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Fill in the blanks with suitable words or phrases from the text read.

1. Aloo is accepted into a university to study _________________.

2. Mother asks for _____________‘s advice onn Aloo’s education.
3. Aloo’s main ambition is to be _________________
4. Aloo’s father passed away when mother was_________-years old.
5. Aloo’s mother didn’t have to worry about the education fee since Aloo was
offered a________________.

Mind mapping
In the mind map below, state the problems/issues/dilemmas from each

Provide short answers for the following questions.

Aloo’s mother
1. What specific incident made Aloo think about his future?
2. How did Mother feel about Aloo going to America?
3. Why does Mother finally allow Aloo to go?
4. What is main theme of the story? Give evidence from the text.
5. If you were Aloo, would you return home one day?
Give reasons for your answer

Write True or False for the following statements about Aloo.
dilemmas 1. Aloo is accepted into an American university.[ ]
Mr.Velji 2. Aloo loves to read.[ ]
One of Aloo’s 3. Aloo wants to study agriculture.[ ]
sibling 4. Aloo is the eldest child of a family of five siblings.[ ]
5. He is a lazy boy.[ ]
6. He is a bright student in his first year of school.[ ]
7. Aloo did not get a scholarship to study at the California Institute
of Technology.[ ]
8. He is curious and excited to study overseas.[ ]

Fill in the missing events in the correct order.

Aloo came from a poor Aloo started to write letters

family but he is a bright to several universities with
students determination

Aloo's mother disagree

because she's afraid of
losing his son

With a heavy heart,

Aloo'smother finally
decided to let him go