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Food Roots is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to grow a more robust food system on

the north Oregon coast by engaging our community, supporting farmers and entrepreneurs,
and improving access to locally grown food. Our vision of a robust food system is one in which
everyone in Tillamook County will be able to eat healthy, locally grown food every day, many
residents will grow their own food and have a greater understanding of their roles in our local
food system. Our community will have the resources to make more empowered decisions
about what they eat.

Food Roots is pleased to be teaming up this year with Country Media to distribute the 2016
Tillamook County Locally Grown Guide, connecting you to the hardworking farmers, ranchers,
and fishers who provide us such an amazing bounty of fresh, healthy, and delicious food from
our local land and sea.

Here in Tillamook County, agriculture is our heritage and tradition, and one of the most
important pieces of who we are as a community today. Food Roots’ work builds on that
agricultural heritage with our core programs of Farm and Food Business Support, Farm to
School Education, Access to Local Food, and Community Education and Engagement. We
know that eating locally grown food is a great way to support our economy, strengthen our
community, and improve our land.

We invite you to work with us in two ways. First, consider going to and
donating to Food Roots so that we can continue these important programs that help build
our North Coast food economy. Second, peruse these pages, get to know your local farmers,
fishers and harvesters; buy from them directly, and request locally grown food from area
restaurants. You’ll be supporting our community and putting a delicious and healthy meal on
the table all at the same time.

Thank you!

Lauren Sorg Joel Caris

Executive Director, Food Roots Development Director, Food Roots

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Copyright © 2016 Food Roots. The information included in this publication is for informational purposes only. Fee-­based
listings and display advertising is submitted by farms, farmers markets, businesses and organizations. Food Roots makes
no representation about the accuracy of the information, availability or quality of the products sold. No part of this
publication may be used without written permission of Food Roots.

1 Online Guide:

What’s e ?
“Loca l” h e r Tillamook County Locally Grown features the foods and specialty items that
were grown, raised and fished from the north coast of Oregon and are available
for purchase directly from the farmer, rancher or fisher in Tillamook County.

1 Food Roots

3 Certifications & Farming Practices

5 Eating Local on a Budget

6 Farm Index

Farms: By Region of Tillamook County

7 North County

10 Central County

13 South County

15 Shelly Bowe - Food Roots Founder

17 CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)

19 U-Pick / Farm Stands / On-Farm Sales

22 Fresh Veggie Harvest Calendar

23 Tillamook County Farmers Markets

The 2016 Tillamook County Locally Grown Guide was

created in collaboration with Country Media Inc., who
The Tillamook County Locally Grown also printed and distributed this guide in the Headlight
Guide is a publication of Food Roots. Herald and the North Coast Citizen.

Editors Emily Vollmer, Food Roots; Lauren Sorg, Food Roots; Laura Swanson
Design Ryan Pedersen

This project was supported in part by the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program at the
U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) through grant ODA-3351-GR. Its contents are solely the
responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the USDA. Online Guide: 2

Certifications give customers a succinct and verifiable way to
distinguish between farming practices. Certifying agencies have
standards that farms must meet in order to be certified.

Animal Welfare Approved:

The AWA certification is given to farms that adhere to rigorous animal welfare
standards. The basic premise of all the standards is that the animals must be able to
behave naturally and be in a state of physical and psychological well-being from birth
to death. Farms are audited annually, with third-party verification.

Certified Organic:

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certifies that food is organically
grown, harvested, preserved or processed without the use of synthetic pesticides,
hormones, antibiotics, irradiation or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The
USDA designates private and state agencies to inspect and certify organic food; for
example, Oregon Tilth is a nonprofit organization accredited by the USDA.


3 Online Guide:

Farming Practices
When buying directly from a farmer, rancher, or fishery, the customer
has a unique opportunity to ask questions about production practices,
and learn more about what it takes to grow and harvest food.

Many farms use methods that are in keeping with certifiable standards without
obtaining a certification, often because certifications can be expensive to obtain and
take extra time to manage.

Some terms like “grass-fed” and “naturally grown” are commonly used to explain
farming practices but generally do not imply certification unless specifically stated, for
example, American Grassfed Association certified ( or Certified
Naturally Grown, ( There are a wide variety of ways to farm, and
farmers have a lot of decisions to make about how to control pests and raise their
animals. Here are some terms used in this Locally Grown Guide.

Aquaponics: A system that combines raising fish (aquaponics), and growing

plants in water solutions (hydroponics). Nutrients collected from the aquaponics
system are used to grow the plants.

GMO Free: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are created using genetic
engineering, in contrast to traditional breeding. Common GMO crops include corn,
and soy. The only GM vegetables you might find at this time are a few types of
zucchini, squash, and sweet corn. Animals that are not fed any GMO ingredients are
GMO free.

Grass-fed: Livestock that has spent most of its life on open pasture.
Hydroponics: A method of growing plants in water with nutrients added rather
than in soil.

No-Spray: Crops that have not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Note
that there are organically approved fertilizers and pesticides that are applied in spray

Permaculture: A set of design principles that simulate or utilize processes and

features observed in natural ecosystems.

Raw Honey: Honey that has not been heated or filtered.

Sustainable Agriculture: An integrated system of plant and animal
production practices that aim to support economic viability and social equity in the
present without compromising the future of the natural environment.

Transitional Organic: Farms in the process of obtaining organic certification

are required to have a 3-year transition time when they do not use any synthetic
chemicals prior to being certified.

(Text adapted from Willamette Farm & Food Coalition, 2015 Locally Grown Directory) Online Guide: 4

on a budget

SHOP AT TILLAMOOK COUNTY more likely to be available locally, which mean

FARMERS MARKETS they are likely traveling less than 50 miles from
(and use your Food Stamps here too!) the farm to your plate, and can be purchased
directly from the producer at local markets,
Probably the most obvious way to eat locally
farm stands, U-Pick and on farm.
is to stroll down to your local farmers market;
see the back of this guide for market locations.
And though markets have a bad rap for being BUY IN BULK AND FREEZE/
pricey, studies show that farmers market PRESERVE FOR LATER
produce is often less expensive than grocery Buy in bulk at U-pick locations and freeze
store produce. fruit and vegetables; saving money during the
In Tillamook County, through a partnership winter months by not purchasing out-of-season.
between Food Roots and our farmers markets, Berries are particularly easy to freeze-
we will match your SNAP benefits (food stamps) just wash and dry them, place them on a wax
$1 for $1, up to $10. This is an excellent way for paper-lined cookie sheet, and stick them in the
SNAP shoppers to stretch their food dollars freezer. Once they’re frozen solid (usually about
on locally grown food. Farmers markets will 12 hours), put them into a Ziploc bag and stick
often have a variety of other grocery items as them back of the freezer til winter! Vegetables
well in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, can be frozen too, though they require the extra
including bread, dairy products, and free-range step of blanching prior to placing them in the
meat and poultry; all eligible for purchase with freezer.
SNAP (Note that only fruits & vegetables will
recieve matching funds).
Growing your own food is the ultimate way to
EAT SEASONAL FOOD eat local. From a simple herb garden to raised
Knowing what’s in season in our region will beds designed to feed a family, there are lots
help you know what to expect at farmers of ways to grow your own food. If you need
markets and help you know which items at help getting a garden started, contact OSU
other markets and stores might be from local Extension at (503) 842-3433, or contact Food
or regional sources (and which ones most Roots for Community Garden information near
definitely are not!). In season produce are you.

At All Tillamook County Farmers Markets

uGO Go to your farmers market

information tent

vSWIPE Swipe your EBT card for tokens

to buy SNAP eligible foods

We match up to $10 a day with Double

wMATCH Up Food Bucks for fruits & vegetables

xSHOP Shop at the market!

5 Online Guide:















Birdsong Bouquets 7
Blueberries and Blooms 7
Grateful Gardens 7
Green Fork Farm Manzanita 7
Kingfisher Farms Manzanita 7

Lance's Farm Vittles Manzanita 8

Meadow Harvest 8
Merry's Garden Manzanita 8
Neah-Kah-Nie Gardens Manzanita 8
Nehalem River Ranch 8
OK Ranch and Retreat 9
Peace Crops Manzanita 9
Planeterry Honey 9
R-evolution gardens Manzanita 9
Tallwoman Tonics Manzanita 9

Becky's Aqua Gardens Tillamook 10

Bennett Family Farm Manzanita, Tillamook 10
Brickyard Farms, LLC Tillamook 10
Bumblebee Dahlias Manzanita 10
Coast Range Honey 11
Community Supported Fishery Manzanita 11
Coyote Moon Farms Tillamook 11

Cristina's Dog Treats Tillamook 11

DeNoble Farms 11
FarmTable Tillamook 11
Fawcett Creek Farm Tillamook 11
Honey House Farm, LLC Tillamook, Pacific City 12
Moonlight Mushrooms, LLC Tillamook 12
Moss Creek Family Farm Manzanita, Tillamook 12
Norwood Farms Tillamook 12
Ocean View Nursery Manzanita 12
Oregon Coast Lavender Tillamook 12
Oregon Coast Sheep Farm 12
Rainforest Nursery 12
Slow Grows It 12
Yellow Fir Gardens Tillamook 12

Bear Creek Artichokes Tillamook 13

Corvus Landing Farm Neskowin 13

Farmer Creek Marketplace Neskowin 13

Little Farm on the Prairie 13
Marie's Goodness Pacific City 13
Mt Hebo Produce, LLC Pacific City 14
Pitch & Plow Farms Tillamook 14
Powder Creek Ranch B&B 14
Wild Blue Farms 14 Online Guide: 6


BIRDSONG BOUQUETS that focuses on low-impact methods. Raising
heritage and heirloom varieties.
Emily Renee Vollmer
Farmers Markets: Manzanita
Retail: Mother Nature’s Natural Foods, Rising
Star, Manzanita Grocery & Deli, The Roost,
Elegant and wild flower arrangements
Handy Creek Bakery, Blackbird
for events, business and custom orders.
Specializing in flowers, boughs and creative KINGFISHER FARMS
elements that follow the seasons.
Jeff Trenary
Fresh cut flower arrangements, edible flowers 503-368-6763
and herbs. Winter wreaths. Been farming for 25 years in the Nehalem Valley.
Farming Practices: Sustainable farming
methods. Most all vegetables from tomatoes to potatoes
Retail: Blackbird and salad greens.
Farming Practices: Naturally grown.
BLUEBERRIES AND BLOOMS Farmers Markets: Manzanita
Retail: The Little Apple, Manzanita Fresh Foods,
Janna & Danny Crabb
Mother Nature’s Natural Foods, 25 restaurants
CSA (pg 18)
We offer 2 blueberry fields for your leisurely
u-pick experience. They are both next to the
Miami River Wetland Conservation area.
Blueberries, Bluecrop variety.
U-pick/On-farm sales (pg 19)

Brenna Hamer & Mark Reny
Small family farm.
Fruits & vegetables
Farming Practices: Naturally grown.
Retail: The Nehalem Beehive, restaurants.


Allyson Gardner
A one acre farm located in the Nehalem Valley.
This farm was started in 2015 as the fullfillment
of a dream.
Heirloom vegetables, honey.
Farming Practices: Small sustainable farm

7 Online Guide:

Lance Waldron Merry Lee Fujimoto
503-322-2226 503-368-6662 Eggs, flowers, vegetables, peas, beans, coles,
vittles-M20018 greens, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes,
shallots, herbs, carrots, squash, apples.
Farming Practices: We grow as natural as
possible. We use no sprays, our chickens run
free everyday.
Farmers Markets: Manzanita
Retail: Mother Nature’s Natural Foods

Henry Stanley
14 acres, 2 blocks from the beach, small
vegetable gardens, wild and permaculture
Lance’s Farm Vittles is a third-generation family
Kim chi, saurkraut, goat milk soap, berry jams,
farm on the north coast of Oregon. Along
with raising livestock for meat, we have a dairy
Farming Practices: Naturally grown,
which we are converting to organic. We use no
hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics on our
permaculture designed, rotational grazing.
Farmers Markets: Manzanita
Retail: Mother Nature’s Natural Foods
We offer grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured On-farm sales (pg 19)
poultry, and milk-fed pork. Beef, lamb, and pork
are sold as wholes, halves, and as a variety NEHALEM RIVER RANCH
of individual cuts (custom cutting orders Jared Gardner
welcome). Chickens are sold as whole fryers/
broilers only.
Farming Practices: The beef cows and sheep Nehalem River Ranch is
are on organic pastures full-time with hay and a multi-species, pasture-
grass silage offered during winter. They receive based farm nestled along
no grain. Our broiler chickens are raised on an the Nehalem River in
organic dairy cow pasture. the western foothills of
Farmers Markets: Manzanita Oregon’s Coastal Range. In
Retail: Mother Nature’s Natural Foods, the Bee this lush and mild setting,
Hive, and Fresh market. Wool at the Latimer our cattle, pigs and poultry
Quilt and Textile Center in Tillamook, and the thrive on the verdant, year-
T-spot in Manzanita. round pastures. Our grass-
fed/finished beef, pastured
MEADOW HARVEST pork and poultry are raised
Brian Tallman with deep respect for both the animals and the land.
We farm on 60 acres along the Northfork
Nehalem River. We have been farmers for about All natural, grass-fed
37 years doing our best to be respectful of our beef, pastured pork and
land and animals. poultry.

Grass-fed beef and lamb, various cuts by the

pound. Wool, dyed roving, handspun yarn and Farming Practices: We raise all of our livestock
knitted / felted clothing. humanely on pasture at our farm and do
Farming Practices: Grass-fed, no spray, no not treat our fields or livestock with any
hormones, no antibiotics. Our animals all graze chemicals, hormones, synthetic ingredients
on pasture with their mothers, guarded by or unnecessary antibiotics. Our pastures are
a great Pyrenees dog. We raise Murray Grey buffered from riparian areas and are managed
cattle for their calm temperament and excellent using intensive, multi-species, rotational
quality meat, with no grain. Our sheep are Texel, grazing techniques.
Blueface Liester, and some Cvm for fine wool. On-farm sales (pg 19)
On-farm sales (pg 19) Online Guide: 8

OK RANCH AND RETREAT practices such as biodynamics, minimal tillage,
micro nutrient amending, cover cropping
Mary & Doug Lee
and beneficial insects and use no chemical
pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers of any kind.
Farmers Markets: Manzanita
We take great pride in the meat that we raise,
Retail: Mother Nature’s Natural Foods, Bread
You can taste the difference and we know that
& Ocean, Rising Star, Pacific Restaurant,
you will enjoy it as much as we do. Please feel
Manzanita Grocery and Deli, Blackbird
free to contact us if you have questions or want
CSA (pg 18)
to enjoy some of our pasture raised products.
On-farm sales (pg 19)
Heritage estate raised turkeys, standard
turkeys, grass fed jersey beef, Berkshire pork. TALLWOMAN TONICS
Available as whole / half animals or by the piece Vivi Tallman
(USDA inspected).
Certifications: Grass Fed
Farming Practices: Our products are raised I make my herbal products from plants that I
antibiotic free and our pastures have not been either grow in my large home garden or harvest
exposed to herbicides or artificial chemical in the lower Nehalem River valley and adjacent
fertilizers for the last 10 years. forests.
PEACE CROPS Salves, tinctures, vinegars, teas, herb blends
and by special order. Bulk herbs and plant
Emily & Jim Fanjoy
Farming Practices: My garden is tended
with care, using natural practices. In the
We are a small, family owned farm developing
woods I harvest respectfully with an eye to
our production plans for vegetables and
providing raw, unfiltered honey to our coast
Farmers Markets: Manzanita
Retail: Alder Creek Farm Harvest Festival, White
Raw, unfiltered honey. Mixed variety produce. Clover Grange holiday bazaar, and other local
Farming Practices: Naturally grown. No gatherings.
pesticides or herbicides are used in the
production of our veggies or in the care of our
Farmers Markets: Manzanita

Terry Fullan
Nectar source is from Blackberry. Our apiary
harvests in early August yearly.
Honey, beeswax, beeswax candles, propolis.
Farming Practices: At our Nehalem Valley
apiary we stay current with sound beekeeping
methods. Planeterry Honey is lightly filtered,
and is bottled in glass jars.
On-farm sales (pg 19)

Ginger Edwards
R-evolution Gardens is a small sustainable
farm that grows a wide variety of heirloom and
specialty vegetables. We specialize in hand
scaled farming, paying close attention to the
flavor, color, selection and diversity of veggies.
Naturally grown vegetables. Everything from
salad greens to hot peppers and tomatoes and
Farming Practices: We use deep natural

9 Online Guide:



BECKY’S AQUA GARDENS Trading Company, and A Delicate Palate Bistro.

CSA (pg 18)
Becky & Bernard Williams
On-farm sales (pg 19)
Aquaponics farm growing in aquaponic beds BUMBLEBEE DAHLIAS
and raised beds as well as towers.
Daryl & Roxanne Fletcher
Raw honey (cold filtered), peas, carrots, Yukon 503-801-2485
Gold potatoes, beets, kale, strawberries,
blueberries, beans, chives, rosemary, mint, and We are a small flower farm grown in conjunction
apple sage. with our dairy farm. We planted approximately
Farming Practices: All natural farming methods. 1,000 dahlias in 2015. We plan to continue to
Farmers Markets: Tillamook expand in the future.
BENNETT FAMILY FARM Dahlia tubers, cut flowers
Farming Practices: Locally grown dahlias
Levi & Courtney Bennett
On-farm sales (pg 19)
Whole milk, whole chocolate milk, and eggs. COAST RANGE HONEY
Farming Practices: All natural milk. Free range Alan Leach
chickens. 503-801-0352
Farmers Markets: Manzanita, Tillamook Apiary at my home location in rural Bay City.
Retail: Listed on website www. Raw blackberry and knotweed honey
On-farm sales (pg 19) Farming Practices: Raw Honey
Retail: At holiday bazaars.
Shannon & Cole Michaelis
We are a small one acre family farm located
in Tillamook county, our mission is to provide
fresh, quality, naturally grown goods to help
sustain the community and ourselves.
Fresh naturally grown produce, salad greens,
breads, jams, herbs, plants and vegetable
starts, gardening supplies, CSA baskets, salves,
extracts and other apothecary items.
Farming Practices: We are completely non-
GMO and all naturally grown. Everything is
harvested by hand upon order so its at peak
Farmers Markets: Tillamook
Retail: Mother Nature’s Natural Foods,
Blackbird, Rising Star Cafe, Pacific Restaurant,
Kendra’s Kitchen, Koko’s Restaurant, Neskowin Online Guide: 10

COMMUNITY SUPPORTED brassicas, and carrots as well as many other
vegetables. We sell throughout Portland, and at
FISHERY our farm stand year around.
Jeff Wong & Mark Wilde Fresh vegetables: artichokes, Brussels sprouts,
503-609-0071 beets, carrots, beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, parsnips, kale, fennel, kohlrabi, green beans, fava beans, peppers, tomatoes, spinach,
radishes, cabbage, turnips, eggplant, herbs...
Farming Practices: We grow using natural,
sustainable methods.
On-farm sales (pg 20)

Food Roots
Community Supported Fishery is a boat to table
community enterprise owned by local fishermen
and located in the Port of Garibaldi.
Wild Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Albacore
tuna, Lingcod, Rockfish, Halibut, Dungeness
crab, clams, oysters, smoked fish, canned tuna,
spot prawns.
Farming Practices: Our boats only use
sustainable line or pot caught selective harvest
fishing methods.
Farmers Markets: Manzanita
Retail: Tillamook Bay Boathouse in Garibaldi,
The Schooner, Irish Mooring Cafe, Pirates Cove,
Buttercup, The Roost, Big Wave Cafe, Blackbird,
Bread and Ocean, Little Apple, Manzanita Fresh
Foods, Evoo Cannon Beach.
On-farm sales (pg 20)


Shelley Stump
503-812-9120 FarmTable is a farmer to market incubation
Sharon Francis is the “Earth Steward” project run by Food Roots. Through FarmTable,
Salad greens, edible flowers, herbs, potatoes, between 15-20 beginning farmers and market-
beets, carrots, artichokes, peas, pole beans, gardeners sell their Tillamook grown produce
sweet peppers, hot peppers, eggs, squash and and agricultural products, adding to the
berries. diversity of what’s available at Tillamook
Farming Practices: Naturally grown garden. Free Farmers Market; building skills and visibility.
range chickens. Many FarmTable vendors have scaled up
Farmers Markets: Tillamook production and “graduated” into full farmers
CSA (pg 18) market vendors after 1-2 seasons at FarmTable.
U-pick/On-farm sales (pg 20) A variety of local vendors sell their agricultural
products via FarmTable, including everything
CRISTINA’S DOG TREATS from eggs, mushrooms, vegetables to herbs to
Cristina Egnew flowers and plant starts. Farmers Markets: Tillamook
All natural gluten free dog treats made with FAWCETT CREEK FARM
quality ingredients. As well as naturally grown Kik Salinthavong
catnip. 503-842-7198
Farmers Markets: Tillamook
Retail: Everything Pets, Bonnie’s Bead Creations Century Farm (same family for over 100 years).
Arugula, several lettuces, kale, peas, ten
DENOBLE FARMS potatoes, boc choi, toma-toes, apples, beans,
Tom DeNoble beets, New Zealand spinach, rhubarb. Certifications: National Wildlife Federation Certified
We’re a family run farm specializing in artichokes, Farming Practices: Naturally grown.
Farmers Markets: Tillamook
11 Online Guide:
Retail: The Schooner, Pacific Restaurant, Farming Practices: I grow only hardy tested
Delicate Palate, Kendra’s Cottage, Sabai Jai Food plants that grow great in zone 8. I like to sell the
Cart “can’t kill it with a stick” variety.
Farmers Markets: Manzanita
Raw honey, bee hives, mosaic art. Heidi & John Luquette
Farming Practices: Raising and selling local
bees with bee hives. April trough June. Limited Oregon Coast Lavender is family owned and
supplies due to winter survival and spring operated. We grow nine varieties of lavender
weather. for fresh-cut and dried lavender, hand-crafted
Farmers Markets: Tillamook, Pacific City lavender based gifts, sachets and other high-
quality lavender items.
MOONLIGHT MUSHROOMS, LLC Fresh cut and dried lavender. Handmade lavender
Joshua Jacob and flax seed neck wraps and eye pillows.
503-664-0041 Farmers Markets: Manzanita, Tillamook
Gourmet mushrooms, salad greens, sprouts, OREGON COAST SHEEP FARM
eggs. Cyndie Siemsen - Farm Manager
Farmers Markets: Tillamook 503-354-2567 or 503-801-8034
On-farm sales (pg 20)
Kyle Kauffman Locally owned Sheep Farm, nestled on prime
503-300-0085 pasture lands close to town and easy to find. Neat, clean and well kept with the animals safety
Moss Creek Family Farm is our lifelong dream and well being always at the the forefront of our
coming true. What we’ve forever loved as our farming practice.
large organically grown family garden has Grass-fed lamb, horned Dorset rams for
recently flourished into this thriving farm! breeding, sheep fleece and pelts, sheep related
*(Varieties available) Artichoke, *Basil, *Beans, products, and grass hay.
*Beets, *Broccoli, *Brusselsprouts, *Cabbage, Farming Practices: Naturally grown, grass fed/
*Carrots, *Cucumbers, *Eggplant, *Garlic, sustainable.
*Greens, *Herbs, Kohlrabi, *Onions, *Peppers, On-farm sales (pg 20)
Rutabaga, *Sprouts, *Swiss Chard, *Squash,
*Tomatoes (++*Heirloom) , *Tomatillos, Zucchini, RAINFOREST NURSERY
and more! Joan Sager
Farming Practices: Naturally grown, hand 503-842-2070
harvesting to order. Zero pesticides or harmful Ornamental plant nursery in rural setting
chemicals used. Black currant, blueberry, huckleberry, raspberry
Farmers Markets: Manzanita, Tillamook and rhubarb plants. Ornamental plants.
Retail: Fresh, The Schooner, Kelleys Place, Pacific
restaurant SLOW GROWS IT
On-farm sales (pg 20) Josh & Amy Blackburn
Robyn Norwood Sustainably diversified: Specializing in flavorful
Second generation small farm on the Trask River food grown slow and natural.
by Tillamook. Unique vegetable produce CSA preview baskets
Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, garlic, utilizing naturally grown practices. Heritage
aronia berries, succulents, straw flowers, herbs. gourmet pork and beef with an emphasis placed
Farming Practices: No GMOs, or chemicals and on flavor and quality over quantity.
mostly heirloom seed saved seasonally here on Farming Practices: Naturally grown, grass-fed.
farm. Sustainable.
Farmers Markets: Tillamook CSA (pg 18)
Retail: Fresh
Jody Bodine 593-842-3332
503-842-7022 Salad greens, heirloom tomatoes.
Secluded greenhouses off Trask River Road. Farmers Markets: Tillamook
Hardy perennial plants and small shrubs. Online Guide: 12


Cindy Miles Waylon & Sandra Porter
503-398-5411 503-801-2530
Established in 1977, making us 39 years old. We 4th generation family farm est. in 1946.
started an artichoke farm and evolved over the Seasonal produce, eggs, dory caught fish, bird &
many years to become a very diversified and bat houses, homemade goods, cut flowers.
popular business and farm operation. Farmers Markets: Neskowin
Artichokes, corn, beans, peas, zucchini, summer CSA (pg 18)
squash, indian corn, cabbage, rutabaga, On-farm sales (pg 20)
lettuce, tomatoes, tomatillos, pumpkins. Herbs,
perennials, annuals, water plants, cut flowers.
Farmers Markets: Tillamook LITTLE FARM ON THE PRAIRIE
Retail: Manzanita Fresh Foods, The Little Apple, Renee Aufdermauer
Food Basket Marketplace in Garibaldi, The Blue
Heron French Cheese Factory, and Fat Dog
Pork shares, variety of veggies.
CSA (pg 18)
On-farm sales (pg 20)
On-farm sales (pg 20)


Carolina Lees
Marie Butzman
Small farm, cooperative grow/harvest.
We grow a wide range of high quality vegetable Greens, berries, carrots, herbs.
crops on 2 acres in the Neskowin valley. We Farming Practices: No spray. Naturally grown.
focus on cool season vegetables that love our Farmers Markets: Pacific City
coastal climate.
Vegetables and herbs, the best salad greens
and carrots! Greens and roots of all kinds, and
greenhouse crops of tomatoes, basil, and more.
Vegetable starts for coastal gardens.
Farming Practices: We use natural farming
methods, focusing on soil and plant health and
biodiversity. Never any synthetic fertilizers,
pesticides, or GMOs.
Farmers Markets: Neskowin
Retail: Trillium Natural Foods, Hearth and Table
CSA (pg 18)
On-farm sales (pg 20)

13 Online Guide:

Max & Lynda Sherman Brenda Charter
503 999-3202 503-398-5348
We have three greenhouses, one of which is a
hydroponic house. All other production, both
in the greenhouses and outside growing areas
is in 100% compost from Tillamook’s dairy
Hydroponic living lettuce, cucumbers, and
tomatoes; conventionally grown tomatoes,
carrots, potatoes, beans, cucumbers, herbs,
onions, beets, zucchini, and cabbage.
Farming Practices: Hydroponic and
conventional farming practices. In the
greenhouses and outside planting area we
practice companion planting, or the planting of We are a bed and breakfast and farm striving to
plants that help repel pests naturally. feed our guests and ourselves the best naturally
Farmers Markets: Pacific City homegrown food possible. We also sell meat
On-farm sales (pg 20) birds, eggs, beef and pork.
Free-range chicken eggs. Grass-fed beef,
PITCH & PLOW FARMS pasture raised chicken, turkey and heritage
Stephen Burrill & Amy Malta pork. Various jams & jellies. Seasonal produce.
310-266-1747 Farming Practices: We feed locally made organic, non GMO feeds. Our gardening practices are done without any chemicals and
hand weeded.
On-farm sales (pg 20)


Cathy O’Donnell & Adam Preston
We are a small, family owned farm that offers
U-Pick blueberries.
Farming Practices: Naturally grown.
U-pick/On-farm sales (pg 20)

We are an Organic farm with free range

chickens, organic eggs, Dorper lambs and
seasonal produce on 20 acres with Rye grass
grown for our animals.
Beans, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers,
kale, beets, kohlrabi, fennel, onions, peppers,
eggs, chickens, lamb.
Certifications: Certified Organic, Animal
Welfare Certified
Farming Practices: Free range on organic
pasture. Organic hay & straw. Grass-fed.
Farmers Markets: Tillamook
On-farm sales (pg 20)

Shelly Bowe
Food Roots Founder & Lifelong
Community Volunteer

Her Life Story Written by: Laura Swanson

he first “North Coast Food County 36 years ago with 20 pregnant
Guide,” a partnership with dairy cows. She worked as a farm
Clatsop County, was published worker, restaurant owner and chef,
10 years ago in 2005 under the nutrition and garden educator, and
guidance of Food Roots founder,
Shelly Bowe. This first edition of
Tillamook County’s Locally Grown
Guide is dedicated to Shelly Bowe.
Food systems in Tillamook County
would not be where they are today
without the tireless efforts of Shelly
to bring attention to food issues, food
insecurity and local foods.
During her tenure at Food Roots,
Shelly brought in over $600,000 of
grant monies to the community
to support food and gardening
programs; often used as a model for
other communities establishing food
security and gardening programs.

Food systems in Tillamook County would not be where

they are today without the tireless efforts of Shelly to bring
attention to food issues, food insecurity and local foods.

as a nonprofit manager. The middle

Food Roots is Shelly’s “third child” (after
child in a military family, Shelly was
daughters, Coral and Laurel) – and she
born in Southern California, and the
has said, “It is in good hands.” Food
family moved every three or four
Roots exists to grow a more robust
years. She graduated from High School
food system on the north Oregon
in Queens, New York in 1973. “New
coast by engaging the community,
York City was very interesting in the
supporting farmers and entrepreneurs,
late 1960s and early 1970s, but I was
and improving access to local food.
ready to relocate somewhere new,
Shelly Bowe arrived in Tillamook and headed out to northern California
15 Online Guide:
to go to college – Humboldt State all it’s food and agriculture programs,
University,” Shelly said. Her family roots and Food Roots was formed to fill the
were in agriculture, and she gravitated void. Food Roots was an all volunteer
to the dairy business, eventually organization for it’s first two years.
coming to Tillamook. Many other programs kept growing,
and now there are many gardens all
After the sale of the farm in 1988, over Tillamook County, coalitions,
a position came up at Community micro-enterprise, Farm to School, food
Action Team (the organization that access and training programs that
became CARE – Community Action have taken root.
Resource Enterprises) for a Child Care
Resource and Referral position; child “In 1995, I met the love of my life,
care programs were her focus until Richard Jones,” said Shelly. “We
1999. “In 1999, I floated the idea of married in 2009, and throughout
community gardens past the child everything, Richard is so supportive of
care programs,” said Shelly. “I had me. I am so blessed to have him, my
grown up gardening with my mom.” daughters, my son-in-law Ryan and
She continued, “That idea didn’t fly granddaughter Stella, as well as dear
with the child care programs, but John friends, all surrounding me with love
Sandusky, at CARE, said if I wanted to and support.”
make a run at a grant, I could give it
a try.” So began Shelly’s grant writing Shelly is the original Food Roots
career. “We got a small grant and volunteer and founder of the
community gardens were started in organization in 2006. She retired
Tillamook County, at CARE,” Shelly from Food Roots in March of 2015.
noted. One of the primary supporters During this past year of doctor
for the community food programs appointments and testing, she received
was Sharon Thornberry from Oregon the diagnosis of ALS, or amyotrophic
Food Bank, who Shelly met in 2000. laterals sclerosis, a progressive neuro-
“She mentored and connected me to degenerative disease that affects nerve
so many great food and agriculture cells in the brain and the spinal cord.
organizers, Friends
many doors and the
were opened,” community
said Shelly. have come
“Many other together
programs to support
followed Shelly and
--gardens Richard
galore as they
-- like the turn their
Community energy and
Food Council, attention to
Brown Bag managing
program, this disease.
Tillamook A Caring
Farmers Bridge page
Market and has been
composting setup to
programs. CARE went on to support provide information about Shelly’s
the Community Foods Program, until journey and to provide updates and
2006. At that time, CARE downsized information about her condition. Online Guide: 16

Community Supported Agriculture


Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSA’s) are a great

way to get to know a farmer, try new vegetables, receive really fresh
produce, and experience the local farming season.

CSA’s are a partnership between farmers and their

customers. A customer pre-purchases a share of the farm
harvest at the beginning of the season when expenses are
highest for the farmer. In exchange, CSA customers receive
a weekly box of produce as it becomes ready for harvest
through the season. Some CSAs offer eggs, flowers, milk,
cheese, bread, pickles or other specialty items in addition to,
or instead of, vegetables. Many CSA farms provide weekly
newsletters and recipes, which gives their CSA members a
window into the farm life and inspiration for their kitchen.
CSA programs vary from farm to farm. Peruse the CSA
chart to see what farm products are available, and where
you would pick up your weekly CSA. Visit the farm websites
or contact the farm for more information.

17 Online Guide:

Tillamook County CSAs

north CSA Items Season Pick-up Site Page

Manzanita, Cannon
(22 weeks)
Beach, Seaside,
Gearhart, Astoria 7
Rockaway, Wheeler,
(16 weeks)
Nehalem, Manzanita,
Cannon Beach, Seaside 9

central CSA Items Season Pick-up Site Page

Eggs and freshly

Coyote Moon
harvested garden
(18 weeks)
At the farm.
Slow Grows It Veggies
At the farm.
Seasonal goods from
Farms, LLC
the farm, including
bread, jams, teas, and
lotions or salves.
At the farm.

south CSA Items Season Pick-up Site Page

Vegetables & herbs, At the farm, Neskowin

Landing Farm
weekly notes and
(24 weeks)
Farmers Market, Pacific
City, Lincoln City 13
Veggies, cut flowers,
dory caught fish,
Farmer Creek
broilers, eggs,
homemade soups,
and baked goods.
(43 weeks)
At the farm.
Little Farm on
the Prairie
Veggies, fruit
At the farm.
13 Online Guide: 18
m S a l e s
Hours Location Tips Page

Blueberries and Blooms

13555 Ekroth Rd
Bay City
10am-7pm, 7 days a
week July & August
South side of Miami
River 7
Lance's Farm Vittles Between mileposts 2
18700 Miami Foley Rd
Bay City
By appointment
and 3 on Miami Foley
Meadow Harvest
19350 Barber Rd
By appointment
Between mileposts 11
and 12 on Hwy 53 8
Neah-Kah-Nie Gardens
8985 Hillcrest Rd
By appointment
only. 8
Nehalem River Ranch 3 miles up Foss Road
22885 Foss Rd
By appointment
towards Nehalem Falls
OK Ranch and Retreat
21400 New Miami River Rd
Bay City
By appointment
only. 9
Planeterry Honey
39450 Northfork Rd
2 Miles from downtown
Nehalem 9
R-Evolution Gardens At the county line of
77282 Hwy 53
Sat. & Sun. 10am-
Clatsop and Tillamook
County, off of Bridge

Bennett Family Farm M-F 9am-5pm.

11420 Chance Rd
Please call ahead to
make sure someone
is there.
Brickyard Farms, LLC 10-6 Wednesday Past the air musuem,
4940 Brickyard Rd
thru Saturday,
Sundays 12-4
turn right on Brickyard,
3/4 mile, on west side.
Bumblebee Dahlias
3813 12th St
By appointment
only. 10
19 Online Guide:
Hours Location Tips Page

Community Supported Fishery

500 S. Biak St., Garibaldi
or: 402 Garibaldi Ave (Hwy 101)
8-5 M-Sun.
East side Port of
Garibaldi 11
Coyote Moon Farms Call for
2110 Nielsen Rd
appointment or
Behind Les Schwab
DeNoble Farms
735 Wilson River Loop
24 / 7
Next to Sollie Smith Boat
launch. 11
Moonlight Mushrooms, LLC
890 McCormick Loop Rd
By appointment
A few blocks south of
3rd street. 12
Moss Creek Family Farm Stay on paved road
16590 Moss Creek Rd
Bay City
By appointment
passing dairy farm,
follow across one lane
Oregon Coast Sheep Farm Open year-round, 7 South of Tillamook, next
2690 Nielson Rd
days a week, please
call first.
to the Ocean Breeze
Baptist Church on
Nielson Rd.

Bear Creek Artichokes Summer 9-7 1/4 mile south of the

19175 Hwy 101
daily, Winter
9-5, in between
transitional hours
Sandlake Junction, 11
miles south of Tillamook
Corvus Landing Farm Tuesdays 10 to
8605 Slab Creek Rd
2, June through
2 miles up from highway
101 on the right 13
Farmer Creek Marketplace Between Beaver &
27854 Hwy 101
Year round, all day
Hebo, next to Farmer
Creek Wayside.
Little Farm on the Prairie
8670 South Prairie Rd
By appointment
only. 13
Mt Hebo Produce, LLC
16911 Mt Hebo Rd
By appointment
only. Please call.
3/10th of a mile up Mt.
Hebo Road 14
Pitch & Plow Farms
8310 South Prairie Rd
By appointment
2 mile marker
Powder Creek Ranch B & B In Beaver, turn onto
34595 Upper Nestucca River Rd
By appointment
only. Please call.
Blaine Rd. & follow 10.8
miles. Sign on right.
Wild Blue Farms 8 am to 8 pm mid-
20460 Derrick Rd
July through August
when berries are
14 Online Guide: 20

21 Online Guide:

Harvest times
can vary by a few weeks due to
weather and other growing conditions each year. Many of the vegetables listed
here are also available before and/or after the main harvest season, since some
of the farmers use hoop houses, sequential plantings, and other strategies.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Ar t ic h oke s
A s p ara g u s
B a s il
B e et s
Blu eb e r r ie s
B ro c c oli
B r u s s el Sp rout s
C ab b a g e
C ar rot s
C auli f lowe r
C u c u mb e r
Cele r y
E g g p l ant
G arlic
G re e n B ean s
Ho n ey
K ale
L e ek s
L et t u c e
O nion s
Par s nip s
Pea s
Pe p p e r s
P lu m s
Pot ato e s
R a di sh
S al a d G re e n s
S al a d Tu r nip
Sp in a c h
Su m m e r S q u a sh
St raw b e r r ie s
To m ato e s
Winte r S q u a sh Online Guide: 22

Manzanita Farmers Market
FRIDAYS: 5pm - 8pm
mid-June to mid-September
Laneda Ave. & 5th St.

Tillamook Farmers Market

SATURDAYS: 9am - 2pm
mid-June through September
2nd st. & Laurel Ave.

s m a r k ets
fa r m e r C O U N T Y
Pacific City Farmers Market
SUNDAYS: 10am - 2pm
mid-June through September
Pacific City Library (6200 Camp st)

Neskowin Farmers Market

SATURDAYS: 9am - 1pm
end-of-May through September
Neskowin Beach Wayside

All markets accept SNAP/Food

Stamps. Plus, a dollar-for-dollar
match is provided up to $10 per
EBT card per market day.

T h a n k y o u
t o o ur s
S po n so r w w w.t i l l a m o o k c o a s t . c o m