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Coil of the Divine

No Mystery has ever succeeded to become what they wish through the Coils, the Mystery of the
Divine hasn't even gotten close. They have far less concrete information to work with than most
mysteries and they constantly mix up multiple ideas of divinity. You can argue about whether the
beings of the Empyrean and the greatest Spirits are both Gods or merely extraordinarily
powerful, but it is a matter of objective fact that trying to combine both into a single Coil will tie
you in knots.

The following rules present a relatively successful coil that draws from one single concept of the
divine, one that the Mystery would agree with, and so rivals any other Mystery's achievements.
In reality only the first two dots have been discovered. Most attempts to create the third dot draw
from a different manner of God and if the Vampire isn't destroyed by his experiments or the
resulting Coil she is stuck at a dead end. The rest are simple failures or irreproducible successes.

By witnessing a religious service dedicated to herself the Vampire gains a rush of self-confidence
represented by the Steadfast Condition; in addition if the Vampire has the Competative condition
it is resolved. As Blood Potency rises the service must become more elaborate. At Blood Potency
three or lower a simple prayer service for at least Blood Potency people is sufficient. At Blood
Potency six or less ten times Blood Potency cultists must come together in a service involving
icons, incense and similar sacraments. At higher Blood Potency it takes 100 times blood potency
cultists and blood sacrifices. The Vampire doesn't need to be present, but he must be able to see
and hear the service as it happens either through technological or supernatural means.

Nectar and Ambrosia OO

Every time the vampire feeds on someone who worships him, he drains one point of Willpower
for every point of damage. Each point of willpower provides one damage point's worth of Vitae.
A cult may be represented by the Herd merit, and in such cases he doubles the vitae provided by
the Merit.

After being fed upon the vampire's cultists gain the Inspired Condition as a result of a rapturous
experience and knowing they helped their god.


The Vampire's beast and soul begins to spread outwards from it's body, a fragment takes root in
all the Vampire's mortal worshippers. The vampire no longer needs to witness a religious service
to benefit from it's effects and when present among a large number of followers (the same as for
the first dot of this Coil) his Blood Potency is effectively increased by two dots to a maximum of
ten. The vampire's soul has more room to grow and when the components are together they can
unlock that potential.

If the Vampire's follower ever stops worshipping the fragment of the Vampire is instantly


The Vampire's bond to her worshippers grows. By focusing on a cultist the Vampire may use
their senses as though they were her own. In addition she may engage in two way telepathic
communication with her cultists. Any Disipline that affects the target's mind and dosn't require
anointing of blood or some thing else that requires the vampire's presence may also be used upon
a cultist remotely.

While the vampire is using a cultist's senses he may still notice danger or other events near her
own body, but at a -3 penalty.


The vampire extends upon his ability to ride his followers. He can posses them at any time, using
their bodies for his own purposes. While possessing the Vampire uses his cultist's physical
attributes and merits and his own traits for everything else. He may use the predatory aura and
still suffers from any banes and the risk of Frenzy but does may not use any other of his
supernatural abilities. If his cultist possesses any purely physical supernatural abilities (such as
poisonous fangs implanted by some horrific scale of the dragon) or if the Vampire and his
worshipper have supernatural abilities in common (such as a Ghoul with the same disciplines)
then he may make use of those. If he somehow knows either the Vampire may use Theban
Sorcery or Curac while in a host body.

So long as they have worshippers Gods can't die. If the Vampire is forced into Torpor or Final
Death (and has a Blood Potency of two or more) she may reflexively spend a dot of Blood
Potency to permanently transfer herself into a worshipper. Over a course of (he new reduced)
Blood Potency days the victim transforms physically and mentally into the Vampire; eventually
the cultist's soul is expelled (or worse) and the Vampire is restored, safe and healthy.

Normally a cultist embraces their God's destructive possession. A timely intervention by

deprogrammers or the vampire's enemies may encourage them to fight back, in such a case use
the following rules. Start with 0 Transformation Points and once a day roll a contested Resolve +
Composure roll. If the Vampire wins add one Transformation Point, if the Vampire looses
remove one. At Blood Potency Transformation Points the process is complete, but if the score
ever reaches negative Blood Potency Transformation points the vampire's soul is expelled and
suffers Final Death. So long as the Transformation Points are positive the cultist can regain
willpower from both her own and the Vampire's Virtue and Vice, however using the Vampire's
inflicts a -2 to her next roll to resist soul hijacking.
Finally, a sufficiently skilled sorcerer could forcibly exorcise the vampire's soul from the cultist.
Even a willing cultist.

Scales of the Divine focus on the manipulation of obscure occult energies. Through the Coil of
the Divine Dragons have uncovered and manage to feed upon a form of energy created or
focused by worship. Though this energy is barely understood the Scales of the Divine use a
verity of mystic, pseudo-scientific and new age paraphernalia to focus, transfer and transmute
worship for a verity of effects.

The majority of Scales focus on enhancing the vampire's cultists to make them more useful
servants. Others focus on transmutation between different states of prayer energy, at least that's
what the dragons think they do. Just as the Dragons have difficulty telling entirely unrelated
orders of divine, ethereal or spiritual beings apart they often assume that various forms of energy
are merely another variant of prayer energy, consequently the transmutations tend to be
monstrously inefficient and their experiments have a alarming tendency to go horribly wrong or
attract the attention of terrifying beings from far reaches.

Example scales:

A crystal lined helmet that reflects prayer energy. A prayer session wearing it results in a
feedback loop causing a long term bout of fanaticism.

Store prayer energy for eating later.

Using special acupuncture needles that attract prayer energy for faith healing.

Turning your fangs into a prayer capacitor. Anyone you bite, not just your cult, is inspired.
Useful for recruiting.

Turn 5 vitae into one spirit Essence. Roll a chance die, on a dramatic failure a dangerous spirit
materializes. This is not a practical scale but an example of the dangerous and ignorant
experiments being used to develop the 3+ dots.

Focus a whole cult's worth of prayer energy into a tight beam. Another non-practical scale; the
dragons occasionally beam it at places like The Vatican or Mt Olympus hoping to attract a god's
attention for study. (They haven't gotten any reply yet)