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Psalms 1:11 Proverbs 3:15 Psalms 128:1 1 John 2:8

Serve the Lord She is precious like jewels Blessed is everyone who The Darkness is past and
With fear and rejoice And nothing you desire Fears the Lord who walks the true light is Shine
With trembling can compare with her In his ways

Ps. 100:2 Matt. 26:41 Mark 1:35 Roman 13:11

Serve the Lord Watch and pray that And in the morning rising Now it is High Time to
With Gladness You are not enter into Up a greet while before awake out of sleep
temptation day “Pray”

Phil. 4:13 1 Peter 5:7 Matthew 7:2 Matthew 7:7

I can do all things Casting all your anxieties For with what judgment Ask and it will be given to
through Christ which on him because he cares you judge you will be you; Seek and you will
strengthens me for you judge,and with the find, knock and it will be
measure you use, it will open to you
be measure back to you
James 4:3 Don’t worry , It never God has a more Colossians 3:2
You ask and do not helps anything awesome plan for your Set your mind on things
receive because you are -Pray life than you could above, not on early
wrongly to spend it on -Trust God imagine. Simply because things
your passions -Let it Go he loves you
Phil. 4:13 Luke 6:27 Trusting God is more Luke 18:27
God never tells us to do But I say to you, LOVE than what you see. Walk For with God nothing
anything without giving your enemies and do by faith not by sight. shall be impossible
us the ability to do it. good to those who hate
Proverbs 27:1 Proverbs 31:30 Do not seek the world God sees your pain. He
Do not boast about Charm is deceitful and Seek Peace will provide a way. Bigger
tomorrow for you do not beauty is vain , but a Seek Truth and greater than before
know what a day may woman who fears the Seek Love
bring Lord is to be praised. Seek Christ
PS. 147:3 Col. 2:6 John 8:12 Mark 11:15
He healed the broken As you have therefore He that follow me will Repent ye and believe
heart and cure the received Christ Jesus the not walk in darkness the Gospel
wounds Lord , so walk in Him

Psalm 56:3 Decide today that you Rom: 9:33 The Best is yet to come.
But even I am afraid I wont give upon your Whoever believe on him Trust God and Wait for
keep on trusting you dreams and desires. Keep shall not be ashamed. the perfect time 
pressing forward,
believing that you are
anointed and