The Wo rld Race Ratchaburi, Th ailand October 1-6, 2007 Malleable Ministry

Seven:Eleven (Mark 7:11)
Corban (a gift devoted to God) (7) Servants Devoted to God for (11) Months

After their arrival in Ratchaburi, Thailand, Team (seven:eleven) quickly realized that flexibility is a valued quality when pursuing ministry in a foreign country. A haze of expectations seemed to circulate amongst the group, yet when provided a schedule of ministry options, this misty mountain of “where, who, how, when, and what...” slowly mitigated as divine appointments transacted into reality. Brandon, Cameron, Christie, Haley, Mark, Pam, and Sarah spent last week working with English Clubs within a high school and university. During their days, the majority of time was spent assisting students articulate the English language through casual conversations which enabled individuals to build relationships and share their faith in various formal and informal settings. However, the “soil” here is filled with the weeds and thorns of Buddhism which prohibits the word of truth from producing fruit, yet by the work of the Spirit, these hearts are being prepared for the harvest. Cultural conformity to religiosity is being confronted with its lack of relationship to God. Rather than presenting religion, (seven:eleven) is carrying the gospel into Thailand as the greatest love story ever lived. “But God demonstrates His loved for us that while we were sinners, Christ died for the us.” Romans 5:8

Gracious Giving
Have you ever been lost, unable to communicate, paralyzed by ignorance, stifled by miscommunication, or surrounded by unfamiliarity? Just one of these would make one succumb to discomfort and frailty. Yet when confronted with these, Brandon and Christie found themselves resting in the lap of a culture of genuine giving. Picture this…it’s about 45 minutes until darkness prevails and you’re in a city that is about 30 miles away from your current living quarters with no form of transportation to carry you that distance before the moon’s countenance appears. As you stand at the bus station, sudden fears seem to suffocate any thought of hope. The few people around you only speak another language, the emergency number you’ve been given is incorrect, and you have no idea how to return home. So here is where Christie and Brandon found themselves last week, when they took the wrong bus home. They found themselves diving into a trip of faith and fortitude.

Longing for a touch of divinity, the two found themselves at the mercies of the unknown. Much to their surprise, in a matter of minutes God provided an unscheduled bus that would carry them from unfamiliarity to the city that provided them with security. Yet within this transaction of transportation, thoughts were provoked to consider the magnitude of such an unexplainable event. In reality, they had just experienced the hand of God, but inside this hand they witnessed a culture of selflessness. A culture that walked past obligation and journeyed into a realm of grace that has rarely been experienced and never expected. When encountered, this grace renews the mind to realize that giving goes beyond what is expected and reaches to grasp nothing but release the offering that is not required yet needed. May this simple act of cultural grace remind us of the grace that has be given to us from Our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Picture of worship service held at a Korin Village near the Burma border. Team seven:eleven found this to be one of their highlights as they were able to worship God in the midst of three different languages.