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Extended Summary

Assumptions that are made in coursework 2 is that the machineries have 100%
efficiency and there is no power lost. The other assumption is that all the raw
material goes into the machine come out of the machine because there is no
wastage of materials.

The areas of uncertainty that remains in coursework 2 is that the number of

products produced without all the assumptions. Some of the areas are put as an
assumption but will it really matter in real life or will it affect the production of a

If I have given more time I would like to improve my design of my machine with
a very complex and advanced machine. I would like to design a much more
systematic process flow diagram.

I have learnt how to use AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor even better. I have
learnt that these apps make an engineer’s life much easier especially process
engineer. I have learnt that it is not easy to process a product because it
involves so many people and so many knowledges.

Problems that I was facing when I was doing coursework 2 is that I was not sure
that making assumptions will affect the process in real life. I was facing
problems doing my machine drawing in Autodesk Inventor because I was just a
beginner but with guidance from the lecturer I have managed to draw one