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World Link Book 2

Unit 12, Lesson A

Page 125, Listening

A. Paula is asking Leticia for help. What does she ask Leticia to do? Check the task.
(CD 2, Track 38)

Leticia: Hello?
Paula: Hi, Leticia. It’s Paula.
Leticia: Hi, Paula. How are you? Have you finished packing yet?
Paula: Almost.
Leticia: You must be excited. When’s your flight?
Paula: Tomorrow. At 9 a.m. Listen, Leticia, I need your help.
Leticia: OK. What’s up?
Paula: Well, as you know, I’m going on vacation— for two weeks. Do you think you
could water my plants while I’m away?
Leticia: Sure. No problem.
Paula: Great. They need water twice a week. There’s one plant in the bedroom and
one in the kitchen.
Leticia: OK. .. say, how about your dog? Should I feed her, too?
Paula: No, that’s OK. I’m putting her in a kennel.
Leticia: All right, then, I’ll water your plants . . . and oh, how about the mail? Should I
pick it up for you?
Paula: Actually, I’ve already asked the mailman to stop mail delivery. Thanks for
asking, though.
Leticia: Well, have a great trip!
Paula: Thanks, Leticia. I really appreciate your help.
Leticia: My pleasure. Wait a second. I don’t have any keys to your place.
Paula: Oh, that’s right. Will you be home around 8 tonight?
Leticia: Yeah, I think so.
Paula: OK, Ill drop by... Ill give you the keys then.
Leticia: OK! See you tonight. Bye!
Paula: Bye! Thanks again!

B. Listen again. Write P for Paula or L for Leticia. (CD 2 Track 39)
Page 125, Pronunciation
A. Listen to these sentences. Notice the reduced pronunciation of have to and has to..
(CD 2 Track 40)

1. I’m going to miss my flight. I have to hurry.

2. Everyone has to sit down before this plane can take off.

Page 126, Speaking

A. Mina and Esther are preparing to leave on a trip. Listen to their conversation. What
is the problem? (CD 2 Track 41)

Esther: We have to leave in 30 minutes. Have you finished packing?

Mina: Yes. I have.
Esther: You look worried. What’s wrong?
Mina: I can’t remember where I put my passport.
Esther: Oh, no!
Mina: It’s here somewhere.
Esther: When did you last have it?
Mina: About ten minutes ago. Let me think... Oh, there it is. I put it on the dresser.
Esther: What a relief!

Unit 12, Lesson B

Page 130, listening
A. Listen. What did Jun do? Circle the correct answers. (CD 2 Track 42)

Ashley: Wow, Jun. you look relaxed. Did you enjoy the long weekend?
Jun: I sure did. Ashley. Actually, I took a big trip.
Ashley: Over the weekend? We only had three days off!
Jun: Yep, but I visited four countries in three days.
Ashley: What?
Jun: I love to fly. You might say I’m an “airplane freak.”
Ashley: That’s interesting. . . . Where did you go?
Jun: I visited Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.
Ashley: Sounds like you were busy!
Jun: I was. I had only four hours in Seoul, so I had to finish my shopping very
quickly. Sometimes I had to run between connecting flights.
Ashley: Wait a minute! What about your baggage? Didn’t you have to wait for it?
Jun: No, I didn’t have much: only one carry—on bag. It just fits in the overhead
Ashley: So let me get this straight... you spent your weekend in an airplane? Flying
Jun: Basically, yes. I fly standby.
Ashley: Standby?
Jun: Yes. As a standby passenger, I don’t have a reservation. At the last minute they let
me know if there is a seat available. They give me a boarding pass and I get on.
Ashley: All this flying must be expensive!
Jun: Well, I’m an airline employee. I’m a sales representative for Twin Star Airlines.
So I know most of the flight attendants and I can almost fly for free.
Ashley: Lucky you!

B. Listen again. Check the statements that are true for Jun. (CD 2, track 43)
Review: Units 10 to 12
Page 137, listening: Could I speak to...?
A. Listen. Circle the correct answer for each question. (CD 2, Track 44)

Conversation 1
Woman: Hello, could I speak to Tom Herman, please?
Man: May I ask who’s calling, please?
Woman: This is Sheila Banks.
Man: Thank you, Sheila. I’ll ring him now.
Man: I’m sorry. His line is busy. Would you like to leave a message?
Woman: Yes, I would. Would you tell him Sheila called? I can’t make our meeting
tomorrow at 2:00-- I have to cancel it.
Man: Does Mr. Herman have your phone number?
Woman: Yes, he can call me back. I’ll be here until 5 p.m.

Conversation 2
Penny: Hello. Your Computer World sales department.
Ted: Hi. Penny. It’s Ted.
Penny: Oh, hi, Ted. What’s up?
Ted: Well, my computer has crashed again.
Penny: Oh no!
Ted: Oh, yes. That’s why I’m calling. You know, it’s five years old. And I need to
speak to Scott about getting a new one.
Penny: Well, you’ve called at a good time. We have some attractive new models.
Ted: Great! I’m looking for something affordable. And I want to get something
portable this time.
Penny: I’m sure Scott can help you with that.... Let’s see, he is in a meeting until 3:30.
I'll ask him to call you.
Ted: No, that’s OK. I’ll call him after 3:30. Please give him the message.

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