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Archaeo Dates Methods Contribution Understanding –what Judgement –what we can

logist did we learn make from it

Fiorelli 1860- Marked individual Numbering Reveal position of Turning from poor
Superin 1875 spot finds system for P and bodies upon death archaeological practices
tendent Excavate from top to H –into 9 regions Plaster cast show Best paintings still shipped
of P and prevent collapse + 22 insulae – features, clothes, off to Naples
Director less damage to wall Fiorellian human impact
of the structure vs side to system. Region, However prevent
Naples side exca block and scientific research on
Museu Methodical work, entrance-3 skeletons
m day books for numbers. Focus on overall
workers to record Plaster casts, history raher than
finds uncovered show features, individual objects-
each block b4 clothes, human emphasise
moving on impact archaeological
Published work in 3 Gave his own evidence importance
volumes name to the
Scientific approach streets and
because Roman
names were
Education of
of archaeology
August 1873- Classified frescoes into Inscription and Published work on Good in attempting to
Mau – 1909 4 styles of Pompeian classification of principal buildings of classify-but paintings
German panting art –date range P eg around the assigned to 3rd or 4th styles
1st 2nd C BC -
allow dating forum, international do not follow 1 typology
incrustation method,
imitate architecture of
buildings academic cooperation Some evidence suggests
stone marble blocks- Transcription esp with Germany. chronology does not match
masonry style and time
2nd –1st C BC 3D decipherment of
illusionistic painted inscription and
architecture of on the wood
realistic columns, behind wax
doors, walls and tablets to banker
openings ,
Lucius Caecilius
mythological, animals
3rd -late 2st BC early
1st AD -Augustus era-
separate panels of
mythological and
detailed motifs in
zones-blocks of
colours for each colour
4th- After AD45-
Combination of 2nd
and 3rd style-theatrical
design, rich colour,
more imaginative than
Vittorio 1911- Focus on Used material Suggest upper storeys Good at attempting to
Spinazz 1924 reconstruction fell during were well lit and reconstruct but-
ola Excavate eruption and open, ventilated by Reconstructions were based
systematically- crushed under loggias and balconies. on very small indications
streetscapes to volcanic rubble Find election poser, and influenced by paintings
reveal external to build painting, shops of houses showing upper
appearance of streetscape, workhop stories.
building –excavated facades and
via dell Abbondanza upper stories
Used photography Restored via dell
to record stages of Abbondanza-
excavation-valuable revealing houses,
info to help repair shops, taverns,
now workshops
Amedeo 1924- Extensive Excavated, Stratigraphy clarified Maiuri has been criticised
Maiuri 1961 excavation and studied and sequence of eruption, for the speed of excavations,
stratigraphic documented successive falls of the decay of uncovered
studies+ amphitheatre pumice and ash remains and the increasing
publications and palaestra, Stratigraphy also numbers of tourists in
Excavate around villa of allowed for excavated areas
walls of P to Mysteries, city interpretation of pre Faded wall paintings-no
establish sequence walls, the estate Roman levels eg near record
of construction. of Julia Felix and the Temple of Apollo
Used mechanical large area from and pre-Samnite Also Mussolini and the
equipment clear Forum to Sarno levels eg the city walls Fascists in political control
away debris from Gate. incorporate remains wanted to emphasise Italy’s
earlier exca and to Also new insulae from the 6th century past grandeur and Maiuri
assist in areas too along via dell BC. follows by excavating
hard to excavate. Abbondanza+ Moved focus away glorious monuments such
Also erected roofs cemetery along from the time of the as the Villa of Mysteries
over to protect southern wall eruption only. Descriptive rather than
Enthusiasm Sees rich+poor analytical on House of
brought tourism houses suggest Menander
decline of city
Fausto Super Halt excavation- 18,000 Provided record for Good attempt to conserve
Zevi inten focus conserving, photographs later archaeologist but more harm done
dent recording buildings were compiled of Reveal the slow death
from uncovered mosaics and of site
1977 After the frescoes
earthquake in 1980 Poor
attention has been supervision-
given to buildings in inadequate-theft.
danger of collapse. Conservation
work poorly
done+ incorrect
materials used-
caused further
damage ie new
plaster and old
plaster react
taking more
plaster off
Pier Super Attract international Negotiated with Growing wider Good job.
Giovann inten teams to carry out Italian interest and attempt
i Guzzo dent investigations and Governemnt to at conservation
in conservation keep more
1995 projects money from
trebling annual
funds available
to $9 mil

In mid 19th C after 100 years of Bourbon dominance-no longer allowed haphazard excavation, monopoly on finds and
limited access. The unification of Italy-allow new era of excavation by Giuseppe.