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Senior Project Proposal for Sahar Kanishka

To be completed by you and signed by you, your mentor and your advisor.
Signed proposal must be turned in by October 13, 2017.
Name of Mentor and Advisor: Martha Taylor
My proposed research question for my Senior Project is:
How will children react to different cultures?
As of today, I plan to complete this project in the following ways:
Step 1: Reach out to an elementary school in Salt Lake
Anticipated completion date: 11/04/2017
Step 2: Teach a lesson to the class, and have them write letters
Anticipated completion date: 11/20/2017
Step 3: Communicate with a school in Afghanistan
Anticipated completion date: 12/20/2017
Step 4: Send letters back and forth and have once a month culture lectures
Anticipated completion date: ???
I intend to gather research for this project in the following ways:
1. The elementary schools I communicate with
2. Online resources
3. Communicating with others upon this subject
For the end product of this project, I envision:
Culture being integrated into classes as a part of the curriculum.
As of today I plan to represent my Senior Project in my Portfolio in the following ways:
As a powerpoint
Student Signature
Sahar Kanishka
Mentor Signature CF Advisor Signature
Martha Taylor