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Featured Poet: Margarita Serafimova

The Poet: Margarita Serafimova

I have been writing poetry since I was about sixteen but only became interested in publishing when I
was thirty-nine. My first two books (full-length collections in the Bulgarian) came out in 2016 and 2017
when I was forty and forty-one. I write in both Bulgarian and English. I also self-translate (including into
Greek). I started submitting poetry to English-language journals in December 2016, and have 45
acceptances to date. Many of my poems also appear in Bulgarian publications. By profession, I am a
human rights attorney-at-law.

Some of my work:

The Poet's Bookshelf

Below are some of my favorites in literature, music and art:

1. Old Japan Haiku poets, including Basho, Shigeyori, Buson, Issa and others.
2. Homer
3. Franz Kafka
4. Haris Alexiou (Greek singer)
5. The Clash (UK band)
6. Elvis Presley
7. Maria Callas
8. Minoan and Mycaenean art
9. Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture
10. Vincent Van Gogh
11. Marc Chagall
12. René Magritte
13. Joan Miró
14. Henri Rousseau
15. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
16. Claude Monet
17. Édouard Manet


We took our life, and we brought it high,

into the sky that exists under the surface

of the water.


Two mullets, lords in the clear water,

paused to look at the sunlight,

and continued.


Last night in Athens, I met your life.

You were somewhere,

it was in the street.

It passed me by like a breath.

The raven is calling in passing.

Not one of the spirits

is answering him.


А loved one is as beautiful

as the great migration

through the savannah.


The beauty of his being

happened to me.

Hundreds of thousands of silver fish together.


The reason that light exists

is to show what

you and I are.


With you, I would go very deep,

very inside, there where

the unknown dolphins are.


A tall erect light is going up

the slope of winter.

A woman in love.

In the dark,

tears broke through,

and then the day carried the day.


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