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ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Instrumental Music: Rondalla

Luanne Luinly D. Lumen
Jefferson C. Nabaunag
Grade 9
MAPEH (Music)
60 minutes
Analyze Learners
Learners’ general characteristics: The lesson is designed for 9th grade high school
students. This class has a population of 43 students in which 11 of the students are male
and 32 of the students are female. The age range of the students is from 12-14 years old.
Academic ability and learning styles vary. Fifty five percent (55%) of the students are
kinesthetic learners, ten percent (10%) of the students are auditory learners and thirty-five
percent (35%) of the students are visual learners.

State Objectives
The grade 9 students are expected to do the following with 85% proficiency; identify
the parts of banduria, octavina and laud instrument play a song on the musical score with a
specific rondalla instrument, give the importance of rondalla to the Philippines and at the
end of the discussion the students are expected to differentiate the rondalla instruments.

Select Methods, Media, , and Materials

The methods that’ll be used are demonstrative and student-centered method. We are
using the realistic visual in order help the students see the actual rondalla instruments. And
the materials that’ll be used are banduria, laud, octavina, handouts, construction paper and

Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods

The teachers will make sure that the rondalla instrument that’ll be using is in good
condition, the strings of the banduria, laud, octavina are in tune.
The learning should take place in the classroom or in the music room, the seats will be
arranged properly and the teacher mobility should be aim, the room should have 4 electric
fans and the room should not be too hot or too cold.
The teacher will show the instruments to the students and let them touch or play the
instrument for them to have an idea about the lesson.

Require Learner Participation

The students will be formed into groups with 6 members in each group. Each group
should have 4 banduria player, 1 octavina player and 1 laud player. Each group will be given
a musical score in which they will play the song on the bandura, laud and octavina.

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Evaluate & Revise
The students will be graded according to the rubrics.

Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor

(5) (4) (3) (2) (1)
Mastery of the song
Proper posture
Proper fingering

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