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Date : 23 November 2017

Time : 8:00-8:40 am (40 minutes)

Form : Form 4 Gemilang

No. of students : 30 students

Proficiency Level : Intermediate

Topic : Descriptive writing

Specification : 2.3 Present information to different audiences by;

a. writing recounts, descriptions, explanations,

speeches, reports, and articles;

b. instructing, describing, narrating, explaining,

and reporting orally.

Level 3

vii. Writing brief report, descriptions.

Prior knowledge : This is an introductory lesson for descriptive


General objective : To introduce students to descriptive writing by

using five senses.

Learning outcomes : By the end of the lesson, students should be able

1. Write a short descriptive essay using all five

Moral values : To be cooperative

References : Ministry of Education Malaysia. (2003).

Curriculum specifications for English Form 4. Kuala
Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.
Stage/ Time Activity / Content Presentation / Rationale

Set Induction Whole Class Activity

(5 minutes) 1. Teacher gives instruction.
Instructions : 2. Teacher asks for three volunteers
to come up to the front.
Touch the objects in the box
3. Teacher asks each volunteers
without looking and describe
to touch the objects in the box
without looking.
4. Teacher asks students a few
Questions :
questions based on the objects
1. What does the objects feels that they have touched.
like to your touch? 5. Teacher gives feedback and
2. What shapes are the objects? introduces the topic of the
3. Does it have any distinct lesson.
Teaching Aids :
 To raise interest of the students.
‘Touch but don’t Look’ box  To focus students’ attention on
the lesson of the day.
Three objects

Presentation Teaching Aids : 1. Teacher provides input on

(15 minutes) descriptive writing that uses
Power Point Presentation
sensory details.
(Appendix 1)
2. Teacher provides more
‘Descriptive Writing and the Five
3. Teacher asks questions to the
Senses’ diagram
(Appendix 2)

 To provide input on descriptive
writing that uses sensory details
and to give more examples.

Practice 1 Group Work Activity 1. Teacher informs that it is a

(15 minutes) group activity.
Instructions :
1. Divide yourselves into five 2. Teacher distributes mahjong
groups. paper and markers to each
2. Write a short paragraph group.
describing a ‘haunted house’ 3. Teacher gives instructions.
by using all the five senses. 4. Teacher monitors the progress
3. You may draw and sketch to of the activity.
make your writing more 5. Teacher gives comments and
interesting. feedbacks to the students’
4. Write your answers in the presentation.
mahjong paper provided.
5. You have 15 minutes to finish
the task.
6. Present your writings to the
class.  To provide more practice on
descriptive writing using all five
Teaching Aids :
 To consolidate the focused skill.
Mahjong paper

Closure Whole Class Activity 1. Teacher asks students some

(5 minutes) questions regarding the
activities they have done so
Questions :
1. What have you understood 2. Students answer the questions
with the term “descriptive”? orally.
2. How do we describe 3. Teacher sums up the lesson by
something? discussing the term
3. What are the five senses used “descriptive” and how it is
to describe something? used in writing.
4. Why is descriptive writing
Rationale :
To summarize the main teaching
point and to conclude the lesson.

Teacher’s Comments:

Lecturer’s Comments: