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English, Grade: 10, Semester: 2

Unit/Module: 11, Hello Unit 11, Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre.

Teacher: Ahmed Abdelwahed Mohamed

Date Taught: March 29th 2017

Learning Outcomes

Extract and summarize salient points in text
Read different authentic materials from a variety of media sources and identify main ideas and
Lesson Objectives
By the end of the lesson, SS will be able to:
1. Apply the literature circle to read and summarize what they read.
2. Read and make critical thinking question about Jane Eyre.
3. Discuss character’s motivations in pairs and groups.
4. Answer given questions about the events of the story
5. Give a summary of the whole events of the story.
Grand Challenge (Module Theme):
Energy and saving the earth

Textbook & Resource Materials

1. Hello English unit 11 reading and communication.
2. Internet search.
3. PPT with pictures and videos about Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre
4. A video about the story
Activity 1 – Warm up (Look and talk): (10 min.)

The teacher presents a picture of the book cover of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and asks the students to
predict the period of time the story was written in from the clothes of the people and asks them what they
predict to read about in the story.
1. What do you think the story is about?
2. When did the story take place?
3. Do you know anything about the writer Charlot Bronte?
Then the teacher presents some quotes by the writer Charlot Bronte and asks the question.
1. What might you learn about the person who says such these quotes?

Activity 2 – A Lead in (A video) (TPS) (10)

The teacher presents a video and asks the SS to predict what will happen in the story. What is
it about and if they have read stories like this before.

Activity 3 – (Literature circle): (25 min.)

The teachers explains what a literature circle is and divides the roles and asks them to read and discusses
questions and answers with each group.
Activity 4. Ask and answer questions (Check your understanding (15 min.)
The teachers puts the questions on the screen and asks the students to answer them in groups.
1. Who raised Jane Eyre and why?
2. How did Jane’s aunt punish her and why?
3. What did Jane see in the locked red room? What happened to her next?
4. What did Mr. Lioyd suggest? How did Mrs Reed respond?
5. Why do you think that jane Eyer became happy by Mr. Lioyd?
6. How did Jane Eyre find her life at school?
7. Who was the school headmaster? How can you describe him?
8. Who was Jane’s friend? What happened to her? Why?
9. What happened in the town of Lowood?
Activity 5/ Test your understanding( 5 minutes )
The teacher asks the students to answer some given questions individually
Learning Activity 6– (presentation): (15 min.)

The students read and give a small talk about one character in the story

Students’ Reflection on Lesson / Feedback and Homework( 5 minutes )

The teacher asks the students to write a summary of the story in 100 words.
Exit tickets

Notes for the teacher – Before Teaching

Evaluation Criteria
Exit tickets

Summarize the story in not more than 100 words.

Notes for the teacher – After Teaching

Teacher Notes and Reflections

Three samples of Student Work (Exceeds expectations, proficient, needs work)