mentioned as his origin. He continued
to teach Gnostic knowledge and exposing Jesus as well, but from his point of view. Simon put himself in the
main role, and he proclaimed himself as … “The great power of God”. He performed a lot of miracles, he
attracted a lot of people around him, and they called him … Magician Simon Magus. The sect of Simonians was
established, but somehow it was closely connected with another sect … with so-called Dositheans, the sect of
another spiritual teacher … Dositheus. It seems they started together. They both declared themselves as
disciples and successors of the Prophet John the Baptizer as they attended his Academy, and they claimed John
gave them the authority to continue his teaching. But it seems, in the early stage of their together work, Simon
Magus and Dositheus had some problems about who will be the first, who will be the leader. Dositheus declared
himself as the highest authority, he even said he is reincarnated Moses, and he wanted the position of leader
for himself. 17 In a certain moment, he used the stick to strike on Simon, probably to make the impression he is
the boss, but the stick just miraculously turned into smoke and scattered over Simon’s back. After that Dositheus
realized who is next to him, and he just simply acknowledged the leadership of Simon. This is one very plausible
story I did find among many legends.

Simon Magus was preaching in Samaria initially, but very quickly he did spread his word and influence, he moved
on and visited coastal towns all until Antioch. He started to establish the first churches because the big crowd
was attracted.

It was there in Phoenicia, in the city of Tyre, that he spotted on the roof or balcony of one building the lady
named Helena. He spotted her and immediately he recognized her as she was previously incarnated as the Helen
of Troy. Well, I was just elaborating in details about the Helen of Troy in one essay of mine, and interestingly, it
seems we did find her again. This is really becoming so interesting.

In fact, it seems that this character deserves more of an explanation. Here for the first time, we can find out that
this character, the Helena of Tyre, along with her previous manifestation as the Helen of Troy, is actually … “The
First Thought” … of God. She is the so-called … Ennoia … from the Genesis, the first thought of God. Ennoia is
also introduced as … The First Intelligence … something like the first manifestation of the hidden power of God.
The term … Divine Mind … is also being used, and in Gnostics literature, we find the term … Sophia … as well. In
some places, I did find she needs to be referred to as the Goddess. Somehow it happened, she, Ennoia, was the
one who gave existence to angels and others whom we call Seeders or Prajapatis, once when the Creation was
ready to be populated. But then, Ennoia was entrapped by some angels in the lower realms of the Creation, and
she was sentenced to wander around as low profile individual, even as a prostitute. Or, another version is that
she by her own will sacrifice herself to be entrapped in lower realms in order to help Humanity. It is exactly
there at the brothel of Tyre where Simon Magus spotted her as a courtesan, and he immediately recognized
her. He recognized her not only as the Helen of Troy but as Ennoia as well. The first inspiration of him was to try
to save her, he purchased her from the master. But, as she was proved as an extremely beautiful lady, she
became his partner and she escorted him wherever he would go. It was even said that …

17) This is absolutely amazing how much of valuable information these myths and legends can provide. The claim of Dositheus that he
was Moses should be taken very seriously, and literally, so to say. In that case, that would say that Dositheus is nobody else then
reincarnated King Herod the Great, the father of Jesus and Judah. Isn’t that amazing! Just one sentence can change everything. Actually,
as he departed in 4 B.C.E., I was just wandering if he was somewhere around later on, and gave contribution to Jesus’ story on another
“Their reunion represented the beginning of the redemption of the world, and was the model for the process
of salvation to Simon's followers.”

Need to mention here something about the concept of God in general. The concept of God is very wide and
flexible idea. It is very complex, they say. Actually, they say, God is simple, but everything else is complicated.
The concept itself can expand or contract. It all depends on the level of consciousness of the individual who is
trying to comprehend it. Of course, there are many Gods and Goddesses. Even the Bible mentioned the God in
the plural. Each of these Gods and Goddesses plays a certain role in the Creation so that it can work properly.
Every world age has a different imagination about the God as well. This is connected with cycles of world ages
because the level of consciousness goes up and down, thus cultures and civilizations on Earth are raising up and
fading out. Each of these world ages had a different concept of God. For instance, not to go very far back in
history, as the cycle was going down, people could not understand anymore the complexity of the full concept
of the God, and this is the moment when everything was turned toward monotheism, monotheistic religions
were born. But this is kind of very crippled and narrowed point of view. Humans in Dark Age as we just left
behind, hardly could have any concept of the God, not to mention now there are many of them actually. In fact,
they pushed the God away wherever they could. They pushed him out from the Science, they even invented so-
called atheistic attitudes where it was proclaimed there is no God! Well, the God doesn’t care so much about
what people do think about him, he knows that with an increase of consciousness people will think a different
way. It all depends on the level of consciousness indeed. Now we live in ascending cycle, and we are advancing
toward big and drastic changes, unprecedented changes, so we shall inevitably need to change our point of
view, our system of knowledge and our paradigm in general. Now we need a broader vision, it is just the matter
of time, few years maybe, all monotheistic systems will be very eager to tune with the true reality, and not to
follow limited and incomplete systems of knowledge, what we also call … ignorance. What we call tradition now
is based on … ignorance. As it was descending some time ago, knowledge level and consciousness level, they
are ascending now. We somehow have a duty to do completely opposite thing; from monotheism, we are sliding
innocently toward polytheism.18 We hardly can understand anymore all these religions and knowledge systems
which came into existence in Dark Age we just left behind us. That was some 2.000 to 4.000 years ago when
these systems were established, in the descending cycle of world ages, when every new generation was born
with lesser knowledge. We even do not understand properly how they did function. As soon as we forget about
them, as better for all of us. We just passed through the incredibly dark age, systems prevailing lack of
knowledge have been established, and if we keep attached to that tradition, we actually keep stacked to the
ignorance. Ignorance produces suffering. But we do not want to suffer! We do not want to suffer even a one
second more than necessary. Better to say … Not even a one single mini-second! …. There is a new wind now,
and there is no need for suffering. The new knowledge is available. Knowledge heals all emotional wounds and
these on a physical level. The Knowledge can cure and heal everything. Our role is to sense the wind, to tune
appropriately with all changes and to establish the new paradigm. That New Paradigm will not be established
on a way that some “scientists” with who knows which level of consciousness and with who knows what kind
of intentions, find some findings, and declare their own fragmented truth, and whatever they did not find they
declare that this does not exist. No, no, no … this is how an old non-holistic and absolutely fragmented paradigm
we are just leaving behind was established. The New Paradigm will be declared on a way that somebody in the
higher state of consciousness, or higher sense for the truth, or both, will define the wholeness, and tell the
scientists where they need to find certain things, and what kind of things they need to find. Instead of going

18) It is important to mention, everything should go effortlessly, slowly if needed, step by step. Nothing is possible to be achieved over
night. Too much of information at once can be proved counterproductive and even dangerous. Step by step is always better option. Even
if some delay is needed, it should be delayed. We are talking about correcting all lines wrongly set up in last 5.000-6.000 years. This can
take some time to correct anyway. Some few days delay, or even a month, no big deal. Nothing can be achieved overnight. Things are set
in motion, and nobody can stop that anymore. It is not that we need to do a lot. The incoming Light will do all the job almost automatically.
I would like to quote again the Victor Hugo, the prominent writer and author of 19th Century: There is one thing stronger than all the
armies of the World, and that is an idea whose time has come.

from the definition of fragments and being lost in innumerable fragmented objects to research, we go from the
definition of wholeness and unity, and then we cannot be lost anymore. This wholeness, by the way, has its own
name, this is Ved … or the Vedic Science. Totality is Veda. Veda is Totality.

To deepen our understanding of the role of Ennoia, we can also recall our discussions on Genesis. I already
exposed some thinking of mine related to Genesis in this serial of essays. It was explained initially that the Ether-
Akasha is the first manifestation of pure transcendental consciousness; non-moving, non-doing, omnipresent,
self-referral and absolutely silent transcendental consciousness. That was identical to the Light in Genesis. But
then, it was proved that this was not the first thing that occurred during the process of manifestation. Genesis
said, there was a Word before the Light, and this is to say that the God started to talk. This has found an analogy
in the longitudinal pressure wave out of which the Ether-Akasha is being formed. Now we learned something
else again. We’ve just learned that the Word was not the first either, there was something else before … and
that was the … the thought of God … the Ennoia … or the Sophia. The thought appeared first. Very interesting

This is actually consistent with the story of how everything had begun, how the Creation had occurred. Thus,
unmanifested, non-moving, non-doing, omnipresent, self-sufficient, self-referral transcendental consciousness,
what was only what it was, and what is only what it is and will ever be, that absolutely silent transcendental
consciousness which is the source of absolute dynamism at the same time, had a thought what and how it would
be to diversify, to fragment, to separate, and to make some individual existences, which would have their own
separate evolution process. It was that innocent thought what occurred first. Female qualities were given to
that first thought, the name Ennoia was associated with, and no wonder that she needs to be referred to as …
the Goddess. She is the one that put in motion all other things; it is from there, from that innocent thought that
the Word and the Light occurred. But then, what happened then? What did happen next? The Genesis is
becoming so interesting, isn’t it?

Well, it is true, this is still very far from the complete Creation to be developed. In Vedic Science, we have a very
nice continuation of what happened next. It was very nicely described in some Vedic texts that as soon the
Ether-Akasha started to diversify, along with some changes within itself, like duty cycle I revealed and mentioned
as first diversification, then some other differences occurred within as well, like phase shift of certain beams or
layers of beams of Ether-Akasha after all, so that immediately some differences in pressure within the Ether-
Akasha occurred. As soon some difference in pressure had occurred, something else was born there. It was
Cosmic Wind, or we call it Vayu in Sanskrit, what was born immediately with devata of the same name associated
with. Then, as Cosmic Wind-Vayu started to blow across the entire still not completely manifested Creation, due
to that movement some friction among certain portions of Ether-Akasha appeared and that gave birth to Cosmic
Fire, or we call it Agni in Sanskrit, and there is a devata with the same name. It happened that the entire Creation
was in a fire at that moment. Then, by the interaction of Ether-Akasha, Cosmic Wind-Vayu, and Cosmic Fire-
Agni, Cosmic Waters were born, Jala in Sanskrit and devata called Varuna was associated with. Thus, the entire
Creation was just filled up with Cosmic Waters at that moment. Then, by the interaction of already mentioned
four elements, the fifth element was born, and that is the Prithvi or Earth element. These are five elements, or
they are called Mahabhutas in Sanskrit. These five elements were transmitted to the Greek philosophical
system, but then it was somehow degraded, some elements have fallen out, and they were talking about four
elements at a certain moment … etc … etc.19

That was the stage where individual universes could have been developed. When the stage was established,
first heavenly creatures were born, who will carry the process of the population of the entire Creation further
on. Need to mention, this is all going on at this highly etheric level. Those heavenly creatures we call … Angels
… In addition, there are seven … Archangels … and we call them ... Saptarishis … in Vedic Literature. Other
names we can use as well, like … Prajapatis … or … Seeders. But, what happened? We see that Ennoia is far
higher than Angels themselves, but somehow it happened that some of those Angels had entrapped the Ennoia
in lower worlds.

19) Please see footnote 9.
And, it seems that exactly this Ennoia, or Sophia, is being incarnated frequently, and she plays certain very
important roles in certain stories. We did find her as the Helen of Troy around Hector. Her full role in this story
is still to be decoded, it seems there is a very strong reason for her to be there. Now we find her again as the
Helena from Tyre, where she accompanied Simon Magus aka Jesus, and I did find an info that in 64 C.E. she was
still with him and around him. She, the Ennoia, and her incarnations are sometimes mixed up and confused with
the Goddess Nut and her incarnations, what is actually the same as Athena, Minerva, and Vedic Goddess Parvati.
I extensively elaborated on that previously. This is a mistake done. The fact is that we are talking about two
different goddesses, which by the way could be connected on some level, they do belong to the same Mother
Divine wing of Heaven, and exposing the Shakti energy, and very possibly they have same aims and the same
agenda of keeping a balance between God and Evil.

After this long side-explanation, which was very important by the way, we turn back to the Simon Magus again.
He started his mission of preaching, making miracles and establishing churches. That would be everything all
right if the well-known inglorious gangster clan of Paul-Saul and Peter wouldn’t have heard about what Simon
Magus is doing. They immediately followed him, declared him as a heretic, and all churches quickly they turned
to their side. And this kind of clash situation was going on for a long. That gangster clan simply followed Simon
Magus, and they were grabbing from him all churches he established. Simon Magus was in Rome even during
the time of Emperor Claudius. After seeing what kind of miracles he can do, even performing flying and
levitation, he was declared as a deity. Some sources exposed the fact that even a statue was erected to him,
and perhaps more of them, not only one. There are big debates about exactly this topic going on, and in the
light of revelations of this essay, I am free to say this is all true. Of course, the Pauline branch of Christianity
which took power in the fourth century during Emperor Constantine, carefully erased and modified everything
that was not fitting within their dogma and their notorious manipulation. The role and achievements of the
Simon Magus were carefully erased, he was declared as the Father of the Heresy, and as an opponent to the

Now we are back in 64 C.E. to take a look at what really did happen along with this competition in making
miracles in the Rome. This is kind of finale of this story of the Simon Magus. Hence, again we have the Paul-Saul
and the Peter on one side, against the Simon Magus. There are different stories about that event. One story has
it that Paul-Saul was actually arrested and that he stayed in the prison while Peter was involved in the
competition itself. Many sources claim Paul-Saul reached the Rome in 60 C.E. and he was arrested immediately.
This is very plausible, fitting completely with some historical facts, but then, in some later time, he couldn’t
accept being marginalized in this very significant moment of that competition, and then he himself edited the
story and entered him to be in the main role. It was done along with some future incarnations, of course.

Simon Magus, did perform, and he did demonstrate flying in that competition, he flew high, just to the level of
the tower at city forum in Rome, and then … they say … he felt down. Now different legends are talking different
things. Some say he died there instantly. Some say he just has broken his both legs. The result and conclusion
were that Paul-Saul and Peter won this competition … “they proved the power of their prayer over heretic
Simon Magus” …, and this is what additionally straighten their branch of Christianity and made themselves to
be “real saints”. This is what some sources and offshoots of Pauline Christianity claimed.

I would say that the story was rather going a different way. I think, Simon Magus really did fall down, he injured
himself heavily, but he didn’t die. Another thing, he felt down not due to his failure, and not due to the fact he
was not capable to fly; he felt because of fraud and manipulation. These two gangsters, or one gangster,
whatsoever, they manipulated him heavily. Flying or levitation is an act where the mind of the individual is fully
focused and one pointed; mind and body are totally and fully integrated. It is enough to disturb the individual
little bit, and that concentration, that state of the highest integration of the mind and body, is gone. For instance,
throwing the stone by hand, or slingshot would be even more effective, and the one who is flying is totally
disturbed, losing concentration and control over his flying, and the fall is inevitable. And this is exactly what they
did. Somebody disturbed Simon during flying heavily, and he felt down by breaking his both legs. I am absolutely
sure that the gangster clan of two engaged some stone or sling shooters to disturb the Simon. Not to be
forgotten that the competition itself, as it was mentioned explicitly by several sources, was going on at the
Forum, near the Tower. Perhaps it was just the part of some bigger festivity. Therefore, the Tower itself is
becoming the key clue. Some sling shooters could stay hidden within the Tower, and they started with shooting
as soon as during levitation Simon elevated himself to the level of the Tower. This is a very plausible option
actually. All such efforts from the ground level would be either too far by distance, or easy observable by the
crowd itself. The Tower seemed to be ideal for such conspiracy to be carried on. Thus, the vicinity of the Tower
is the key clue. Nevertheless, somehow it happened, that was not going on unnoticed anyway. After all,
everything was just going on in front of the eyes of Emperor Nero. Most probably, after he did survive, Simon
himself reported what had happened. Emperor Nero most probably carried an investigation afterward. And he
did find out what had happened, the complete scam was revealed, and that was an introduction into beheading
of Paul-Saul and crucifying the Peter. It can be that as a reaction to this, Christians made fire and burnt the
Rome. And then, it is very plausible, Emperor Nero made some repercussions on Christians as well. That is the
reason that Emperor Nero was depicted as the highest negative in Pauline Christian tradition. All facts were
turned upside down again, gangsters became heroes, and real heroes became heretics and mad pyromaniacs.
And not only that, in fact, it happened that all Biblical texts were manipulated. This manipulation entered history
books as well. After all, for a very long period of time, same writers were writing Biblical texts and history books,

Thus, Simon Magus didn’t die along with this incident. We shall see him in yet another story, but that is the
material for one more essay to come in some near future.

We have very strong clues now that Jesus, alias Simon Magus, was still around in the year 64 C.E. He was about
69 years of age at that time. We see that he actively contributed very much in building up the new religion,
though all was not going on as he would insist. Gangster consciousness was all around. It will be now much
easier to make the complete reading of the natal chart of Jesus; now when we know what he was doing and
how he was doing.

I was just curious enough to take the natal chart of Jesus and to check the year 64 C.E. carefully. Indeed, there
is a situation which did occur on April 4, which would appoint exactly to that injury and due to that on that
competition itself. I did find that on April 4th of that year, Mangal-Mars and Ketu who also functions as Mangal,
are at the same degree transiting over the eighth house of the natal chart, the house of sudden accidents,
injuries and operation. This is the moment of injury, I think. Then Mangal-Mars and Guru-Jupiter were at the
same degree on April 8th. This is the moment of healing. This meeting is happening in the Shatabisha Nakshatra,
what is a very lucky circumstance actually. It is excellent for healing itself. Presence of Guru-Jupiter is also very
good point; Guru-Jupiter was that lucky savior in this situation. This is the reason he survived and injuries were
healed successfully. But it seems, he used this situation to vanish again. It seems he himself launched the
information he had died along with from heavy injuries. After some time of healing the wounds, he will reappear

I will expose the natal chart of the Jesus again, just as the reminder. He was born on April 13, 5 B.C.E. at 11.32
AM LMT. It is good that we take a look at this natal chart once more. We see that he did many miracles, what
would even give him the name … The Magician … He was kind of illusionist at the same time. He could create
illusions for masses. After all, his death was illusionary as well. That was a big illusion, lasting for several
millennia. And later on probably, I mean very soon, we shall see he created even many more illusions. I think,
such kind of magician, illusionist nature, can be seen from the position of Rahu in the tenth house. This is a very
strong indication indeed.

Here is the natal chart of the Jesus …

An insight into dasha reveals a slightly different option. As we know that the natal chart of Jesus is precise to
the level of a minute, then, that means, dasha system is very precise as well. The planetary period … Ra-Sa-Ra-
Ma-Ma … seems to me very plausible for injury to have happened, and that was on April 7, 64 C.E., from early
morning till evening. As this is still fitting well with transits, I think this is the true moment of injury … April 7, 64
C.E. …

If we take a look now into the natal chart of Paul-Saul, then we can immediately notice that the same
conjunction of planets did happen in his third house of the natal chart, what denotes the cause of death among
other meanings, and even more importantly, it will run over his 8th house from Chandra-Moon. And this is
exactly one very strong reason we connect all that together. This is actually a death afflicting situation. Thus, it
seems, even while being in prison, the Paul-Saul was orchestrating that terrible fraud where Simon Magus was
injured heavily. And it also seems, he or better to say they, have fallen into their own trap.

All this confirmed my previous statements. The competition was first, it was held exactly on April 7, 64 C.E. Then
probably decapitation of Paul-Saul followed and Peter was crucified, because of terrible fraud they made, and
due to some other reasons perhaps. Emperor Nero could have had some other reasons as well. But, it seems,
that event was the trigger for the Paul-Saul and for the Peter, to be executed. And then, on the night of July 18-
19, the Rome was burnt. The fire was blazing for six days and seven nights; 75 % of the city was burnt. But, they
say, new, better and nicer Rome occurred out of this devastating fire. Emperor Nero was wrongly blamed for
the fire. That was the propaganda of the Church itself when they took the power. Nevertheless, Emperor Neron
made suspicion on Christians themselves very clearly.

This is the story of Simon Magus, what was just another identity of Jesus the Christ, as we know now. We see
that he was not only healing, resurrecting from the dead and walking on water, but he was also flying and
levitating as well. Literally! He was made to perform miracles, not to run the wars. But, somehow, the destiny
can be ironic sometimes, and it can put as in situation we do not expect at all. For me, the story of Jesus is not
finished yet.

Now we see that after the Crucifixion, Jesus did actively participate in the profiling of the new religion. For
some time he was in silence, but then he reappeared as the Simon Magus. His life story was not far to be a
thriller as well.

At that time many other sects arose as well. There was one called … the Johannites. They do descend from John
the Baptizer’s Academy as well. They were inimical toward Jesus very much. They called him … usurper …,
because they claimed he was a false prophet. As they said, he usurped the position from John the Baptizer. They
were barking so much on Jesus, but they were not going to the level of killing, I think. Though, I think their leader
was already mentioned Hermes Trismegistus, who was involved partially in the crucifixion of Judah, the twin
brother of Jesus. So, how far they were ready to go with their inimical tendencies, it is difficult to say. They do
belong to Gnostic groups, but I cannot say precisely what their relationship with the Pauline Christianity was.

There are some versions of the legend of Jesus where it was exposed that he was in India, he lived in India, and
he married there in India, even that he had his own children there. Well, I do not think that was the case. Along
with these essays and corresponding analyses, we covered 69 years of his life, and we can trace him almost at
any moment. During these 69 years, he was definitely not in India. But, as I said already, the story about Jesus
is not finished yet, so we live some options open. Theories prone to claim such claims always mention that he
was searching for some higher knowledge, even for Veda and Yoga, or, that he was well versed in the knowledge
of the Buddha himself. All these mentioned branches of knowledge are extremely important, no doubt about
that. But it was absolutely not necessary for him to go to India to acquire such a knowledge. All that knowledge
was already present there in Jerusalem and Alexandria of that time. He did not need to go so far as for India to
get that knowledge. But, how that knowledge did rich Alexandria and Jerusalem, this is another question. Such
kind of idea that Jesus visited India and lived there, according to my opinion, is just another spin of those who
wanted to make even more smoke on the Jesus and his life.

I was just asking myself, what would be the best way to finish this essay. Not much is needed to conclude that
there is only one logical way to finish this story, and that is to find the natal chart of the Helena of Tyre. There
is nothing else what would fit better than that. I knew that from the very beginning of this story. But, to be
honest, this is easier to be declared on the level of thinking and desire, then to accomplish it. Information is so
obscure. It is true, from the very first moment when I revealed that she is so important part in this story, I am
easily trying to figure out some basic foundations for her natal chart, but that was far from easy to be done.
When we are doing such kind of research, we are gradually building up the picture of the person. Every possible
clue is very important. Every bit of information is so precious. Reading legends, myths, and stories exposed by
ancient writers, this is something proved as a wonderful and inexhaustible source of information. Not all of them
are true, of course, therefore one should carefully select plausible ones. If there is some incarnation line behind,
it can be much easier. Then we approximately know what to search. Jyotish is a very profound knowledge
treasury. This is knowledge given by Heaven itself, and while dealing with Jyotish, we are actually dealing with
different kind of devatas. Every planet is a devata. Sanskrit word Graha is much more appropriate for the planet
because it comprehends physical body of that planet, but the devata like consciousness behind as well. The
purpose of every Jyotishi is to develop … the Jyotir Vidya …, the state of consciousness which presumes all-
knowingness. In fact, the Jyotir Vidya is being addressed as … SHE … and it is being considered as a Goddess.
Every Jyotishi in India even today is directing his prayers toward Her, toward Jyotir Vidya Goddess, in order to
permeate him so that … he can see. When Jyotishi reaches this level of consciousness … he even doesn’t need
the natal chart anymore … he can see things. He becomes … the seer. But, the favor, affection, and liking of
Jyotir Vidya should be earned. All Jyotish experts know this is being earned by regular and truthful learning of
Jyotish rules and principles. Also, they say that after seeing five thousand natal charts, all Grahas, which are
devatas by themselves, start to whisper silently what their function, what their role in the natal chart is; they
start to talk to the Jyotishi. Jyotishi just needs to ask the Graha Devata … But this is all long story anyway.

I am far from this level. But, to be honest, I do not know how all these natal charts so far came into existence.
There was some incredible support behind anyway. I was hoping similar thing will happen with the natal chart
of the Helena of Tyre, with her natal chart which I am so desperately trying to decode now.

And then somehow, step by step, I think I came close toward it. It is still under research, to be honest.

This is my suggestion for the natal chart of Helena of Tyre …

She was born on July 15, 21 C.E. at 6.15 AM LMT …

The birthplace, the city of Tyre in Phoenicia, should be taken as an approximation only. But she was born not
far from the city of Tyre anyway, otherwise, that would be mentioned in some of the legends. She is explicitly
called … Helena of Tyre. So, it can be that this is the true location of birth.

That would definitely conclude extensive elaboration of this essay. Though, the story of Jesus is not finished yet.
It will continue …

The End

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