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 Complete the paragraph below by filling in the missing words – be sure to change the verbs to Past

Forget is go look for buy look at

find isn’t turn on say drive put

Something terrible happened to me last week. On Monday, I (1)_bought___________ a lottery ticket at a

shopping mall near my home. I (2)___put_________ the ticket in the pocket of my jacket, and
(3)__went__________ home. After I got home, I went to bed and (4)__was__________ about the ticket. On
Tuesday morning, I got into my car and (5)__drove__________ to work. On the way to work, I (6)_turned
on___________ the radio and a man on the radio said my lottery ticket number. After he
(7)__said__________ my number, I put my hand into my jacket pocket. Oh no! The ticket
(8)_isn´t___________ in my pocket, so I drove back home and (9)_looked for___________ the ticket. I
(10)__found__________ the ticket. It was on a table. Finally, I (11)__looked at__________ the ticket very
carefully. Oh no! I couldn’t believe my eyes because it (12)_forgot___________ the wrong number! Next time
I will be more careful, and maybe next time I won’t buy a lottery ticket.

(155 words)

PAST SIMPLE Question: Do you like to travel by plane? Why? / Why not?

I don´t like to travel by plane because I'm afraid of heights

 Complete the paragraph on the right with the PAST TENSE forms of verbs on the left. My
Flight to London

Dear Sylvia,
Last month was my first time to fly by myself. I was a little nervous, but it was exciting! First, I
(1)___boarded__________ a taxito the international airport terminal. Then, I (2)__checked in___________ at
the check-in counter and (3)__walked___________ to the departure lounge at Gate 64. I was early, so I didn’t
have to wait a long time to go through immigration and security. I (4)__waited___________ in the departure
lounge for about 25 minutes and then I showed my passport and boarding pass before I
(5)__took___________ the plane. After I boarded the plane, I walked along the aisle and (6)__sat___________
my seat, and then I (7)__found___________ down and (8)__fastened___________ my seat
belt. I was lucky because my seat was a window seat, so I could look outside as the plane (9)_took
off____________. After afew hours, the flight attendants (10)__served___________ us dinner, and then I
talked to the passenger sitting next to me. His name was Leonardo, and I was surprised to find out that he
was also traveling to London to study English for the summer. Finally, I (11)__watched___________ an action
movie, and then our plane (12)___landed__________ soon after that. It was a great experience, and I made
a lot of friends during my six weeks in England. I’ll e-mail you again after I fly back to Italy next Saturday. See
you soon!
Love, Adrianna 

(verbs) board check-in fasten find land

serve sit take take-off wait
walk watch

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