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Grammar check: have to/don't have to a to say that something is necessary we use have to. Ihave to be in the office at 8.00. He has to wear smart clothes for work. Do you have to work late? b to say that something is_not don't have to. don't have to wear a uniform. She doesn't have to travel in her job. necessary we use Grammar check: have to/must/mustn't 1. We use must to say that we think something is very important or fortan obligation we set ourselves. ‘My children are waiting for me. | must go home now. | must remember to post this letter. 2 We use have to (not obligations, e.g. laws or rules. You have to get a visa to workin this country. Childron have to 90 to school at the age of five in the UK. 2. We use mustn'tto say that something is not allowed or it's important that you don't do it. I mustn't be fate. You mustn't wear sports clothes in the office. ) to talk about external Grammar check: shouki/ehoukin't 1 We use should when we give advice or think it's a good idea to do something. You should socialise with your colleagues. | should werk harder for the exams. 2 We use shouldn't when we give advice or think it's a good idea to de something. You shouldn't wark so: hard. We shouldn't expect too much ‘We use must and mustn’tto give strong advice. ‘You must be flexible doing business in Argontina, ‘You mustn't strongly disagiee in formal meetings.