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Michelle Karwowski

Title of Lesson: ​Writing intervention “Is it OK to Miss School for Vacation?”

Date(s): ​March 3rd
Overview: ​The students will proofread/edit their work by using a checklist as a guide. The
checklist will help student focus on correct essay format and on specific conventions. In
addition, students will self-reflect and write a personal writing goal. The checklist will also aid
me in assessing their ability to proofread/edit.
● The students will be able to independently proofread and edit, guided by a checklist.
● The students will be able to write an essay in the correct essay format.
● The students will be able to write a personal writing goal based on their results from the
Objective/Desired Student Outcome/Guiding or Essential Questions:
● Students will be able to write an argument using clear reasons and explanations, with
logical organization.
● Students will use “according to the text” (or similar reference statement) before citing
specific information from the text, as indicated on self-assessment checklist and seen in
writing sample.
● Students will use correct capitalization and punctuation as indicated on self-assessment
checklist and seen in writing sample.
● Students will demonstrate self assessment and reflection by completing self-assessment
checklist and then writing a personal goal.
Common Core/Next Generation Learning Standards:
4L2: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English. Capitalization, punctuation
and spelling when writing.
4L3: Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, and
4L3b: Choose punctuation for effect.
4W1: Write an argument to support claim(s); using clear reasons and relevant evidence.
4W1a: Introduce precise claim supported by well organized facts and details, and
organize the reasons and evidence logically.
4w1b: Use precise language and content specific vocabulary
4W1c: Use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas within categories of
4W1d: Provide a concluding statement or section related to the argument presented.
Key Vocabulary and Definitions: n/a
Materials/Resources: ​S​cholastic News​, document reader, paper, teacher-created checklist.
Learning Sequence: ​In this lesson I will be handing out a ​Scholastic News​ and using the debate
article titled, “Is it OK to Miss School for Vacation?”. I will then read the article on the
document reader to allow all the students an opportunity to hear a fluent reader, comprehend the
text, and stay at the same pace. Next, I will be explaining how we will use this article and the
debate question as a writing prompt for a new essay. I will explain that their goal is to write an
opinion essay using the previously taught writing format, to then proofread/edit their work using
a checklist, and finally to write a personal goal. I will model a mock essay with intentional
mistakes to allow me to show the students how to use the checklist. I will use an old prompt so
they do not copy my model. I will read my essay once, and then read it again slowly following
the checklist. At the end of the proofreading I will form a writing goal for the sample. The two
things I left intentionally for the students to recognize is a lack of explanation (elaboration), and
capitalization. This should be the goal of my writing. Then I will let the students complete their
essay and checklist/writing goal. They will be able to self-assess and self reflect by creating a
writing goal based on their work. I will be sitting at a table with a group and looking over their
self assessments and writing goals, while monitoring other students.

Assessment: Formal; ​Writing samples, and student self checklist (included below).

I will be using the students’ self checklists and their writing samples to see if they met the
objectives. This is a formal assessment.
** Did I use capitalization in the beginning of my sentences? YES/NO
** Did I use the correct punctuation? ex: putting a period after each completed YES/NO