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Definition of Narrative Text

Narrative Text is one of 13 types of English text (genre) born from the
Narration as well as Recount Text, Anecdote Text, Spoof Text. Then, the
definition of narrative text is an imaginative story to entertain people

Perhaps you need to know that the narrative text, in the writing and
composition lecture is usually called narration, which is one of type of
text in a literary language. Usually, the narrative text contains good
stories of fiction, non-fiction stories, animal stories (fable), folktales, fairy
tales, myths, legends etc. In a simple word everything about the story is
Comunicative Purpose of Narrative text
The Purpose of Narrative Text is to amuse or to entertain the reader with
a story.

included in narrative text.

Generic Structure of Narrative Text

# Orientation : It is about the opening paragraph where the characters of
the story are introduced.
# Complication : Where the problems in the story developed.
# Resolution : Where the problems in the story is solved.
# Coda / reorientation (optional) – lesson from the story
King Kiansantang was born in 1315 AD in Pajajaran which is now the city of Bogor. At the age of 22
years to be precisely in 1337 AD King Kiansantang was appointed to be the 2nd Bogor palace which
at that time coincided with the ceremony of handover of the royal heirloom and the coronation of
King Munding Kawati, the son of Eldest King Pruku Tunggal, became the great commander of
Pajajaran. In order to commemorate the sacred event of the coronation and the surrender of the
Pajajaran's heirloom, it was written by King of Single on a stone, known today by the name of Batu
Tulis Bogor.

This event is the most special occurrence in Keraton Pajajaran and can be known by us all as the heir
of the history of the nation especially in West Java. King Kiansantang is a mighty warrior sinatria, no
one can beat his valor. From childhood to adulthood ie age 33 years, precisely in 1348 AD, King
Kiansantang not yet know his own blood in the sense that there is nothing to match his valor and
kesaktiannya disejagat Java.

Often he reflects on his own thinking, "where there are gallant and powerful person who can match
his own power". Finally Prabu Kiansantang appealed to his father that is King Siliwangi to find an
opponent who can match it. The father summoned the astrologers to show who and where there
are gallant and powerful people who can match King Kiansantang. But no one can show it.

Suddenly came a grandfather who told that the person who can match the King of King Kiansantang
it is Sayyidina Ali, who lived far away in the Land of Mecca. Actually at that time Sayyidina Ali had
died, but this incident was met with goib with the power of Allah Almighty.

Then the old man said to King Kiansantang: "If you want to meet with Sayyidina Ali must implement
two conditions: First, must mujasmedi first at the end of the kulon Second, the name should be
changed to Galantrang Setra (Galantrang - Berani, Setra - Bersih / Suci ) After King Kiansantang carry
out these two conditions, he set out to the Holy Land of Mecca in 1348 AD.

Upon arriving at the land of Mecca he met a man called Sayyidina Ali, but Kiansantang did not know
that the man was named Sayyidina Ali. King Kiansantang whose name has changed to Galantrang
Setra asked the man: "Do you know the person whose name is Sayyidina Ali?" The man replied that
he knew, could instead deliver it to the place of Sayyidina Ali.

Before leaving the man stuck his stick to the ground, which Galantrang Setra did not know. After
walking a few dozen meters, Sayyidina Ali said, "O Galantrang Setra my wand missed the place, try
to get me first." Initially Galantrang Setra did not want to, but Sayyidina Ali said, "If you do not want
it will not meet Sayyidina Ali."

Be forced Galantrang Setra back to meet, to get the stick. Arriving at the place stick stuck,
Galantrang Setra pulled the stick with one hand, thought it would easily escape. It turned out that
the stick can not be revoked, not even the slightest change. Again he tried to pull it out, but the stick
remained unchanged. Third time, Galantrang Setra pulled out the stick with all his strength with the
accompaniment of spiritual energy. But instead of the fibers, even the two legs of Galantrang Setra
collapsed into the ground, and blood came out of Galantrang Setra's entire body.

Sayyidina Ali knew the incident, so he came. After Sayyidina Ali arrived, the stick was immediately
revoked while saying Bismillah and two sentences creed. Tongkatpun lifted and at the same time lost
the blood from the body Galantrang Setra. Galantrang Setra wondered why the blood that came out
of the body suddenly disappeared and returned to his body healthy.

In his heart he asked. "Is it because the sentence was said by the old man?" If it is true, so happens, I
will ask for the science of the sentence, but the man does not answer, because the Galantrang Setra
has not converted to Islam, then they both go to After arriving in the city of Mecca, on the street
there was a question asking the man as Sayyidina Ali. "Why are you Ali coming home late?".
Galantrang Setra was surprised to hear Ali's name.

It turns out that the man he just met named Sayyidina Ali. After King Kiansantang left the city of
Mecca to return to the Land of Java (Pajajaran) he terlunta not know the direction of destination,
then he thought to return to the land of Mecca again. Then go back King Kiansantang with intention
to meet Sayyidina Ali and intend to convert to Islam. In 1348 AD King Kiansantang converted to
Islam, he lived for twenty days while studying the teachings of Islam. Then he returned to the land of
Java (Pajajaran) to visit his father Prabu Siliwangi and his brothers. Arriving at Pajajaran and meeting
his father, he recounts his experiences during his stay in the land of Mecca and his meeting with
Sayyidina Ali. At the end of his story he tells him he has converted to Islam and intends to invite his
father to convert to Islam. Prabu Siliwangi was surprised when he heard his son's story that invited
to Islam. The father did not believe, even his invitation was rejected. Year 1355 AD King Kiansantang
go back to the land of Mecca, the position of the kedaleman to be temporarily submitted to Galuh
Pakuan which at that time dalemnya held by King Anggalang. King Kiansantang settled in the land of
Mecca for seven years and studied the teachings of Islam in particular. Feeling is enough to pursue
the teachings of Islam, then he returned to Pajajaran year 1362 M. He intends to spread the
teachings of Islam in the land of Java. Back to Pajajaran, accompanied by Arab merchant who has the
intention to trade in Pajajaran while helping King Kiansantang spread Islam. Arriving at Pajajaran,
Prabu Kiansantang immediately spread the religion of Islam among the people, because the
teachings of Islam in fitrohnya bring salvation of the world and the hereafter. The public accepted it
with open arms. Then Prabu Kiansantang intend to spread the teachings of Islam in the palace

After King Siliwangi got news that his son King Kiansantang has returned to Pajajaran and will be
facing him. King Siliwangi who has the king's dignity has a mind. "Instead of converting to Islam I
would rather leave the palace palace Pajajaran". Before leaving the palace, Prabu Siliwangi
transformed the beautiful Pajajaran Palace into a jungle. Seeing such a scene, King Kiansantang
chase his father. Several times Prabu Siliwangi chased and faced with King Kiansantang who
immediately urged his father and his followers to convert to Islam. But King Siliwangi still refused,
even he ran to the South Garut to one of the beaches. King Kiansantang confront him in the sea of
South Garut, but Prabu Siliwangi still do not want to convert to Islam.
With regret, King Kiansantang was forced to stem the path of his father's run. Prabu Siliwangi
entered into the cave, now called the Pameungpeuk cave. King Kiansantang have tried to Islamize his
father, but Allah did not give taufiq and hidayah to Prabu Siliwangi.

King Kiansantang back to Pajajaran, then he rebuilds the kingdom while spreading Islam to the
corners of the region, assisted by Arab merchants while trading. But the royal palace created by King
Siliwangi was not changed, with the intention that later on the children or grandchildren will know
that it is a historical relic of their ancestors.

Now the location of the palace is called Bogor Botanical Garden. In 1372 AD King Kiansantang spread
Islam in Galuh Pakuwan and he himself mengkhitanan people who convert to Islam. In 1400 AD, King
Kiansantang was appointed King of Pajajaran to replace King Munding Kawati or King Anapakem I.
But King Kiansantang did not long to be king because of the inspiration to uzlah, moved from a busy
place to a quiet place.

In uzlah it is for meditating to be closer to Allah SWT, in the framework of the mahabah and
achievement kema'rifatan. To him asked to choose a place of tafakur from the 3 places of Mount
Ceremai, Mount Tasikmalaya, or Mount Holy Holy Garut. Time uzlah must be brought a chest
containing the heritage land. The chest to be used as a sign or guidance of the place of worship later,
on the side of the place where the chest is godeg / changed, then that's where he thinks, and later
the name of Kiansantang must be replaced with Sunan Rohmat. Before uzlah Prabu Kiansantang
Toward the throne of kingdom to King Panatayuda single son King Munding Kawati. After completing
the handover of the royal throne with King Panatayuda, then depart King Kiansantang Pajajaran

The first destination is Mount Ceremai. Arrive there and then the crates are stored on the ground,
but the chest is not godeg alias changed. King Kiansantang then set off again to Mount Tasikmalaya,
there is also a crate does not change. Finally Prabu Kiansantang decided to leave for the holy
mountain of Garut. Arriving at the holy mountain Garut crate was stored on the ground suddenly
changed / godeg.

With godegnya the chest, it means a clue to the King of Kiansantang in that place, he should be
tafakur to get closer to Allah SWT. The place is now called the Godog Tomb. King Kiansantang
bertafakur for 19 years. Had founded the mosque called Karaka Godog Pusaka Mosque which is
located from the grave of Godog approximately 1 Km. King Kiansantang his name was changed to
Sheikh Sunan Holy Spirit and his place became Godog Karamat. He died in 1419 CE or 849 Hijri.
Sheikh Sunan Holy Spirit died in that place which until now is named the Tomb of Sunan Holy Spirit
or Tomb of Karamat Godog.