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E-Mail Thread

{Recipients other than the principals have been deleted; suffice to write that none of those in the “inner”
section of the “inner circle” replied in any fashion; the interpretation of what happened is contained
within the body of the major-memo, in lieu of providing a running-commentary of what was written.}
{One additional key-orientation point is that the candidate promised to review my freedom-of-speech
case months ago, but has yet to demonstrate he has even glanced through the provided database.}

March 9, 2018

Dean Malik:

So that we are absolutely crystal clear, I DO NOT love that you challenged Joe Gale’s petitions. You are
Treasurer of this campaign, and whether intended or not, when you engage in such an activity you speak
for the campaign—this was done without my knowledge, agreement or approval.

I actually signed Joe Gale’s nominating petition.

Accordingly, I am directing that the petition be WITHDRAWN immediately. I do not want it turned over to
someone else or abandoned with the assumption that it will be dismissed in due course. WITHDRAW IT.

I do not support this challenge against Joe Gale for Lieutenant Governor, I cannot see how it is germane
to our congressional race, and I will not have my campaign associated with any such challenge.

Please provide evidence that it has been withdrawn by the end of the day today, March 9, 2018. I am not
asking for an explanation or summary of the status—I need to see that your challenge has been withdrawn
and terminated.

Thank you.


robert sklaroff:

you sent missed-signals when you said on multiple occasions that you were not going to become involved
in the gubernatorial race...prior to signing-off on Gale's petition...about which you informed no one
[including me]

i do not apologize for having filed the challenge you may become superfluous

as i told you...i will explore the situation...and advise


Dean Malik:

As my campaign treasurer had no business filing a challenge to any candidate ...

robert sklaroff:


Gale is a snake



Dean Malik

What is the status of withdrawal and termination of the Joe Gale petition challenge?


robert sklaroff

accruing info that will settle the situation definitively; life is fun

testifying in 5 minutes, then will mop-up a few issues, then will elaborate


[someone else, involved with campaign]

As I have now caught up with what is going on regarding this subject matter, with respect to all involved
a simple thought -

Dr. Bob please respect Dean's request and stop. This should have been settled this morning as asked, and
I do not understand why more back and forth is needed. It is not!


robert sklaroff

[r e l a x]

details after i testify for White Plains...awaiting call

BTW, don't forget to delete stuff from the schedule that otherwise sticks within mine

A few mop-up points AND A SUGGESTION are in-order, for "processing" by y'all, noting overnight
The Bank Account seems to have been flipped and my double-filing with Commonwealth Court seems to
have been resolved.
Will explore lie-of-land on Friday-a.m. regarding how Brobson handles electoral challenges
expeditiously, as noted, plan to speak minimally.
[I'll quote constitution and invoke a reductio-ad-absurdum argument to refute claim he'd allow position
to remain in-limbo for 2 months until 30-y.o.]
SOMEONE should ASAP issue a press-release [that would "write itself"] regarding the gun "control"
situation, noting the speechifying that occurred last night.


[someone else, not involved with campaign]

Bob, I LOVE that you challenged Gale’s petitions! He is a fraud of the highest order. Did you file it pro se?
I know there is a challenge originating from the Wagner-Bartos campaign coming too.


March 14, 2018

My filing has been received, as evidenced by receipt of notification that Joe's brother Sean [same home
address as candidate and parents] is representing him...
"Entry of Appearance" electronic service for filing WCMWHB00288450
case "In Re: Nom. Pet Joe C Gale Obj Robert B Sklaroff" (116 MD 2018)
...even as the duplicate filing is now "history"...
Filing WCMWHB00287769 has not been submitted (135 MD 2018)
...and the DoS has yet to upload the set of objections [to have been accomplished yesterday-during-the-
day, prior to the closing of the special-election polls], for whatever reason. {emphasis added}

March 20, 2018

Now that my effort has been vindicated, you are provided an opportunity to "right" your "wrong."

You should apologize for attempting to control behavior that promised to be distinct from Dean.
You should acknowledge that the sudden cessation of communications reflected "over-reach."
You should restore me to myriad Facebook-sites ASAP that were supposedly open to everyone.
You should reimburse the additional $100 to "make me whole" [seed-$ = $2500] per your letter.
You should provide promised-input [two months remote] regarding my freedom-of-speech case.

This is directed @ Dr. Duome, viewed as channeling the candidate's heartfelt interests/behavior.

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