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Our Beliefs

21 Powerful Beliefs That Have Blessed My Life

James 1:5
My friends, what good is it for one of you to say that you have faith if your actions do not prove it? Can that faith
save you? Suppose there are brothers or sisters who need clothes and don’t have enough to eat. What good is
there in saying to them, “God bless you! Keep warm and eat well!” if you don’t give them the necessities of life? So
it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, it is dead.

1. I believe that God loves me.

I believe that I cannot do anything that will lessen His love for me. I believe that my repentance is the result
of His forgiveness, not the other way around. I believe that I can say No to God’s love through sin. I believe
God will wait for me until I say Yes to Him.

2. I believe that God created me in His image.

I believe in celebrating, listening, and trusting more God’s goodness within me—and within others.

3. I believe that I’m not perfect and need to constantly grow.

I believe I’m broken and this humility will open myself to God’s love. I believe in admitting my brokenness
before others and receiving God’s healing through them—and in turn, heal others through my wounds.

4. I believe that God still works miracles today.

I believe that there are blessings everywhere, waiting to be received. I believe that within our biggest
problems are our biggest blessings; I believe that the prayers of others will strengthen my faith – which will
make me more open to receive the blessings already available to me.

5. I believe that I can make my life beautiful.

I believe God has given me the power to determine my future. I believe that my past does not define my future.
I believe that I must avoid blame and take personal responsibility for my destiny. I believe that failure is
necessary for success. I believe in the power of my words to determine my desired future.

6. I believe that God has an exciting vision for my life.

I believe that I can discover this vision through my deepest desires and core gifts. I believe having a passion
for this exciting vision is the key to a joyful and successful life.

7. I believe that the essence of Christianity is love.

I believe that love must be gentle and tough. I believe that self-love is the foundation of loving God and others.
I believe that self-love means radically caring for my soul, my mind, and my body.

8. I believe that my real success is defined by my relationships.

I believe in honoring and loving my parents. I believe that great marriages, holy children, and strong families
don’t just happen, but are created with much sacrifice. I believe that family life is the primary way of building
God’s Kingdom. I believe that single people need a spiritual family around them. I believe real financial success
is dependent on the strength of my relationships.

9. I believe in daily prayer.

I believe in using my own language of prayer to open myself to God. I believe my best prayer is a life lived in

10. I believe in growing wisdom each day.

I believe in growing in wisdom each day—through Scriptures, readings, talks, mentors, and personal reflection. I
believe that the best way of growing in wisdom is by action.

11. I believe in living within a spiritual family.

I believe in living within a spiritual family surrounded by spiritual friendships, communal prayer, spiritual
formation, and loving mentors.

12. I believe that I was born to serve.

I believe that I was born to serve—through my family and friendships, my profession, my ministries, and my
evangelism: Sharing God’s love to those around me and inviting them to join my spiritual family.

13. I believe that God’s will for my life is not a detailed plan but a divine call.
I believe that God’s will is narrow for choices between good and bad, but very wide for choices between good
and good.

14. I believe that my emotions are the windows of my soul.

I believe that I need to respect and listen to my emotions, yet at the end of the day, still do what is right.

15. I believe that what I focus on grows.

I believe that my mindset determines my reality. I believe that the color of my lenses will determine the color
of my world. I believe that universe adjusts to our expectations.

16. I believe that the true purpose of wealth is to love others.

I believe in teaching Christians about financial literacy, wealth-building, simplicity, and sacrificial generosity. I
believe profit is sacred if profit is used for God’s purpose, supporting one’s family, supporting God’s work and
helping the poor. I believe in tithing to my spiritual family that nourishes my spiritual needs.

17. I believe that faith is a lifetime journey with many stages.

I believe that I become like the god that I worship. I believe that unless I change my cruel, legalistic, selfish
image of god, I will not see real change in my life.

18. I believe that Christianity essentially includes a sacrificial love for the poor.
I believe that salvation isn’t simply about going to Heaven, but about bringing Heaven down on earth, especially
for those who are suffering.

19. I believe in caring for God’s creation.

I believe God appointed me its caretaker so I can pass on a planet still habitable for the children of our

20. I believe in a leadership that doesn’t motivate by fear but inspires by love.
I believe in a leadership that equips—and then gets out of the way so people can fully mature and bear fruit.

21. I believe in the Catholic Faith.

I believe in the Sacraments. I believe in the Magisterium. I believe that the Eucharist is God’s call to me to
also be a broken bread and a poured-out wine for others. I believe that every human being is a child of God—no
matter what race or status or religion. I believe in working for unity among Christians and non-Christians.