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English script 


-Janet/Mom: Camila Montenegro

-Mr Taylor/Dad: David Riffo

-Steve: Amin Carrizo

-Carol: Rocio Cuevas

-Mrs Bennett/Bennett: Fernanda Aracena

(Mom enter to the kids room, and wake them up)

-Mom: Guys wake up, it´s going to be late for our flight

-Carol: Ok mom, we´re going

-Steve: Ughh, i dont want to wake up

(Mom leaves, Carol and Steve starts talking)

-Carol:Well, today is the big day, we´re leaving San Francisco and we´re flying to Springfield,

-Steve: Im not very happy about leaving my friends and school here in San Francisco

-Carol: Oh come on Steve, we´ll make new friends in Springfield and you can always e-mail your
old friends. It´ll be an adventure for us

-Steve: I hope you are right, im going to miss San Francisco

(Mom talks from the kitchen)

-Mom: Breakfast is ready!!

-Carol and Steve: Alright we´re going!! (screaming from their room)

-Mom: Hurry up or we´ll miss the plane!!

(Everyone goes to see the house and talk with Bennett)

-Dad: Hello my name is Richard Taylor and im looking for a big house to rent in Springfield

-Bennett: Pleased to meet you, Mr Taylor, im Alyson Bennett and i can help you find the right
house. What kind of house do you need?

-Dad: We´re a family of 4 people, im a writer and a photographer and i work at home, so i need a
big house with lots of rooms and a garden

-Bennett: I have the right house for you! Its the Akron house on Clark street and its got an
interesting history

-Mom: Hmm a house with history (looking to Steve and Carol)

-Bennet: Let me tell you about it. Its an old wooden house in good condition with three floors and
lots of big roos for Mr Taylor´s work

-Mom: It´s sounds really good!

-Bennett: And it´s got a nice garden all around it. Your two children can walk to school because the
middle school and the high school are about ten minutes away.
And there are plenty of parks, supermarkets and shopping centers in the area

-Carol: why is it called the Akron house?

-Bennett: Well it was built by Mr Jonathan Akron in 1838.thats the year when Abraham Lincoln
was living here

During the american civil war the Akron house became a small hospital for the soldiers who were
fighting in this area. Springfield was a very important center during the civil war. When the war
ended in 1865 the hospital closed, and Mr Akron grandchildren went to live here. There´s still
some of the old furniture in the house

-Dad: What do you think? (looking to Carol and Steve)

-Carol: oh, dad it sounds great! There are lots of rooms and there´s a garden. We never had a
garden in San Francisco

-Dad: What about you Steve?

-Steve: It´s OK dad, if you and mom like it…Besides, i like it too

-Mom: Well, Richard, it sounds perfect for our work. We can have our office on the third floor,
Carol and Steve can have their own rooms

-Carol and Steve: Fantastic!!

-Dad: can we go to the see the house Mrs Bennett?

-Bennett: Yes! Go into my car, Im going to take you

-Mom: Let´s go kids

(everyone go to Mrs Bennett´s car)

-Carol: It´s a bit scary in here (looking around)

-Bennett: Oh that´s because we have to open a few windows and turn on the lights

-Steve: Who lived here before?

-Bennett: Uhhh….a family from new york city ( trying not to look at Steve)

-Steve: Why did they leave?

-Bennett: Oh,i dont know… i think it was too big for them. Let´s go upstairs now

-Mom: Well i certainly must clean this old house(looking around)

-Bennett: I agree (smiling)

-Carol and Steve: We can help you mom

-Dad: The kitchen needs a new table and new chairs (looking)

-Bennett: There´s a new shopping center near here called “Buy and save”. My husband and i
bought a lot of nice things for our house there

-Mom: Thanks for the info. Mrs Bennett!

(they followed bennet to the house and started decide if rent the house or not)

-Dad: So…we´re going to rent it?

-Mom: I dont know, what do you think kids?

-Steve: I think i can live here, right Carol?

-Carol: Yeah! I really like the house

-Dad:OK, so it´s decided, we´re going to rent the house!

End end end end end end end end end end end enend end end end end end end end end enD