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Form: Have + Object + Past Participle

Usage: When somebody does something for us (a kind of service) and it
usually involves payment.

An overview of some of the most frequently used verb tenses using the
expression WASH/THE CAR:
PRESENT SIMPLE: I have the car washed every week./He has the car
washed every week.
PRESENT CONTINUOUS: I am having the car washed now.
PAST SIMPLE: I had the car washed yesterday.
PRESENT PERFECT: I have had the car washed./I haven’t had the car
washed yet.
PAST CONTINUOUS: I was having the car washed when it started raining.
PAST PERFECT: I had had the car washed before it started raining.
WILL: I will have the car washed.
BE GOING TO: I am going to have the car washed tomorrow.
USED TO: I used to have the car washed.
WOULD LIKE: I would like to have the car washed.
MODAL VERBS (MAY, MUST, CAN, SHOULD…): I must have the car
   TIME TO PRACTISE   
1 I ________________ my car ________________ every year. (service)
2 My skirt is too long. I must __________it _______________.(shorten)
3 He _____________ the roof __________________ yesterday. (repair)
4 I want _______________ my photograph __________________. (take)
5 Your roof is leaking. You should ___________it ___________. (repair)
6 We _________ a telephone __________ in our flat yesterday. (install)
7 We are building a new house.
8 He will make a new suit.
9 You must paint the front gate.
10 I have to install this new video.
11 She repaired her washing machine.
12 We decorated our house last summer.
13 Why don’t you ___________ the document ______________ ? (photocopy)
14 He didn’t like the color of the curtains so he _____them________. (dye)
15 He went to a garage to ________ the puncture _____________. (mend)
16 His arm was broken so he had to go to hospital to _____it_____. (set)
17 The battery is all right now. I ___________ just __________it
____________ (recharge)
18 It’s a beautiful photo. I’m going to _____________________. (enlarge)
19 Be careful of those knives. I ______ just ______________. (sharpen)

1 The nurse checked my blood pressure.

2 The optician will test her eyes.
3 Someone stole her purse.
4 The hotel porter took our luggage to the room.
5 A locksmith has put new locks on all our doors.
6 They are cleaning the carpets.
7 He is building a swimming pool in the back yard.
8 The garage has re-sprayed my car.

1.I pay a garage to service my car.

2.The tap keeps dripping so I must send for a plumber to see to it.

3.I paid a watchmaker to clean my watch.

4.An artist is painting her portrait. She………..

5.They arranged for the police to arrest the man.

6.He paid a lorry driver to tow the car to a garage.

7.They are employing builders to build a garage.

8.I pay a window cleaner to clean my windows every month.

9.The old gypsy is telling Tom’s fortune. Tom…………

10.I asked the fishmonger to open the oysters for me.

11.I went to a jeweler and he pierced my ears for me.