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Heart of Courage

by author BigFoot Yeti

Courage means awareness

Free will always win

Another free book
for another topic of life.
No matter how big your muscles are.
There is courage only when
Your Will Directs these muscles.
If you have an empty head you will be
the hunting dog of someone who gives
you money for food or luxury toys.

Better hungry, thirsty, and naked

than the illusion of courage
that someone can instill in you.

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I’m more handsome than anyone who

thinks himself as a beautiful.
I'm just wonderful because I think
about Life and not about money.
If you look in my eyes you will see yourself, not me.
You can see me when you look at
the Night Sky, because I am Everywhere.
I am Everywhere, because I think about
Everything and have contact with Everything.
When I think long enough for you I will
know your thoughts.
Because that's how the Universe Works.
Because that's the Logic of Life.
If I think about you means I know your
thoughts well enough.
Therefore, I know what you need
better than you even.
I am an Extraordinary person, that’s why
prepare yourself to be Shocked or Amazed
when you read my books.
For people to whom english is Native language!!!
I know the translation is not perfect.
But why should I speak your language?
Why, you do not speak my language?

You have to be grateful that you can get knowledge from everyone else
without mumbling and complaining about the quality of the translation.

This is an exceptional opportunity for development.

You have no right to complain about the quality of the translation.
If you do not understand something, that does not mean you do
not have to read.
Subconscious thinking will process the information after
a certain period of time.

Understanding is not a mandatory part of reading.

Remember this is very important.
This is the basic Rule in reading books.
Foreign thoughts can not be understood primarily because of the different
point of view rather than the translation.
Even in native language reading again will be equally difficult.

My thinking is extremely different from anything you've

heard or read before.
It is even possible for you to be shocked.
Ideas, not translation, are important.
Ideas can be understood regardless of translation.
Because thinking has this ability.
The question is - how much is developed, your own thinking?
Even if only 10% of the translation is correct, you can
understand everything.
Historians rely on manuscripts in languages ​​that have been
forgotten for thousands of years.
But I'm sure the translation is more than 80% correct and understandable.

When the paper version of the book is released, the translation

will be professional.
But first i will finish ebook version all 16 volumes.
After that i will make hard copy of this book.

If you do not like translation then do not buy the rest of the book.
This part of the book is free, if you do not like the translation, you may not
even read the entire book.

If you have some curiosity and you can not wait to find out
more, then you will surely read the other parts of the book.
If you want to help my project, then you can buy the rest of the
book because it's a charity project.

You decide.
But if you do not read a book like this you will
miss the greatest opportunity in your life.
In practice, you will miss your life.
When you do not understand that you missed an
important chance, then you do not even know you
touched that chance because you did not go on.
My advice is to read the whole book.
My advice is you do not want to understand.
Just read, read, read.
Understanding is not a reason to read a book at all.
Books are valuable not because you like them
when reading them.
Books are valuable because they change your life.
Positive Change never happens right away.

You have the chance to read the Best book, whether

you understand something or not at this point.

You will not even realize that this is the best

book you've ever read.
You will understand that this is the best book you
have ever read after 5, 10, 15 or more years.
You will understand this when you
understand the book.

Once you understand the book you will continue

to read other books.
Then you will see that what I say in this book you
will not find in absolutely no other books.

You just read the most unique and

important book for this Civilization.
And the translation should not be of any
interest to you at all.
Heart of courage by author BigFoot Yeti
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The whole content of the book Civilization 35 chapters...................039
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Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.
BigFoot Yeti 2017

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001 - Heart of courage
First we will begin with the most important thing.
The difference between fear and courage is the level of consciousness.

Fear means a low level of consciousness.

Courage means a high level of consciousness.

But that does not mean that there is an absolute level of courage.
An absolute level of courage can only be perfection.
If you are totally aware of everything in this universe,
then it is absolute courage.
Fear and courage are a unified system.
These two dimensions represent a scale of 100%
When one increases the other certainly decreases.

Fear is only when there is no knowledge of the processes.

Courage can only exist at a very high level of knowledge of processes.

Because death means nothing.

Death means only sleeping.
Just falling asleep, it's unconscious.
Anyone who was unconscious for some reason knows what death is.
Every boxer, karate, MMA fighter who was knocked knows what death is.
Death means unconsciousness.

That is why individuals who are ignorant or stupid in practice are not alive.
These individuals are much closer to death than to life.
These individuals are like zombies that are constantly destroying life.
By orders or without orders, they just do not realize what they are doing.

Life is a process.
Truth is a process.
Love is a process.
To be alive, you need to understand the processes better.
Now let's specify the difference between courage and suicidal actions.
The difference is enormous.
The difference is qualitative.

Suicidal acts seem to be courageous.

Suicidal acts are the result of an improper operation of
the survival instinct.
Suicidal acts are a consequence of ignorance of processes.

Courage is a consequence of risk based on

in-depth knowledge of the processes.
That is why there is a risk of self-destruction in both cases.
That is why in both cases luck plays a huge role.
That is why both cases have failed or great achievements.

Courage is an absolute consequence of the level of awareness.

That is why courage is always a manifestation of
self-defense and Never an Initial Attack.
Because only unconscious individuals
want to attacks something.

Hate is an absolute consequence of ignorance and stupidity.

That is why suicidal acts are the result of
hate and desire for an initial attack.

Courageous people never issued orders.

Courageous people never follow orders.
Courage means awareness.
To be Courageous without awareness is impossible.
To be aware of reality while following orders is also impossible.

Which means that courage is only personal will.

Which means that courage does not exist when
you execute a foreign will.
When you perform someone else's will, someone makes you suicide.
For this purpose, you should be manipulated that you are brave.
Only those who are unconscious and stupid will believe that.

Stupid people think courage means aggressive action

in favor of a noble cause.
Someone told them, you have to fight for it.
And they believe it makes them brave.
When you do not have the required level of awareness of
reality, you can not be brave.
When you do not have the required level of awareness of
reality, you are waiting for others to define your qualities.
That's why foolish people believe when someone calls them
brave, when they follow orders.

It is not possible to be brave just because many

stupid people say you are brave.
It is not possible to be brave just because
someone manipulates you.
It is not possible to be brave just because someone
wants to motivate you to fulfill his commandments.
Courage means awareness.
It is extremely easy for someone to manipulate you when you do
not have the necessary knowledge of the mechanisms of life.
It is extremely difficult to realize how stupid you are when
you execute orders.

Courage means awareness.

Awareness means a very high level of thought process.
To be brave first you have to be a thinker.
To be brave first you have to be a philosopher.
To be brave first you need to understand thinking as a process.

Only the brave people can tell the truth.

Because only brave people can understand the truth.
Only the brave people understand how important it is
to tell the truth.

Courage means awareness.

It is not possible to be a brave warrior
without being a philosopher.
It is not possible to be a philosopher if you
do not have the courage to tell the truth.
Running a foreign will makes you suicide.
Only quality knowledge about the mechanisms of
life can make you brave.

Courage means awareness.
It is not possible to be courageous when your will is not free.
When your will is not free, you can only be unconscious suicides.
The one who issues the commandments is always
very misguided about reality.
Because only stupid people follow orders.
When you have only stupid people around you then
the illusions of knowledge and grandeur are gigantic.
In practice, this is a basic model by which every animal society degrades.
This is a major model of degradation in thinking.
No matter who commands and who follow orders.
Degradation becomes cannibalism because it is the basic psychological
feature of the animal species Homo Sapiens.

Only individuals with free will can understand life.

Only individuals with free will can build

right thinking and perspective on reality.

Only individuals with free will can make

the right long-term decisions.

Next pictures are from the clip Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage.
Thanks to the authors of this amazing story.
One of the most unique short stories I’ve ever seen.

Only when you have your own will you can be aware

Courage means awareness

Courageous people never follow orders

Courageous people never issued orders.

The free will can make free decisions

The free will can transform itself into Courage

The Courage Now Appears

People without free will are always pessimistic

Courageous people never listen Non-Sayers

It is moment to make - Human contact

This is very important, because it means sharing knowledge
Then they become Partners

Then they sharing Awareness

Then they sharing Courage

When you perform someone else’s will,
someone makes you suicide

The one who issues the commandments

is always very misguided about reality

Ready to use his own knowledge

Courage is not just fearlessness

This person knows much more than others,

which means awareness

In practice, courage has nothing to do with fearlessness

Because awareness has nothing to do with stupidity
Courage means
using a very large amount of knowledge
at a particular moment

Only stupid people are fearless

Because fearless means a suicide, whose are unconscious

How to survive without knowledge,

but only with orders to silly people you can command?
Free will always win.

Yes, sometimes it is very difficult

So many fools are
watching you with
great surprise when
you Have Free Will

See how big the difference between free will

and people who follow orders
Look at the sky
and understand
that only free will can help you in all the battles in life

Look at the sky

Courage is transformed back into free will

Free will again as always

002 - The Greatest Aggression of the World - The Truth
There is no greater aggression than truth.

Truth is a direct attack on the psychic system.

The psychic system completely controls all the processes of
the physical body.
It follows that truth is an indirect threat to physical survival.
Everything that is outside your comfort zone is a truth you do not realize.
Everything outside this area is the jungle of reality.
Individuals who live in delusions are always aggressive towards others.
Because they are confronted with the jungle of reality.
They are confronted with the thinking of others, which turns out to be
much more advanced.
This is an animal situation.
This individual is an animal, not a human being.

An animal that lives in the cities, but its intellectual

abilities are still in the forest.
Individuals with a very low level of awareness of reality
fall into panic by different thinking.
They do not want to listen to different thinking.
They fight against different thinking.
For an unconscious individual, different opinions are
the enemy number one.
Thinking works with energy.
This is the psychic energy.
When this energy is exhausted, thinking stops totally.
Thinking is life. There is no other life.
If thinking stops, the individual takes suicidal actions.

Every individual with low intellectual development

has one, single purpose in his life.
Beware of the truth.
To be able to keep its area of comfort.
Because truth forces the individual to a new adaptation.
Because truth forces the individual to create a new better area of comfort.
But when the truth comes from an external source, it is violence.
This is aggression and a threat to survival.

When the truth comes from an inner source, its own

intellectual development, then each new truth becomes
part of a new better adaptation and a zone of comfort.

The aggressive reaction proves unconsciousness of reality.

The aggressive reaction proves increasing panic.
The aggressive reaction proves psychological weakness and
inability to adapt.
The aggressive reaction is also a form of adaptation that is characteristic of
all animal species.
Homo Sapiens is an animal species like all other species on this planet.
This is an adaptation characteristic of low levels of intellectual development.

Proof of a Weak zone of comfort is the lack of Curiosity.

Lack of interest in yourself.
Lack of interest in life as an essence.
There is no interest because intellectual abilities are not enough
to realize the reality outside of the minimal comfort zone.

It is curiosity that proves a desire for development.

The source of curiosity is the high level of Psychic energy.
Psychic energy is the fuel for thinking.
Only after having the necessary fuel the individual is
ready to leave his area of comfort.

And then he will use this fuel to process a new

unknown sphere of reality.
When the fuel is over, then all the fears come back.
All fears are the army of ruin.
The army of ruin is always led by its eternal general.
It is the Fear of Truth.
Truth - bliss, wisdom, eternal development.
The Truth - the General of Destruction,
who leads all the fears behind.
There is so much aggression in my books
because there is so much truth.
My books can be read only by those
who have curiosity and enough energy for life.
All the rest will flee from the truth.
When they feel strong and confident enough,
then they will try to touch the truth again.
To read books that tell the truth you have to be a fighter.
Truth is aggression.
The one who tells you the truth wants to fight you.
This is a mental battle.

You must be strong enough not to panic.

You have to be strong enough even when you decide to read books that tell
you the truth.
You have to want it to be hard for you.
You have to challenge yourself and your thinking.
Most people are like kids, they only read fantastic and love stories.
Everyone thinks this increases their intellectual level.
Nobody understands that this is even a degradation.
In the best case, the individual stands on the same intellectual development
for a lifetime.

So at the beginning of all my books there is a warning that you may panic.

If you do not want to think about life?

If you do not want to think about thinking?
If you do not want to think about the survival of our civilization?
Do not be tired of reading my books.

Keep reading only novels and fantastic stories.

Then listen to the crap about democratic development on TV.
Believe in nonsense about human rights and freedom of speech.
Believe that great democracy will make life easy.
Believe that the judiciary will solve the problems of crime, corruption and
everything else that no one understand what it means.
Believe people who can not think, but they look very smart.

When the mass crowd is totally unable to think, then it is

very easy for someone to imitate knowledge.
It's easy to tell the fools what he wants to hear.
It is very easy to get the fool to believe in the bright future.
It is very easy to be a fool who is waiting for someone else to manage life,
the state and everything else.

Who should manage your thinking?

After you do not know how to develop it.
After your parents were full of delusions.
Of course, you will be full of delusions to.
The first step to the truth is to understand that your parents and
teachers have not given you any knowledge.

The second step to the truth is to understand that you do not

need teachers to learn something in this life.
You do not need universities.
You only need books + constantly great curiosity.
Libraries are full of books.

The third step is to find out what books you need to read.
Because 99% of the books are full of delusions and bullshit.
In my civilization book I have explained this subject well enough.

Telling the truth requires courage.

Because truth is aggression.
Nobody likes the truth.
Nobody loves those who say the truth.
Courage is a consequence of high intellectual development.
Which means that the more truth you understand, the more
courage you have to tell the truth.
Deluded people think that telling the truth means
uncovering illegal actions.
That is why Deluded people believe that disclosure of
illegal actions means the development of society.
Even if all illegal actions are revealed at once, this
will not bring anything positive.
On the contrary, degradation will continue
with even greater force.
Truth has nothing to do with any laws or morals.
Those who struggle for morals and laws always
achieve the opposite effect.
Remember, because this is extremely important.
Morality and laws do not develop society.
This is a delusion for development.
To develop society, you need to have knowledge of what knowledge means.
You need to know what the truth means.
Truth is a process.
How do you understand this process?

This is the most complex theme in philosophy.

In practice, this is the theme of life itself.
Because only truth makes survival possible.

To explain the truth, I have to explain absolutely all the other

topics in life.
Thinking is like a puzzle.
We need all the pieces to see the picture.
So do not expect to explain everything now.

This theme evolves in all my books.

I continually add new themes and improve the explanation of the old
You just have to have the curiosity to read.

The truth may be self-destruction or development.

Everything depends on the comfort zone for each one.
If you do not feel a tide of energy, do not touch anything
unknown, nothing new, because it is dangerous for you.
If you have strength and energy to read my books,
If you have a curiosity about life,
Then Each Page of my books will give you
New Strength, a New Comfort Zone.

“Curiosity is the foundation of life” BigFoot Yeti

There is no greater aggression than truth.
Everything that is outside your comfort zone
is a Truth You Do Not Realize.
Everything outside this area is
the jungle of reality.
003 - The scariest thing in the world - The Truth
In this world there is nothing more frightening than the truth.
If someone tells you the truth you do not realize,
then you get into panic.
Yes, it always happens.
This is the way it works psychic system.
This is the reason for all the contradictions.
Different level of intellectual development.
The lower level is always scared by something.
A person with a lower level always falls into the unconscious panic.
A person with a lower level always becomes aggressive
when he hears the truth.
Panic is divided into two main types.
Conscious and unconscious panic.

Very few people understand how to distinguish panic at

the subconscious level.
Unconscious panic degrades the thought process
absolutely every moment.

When individuals are unconscious, then they are becoming

more and more difficult to understand the truth. Which leads to
even greater panic and even greater degradation in thinking.

One of the main things I say in my books is how

to recognize panic at a subconscious level.
I can solving this problem.
The decision I give is the fact that I am making this process known.
After being aware, the individual can control himself.
The conscious individual knows the patterns in which the psychic system
interacts with reality.

You do not need psychiatric clinics.

You do not need to cure your psyche.
You do not need to treat your depression.
You do not need to treat your addictions.
You all need to know the truth.
You all need to know the reality.
There is no other reason for the problems between people, except truth.
The only reason to be invented the word "problem" is the
difference in intellectual development between people.
If there is no difference, the word problem will be pointless.
Then the word problem will drop out of the languages of ​​ the peoples.

When something irritates and annoys you ...

This always means unconsciousness of reality.
This always means that you are confronted with something you do
not realize at this moment.
This always means that you have an inability to understand the truth.

A lot of people ask me, how come?

For example;
Why are my children irritating me, since I'm smarter than them?
Can the kids tell me some truth I do not realize?

People are confronted with the truth in two basic ways.

The first way is when someone smarter of them tells them a truth
they do not realize.
The second is when they do not realize the situation they are in.

In the second way, even much more stupid individuals of you can show the
truth you do not understand.
This is because people do not have the necessary knowledge of the reality
they live in.
They participate in situations that do not realize and experience enormous
problems in their lives.
One of these unconscious situations is called parenting.

Most people do not understand what parenting means.

They do not understand what kids say and why.
They do not understand the process as a complete concept.
Parenting, work, public relations.
People are panicked constantly because they do not realize
the situation they are in.
The truth can be told and shown by even the most foolish people.
Naturally, stupid people do not even know they are showing the truth.
Stupid people just create the situation that can show and reveal the truth.
Just others are not aware enough to understand what each
specific situation says.
There is no other reason for panic, except the unconsciousness of the truth.
Unconsciousness of reality is the most terrible thing in the world.

In this world there is nothing more frightening than the truth.
If someone tells you the truth you do not realize,
then you get into panic.
Yes, it always happens. This is the way it works psychic system.
004 - The Most Ugliest word in the world - Success
How many rich and famous people live with the delusion of success?
How many "Successful" people are unhappy?
How many "Successful" people are dependent on drugs,
alcohol, nicotine, aggression, greed?
How many families are separated or tortured each other for
the rest of their lives?

"Successful" people are constantly growing,

and with them the problems are growing.
They say that economics and technology are evolving,
and problems grow with geometric progression.
Success is not what everyone thinks.

Only the ability to think properly can be called success.

Only awareness of reality can make you strong and free.
Only very strong thinking can make you happy.
People who do not realize the reality always fighting against the truth.
People who do not realize the reality always fighting against something.
People who do not realize the reality always fighting for achievements.

When you hear someone say that life is a struggle.

When you hear someone say you have to fight for success.
Be confident that this is an unconscious individual.
Just someone who does not understand reality at the required level.

Fight for Rights. Fight for Values. Fight for freedom.

Fight for advantage or privileges. Fight for success.
Let us not forget the struggle for freedom of speech.
My last book was on this topic.
I have very well explained this great delusion.

Only an animal that is afraid speaks of a struggle.

Only an individual who does not realize reality speaks of a struggle.
Only the one who does not realize the truth sees the necessity of struggle.

It is because he does not realize the truth and

the reality, then he feels that life hurts him.
After life hurts him, then the animal comes
to the conclusion that he has to fight
for life to achieve some success.
When a person is conscious, he wants to understand the truth,
to realize the reality and the magic of life.
An animal that has minimal knowledge and a weak psyche
can not understand life.
Since he can not understand life, then he begins to destroy life.
Then unconscious individuals call this SUCCESS.

The ugliest thing in the world is to think

that a fight is needed for success.
This is a totally erroneous vision of life that destroys life.
Yet, when talking about animal egoism, certain individuals gather moun-
tains of resources and call this success.
Nobody understands that this is a process of self-destruction.
Self-destruction as a civilization.
Self-destruction as a species.
So, millions of individuals live with the delusion of being successful.
They live with the delusion that they have achieved success in life.
But the problems are constantly increasing,
and the "successful" people have no idea what to do about it.
How to fight against aggression in society?
How to fight against all types of addictions?
How to fight against the economic crisis?

When you fight against something, it always increases its power.

A basic law in the universe is the balance.
When someone thinks he is able to fight against something that's
always an illusion.
When someone thinks he has managed to fight for something,
it's always an illusion.
When you realize the processes, the solutions come to you
yourself, without looking for them and without fighting for it.
Awareness of processes excludes the desire for success and
struggle for something.
The success itself is the awareness of the processes in the reality.

Homo Sapiens - a stupid creature who does not want to read books.
He does not want to understand life.
He does not want to know life.
He does not want to realize the reality.

Thinking is not measured with life success.

Thinking is measured by contributing to the development of civilization.
In all historical periods, those who live best are always those who are the
obstacles to the development of civilization.
The successes in life for 99% of the people are implicated in robbing or
lying to others.
The capitalist system gives the ideal possibility for anyone with
underdeveloped thinking to be “successful”.

The ugliest thing in the world is to call

self-destruction a success.
The ugliest thing in the world is to think that
a fight is needed for success or for something.
When you fight against something, it always increases its power.
A basic law in the universe is the balance.
When someone thinks he is able to fight against something
that’s always an illusion.
When someone thinks he has managed to fight for something,
it’s always an illusion.
THE BOOK CIVILIZATION 16 volumes by author BigFoot Yeti

CIVILIZATION volume 1 - A book without an analogue

000 - Thinking is an endless puzzle because the universe is an endless puzzle

000 - The Greatest Ecological Project in History
000 - Explanation for words that I use for translation.
000 - Summary
000 - The idea of the
​​ book

1 - INITIAL Bullshit - it is a provocation and a philosophical point of view

that becomes clear from the whole book
1-001 - Bigfoot says something
1-002 - I am obliged to say
1-003 - You who are now reading a man or a woman...
1-004 - This is Masterpiece
1-005 - Chukchi is no reader Chukchi is a writer
1-006 - BigFoot for Global Thinking


2-000 - Beginning
2-001 - The idea for the
​​ human is as old as the world
2-002 - Einstein is a genius, who said that
2-003 - The Speaking Parrot
2-004 - The human does not have the nature
2-005 - Hulk's philosophy is a good example of what the human is
2-006 - Independent
2-007 - What is the biggest delusion
2-008 - The human is a bumper
2-009 - The human this is the pure altruism
2-010 - Zoological park
2-011 - Adult


3-000 - Beginning
3-001 - Some Animal Things
3-002 - Life is not a race
3-003 - the animal trapped by authoritative sources
3-004 - Animal Thinking - who manages the system
3-005 - The Mimicry
3-006 - The best defense
3-007 - Animal Thinking - Truth
3-008 - Animal Thinking - all mens are the same
3-009 - Intoxication from aggression

CIVILIZATION volume 2 - The Resource of the universe


4-001 - Animal Model for the Supply of Psychic Energy
4-002 - Intellectual (Human) Model for the Supply of Psychic Energy
4-003 - The psychic energy is the ultimate resource for life and survival
4-004 - The psychic energy is the main motive for any action
4-005 - The Spark
4-006 - Mental Health Budget
4-007 - The Smile
4-008 - Fight with a White Bear
4-009 - Collapse of the psyche
4-010 - Models for Termination(self-destruction)
4-011 - Tomorrow I start the change

5-001 - Major types of Aggression
5-002 - Meaning of aggression
5-003 - Physical aggression
5-004 - Verbal aggression
5-005 - Mental aggression
5-006 - Cognitive Therapy
5-007 - Traditions
5-008 - Buffet
5-009 - Gradation-Degradation
5-010 - Quagmire
5-011 - Two are quarreling
5-012 - I say why do you feel so good, So good to be bad. Bad
5-013 - Sex
5-014 - Scrolling from aggression


6-001 - Comfort zone
6-002 - The games of winners and defeated
6-003 - The Uniform
6-004 - Every animal wants others to be subject to its adaptation
6-005 - Your Self
6-006 - Rescue belt or own island
6-007 - I like, I DO NOT LIKE
6-008 - Followers and Pilgrims

7-001 - Responsibility is always just one
7-002 - Synchronicity - the only condition for survival
7-003 - The Big Ship and Fuel of Insanity
7-004 - Responsibility = awareness of the processes



8-001 - The Hierarchy of Slaps
8-002 - The Idea of Power
8-003 - The Animal and The Power
8-004 - Power or management
8-005 - The depravity of power
8-006 - Power as a Drug
8-007 - Power is the greatest aphrodisiac
8-008 - The meaning of the animal hierarchy
8-009 - Power is the poker of life
8-010 - The Illusion of Power
8-011 - Rape
8-012 - Trickery
8-013 - The Phenomenon of the Power
8-014 - The animal has an irrevocable need to be a traitor
8-015 - Nutrition is not equal to survival
8-016 - A Tale of the Fisherman and the Worm

CIVILIZATION volume 5 - Thinking

9 - Thinking
9-001 - 5% consciously 95% unconscious
9-002 - Thinking - General Discussion
9-003 - Abstract Thinking
9-004 - Uncritical and Critical Thinking
9-005 - Animal Thinking and Animal Decisions
9-006 - Health for Development
9-007 - The natives
9-008 - Animals Can not Think?
9-009 - The human - Kant
9-010 - God exists only if grandfather christmas exists
9-011 - The chicken or the egg... Thinking or matter...
9-012 - Thinking has nothing to do with logic
9-013 - Thinking already has a face


10-001 - Cultural Development
10-002 - Global Knowledge
10-003 - Paradox
10-004 - The Labyrinth

CIVILIZATION volume 6 - Parenting

11 - Parenting, Parenthood
11-001 - Parenting is you to be a boxing pear full of
quality knowledge about life
11-002 - Every birth means the beginning of evolution
11-003 - Somebody says someone understands
11-004 - Confusion of Individuals
11-005 - Anti-Darwin
11-006 - Infantile parenting has failed the school system
11-007 - Global Family
11-008 - Children with white hair
11-010 - The osmosis obliges you to be the parent of everyone around you
11-011 - Parenting and Thinking
11-012 - Homo Sapiens is a monster
11-013 - Provocation - Particle or Wave
11-014 - The Essence of Happiness (being a researcher)
11-015 - Diary of a parent

12 - Male - Female
12-001 - Perpetual mobile
12-002 - Relationship or symbiosis
12-003 - Luck in love
12-004 - Macho culture
12-005 - Guardians of the Galaxy
12-006 - The way Homo Sapiens loves
12-007 - The Gender War
12-008 - THE SEX
12-009 - 50 shades of infantilism
12-011 - Stupid Altruism and Stupid Aggression
12-012 - Female Intuition
12-013 - The names
12-014 - My Message to Women
12-015 - You choose yourself every time
12-016 - Victoria's Secret
12-017 - Love Is In The Air



13-001 - Nutrition of the brain
13-002 - Understand alone, understand alone, understand alone
13-003 - The function leads the physical

14-001 - Frustration - Causes
14-002 - Frustration and Overpower
14-003 - Threats
14-004 - Joy and frustration
14-005 - Frustration and Gender War

15-001 - Consciousness develops in levels
15-002 - Matryoshka dolls
15-003 - Imagination and fears
15-004 - Cultural collision

16-001 - Foreign Thoughts = Aggression, Fertilizer, Inoperative Instincts
16-002 - Knowledge is gold
16-003 - If you read?
16-004 - Knowledge - Belief or Knowledge
16-005 - Learning and Understanding
16-006 - The Jack Sparrow Lesson
16-007 - The mind or the heart
16-008 - Global Thinking
16-011 - Animal Science
16-012 - Do not let them call you smart, ingenious, great
16-013 - Why do we fight?

CIVILIZATION volume 8 - The Spirit of the Universe

17-001 - Psychology is not Science, it is "The Spirit of the Universe"
17-003 - The Law of Compensation
17-005 - Psychology is like a mythical animal
17-006 - Identification - Do you know who I am?
17-007 - Balance - Suggestion and Autosuggestion
17-008 - Intellectual Function
17-010 - Aggression - a little wikipedia
17-011 - How Do the Stars Die?
17-012 - Billions of small bread rolls
17-013 - 5000 divided on Tuesday
17-014 - BURNOUT
17-015 - A classic experiment by Solomon Ash
17-016 - Ether, Air, Nyutoniy, Dark Energy, Psychic Energy


18-001 - What Freud says
18-002 - What Yung says
18-003 - What Jacques Lacan says
18-004 - What Erich Form says
18-005 - What Maslow says
18-006 - Five are the levels in Maslow's pyramid


19 - A narcotic psyche
19-001 A narcotic psyche


20-001 - Hate - common tales
20-002 - Hate, stopping development
20-003 - Envy and Hate
20-004 - Hate and Forgiveness
20-005 - Hate is a call for help
20-006 - Love and Hate
20-007 - Will or stubborn
20-008 - Laziness as a phenomenon or why there is no time
20-009 - The Suicide Emotion
20-010 - The suicide has goals
20-011 - Fighting Ideas - The Only Way
20-012 - Fighting is a Proof of an Animal
20-013 - Barrel full of gunpowder
20-014 - Instinct - a tower of cards or a pyramid
20-015 - Instinct - Do not let anyone interpret your qualities
20-016 - Displaying qualities
20-018 - Jak ASS Civilization
20-019 - Scientists have said something
20-020 - Enemy
20-021 - Discipline
20-022 - Disputes
20-023 - Secretly and Secret

CIVILIZATION volume 10 - Cannibalism and Ritual psyche

21 - Cannibalism and cannibalistic psyche

21-001 - Cannibalism with a garnish of values
21-002 - Randomness I do not think?
21-003 - Cannibal Expedition

22-001 - RITUALS
22-002 - Silent panic
22-003 - Security is a ritual
22-004 - RITUALS FOR FEAR And foolishness
22-006 - Truth is also a ritual
22-007 - Sex as a ritual

CIVILIZATION volume 11 - Invaluable medallions in the treasure of life


23-001 - Exercises for energy
23-002 - Time for development - psyche of suicide
23-004 - In the name of growth
23-006 - Luck
23-007 - Medicine
23-008 - Feeding

24 - Invaluable medallions in the treasury of life

24-001 - Invaluable medallions in the treasury of life
24-002 - Mental blood pressure
24-003 - THE FEAR


25-001 - GUILT
25-002 - Shame and Prejudice
25-003 - The World of Ignorance
25-004 - Insulting


26-002 - HERCULES
26-004 - Selfishness
26-006 - Total Autopilot
26-007 - Animal or Human
26-008 - Leadership and Charisma
26-009 - The Cheops Pyramid or a character like a rock


27-001 - When you're stupid, you can not realize you're stupid
27-002 - Emotions and Feelings
27-003 - STRESS
27-004 - Emotions are drug addiction
27-005 - The Big Baby and the God of Happiness.
27-006 - Diogen for happiness
27-007 - HAPPINESS
27-008 - Sellers of emotions


28-001 - The two systems
28-003 - Waterfall Director
28-004 - I remember only one
28-005 - The Capital is a vampire who drinks human blood
28-006 - Levels of development
28-007 - The economy is taxi without driver and without owner
28-008 - ABUSE With POWER
28-009 - The main mistake - dictation
28-010 - Skyscraper full of excrements
28-011 - If you do not recognize the fool, then you are a fool
28-012 - Without Illusions sweetheart
28-013 - Private Property


29-001 - Perversions of the mind
29-002 - Nonsense
29-003 - The tiger is already awakened

30-001 - Wild Forest Monkeys
30-002 - The Dream of the Idiot
30-003 - A man becomes older when he understands the world
30-007 - Infantile
30-008 - Refusal to think again
30-009 - Problems
30-010 - ORANGUTAN


31-001 - Slam Dunk
31-002 - Modesty
31-003 - Forgetting why we forget
31-004 - Mediocre
31-005 - Angry
31-006 - indecent talking for the purpose of awareness
31-008 - The Transporter should ask to know
31-010 - Understanding and awareness
31-011 - Life always starts from within, because life is only there
31-012 - There is no grandfather Christmas
31-013 - Why do people look back (in the past)
31-014 - Unlocking the Psyche
31-015 - HELLO - HELLO
31-016 - How many frogs you need to kiss to find the prince

32 - Bigfoot or the Snowy Man Yeti

32-001 - How Important are Books
32-002 - Bigfoot (Snowman Yeti)



33-002 - GOOD And BAD
33-003 - Dignity and Honor
33-004 - Truth has no alternative
33-005 - Love, Truth, Values
33-006 - Justice
33-007 - Crime, Crime, Crime
33-008 - Freedom
33-009 - Discrimination
33-010 - Scruples
33-011 - TRUST
33-013 - Moral
33-014 - VIP
33-015 - Fanaticism - Fundamentalism
33-016 - Beauty and intelligence have enormous healing power
33-017 - Thank you John Locke
33-018 - How to make sure all of this is true
33-019 - Life is not a hairstyle
33-020 - How to Recognize the Truth
33-021 - Optimism and Pessimism


34-001 - The Tapirus child
34-002 - Civilization - oratory - meaning
34-004 - The hammer speaks
34-005 - KNOW AND CAN
34-006 - Why nails live under stress
34-007 - Monkeys with ideas
34-008 - There is a human or animal civilization right now
34-009 - Queen of Bee Mother
34-010 - By Laws civilization does not happen
34-011 - The idea of civilization
​​ is relay run
34-012 - Life and forms of life
34-013 - OSMOSIS
34-014 - Master Ashoka the brightest star in the history of the empires.
34-015 - Doomsday Clock
34-016 - EIGHTH DAN
34-017 - Roman Club - "the unconscious of reality is the biggest problem of
the modern day"
34-018 - Human Rights
34-019 - Demonstration of Force
34-020 - Pavlov's Dog
34-021 - Jump in development
34-022 - NOW
34-023 - Secret Societies
34-024 - Mental Force
34-025 - President of the Galaxy

35 - BULLSHITS FOR FINAL - it is a provocation and a philosophical point

of view that becomes clear from the whole book
35-001 - Storks carry children
35-002 - Critique of Pure Reason
35-003 - The Large Hadron Accelerator
35-004 - The Swing of the Sword
35-005 - Nothing is required
35-006 - Nobel for Everyone
35-007 - You will feel happiness

author: BigFoot Yeti 2017

A book without an analogue
Alone, Proud and Strong...
Author high in snowy mountains,
somewhere on the planet.

Even a million years you’ve lived so far

You have never read such a book
Even a million years to live
You need to understand this book
The truth is the daughter of time
volume 2
The Resource of the universe
Author BigFoot Yeti

The universe has, one and only resource.

This is the resource that the mind produces.
The psychic energy.
The universe produces this resource with its perfect intellect.

All forms of life in the infinity use this resource

for development and survival.
Psychic energy is an ultimate resource
for survival for all forms of life.

The resource that is produced by thinking itself.

The species that fail to develop their thinking,
disappears from the circle of life.

Homo Sapiens does not think about the development of thinking.

Homo Sapiens thinks of resources, economy, and fake values.
Homo Sapiens is a species that is about to disappear.
“The psychic energy is
the main motive for any action”
BigFoot Yeti 2017
BigFoot Yeti

volume 3

The responsibility for the planet is common.

Who can bear their own responsibility???

Standing posture does not mean, Human.



All kinds of hierarchies that have a vertical

structure in relationships are doomed to decay,
degradation, and self-destruction.
It is inevitable due to impossibility
to prevent this process.
The universe simply does not agree that this
can be a model for sustainable development,
and even less for survival. BigFoot Yeti 2017
“Of more gold need only those,
who intend to sleep on it all his life,
who cannot understand life itself “
BigFoot Yeti 2017
volume 5
Thinking is life. There is no other life.
To understand life, you need to understand thinking.
Everything else is a consequence of thinking.

The chicken or the egg? Which is first?

The universe asks the question. Thinking or Matter?
The answer to this question is in the infinity.
Mind can only exist in infinite conditions.
If someone denies the infinity,
this means that the matter is before the mind.
If someone confirms the infinity,
this means that the mind is before the matter.

Time does not exist. The time is a fiction.

Mind can exist only in the state of timelessness.
Infinity means timelessness.

Mind works with energy, not with time.

If there is an endless amount of energy,
then thinking becomes infinitely strong and fast.
If there is no energy, “the time stops”.
Life stops when there is no energy to think.

The timelessness is proof of the infinity.

The Mind is timeless. The Mind is the infinity itself.
The fact that we think of the infinity is proof of its existence.
The Mind is before matter.
Thinking is an abstraction.
Which means that thinking is a psychological function.
Thinking is done outside of what we call brain.

Psychological function means a global function.

The processes of the universe are a psychological function.
Thinking can not be limited by end objects like the brain.

If thinking is limited by end objects like the brain

then telepathy will be something impossible.
If thinking is limited by end objects like the brain
then intuition becomes impossible.
If thinking is limited by end objects like the brain,
then life becomes impossible.
Namely, in order for life to be possible,
the universe has made the thinking as a global function.
Function without any limitations from any factors even from time.
The only regulator of thinking is energy.
That is why thoughts can produce energy.
That is why the development of thinking requires only energy.
The fact that we have not reached this development
does not mean that there is no telepathy.
Achieving telepathic communication is the only possibility
for the survival of our species.

If we make a connection between the fact that thinking is a global function

and the constraint called biological species ......

Maybe, we will come to the conclusion

that the concept of biological species is also an abstraction.
Maybe, thinking overcomes such abstractions with ease.
Maybe, there are no restrictions in this universe.
Maybe, there is nothing except thinking
and the energy that the thinking itself can produce.
Maybe my friends, maybe
volume 6

author BigFoot Yeti 2017
“A person becomes an adult when he realizes the world”
Mark Twain
"If you understand that you think like others,
it means you have a problem". Mark Twain
I have not yet published the entire book,
there are 10 more volumes remaining.

I hope by the end of 2018,

to succeed, to translate them.

Furthermore continue to add content because

work on many ideas simultaneously.
The Truth is Always Something Scandalous.
The Truth is Always Something Which Provokes.
The Truth is Always Something Unforgettable.

No one Love you More than

One who Tell you The Truth.
Because love is knowledge
and not feelings and emotions.
But truth means balance,
Everything Bad and Everything Good in the same time.
Without balance, you lose yourself.
After understanding the truth you will
feel Happy and
Full of Love about Everything.
Only after one year from now,
your intellect will be double.
Only because of me.
Only because my Love(knowledge),
already touch you.
And always it will continue to touch you
Because it’s True Love
The book civilization by BigFoot Yeti

next, the back cover

Only truth permit survival.
Only truth means true love
Hate me, because I tell you the truth.

those who are left-handed
is never like others.