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Feb 21, 2018

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to recommend Carisa Kramer for any teaching position she seeks. I had the
pleasure of hosting Carisa for a semester for her pre-student teaching position. In that time I
became impressed with her enthusiasm for teaching and her skills with students. During her
time in my classroom, we were working with significant changes within our district. A new
classroom location within a newly restructured building, and a new reading and language arts
program were just a few of the aspects of our days that required flexibility and skill. I was
impressed with Carisa’s willingness to adjust as those new changes affected almost every
aspect of our days.

Carisa’s first few days in my classroom were spent helping me set up for the beginning
of the school year. However, I was moved into a new classroom location. She was not only
helping to set up the room, but to establish one. She was extremely involved with the creation
of our learning environment. We had several discussions about the best locations and
arrangements for materials and student seating, and she did not hesitate to ask questions and
offer her own thoughts.

Carisa was responsible for the planning, instruction, and assessment of two of our
guided reading groups. The groups were at or above grade level, but the mix of students did
pose some behavior issues. Carisa was able to handle these professionally. She and I were
able to discuss the concerns and make a plan to address them. When our first trimester ended,
Carisa was directly involved in grading report cards for the students in those groups, as well.

Carisa’s rapport with parents and students is very strong. She attended parent/teacher
conferences in November and added her own thoughts and comments regarding the students’
progress. When we had a student experience a trauma, the parents were happy that their child
would have both of us for support. In addition, our students care deeply for her, and while they
were happy for her to take advantage of a new opportunity, they miss her very much and talk
about her often.

Please let me know if there is any other information regarding Carisa Kramer you may
need. I would be sincerely happy to help.

Kelly Dean Third Grade Teacher