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1. Project Objective:
February 7th
To Whom It May Concern:
The IT Tools department is seeking proposals from contractors or companies with relevant experience
to migrate the PlanView application from version to version The application utilizes
an Oracle database (version 12c) and is hosted on Windows Server 2012 R2 (both web and application
2. Statement of Work:
The contractor will perform the following tasks:
a. Create a detailed project plan delineating how the patch set will be migrated through the
Development, QA and Production environments. Internal User Acceptance Testers must be
incorporated for each environment.
b. Perform the required installations on the web and application servers in both the Development
and QA environments. Run the database upgrade scripts against both the Development and QA
database schemas.
c. Perform the Production environment upgrade implementation without impacting the current
user base up time.
3. Customer Requirements:
Upon completion, the IT Tools team should have three fully upgraded environments (Development,
QA and Production) that have each been thoroughly tested by the internal UAT team. Constant
communications to the end user community about the upgrade activities must take place and the
application availability must never be negatively impacted during the entire process.
4. Deliverables:
A detailed project plan must be crafted and approved before any upgrade work begins. A list of
individuals assigned to the UAT team – complete with alternates – must be drafted before any
upgrade work begins. A communication plan for making announcements to the end user community
must be created and approved before Development phase of the project is complete. Verbal reports
must be presented at the weekly L2 meetings every Wednesday afternoon.
5. Acceptance Criteria:
Completed and approved UAT testing for each of the three phases – Development, QA and Production
– will be required before work can continue to the next phase. For the Production portion, verification
by the Tools team that the proper installations have been taken place on all servers will be required
as well.
6. Customer-Supplied Items:
The IT Tools team will supply the application, web, and database servers. They will also supply the
upgrade codes, database scripts and UAT personnel.
7. Approvals Required:
The project sponsor will provide approvals upon completion of each of the three main environment
upgrade phases: Development, QA and Production.
8. Type of Contract:
The contract will be a fixed price for all work needed to meet the requirements of this RFP.
9. Schedule:

The IT Tools team plans to select a contractor no later than February 28th, 2017 and work should
commence immediately afterward. The entire project must be completed no later than the end of
second quarter for the fiscal year (June 30th, 2017).
10. Payment Terms:
The IT Tools team will make payments to the contractor according the following schedule:
10% upon approval of the contractor
30% upon completion of the Development phase
30% upon completion of the QA phase
Remaining 30% upon successful Production implementation
11. Proposal Contents:
All proposals must include:
a. A preliminary project plan and the method by which the contractor proposes to tackle the project
b. A description of the deliverables the contractor proposes to provide.
c. A CV outlining previous projects of a similar nature that the contractor has successfully completed
d. An all-in list of costs must be submitted as the budget is fixed and cannot be exceeded
12. Evaluation Criteria:
All contractor proposals will be graded according to the following breakdown:
(10%) How well thought out the project plan is detailed
(10%) Contractor-provided list of deliverables
(10%) Previous experience of a similar nature contractor has participated in
(70%) What it will cost the IT Tools team to hire the contractor in question