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Instructions: Click the link in each light-yellow box under the highlighted title and answer the questions

underneath each light-yellow box from that website. This WebQuest will help you gain a better understanding of
multicultural dances, dance and its importance in terms of multicultural and regular education, and history/origins
of your own chosen style of cultural dance.

Discovering Cultural Dance

1.) What are the three common elements of culture?


On this website, go to the subheading “Exploring Cultural Dance” and answer the following:
2.) When you study dances as part of a culture, what are you using to see each dance in
its cultural context?

3.) Fill in the blanks:

a.) Participating, viewing, and learning about cultural dance and the roles it plays
in societies leads to ______________ and _____________ of ______________
and their cultural values.

Importance of Traditional Dances and Music

4.) What is the foremost basis to integrate traditional dances and music in formal

5.) Fill in the blanks:

a.) Dance is a __________ method for learning and a basic form of ___________.
b.) It is essential that _________ provide our _______ with the developmental
benefits and __________ ____________ __________ that come from organizing
________ into the aesthetic experience of ________.
I Believe in the Power of Dance- Cara Scrementi

6.) Out of the list of 16 skills that Cara claims dance education develops, what are 5 of
the most important skills to you and briefly, in a few words, discuss why these skills
are considered most important to you.
A.) _______________________
B.) _______________________
C.) _______________________
D.) _______________________
E.) ______________________
Cultural Dances

7.) Why are cultural dances so precious to many civilizations?

8.) Dance is considered a common what that unites us all on some level?

9.) Fill in the blanks:

a.) All cultural dances have experienced an ______________, where ___________ standards
were either upheld or given up to more ___________ style choices.

World Cultural Dance

On the Left-hand column, click on your desired region of the world.

10.) What region did you choose, and which Multicultural Dance is from this region?

11.) Using this same website or other online tools (Ex: Google, Bing, etc.) Indicate why you chose
this specific Multicultural Dance

12.) Using this same website or other online tools (Ex: Google, Bing, etc.) Research this style of
dance and describe how it is used in everyday life in this specific culture and region that you