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Sulaman Sadiq

Near King Khalid Road ▪ Khamis Mushait, Soudia Arabia


Accept and enjoy the new challenges and changing dynamics of business, make positive
contributions towards the given position, increase the business volume and market share of the
organization and enhance the knowledge, ability and skills through my contribution towards the
development of the organization.

Currently working
As maintenance engineer (FLM) with Delta Turkish Contracting Company and handling the
Following sites:
Nokia -siemens network BTS at south Region of Saudi Arabia based at Khamis and handling the
following Systems :
Transmission on NEC equipment like IPASO 1000, 400, 200,VR2 &
Also working on Huawei Systems

Nokia BTS (2G,3G $ 4G).

●Installation, testing commissioning & Integration of NOKIA FLEXI LTE (4G) BTS.
●Commissioning & integration of flexi lte (1800)
●Commissioning & integration of FLEXI LTE (RL 25).
●Commissioning of U900
●Installation, Testing, Commissioning & integration of NOKIA FLEXI WCDMA
●Swapping & Expansion of NOKIA FLEXI WCDMA.
●Performing 3G MDT’s for modernization.
●Integration NODE B 3G
●RCU Configuration
●IP Migration
●Site survey for Installation & Commissioning
●Measurements check of VSWR
●Performing acceptance test with NSN & Operator and ensure installation and test conform
according to standard
● Complete sites with checklist and without any alarms handover to delta while PAT
● Expert in nokia 2G BTS Commissioning and Troubleshooting
● Upgradation of nokia 2G (900) to Nokia 2G (900+1800)


ZTE & IPASO 1000, 400, 200, VR2 & VR10

● To Collaborate satisfactory Operation According to the Customer requirement.
● To close any site outage or cleared alarm within minimum time
● To perform the regular PMR and 24/7 on call for CM
● To make sure that all parameters according to Design Link Budget during sites PMR
● PAT of newly commissioned sites and MW links.
● Generation of reports (PMR data, Transmission, Inventory)
● Installation /troubleshooting of installation /Troubleshooting of Huawei BTS3012,
3812, 3900, and 3900L)
● Commissioning /troubleshooting of External alarms Huawei BTS.
● Installation/ troubleshooting of NEC MW routing and creation /deletion of sof cross
connection in RNT MW link routes
● Transmission media verification in case of any sites outage
● Troubleshooting of transmission media in case of any site outage
● Maintenance of issue of rectifier (sof power, Emerson, Delta,).
● Looking afer of entire 2G/3G BSS network.
● Sound knowledge about Huawei BTS 3900, BCS 900 GSM & UMTS, BTS3900L,DBS3900
and inner/ outer PCUs
● Technical support for troubleshooting Huawei BSCs RNC, Node B, BTS
● Managing PM for all BSS nodes
● Coordination with Optimization team for making KPIS according to the customer demand.
● Coordination with other teams for giving any support related to BSS


B.S., Electrical (Electronics) Engineering, COMSATS

F.S.C, Pre-Engineering, GOVT. College,
● Industrial Electronics.
● Power Electronics
● Digital control systems
● Embedded Systems
● Instrumentation & Measurements
● Electric Machine
● Digital Signal Processing


Hardware Sofware
Arduino C++
Soldering MATLAB
Circuit assembly & Trouble Shooting PLC
Oscilloscopes Proteus
Final year project
Home Energy Management with Regulated Power supply
▪ By using IoT to connect all the home appliance and calculate the energy
consumes of each appliance individually. On demand side load are divided
according to the peak hours, day hours and of hours. Dynamic voltage restorer
are used to remove the sag, swell and harmonics of the power supply
● Create Approach
● Management
● Organizing Nature
● Career Oriented and punctuality in work
● Hardworking, dedicated and sincere to work
● Field related study and research
● Staying updated
● Drames, Cricket

Available upon request