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(A) Read the dialogue and complete the poster.


Hui Ying: I like to play badminton. Where can I learn the game?
Tayyibah: You can take badminton lessons at Emas Sports Club.
Hui Ying: On what days can I have the lessons?
Tayyibah: On Tuesday and Thursday.
Hui Ying: At what time?
Tayyibah: From 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Hui Ying: Will I have to pay any fee?
Tayyibah: Yes, you will have to pay RM50 per month.
Hui Ying: What must I bring along?
Tayyibah: Bring along your badminton racket and shuttlecock.
can call Mr Wong at 012-6655423 to get further details.
Hui Ying: Thank you for the information, Tayyibah.
Tayyibah: You are welcome, Hui Ying.

Badminton Lessons For Boys And Girls

Place: 1. _______________________________________________________.

Day: 2. __________________________________________________________.

Time: 3. _________________________________________________________.

Monthly fee: 4. __________________________________________________.

Bring along your: 5. ______________________________________________.

Please call 6. ________________________________ for futher details.

(B) Based on the pictures, rearrange the words to form correct
sentences. (10%)

7.a a – Jack – giant – climbed up – beanstalk


b. sky – a castle – He – reached – in the


c. He – that hen – found – laid – a golden eggs


d. A wicked – him – chased – giant – down the


e. cut the beanstalk – Jack – and – the giant – to

his death – fell

(C) Join the sentences using the conjunction ‘ and ‘. (16%)

8. Tom likes coffee. Tom likes tea.


9. My brother’s hair is short. My brother’s hair is curly.


10. I like to eat cakes. I like to eat doughnuts. I like to eat waffles.


11. The dog is running. The dog is wagging its tail.


12. I washed the watermelon. I washed the oranges.


13. John wears a red shirt. John wears white shorts. John wears
sports shoes.


14. John loves reading. John loves swimming.


15. the audience laughed. They clapped. They jumped for joy.

(D) Write the correct questions for each answer from the box.(12%)

- Which is my new dress? - What is your father’s occupation?

- Who cooked this delicious meal? - Where are you going for
- How are you? - When is your birthday?

Ying Jing cooked this delicious meal.

I am fine, thank you.

My birthday is in October.

Your new dress is the one with a red ribbon.

My father is a carpenter.

I am going to Australia for holidays.

(E) Group and write the sentences accordingly in the given lines
We must queue up in the canteen.
We must not play by the roadside.
We must use the zebra-crossing.
We must not rush down the stairs.
We must board the bus in single file.
We must not run on the wet floor.
What you must do What you must not do
22.a. __________________________ d. __________________________
______________________________ ______________________________
b. ___________________________ e. ___________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
c. ____________________________ f. ____________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
(F) Match the sentence parts and write them in the space provided.

The hare and the tortoise but it stopped to rest.

24. The hare run fast had a race.

The tortoise crawled on had won the race.


26. The hare woke up while the hare fell


27. But the tortoise and ran as fast as it

(G) Rewrite the sentences by using the correct punctuation.(11%)

28. lily mary and danesh are best friend


29. he has money but no manners


30. i was late because i overslept


31. you like to play badminton or squash


(H) Add “ the “ in the sentences and rewrite them. (8%)

32. Who opened door?

33. We live in city.

34. John is tallest boy in school.

35. Red car belongs to my father.

33. Fill in the blanks with the simple present tense forms. (10%)

36. The sun ____________________ (rise) in the east.

37. Alonso _____________________ (speak) English well.

38. Danny ______________________ (cycle) to school with his friends.

39. The stars ____________________ (glitter) at night.

40. Jia Yi ______________________ (listen) to music every night.

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