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What We’re Learning Important Dates Spelling Words

Sept 8: Main Topic Short i and long I

Reading- This week we will continue
Assessment spelled with a
talking about finding the main topic and sneaky e
supporting details of a non-fiction text. We
Sept 8: Georgia Regions
will be using passages and books about the Ex.
and Rivers Assessment
Georgia rivers. short i: hit, kick,
Writing – We will continue learning about Sept 8: Spelling test list, ship, rib, etc.
collective nouns. Also we will continue
working on narrative writing. Sept 16: Unit 1 Math Long i: like, bite,
smile, hike, slide,
Social Studies- We will continue Test
drive, ride, ripe,
discussing the 5 regions of Georgia as well as
three of the rivers in Georgia-the Savannah
River, the Chattahoochee River, and the
Flint River.
Math – We will be skip counting by 5’s, REMINDERS
10’s, and 100’s to 1000. We will also be
 If you have not returned your child’s
reviewing place value to prepare for out Unit
progress report please do so ASAP.
1 Math test on September 16th.
 Check your child’s red folder every night
for homework, graded papers, and
important documents from school

 In 2nd grade, students are expected to test

*Homework*. on at least 4 books a week. They need to
pass the AR quizzes with 80% accuracy.
Reading: read for 15 minutes every night. Asking questions over what your child has
Ask questions over what your child read read is a big help for them. You can log on
Spelling: T- Color to sortWS to the AR website using the information
Th- Sort and write WS sent home with progress reports and
Math: If students have math homework, it monitor your child’s progress.
will be in their Red Folder- Return to