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Lovibond® Colour Measurement

Tintometer® Group

Application Note

Animal Fats and Dark Oils

Animal fats are traditionally measured for colour using

the Lovibond® Tintometer® model E or F1 but when the
requirement calls for colour to be measured to satisfy the
American or American Associated markets the Wesson
method is normally required to be used. The instrument
suitable for this purpose is the AOCS-Tintometer® AF7102
(current model Af710-3).

The Lovibond® Tintometer® models E and F have the

facility to measure a full range of colours from light to
dark whilst the AF710 is unable to satisfactorily cope with the darker colours. In these situations the
FAC3 colour standards must be used.
The FAC colour scale consists of a set of 26 permanent colour glass standards each with its own
designated number. The colour scale is divided into five sections enabling the fat or oil to be
categorised according to its lightness, darkness, yellowness, redness or greenness3.


Lovibond® 3-Field Comparator Af229 complete with four Lovibond® FAC colour discs
range 1-45. This instrument allows the operator to place the sample in the centre
viewing position with the colour standards on its left and right.

Lovibond® PFXi 195/3 complete with programs for FAC and Gardner colour scales. A
program is also included for obtaining spectral data and CIE values.


1) Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils- Determination of Lovibond® Colour ISO 15305.
2) AOCS Official Method Cc13b-45. Sampling and analysis of commercial fats and oils.
3) AOCS Official Method Cc 13a-43. Sampling and analysis of commercial fats and oils.