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The Mystery of Divinity

The Coils of Divinity

The Third Eye •
To become something greater than yourself, you must first be able to see the true face of the
world. Dragon’s who have learned The Third Eye adapt their Kindred Senses, they can now see
and hear spirits as they can blood and heartbeats. Spirits that are not wholly ephemeral, such
as those who have claimed human hosts or been imbued into fetishes, cannot be seen nor
heard, but the Dragon can ​smell​ them and seek out their host. This only applies to spirits (not
Ghosts, Angels, Quashmalim, etc), and does not at this point allow the Dragon to physically
touch the immaterial. As a slight downside the vampire now stands out to spirits as they do to
him, though few will see it as reason to act against him.

The Beast’s Shadow ••

Now that the vampire can see the shades of the world, he must learn to prey upon them. With
this tier the Dragon gains a new form of Predatory Aura, the Shadow Aura. Usable only against
spirits (Roll Blood Potency + Coil Dots). Successful aggression with the Shadow Aura allows the
Dragon to interact physically with spirits in the twilight. What’s more, his bite attack will deal
lethal damage regardless of the spirit’s banes.

Ephemeral Blood •••

To be able to hunt spirits is pointless if the Dragon cannot take sustenance from them. The
Dragon becomes able to feed on the Essence of spirits as though it were Kindred Vitae, with no
risk of addiction. At this same time his own blood is transformed and may now provide Essence
to those spirits that consume it. For spirits this is a risky endeavor, ephemeral Vitae is still
addictive. Spirits cannot be Blood Bound, but they may contract an even worse affliction,

System: ​Whenever a spirit consumes the Dragon’s Vitae it must roll Resistance penalized by
the amount of Vitae consumed. Should it fail the spirit not only suffers the effects of Vitae
addiction but gains the ​Corrupted​ condition as well.

New Condition: Corrupted

The cursed blood of a Dragon has begun to twist the spirit’s nature. Subtract one dot
from one of the spirit’s influences and replace it with one dot of a new influence related
to vampirism, usually Death or Blood. Additionally the spirit acquires a new bane,
sunlight, which remains in addition to any other banes it may possess. This condition is
cumulative, with each subsequent affliction removing another influence dot and
increasing the severity of the sunlight bane.
Resolution: ​Spirits do not change and shift as easily as mortals, therefore barring the
intervention of powerful magics and divine influences the corrupted condition c​ annot​ be

Across the Fold ••••

Now that the Dragon can hunt and feed on the little gods he must expand his hunting ground.
With this Tier the Dragon adds an addition quality to his Kindred Senses, Loci Sense. He can
now see and smell breaches in the Gauntlet just as he can see and smell blood. He can
cross-over as well, with a successful Blood Potency roll. He treats area within the Shadow as a
zone of eternal night, where he remains waking at all hours*.

*While a vampire with this can conceivably remain outside the world indefinitely, the fact remains that the
Shadow is a dangerous place. Prolonged hunts within are liable to leave the Dragon stranded, or confronted
by a spirit well beyond his capacity to defeat.

Taste of Divinity •••••

With this final Tier a Dragon may finally begin to realize his dream of godhood. He gains a spirit
Rank equal to half his Blood Potency (rounded down) and may now Diablerize spirits just as he
would another Vampire. In the case of spirits Diablerie works somewhat differently. With no soul
to taint the Dragon Diablerie of a spirit does not automatically result in Humanity loss or the
Tainted condition. Instead Spirit Diablerie is considered a Humanity (5-Spirit’s Rank) breaking
Diablerizing a spirit grants the Dragon one point of experience per rank of the spirit, this
experience may only be spent to purchase Numina (3xp) or Influences (4xp per dot). A Dragon
may only learn Numina and Influences that belonged to spirits he has devoured, and only to the
degree permitted by his own Spirit Rank.
A Dragon uses Vitae to fuel Numina and Influences, and the highest attribute in the relevant
category (Power, Finesse, or Resistance) when calculating his dice pool. Blood Potency
continues to serve as the Dragon’s Supernatural Tolerance trait. Use Rank only when there is
no substitute, such as for Influence dot caps and dice pools. Other spirit traits: simplified
attributes, being ephemeral, developing bans, etc. Are not inherited, but might be gained
temporarily through Scales.

Scales of Divinity
Unveiling Vapors
Prerequisite Coil​: The Third Eye

Procedure​: The Dragon begins by crafting incense from dried blood, fat, and a touch of Vitae.
At least a dozen must be made to create a smoke thick enough for the Dragon’s needs. The
finished incense are arrayed in a room, often supported with vitae infused oil lamps and
candles. Once lit the whole procedure produces a thick, red tinted smoke that fills the area over
the next several minutes, and lingers for up to twelve hours.

Outcome​: The smoke created by the incense is of two worlds, it pools around ephemeral
entities giving them a semblance of form. While this will not render a spirit material, it will serve
as a visual warning when a spirit enters the haze and allow others less advanced than the
Dragon to see and communicate with immaterial forms. Assuming they can tolerate the smoke
that is. The Haze is extremely unpleasant, it burns the eyes and sticks to the throat. Living
creatures gain a minor version of the Sickened Condition so long as they remain within the
haze. Vampires and other undead are unaffected.

Perfect Vessel
Prerequisite Coil​: Ephemeral Blood

Procedure​: The Dragon selects a vessel, mortal thralls are most effective though beastial
familiars are also an option. The vessel must be blood bound to the Dragon, then fed and elixir
containing Vitae (one or more points), ether, and a cocktail of minor hallucinogens. They will
cause the vessel to get a little loopy, as he will be quite inebriated, but inflicts no lasting harm.

Outcome​: Thus spiritually imbued the vessel becomes enticing to unfettered spirits. They see in
him a welling of essence, and alluring source of power. Spirits must succeed a Resistance +
Rank roll, penalized by the Dragon’s Blood Potency, to not attempt to fetter to the vessel (GMC

Red Claim
Prerequisite Coil​: Across the Fold

Procedure​: This procedure demands a great deal of time and a massive expenditure of Vitae,
as such a Dragon should first find a secluded location, well away from prying eyes or other
kindred. Once said location is procured he may begin his work, starting with the ritual murder
and exsanguination of a spirit (usually a very weak spirit). This process is violent, the vampire
must tear apart the spirit’s corpus and consume it completely.
Intoxicated on Essence the Dragon then slits his wrists and begins to pace the border of his lair.
As he does so his Essence thick Vitae slowly seeps into the twilight and begins to whittle away
at the gauntlet. This invokes an extended roll of Blood Potency + Vitae Spent, with a target
anywhere between 5 (for already weak points) and 25 (for areas where the gauntlet is iron clad),
and an interval of one roll every hour.

Outcome​: Assuming he is successful the Dragon burns away the gauntlet and turns the
location into a Loci. This is not a normal loci mind you, anyone with the senses for it (i.e.
Werewolves) will notice immediately the sanguine taint on the grounds and may well attempt to
redeem the area. Without outside intervention the wound is permanents.

Special: ​Vampires with Lord of the Land (Animalism 5) or Oubliette (Obfuscate 5), may work
these powers into this ritual, combining costs and creating a shadow territory for the Dragon to
call his own.

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