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A clarinet (soprano)   albogue anzhad

USE clarinet BT double reed instrument USE imzad

a-jaeng alghōzā Appalachian dulcimer
USE ajaeng USE algōjā UF American dulcimer
accordeon alg̲hozah   Appalachian mountain dulcimer
USE accordion USE algōjā   dulcimer, American
accordion algōjā   dulcimer, Appalachian
UF accordeon A pair of end-blown flutes played simultaneously,   dulcimer, Kentucky
  garmon widespread in the Indian subcontinent.   dulcimer, lap
  piano accordion UF alghōzā   dulcimer, mountain
BT free reed instrument   alg̲hozah   dulcimer, plucked
NT button-key accordion   algōzā   Kentucky dulcimer
  lõõtspill   bīnõn   mountain dulcimer
accordion band   do nally   lap dulcimer
An ensemble consisting of two or more accordions,   jorhi   plucked dulcimer
with or without percussion and other instruments.   jorī BT plucked string instrument
UF accordion orchestra   ngoze   zither
BT instrumental ensemble   pāvā Appalachian mountain dulcimer
accordion orchestra   pāwā USE Appalachian dulcimer
USE accordion band   satāra arame, viola da
acoustic bass guitar BT duct flute USE viola d'arame
UF bass guitar, acoustic algōzā arará
  folk bass guitar USE algōjā A drum constructed by the Arará people of Cuba.
BT guitar alpenhorn BT drum
acoustic guitar USE alphorn arched-top guitar
USE guitar alphorn USE guitar
acoustic guitar, electric UF alpenhorn archicembalo
USE electric guitar   alpine horn USE arcicembalo
actor BT natural horn archiluth
An actor in a non-singing role who is explicitly alpine horn USE archlute
required for the performance of a musical USE alphorn
composition that is not in a traditionally dramatic archiphone
form. alto (singer) A microtonal electronic organ first built in 1970 in
USE alto voice the Netherlands.
BT performer
adufo alto clarinet BT electronic organ
An alto member of the clarinet family that is archlute
USE tambourine associated with Western art music and is normally An extended-neck lute with two peg boxes that
aenas pitched in E♭. was principally used in the Baroque period, on which
USE launeddas UF E♭ clarinet (alto) the upper courses are tuned like a Renaissance lute
aeolian harp   E-flat clarinet (alto) and the diapasons are tuned diatonically.
UF eolian harp BT clarinet UF archiluth
BT zither alto flute   arcileuto
aeoliphone A flute in G, a fourth below the concert flute.   arciliuto
USE wind machine UF bass flute (alto flute)   erzlaute
aerophone BT flute   liuto attiorbato
A musical instrument that creates sound through alto horn BT lute
the vibration of air without the use of strings or arcicembalo
membranes. A valved brass instrument of alto pitch that is
similar to a small euphonium in shape. A harpsichord equipped with many divided keys, or
BT instrument a second manual, to allow more precise tuning of
UF cavalry horn
NT armpit squeezing diatonic, chromatic, and enharmonic notes.
  E♭ horn
  balloon UF archicembalo
  E-flat horn
  free aerophone BT harpsichord
  free reed instrument arcileuto
  tenor horn
  organ USE archlute
BT saxhorn
  whistling arciliuto
alto recorder
  wind chime USE archlute
BT recorder
  wind controller arcivioladaslyras
alto saxophone
  wind instrument USE lirone
BT saxophone
aerostat arciviolata
alto trombone
USE balloon USE lirone
BT trombone
aetherphon arciviolatalira
alto voice
USE theremin USE lirone
UF alto (singer)
Afghan lute armonica
  contralto voice
USE rubāb USE glass harmonica
BT female voice
African hand piano armpit squeezing
  low voice
USE mbira A performer who traps air in his or her armpit and
amadinda creates sound through a squeezing motion.
agbe A log xylophone of the Ganda people of Uganda.
USE cabaca BT aerophone
UF madinda   body percussion
BT xylophone arpeggione
USE cabaca
American dulcimer A fretted bowed string instrument of the 19th
A conical bell or bells mounted on a sprung steel
USE Appalachian dulcimer century, tuned like a guitar.
hoop. American Indian flute UF bowed guitar
UF agogo bells USE Native American flute   guitar violoncello
  gan gan amore, flûte d' BT bowed lute
BT bell USE flûte d'amour atabaque
agogo bells amzad A large, narrow, single-headed conical drum from
USE imzad Brazil.
USE agogo
ajaeng anata UF tambor
UF a-jaeng USE tarka BT drum
BT bowed string instrument angklung (rattle) atcheré
A tuned bamboo sliding rattle of Indonesia and USE cabaca
  zither Southeast Asia, or a set of such rattles.
ala atenteben
BT indirectly struck idiophone An end-blown bamboo flute from Ghana.
USE psaltery
angklung (xylophone) BT duct flute
albogón An East Javanese xylophone consisting of bamboo
USE alboka audeharp
tubes in a frame.
albogue A wooden harp with sixty parallel strings in two
UF kechruk planes that intersect near the middle.
USE alboka BT xylophone
alboka BT harp
antara audience
A Basque hornpipe with two pipes played
simultaneously. USE panpipes One or more participants in the performance of a
anzad musical work, other than the performer(s) on stage or
UF albogón otherwise presenting the work.
USE imzad

audience  (Continued) balalaika ensemble combines elements of lute and zither construction.
BT ensemble An ensemble consisting of two or more balalaikas. UF bandoura
  performer BT plucked instrument ensemble BT plucked string instrument
aulos balalaika orchestra bandurria
An ancient Greek reed instrument typically played An ensemble consisting largely or wholly of A plucked string instrument from Spain, Latin
in pairs by one player. balalaikas and domras of different sizes, usually America, and the Philippines.
BT double reed instrument including other Russian or Ukrainian folk instruments, UF bandola
percussion, woodwinds, and one or more bayans.
autoharp   mandurria
BT plucked string instrument BT instrumental ensemble BT plucked lute
  zither balalayka bang zi
automatic instrument USE balalaika USE wood block
USE mechanical instrument balaman (double reed instrument) bangdi
automatic musical instrument USE bālabān (double reed instrument) UF duandi
USE mechanical instrument balaman (single-reed instrument)   gaodi
automatic organ USE bālabān (single reed instrument) BT di zi
USE mechanical organ balaphon bangu
automatophone USE balo USE dan pi ku
USE mechanical instrument baliha bangzi
B♭ clarinet (soprano) USE valiha USE wood block
USE clarinet balloon banjo
B♭ contrabass clarinet UF aerostat BT plucked lute
USE contrabass clarinet BT aerophone banjo uke
B-flat clarinet (soprano)   percussion instrument USE banjo ukulele
USE clarinet balo banjo ukulele
A West African gourd-resonated frame xylophone.
B-flat contrabass clarinet An instrument combining a banjo body and ukulele
USE contrabass clarinet UF bala tuning.
Bʹ♭ tuba   balafo UF banjo uke
USE tuba   balafon   banjolele
babadok   balafou   banjouke
A small conical drum played by women in Timor-   balaphon   banjulele
Leste. BT mallet instrument   ukulele banjo
UF babadok drum Baltic psaltery BT plucked lute
BT drum UF kanklės banjolele
babadok drum   kannel USE banjo ukulele
USE babadok   kantele banjouke
baby rattle   kokle USE banjo ukulele
A toy rattle usually used to entertain infants, but BT psaltery banjulele
sometimes used as a musical instrument. bamboo marimba USE banjo ukulele
BT rattle UF boo (bamboo marimba) banká
  toy instrument BT mallet instrument USE ekón
baganā bamboo pipe bānsrī
USE begena USE pipe (musical instrument) USE bānsurī
bağlama bambuso sonoro bānsurī
A Turkish long-necked lute. An experimental bamboo organ designed by artist One of various types of South Asian flutes.
BT saz Hans van Koolwijk.
UF baṃsarī
bagpipe BT organ   bāṃsurī
UF biniou baṃsarī   bānsrī
  cornemuse (bagpipe) USE bānsurī   bā̃srī
  musette (bagpipe) bāṃsurī   bā̃surī
BT double reed instrument USE bānsurī   halur
NT border pipes band   husor
  chiboni A large ensemble consisting primarily of winds,
brass, and percussion.   solor
  dudy BT ductless flute
  gaita (bagpipe) UF concert band
  military band bariton
  mišnice USE baryton
  Northumbrian small pipe   symphonic band
  symphonic wind ensemble baritone (singer)
  sordellina USE baritone voice
  uilleann pipe   symphonic winds
  wind band baritone horn
  veuze The baritone instrument of the saxhorn family,
bagpipe band   wind ensemble (band) pitched in B♭. For the tenor of the tuba family see
USE pipe band   wind orchestra euphonium
bajan   wind symphony BT saxhorn
USE bayan BT instrumental ensemble baritone saxophone
bajo sexto NT big band BT saxophone
A large 12-string Mexican guitar.   brass band baritone voice
BT guitar   drum and bugle corps UF baritone (singer)
bala   fife and drum corps BT male voice
USE balo   marching band   medium voice
bālabān (double reed instrument) band, washboard Baroque lute
A traditional cylindrical oboe of the Caucasas. USE washboard band A lute popular in 17th-18th century Europe that has
band organ ten to thirteen courses, and the upper courses are
UF balaman (double reed instrument) tuned to an open D minor chord.
USE fairground organ
BT double reed instrument BT lute
bālabān (single reed instrument) barrel organ
A single reed instrument of the Uzbek and Tajik USE bandurria
bandolín A small organ played chiefly by street musicians, in
peoples of Central Asia.
A 15-stringed instrument from Ecuador that derives which a barrel with pins or staples is activated by a
UF balaman (single-reed instrument) from the bandurria and/or bandola. hand crank.
BT single reed instrument UF Dutch organ
BT plucked lute
balabayka   grinder organ
USE balalaika   hand organ
A square button-key accordion popular in South
balafo America.   street organ
USE balo BT button-key accordion BT mechanical organ
balafon bandora NT hydraulic barrel organ
USE balo A plucked wire-strung bass instrument invented in barrel piano
balafou England in the 16th century. A mechanical piano activated by a hand crank,
USE balo UF pandora with a pinned barrel or cylinder, played chiefly by
balalaika street musicians.
A Russian folk stringed instrument with a long neck BT plucked lute UF cylinder piano
and triangular body.   pianette
UF balabayka USE bandura   piano organ
  balalayka bandura   street piano
BT plucked lute A Ukrainian plucked-string instrument which BT mechanical piano

barydon bassoon   jazz orchestra
USE baryton BT double reed instrument   stage band
baryton NT contrabassoon BT band
An 18th century bowed string instrument similar to   tenoroon big jazz band
the bass viol, but with the addition of sympathetic bā̃surī USE big band
wire strings which could also be plucked with the left
thumb. USE bānsurī bili
UF bariton batá USE guan
A double-headed hourglass drum of the Afro- bilma
  barydon Cuban Lucumí cult.
  lyra bastarda USE clapsticks
BT hourglass drum bilo
  paradon bayan An ancient Russian percussion plaque or disc that
  paridon A Russian chromatic button-key accordion is suspended from a tree.
  pariton developed in the 20th century. BT percussion idiophone
  viola di bordone UF bajan bīṇ
  viola paredon BT button-key accordion USE vina
BT bowed lute Bayreuth tuba bin bādy
basque, tambour de USE Wagner tuba USE pin peat
USE tambourine bazoo bīṇā
bā̃srī USE kazoo USE vina
USE bānsurī bazooka biniou
bass, electric USE kazoo USE bagpipe
USE bass guitar BB♭ tuba bīnõn
bass (electric guitar) USE tuba USE algōjā
USE bass guitar beak flute birbynė
bass (singer) USE recorder A single-reed folk instrument of Lithuania.
USE bass voice beganna BT single reed instrument
bass (stringed instrument) USE begena bisònas
USE double bass begena USE launeddas
bass-baritone (singer) An Ethiopian lyre with a box resonator. biwa
USE bass-baritone voice UF baganā A pear-shaped Japanese lute.
bass-baritone voice   beganna UF chikuzen-biwa
UF bass-baritone (singer) BT lyre   gagaku-biwa
BT low voice bell   gaku-biwa
  male voice BT percussion idiophone   gogen-biwa
bass clarinet NT agogo
A bass member of the clarinet family that is
associated with Western art music and is generally
  bian zhong   kōjin-biwa
pitched in B♭, an octave below the soprano clarinet.   carillon   mōsō-biwa
BT clarinet   chimes   nishiki-biwa
bass drum   cowbell   satsuma-biwa
BT drum   ekón BT plucked lute
bass flute   handbell Black Sea fiddle
A flute pitched in C, an octave below the concert   singing bowl USE kamānche
flute.   sistro Black Sea kemençe
BT flute   tubular bells USE kamānche
bass flute (alto flute) bell, clock chime bladder and string
USE alto flute USE clock chimes USE bumbass
bass guitar bell, song bladder fiddle
UF bass, electric USE xylophone USE bumbass
  bass (electric guitar) bell, tower clock block instrument
  electric bass guitar USE clock chimes USE gottuvadyam
BT electric guitar bell lyra Blockflöte
bass guitar, acoustic USE glockenspiel USE recorder
USE acoustic bass guitar bell lyre blul
bass horn USE glockenspiel A Kurdish and Armenian open wooden end-blown
USE tuba bells, orchestra flute.
bass marimba USE glockenspiel UF blur
BT marimba bells, orchestral BT ductless flute
bass pan USE glockenspiel blur
USE steel drum bells (glockenspiel) USE blul
bass recorder USE glockenspiel bodhrán
BT recorder benas BT frame drum
bass saxophone USE launeddas body percussion
BT saxophone berimbao A performer who creates percussive sounds using
USE berimbau body movements and body parts exclusively.
bass trombone
BT trombone berimbau BT concussion idiophone
bass trumpet A single-string Brazilian musical bow with a gourd NT armpit squeezing
resonator that is played with a stick.   body slapping
USE trumpet
bass tuba UF berimbao   finger snapping
USE tuba   berimbau de barriga   foot tapping
bass viol   urucungu   hand clapping
USE double bass BT musical bow   head rapping
  viola da gamba   struck string instrument   vocal percussion
bass violin berimbau de barriga   whistling
USE cello USE berimbau body slapping
bass voice bian zhong BT body percussion
A set of bronze bells of China. Boehm flute
UF bass (singer)
BT low voice UF pien chung USE flute
  male voice BT bell bolingozo
basse de Flandre bichromatic harmonium USE dulzaina
A quarter-tone harmonium invented by Willi von bombarde (shawm)
USE bumbass Möllendorff in the early 20th century.
basset clarinet USE shawm
A clarinet similar to the soprano clarinet but with an UF harmonium, bichromatic bombardon
extended lower range. BT reed organ USE tuba
BT clarinet big band bonang
A band generally of 10-15 solo instruments, A gamelan instrument consisting of two rows of
basset horn predominantly winds, and sometimes including a horizontal gong-kettles played with two sticks.
BT clarinet vocalist, that performs jazz and popular music for
basset recorder social dancing. BT percussion idiophone
USE recorder UF big jazz band bone rattle
basso continuo   dance band USE notched rattle
USE continuo   dance orchestra (big band) bones
A folk clapper consisting of a pair of animal bones,
  jazz band or pieces of wood or similar material, held between

bones  (Continued)   trumpet marine   trombone
the fingers.   viol   trumpet
BT clapper (percussion)   viola   tuba
bong lang   violetta d'amore   Wagner tuba
USE kaw law   violin brass instrument ensemble
bongo drum   violo USE brass ensemble
USE bongos   violotta brass instruments
bongos bowed string ensemble USE brass ensemble
A pair of small Afro-Cuban single headed drums A mixed or unspecified ensemble of bowed string Brazilian lute
with hardwood shells. instruments. USE viola-de-cocho
UF bongo drum UF string ensemble bridge harp
BT drum   string instrument ensemble USE harp-lute
bonkó   stringed instrument ensemble bronze drum
One of four drums in the ensemble associated with   strings A drum with a bronze tympanum instead of a skin
the Afro-Cuban Abakwá cult. BT instrumental ensemble head.
UF bonkó-enchemiyá NT cello ensemble UF bronze kettledrum
  enchemí   viola ensemble   drum, bronze
BT drum   violin ensemble BT percussion idiophone
bonkó-enchemiyá bowed string instrument bronze kettledrum
USE bonkó An unspecified string instrument played with a USE bronze drum
boo (bamboo marimba) bow. bûche
USE bamboo marimba UF bowed instrument USE epinette des Vosges
boomerang clapsticks   bowed stringed instrument bugle
USE clapsticks   bowed strings BT natural horn
border bagpipes   fretted instrument NT keyed bugle
USE border pipes   lira bulbul tarang
border pipes   lyra USE bulbultarang
A bellows-blown bagpipe of the Scottish lowlands. BT friction instrument bulbultarang
UF border bagpipes   string instrument An Indian zither with a button keyboard.
  borderpipes NT ajaeng UF bulbul tarang
  lowland bagpipes   bowed lute BT zither
  lowland pipes   bumbass bull-roarer
  cauld wind bagpipes   crwth An instrument consisting of a flat, narrow,
  cauld wind pipes   gŭdulka elongated object attached to a string that is whirled
  hu qin overhead.
  pipes, cauld wind
  pipes, lowland   jouhikko UF bullroarer
  pipes, Scotish lowland   psalmodikon BT free aerophone
  Scottish lowland bagpipes   talharpa bullroarer
  Scottish lowland pipes   viola da braccio USE bull-roarer
BT bagpipe bowed stringed instrument bumba
borderpipes USE bowed string instrument USE bumbass
USE border pipes bowed strings bumbass
bouladjèl USE bowed string instrument A European folk instrument consisting of a single
gut string fastened to a curved stick with an animal-
USE vocal percussion bowl, Himalayan bladder resonator.
bouzoukee USE singing bowl
UF basse de Flandre
USE bouzouki bowl, singing
  bladder and string
bouzouki USE singing bowl
  bladder fiddle
A plucked long-necked lute of the Mediterranean boy soprano (singer)
Region.   bumba
USE boy soprano voice
  fiddle, bladder
UF bouzoukee boy soprano voice
  Flandre, basse de
  buzuki UF boy soprano (singer)
  buzuq   soprano, boy (singer)
BT bowed string instrument
BT plucked lute   treble voice
  stick zither
bowed guitar BT child soprano voice
Burmese harp
USE arpeggione   male voice
USE saùng-gauk
bowed instrument braccio, viola da
button accordion
USE bowed string instrument USE viola da braccio
USE button-key accordion
bowed lute braga
An unspecified bowed string instrument of the button box (accordion)
USE cavaquinho
Sachs-Hornbostel lute classification. USE button-key accordion
BT bowed string instrument button-key accordion
USE cavaquinho
NT arpeggione UF button accordion
brass band
  baryton   button box (accordion)
A large ensemble consisting of brass instruments
  campanula and sometimes percussion.   squeezebox
  cello BT band BT accordion
  cellone brass choir NT bandoneon
  dilrubā USE brass ensemble   bayan
  double bass brass ensemble   concertina
  fiddle An ensemble consisting of diverse brass   melodeon (button-key accordion)
  ghichak instruments that cannot be described by a more buzuki
specific term. USE bouzouki
  gusle UF brass choir buzuq
  haegŭm   brass instrument ensemble USE bouzouki
  Hardanger fiddle   brass instruments C clarinet (soprano)
  kamānche BT wind ensemble USE clarinet
  keyed fiddle NT cornet ensemble Cʹ tuba
  lira (short-necked fiddle)   horn ensemble USE tuba
  lira da braccio   trombone ensemble cabaca
  lirica   trumpet ensemble UF agbe
  lirone   tuba ensemble   aggüé
  morin huur brass instrument   atcheré
An unspecified brass instrument.   chekeré
  rabāb (spike fiddle) BT wind instrument   guiro (rattle)
  rabeca NT cornet   sekere
  rebec   cornett   shekeré
  salō̜   euphonium BT indirectly struck idiophone
  sāraṅgī   flugelhorn cabinet organ
  sārindā   horn USE chamber organ
  sō̜ dūang   natural horn   reed organ
  sō̜ sām sāi   ophicleide caixa
  sō̜ ū   saxhorn USE snare drum
  tenor violin   serpent

caixa-surda celesta changgo
USE surdo BT keyboard instrument A double-headed hourglass drum from Korea.
cajón   percussion idiophone UF chang go
A Latin American wooden box drum played with cell phone   changgu
the hands. A mobile phone used as a musical instrument that   seyo go
BT percussion idiophone is explicitly required in the performance of a musical   sŏlchanggo
calabazo work.
BT hourglass drum
USE guiro UF mobile phone changgu
calachon BT electronic instrument USE changgo
USE calichon cello changing voice
calascione UF bass violin A male adolescent singer whose voice is in the
USE calichon   violoncello process of changing.
calchedon BT bowed lute UF cambiata voice
USE calichon NT electric cello BT male voice
calichon   violoncello piccolo charango
A bass lute with six to eight courses used primarily cello choir A small fretted plucked-string instrument of the
for continuo in 18th and 19th century Germany, USE cello ensemble Andean region with a bowl made of an armadillo shell
Austria, and Bohemia. cello ensemble or of wood shaped like an armadillo shell.
UF calachon An ensemble consisting of two or more cellos. BT plucked lute
  calascione UF cello choir chekeré
  calchedon BT bowed string ensemble USE cabaca
  callichone cellone chemical harmonica
  colachon A large cello-like instrument tuned a fourth lower USE pyrophone
  galizona than the cello. chenda
  gallichone BT bowed lute USE ceṇḍa
  gallichon Celtic harp cheṇḍamēḷaṃ
  gallizona USE Irish harp USE ceṇḍa
  mandora cembal d'amour chi na
  mandorlauten A large clavichord on which the strings are struck USE suo na
  colascione (bass lute) by tangents at their precise mid-point. chiboni
BT plucked lute BT clavichord A droneless bagpipe from the Caucasus region.
callichone cembalo UF chimoni
USE calichon USE harpsichord   čiboni
calliope cembalo verticale   gudastviri
An outdoor mechanical musical instrument USE clavicytherium   stviri
consisting of tuned steam whistles. çemençe   tulum
BT mechanical organ USE kamānche   tulumi
calliope, explosion ceṇḍa BT bagpipe
USE pyrophone A cylindrical drum used widely in the Kerala and chikuzen-biwa
calliope, fire Karnataka states of India.
USE biwa
USE pyrophone UF ceṇḍe child (singer)
cambiata voice   ceṇṭā USE child's voice
USE changing voice   chande child soprano (singer)
campanula   chenda USE child soprano voice
A modern bowed string instrument invented by   cheṇḍamēḷaṃ child soprano voice
Helmut Bleffert that is like a cello but with 16 BT drum
additional resonating strings. UF child soprano (singer)
ceṇḍe   soprano, child (singer)
BT bowed lute USE ceṇḍa
canzá BT child's voice
ceṇṭā   high voice
USE reco-reco USE ceṇḍa
caracaxá NT boy soprano voice
cervelas children's chorus
USE reco-reco USE racket
carillon BT chorus
cervelat child's voice
BT bell USE racket
  keyboard instrument UF child (singer)
cetra BT singer
casaca USE English guitar
USE reco-reco NT child soprano voice
čhakhē chimes
castanets A plucked zither of Thailand with three strings, two An unspecified set of chimes.
BT concussion idiophone made of silk and the third of brass.
catá UF ja-kae BT bell
A Cuban percussion instrument consisting of a   jàkhây NT clock chimes
hollowed-out tree trunk open at both ends and struck
  jakhē   handchimes
with wooden sticks. chimes, orchestral
BT plucked string instrument
UF hueco USE tubular bells
  tube zither
BT percussion idiophone chimes (glockenspiel)
catacá USE glockenspiel
USE shawm
USE reco-reco chiming clock
cauld wind bagpipes USE clock chimes
USE shawm
USE border pipes chimoni
cauld wind pipes A single-reed instrument related to the clarinet. USE chiboni
USE border pipes ch'in
UF mock trumpet
caval USE qin
  trumpet, mock
USE kaval Chinese lute
BT single reed instrument
cavalry horn USE pi pa
chalumeau (pipe)
USE alto horn Chinese tom-tom
USE pipe (musical instrument)
cavaquinho USE tom-tom
A small four-stringed plucked instrument of
chalumeau (shawm)
Chinese wood block
Portugal and Brazil. USE shawm
USE wood block
UF braga chamadron
A organ consisting of reed pipes projected Chinese zither
  braguinha horizontally through louvers in a church tower that USE zheng
  machada was invented in the 20th century. ching (cymbals)
  machete BT organ A small pair of hand cymbals from Southeast Asia.
  machete-de-braga chamber orchestra BT concussion idiophone
  machetinho BT orchestra ching (gong)
BT plucked lute chamber organ A large flat bronze gong of Korea.
CC tuba UF cabinet organ BT gong
USE tuba BT organ chipendani
celebrant chande A mouth-resonated musical bow of the Shona
A performer who celebrates a rite or special people of Zimbabwe.
occasion and is explicitly required in the performance
USE ceṇḍa
of a musical work. chang go UF tshipendani
USE changgo BT mouth bow
BT performer
  plucked string instrument

chirimía NT bones with a keyboard.
A double-reed folk instrument played in Spain and   jin qian ban UF clavi-harp
Latin America. clapping, foot   keyed harp
UF chirisuya USE foot tapping BT harp
  xirimía clapping, hand   keyboard instrument
BT double reed instrument USE hand clapping clavioline
chirisuya clapping sticks An electronic keyboard instrument invented in
USE chirimía USE clapsticks 1947 that was a forerunner to the analog synthesizer.
chitarra battente clapsticks BT electronic keyboard
A five-course metal-strung guitar of 17th and 18th An Aboriginal Australian percussion instrument claviorgan
century Italy. consisting of a pair of hardwood sticks that are struck An instrument combining a harpsichord and an
UF guitare en bateau together. organ, in which the strings and pipes sound together.
BT guitar UF bilma UF claviorganum
chitarrone   boomerang clapsticks BT keyboard instrument
USE theorbo   clap-sticks   plucked string instrument
chord zither   clapping sticks   zither
USE harp zither   musicsticks claviorganum
chordophone BT concussion idiophone USE claviorgan
USE string instrument   percussion idiophone clock, musical
chorus clarinet USE musical clock
An unspecified chorus of voices. A soprano member of the clarinet family that is clock chime bell
associated with Western art music, or any
BT vocal ensemble unspecified or undetermined member of the clarinet
USE clock chimes
NT children's chorus family. clock chimes
  chorus changing voices A clock equipped with carillon or other chiming
UF A clarinet (soprano) mechanism. For a clock equipped with a mechanical
  equal voices   B♭ clarinet (soprano) organ use musical clock.
  men's chorus   B-flat clarinet (soprano)
  mixed chorus UF bell, clock chime
  C clarinet (soprano)   bell, tower clock
  spoken chorus   clarionet
  women's chorus   chiming clock
  primer clarinet   clock chime bell
chorus changing voices   soprano clarinet
BT chorus   tower clock bell
BT single reed instrument BT chimes
chromette NT alto clarinet
USE orkon   mechanical instrument
  bass clarinet clock-organ
chung juan   basset clarinet
USE ruan USE musical clock
  basset horn clog box
čiboni   clarinette d'amour
USE chiboni USE wood block
  contra-alto clarinet cloud chamber bowls
çifte   contrabass clarinet
A Turkish double clarinet consisting of a melody An instrument invented by Harry Partch that
pipe and drone pipe.   sopranino clarinet consists of tuned glass bowls suspended in a frame.
clarinet choir BT percussion idiophone
UF sipsi An ensemble consisting of two or more clarinets.
BT single reed instrument coach-horn
UF clarinet ensemble USE post horn
cigar box guitar
A guitar-like instrument that has an empty cigar BT woodwind ensemble colachon
box as a resonator. clarinet d'amour USE calichon
BT plucked lute USE clarinette d'amour colascione
cimbalom clarinet ensemble An Italian long-neck lute derived from the Middle
USE clarinet choir Eastern ṭanbūr, in which two or three courses of
A Hungarian hammered dulcimer used in both folk strings are played with a plectrum.
and concert music. clarinette d'amour
UF cymbal (cimbalom) UF clarinet d'amour BT plucked lute
  cymbalom   clarinetto d'amore colascione (bass lute)
  cymbalum BT clarinet USE calichon
  hammered dulcimer, Hungarian clarinetto d'amore common flute
  Hungarian hammered dulcimer USE clarinette d'amour USE recorder
  kimbalom clarionet computer
A computer that is explicitly required in the
  tsymbaly USE clarinet performance of a musical work.
BT dulcimer classical guitar
BT electronic instrument
cinema organ USE guitar
computer printer
USE theater organ clavecin vertical
A printer activated by a computer and used as
citaharp USE clavicytherium medium of performance.
A zither produced by the Audet Music Co. of claves BT electronic instrument
Boston in the early 20th century. A Latin American percussion instrument consisting
of a pair of short, thick, hardwood sticks that are coṅʻʺ
BT zither USE saùng-gauk
struck together.
  plucked string instrument coṅʻʺ kokʻ
citara BT concussion idiophone
clavi-harp USE saùng-gauk
USE sitar concert band
cithara USE claviharpe
clavichord USE band
A large lyre from ancient Greece.
A European keyboard instrument on which the concert flute
UF kithara strings are struck by tangents. USE flute
BT lyre concert grand (piano)
BT keyboard instrument
citharen USE piano
  struck string instrument
USE cittern concertina
cither A button-key accordion on which the button motion
NT cembal d'amour
USE zither is in the same direction as that of the bellows.
  pedal clavichord
cithren UF squashbox
USE cittern A keyboard instrument invented in 1799 that BT button-key accordion
cittern sounds when curved metal rods attached to the keys concertina ensemble
A wire-strung plucked instrument popular in 16th contact a rotating wet glass cylinder. An ensemble consisting of two or more
and 17th century Europe. concertinas.
UF euphonium (clavicylinder)
UF citharen   Klavizylinder BT instrumental ensemble
  cithren BT friction idiophone concussion idiophone
  cittharn   keyboard instrument An idiophone that consists of two or more
BT plucked lute clavicytherium complimentary sonorous parts struck against each
cittharn other.
An upright harpsichord with vertical soundboard.
USE cittern BT struck idiophone
UF cembalo verticale
clap-sticks NT body percussion
  clavecin vertical
USE clapsticks   castanets
clapper (percussion)   ching (cymbals)
A general term for a percussion instrument that   clapper (percussion)
consists of two objects that clap together.
BT harpsichord
BT concussion idiophone A 19th century instrument that combines a harp   claves

  cymbal cornett curtal
  finger cymbals An wind instrument popular in the 16th and 17th USE dulcian
conductor centuries that consists of a conical wooden pipe with cylinder piano
finger holes and a cup mouthpiece.
A conductor who is also a performer, as explicitly USE barrel piano
stated by the composer. UF cornaboux cymbal
UF director, music   cornet à bouquin A single cymbal suspended on a stand, or a pair of
  music conductor   corneta cymbals struck together.
  music director   cornetto BT concussion idiophone
BT performer   zink   percussion idiophone
conga BT brass instrument NT jao pa
A tall, narrow, single-headed Afro-Cuban drum. cornetto   jhāñjh
UF conga drum USE cornett cymbal (cimbalom)
  tumbadora cornopean USE cimbalom
BT drum USE cornet cymbalom
NT quinto (drum) corps, drum and bugle USE cimbalom
conga drum USE drum and bugle corps cymbalum
USE conga corps, drum and fife USE cimbalom
continuo USE fife and drum corps D clarinet (sopranino)
An instrumental practice of the 17th and 18th corps, fife and drum USE sopranino clarinet
centuries in which one or more instruments improvise USE fife and drum corps da kuan hsien
a chordal accompaniment from a written bass line. cortaldi UF daguangxian
UF basso continuo USE racket BT hu qin
  figured bass cortalli da tong
  thoroughbass USE racket A type of er hu used in performances of Hunan
  through bass countertenor (singer) flower drum drama.
BT ensemble USE countertenor voice BT er hu
  instrument countertenor voice daf
contra-alto clarinet UF countertenor (singer) USE daff
A contra-alto member of the clarinet family that is BT male voice daff
associated with Western art music and is pitched in
E♭, a fourth higher than the contrabass clarinet. cowbell A round single-headed frame drum from the Middle
A percussion instrument similar to bells worn by East and North Africa.
UF contrabass clarinet (E♭) livestock, but without a clapper. UF daf
  contralto clarinet BT bell   ḍaph
  E♭ contrabass clarinet cristal   duff
  E-flat contrabass clarinet A musical instrument constructed of glass rods BT frame drum
BT clarinet attached to tuned metal stems that are sounded by daguangxian
contra-bass clarinet the friction of moistened fingers rubbed on the glass.
USE da kuan hsien
USE contrabass clarinet UF Cristal Baschet damba
contrabass   crystal organ A Ghanaian hourglass drum played at the damba
USE double bass BT friction idiophone festival.
contrabass clarinet Cristal Baschet BT hourglass drum
A contrabass member of the clarinet family that is USE cristal đàn bâù
associated with Western art music and is pitched in cromorne A single-string zither of Vietnam.
B♭, two octaves below the soprano clarinet.
USE crumhorn UF đàn độc huyền
UF B♭ contrabass clarinet crot
  B-flat contrabass clarinet BT plucked string instrument
USE crwth   zither
  contra-bass clarinet crotales
  pedal clarinet đàn độc huyền
Small cymbals tuned to a definite pitch.
BT clarinet USE đàn bâù
BT percussion idiophone dan pi ku
contrabass clarinet (E♭) crouth
USE contra-alto clarinet UF bangu
USE crwth   danbigu
contrabass flute crowd (crwth)
BT flute BT drum
USE crwth đàn tranh
contrabass recorder crumhorn A 16-string board zither of Vietnam.
BT recorder A capped double-reed instrument most commonly
contrabass saxophone used in Renaissance Europe.
BT zither
BT saxophone danbigu
UF cromorne
contrabass trombone USE dan pi ku
BT trombone dance band
BT double reed instrument
contrabass tuba USE big band
USE tuba dance orchestra (big band)
A Welsh lyre that has been bowed since the 11th
contrabassoon century. USE big band
UF double bassoon UF crot dancer
A dancer who is explicitly required by the
BT bassoon   crouth composer for the performance of a musical work.
contralto clarinet   crowd (crwth)
BT performer
USE contra-alto clarinet BT bowed string instrument
NT tap dancer
contralto voice   lyre
USE alto voice crychord
USE daff
cor anglais BT monochord
USE English horn crystal organ
USE darabukka
cornaboux USE cristal
USE cornett csakan A single-headed goblet drum found in the Middle
cornamusa A walking stick recorder originating around Vienna East and North Africa.
UF cornemuse (cornamusa) in the early 19th century.
UF darabuke
BT double reed instrument UF csákány
cornemuse (bagpipe) BT recorder
USE bagpipe csákány
cornemuse (cornamusa) USE csakan
USE cornamusa cuatro
cornet Any of several distinct Latin American or Carribean
instruments of the guitar family.   derbouka
A valved brass instrument of contralto or soprano
pitch that was developed in the late 1820s. BT plucked lute   derbuga
cuena   derbukka
UF cornopean
USE quena   dumbek
BT brass instrument
cuíca BT goblet drum
cornet à bouquin
A Brazilian friction drum whose pitch can be darboukka
USE cornett
changed by applying varying pressure to the drum USE darabukka
cornet ensemble head.
An ensemble consisting of two or more cornets.
UF puíta USE darabukka
BT brass ensemble
  quíca darbuka
BT friction drum USE darabukka
USE cornett
USE darabukka

daruan allowing for recording and playback of piano   crumhorn
USE ruan performances, as in a player piano.   duduk (double reed instrument)
daul UF hybrid piano   dulcian
USE tupan   recording and reproducing piano   dulzaina
daule BT electronic instrument   English horn
USE dholi   player piano   gralla
davul dijiridu   guan
USE dholi USE didjeridu   hautbois de Poitou
daxophone dilrubā   heckelphone
A bowed idiophone consisting of a narrow, flat strip A long-necked, fretted fiddle of Northern India and   hichiriki
of wood anchored at one end, invented by Hans Pakistan.
Reichel in the 1980s. BT bowed lute   mey
BT friction idiophone director, music   mukhavīṇā
deblek USE conductor   nāgasvaram
USE dümbelek dizi   oboe
derabucca USE di zi   pī
USE darabukka djembe   pʻiri
derbouka An African goat skin goblet drum played with bare
  practice chanter
USE darabukka hands.
derbuga UF jembe
USE darabukka   jenbe
derbukka BT goblet drum
USE darabukka djil
descant recorder USE gyil
  suo na
USE soprano recorder do nally
descant viol USE algōjā
USE pardessus de viole dobro
devil's fiddle USE resonator guitar
USE skrzypce dohol
devil's violin USE dholi
USE dholi
USE skrzypce dolçaina
dhavul USE dulzaina An unspecified drum.
USE tavil dolceola
A zither with a keyboard manufactured in the early BT membranophone
dhimay   percussion instrument
A double-headed cylindrical drum from Nepal. 20th century.
UF dulceola NT arará
UF dhime   atabaque
BT drum BT keyboard instrument
  zither   babadok
dhime   bass drum
USE dhimay dolcian
USE dulcian   bongos
dhol (Caucasian drum)   bonkó
USE dholi dolcino
USE dulcian   ceṇḍa
dholi   conga
A Caucasian and Middle Eastern double-headed doli
cylindrical drum with laced heads. USE dholi   dan pi ku
dolzaina   dhimay
UF daule
USE dulzaina   dholi
dolzoni   frame drum
  dhol (Caucasian drum)
USE dulcian   friction drum
dombäck   ghaṭa
USE zarb   goblet drum
dombak   hourglass drum
BT drum
USE zarb   kañjirā
dombira   lambeg drum
USE di zi
USE dömbra   mādal
di zi
A Chinese transverse flute. dömbra   mridanga
A long-necked two-string plucked lute of Central   nāykhīṃ
UF di
Asia.   ngoma
UF dombira   par
  dumbrak   pung
BT ductless flute
BT plucked lute   rebana
NT bangdi
domra   repinque
A long-necked plucked lute of Russia with a round   rouleur
diabelskie skrzypce body and three or four strings.   snare drum
USE skrzypce
BT plucked lute   tabla
diable skrzype
dotār   taiko
USE skrzypce
USE dutār   tambou
diamond marimba
double B-flat tuba   tāshā
BT mallet instrument
USE tuba   tavil
diddley bow
double bass   timbales criollos
A single-string zither of the rural American South.
UF bass (stringed instrument)   timpani
BT plucked string instrument   bass viol   tom-tom
  zither   contrabass   tumba
didgeridoo   stand-up bass   tupan
USE didjeridu   string bass   yaogu
didjeridoo   upright bass   yuka
USE didjeridu BT bowed lute drum, bronze
didjeridu double bass viol USE bronze drum
An Aboriginal Australian brass instrument.
USE violone drum, steel
UF didgeridoo double bassoon USE steel drum
  didjeridoo USE contrabassoon drum and bugle corps
  digeridoo double C tuba A musical marching ensemble consisting of brass
  dijiridu USE tuba instruments, percussion instruments, and color guard,
BT natural horn but excluding woodwind instruments.
double reed instrument
digeridoo An unspecified double reed instrument. UF corps, drum and bugle
USE didjeridu BT reed instrument   drum corps
digital harpsichord NT alboka BT band
USE electronic harpsichord   aulos drum and fife corps
digital keyboard   bagpipe USE fife and drum corps
USE electronic keyboard   bālabān (double reed instrument) drum circle
digital piano   bassoon
A group of people informally gathered, usually in a
USE electronic piano circle, who play improvised rhythms on world
  chirimía percussion instruments.
digital player piano   cornamusa
An acoustic piano with added digital technology BT percussion ensemble

drum corps duduki dvogrla
USE drum and bugle corps USE duduk (double reed instrument) USE dvorgrle
drum kit dudy dvogrle
USE drum set A bagpipe found in Poland and Czech Republic. USE dvorgrle
drum machine UF dude dvorgrla
Any of a broad range of electronic instruments that BT bagpipe USE dvorgrle
combine the functions of the synthesizer and the duff dvorgrle
sequencer in a way specially adapted to the
USE daff A double flute of Herzegovina.
generation of polyphonic percussion patterns.
UF electronic drum dulceola UF dvogrla
  electronic percussion USE dolceola   dvogrle
  preset rhythm machine dulcian   dvorgrla
A Renaissance double-reed in one piece, the BT duct flute
  rhythm machine predecessor of the modern bassoon.
  sampling drum machine dynaphone
UF curtal USE telharmonium
BT electronic instrument
  dolcian e-cello
drum set
  dolcino USE electric cello
A collection of percussion instruments played by a
single player, typically consisting of a snare drum,   dolzoni E♭ clarinet (alto)
kick drum, tom-toms, hi-hat, and cymbals.   dulzian USE alto clarinet
UF drum kit BT double reed instrument E♭ clarinet (sopranino)
  drumset dulcimer USE sopranino clarinet
  trap kit A zither whose strings are sounded by striking with E♭ contrabass clarinet
  trap set USE contra-alto clarinet
  traps UF Hackbrett E-flat clarinet (alto)
BT percussion instrument   hammer dulcimer USE alto clarinet
drumset   hammered dulcimer E-flat clarinet (sopranino)
USE drum set   salterio USE sopranino clarinet
duandi BT struck string instrument E-flat contrabass clarinet
USE bangdi   zither USE contra-alto clarinet
duct flute NT cimbalom E-flat horn
An unspecified wind instrument on which a narrow   khim USE alto horn
duct directs the air stream against a sharp edge.   santūr e-guitar
BT edge-blown instrument   ṭambal USE electric guitar
NT algōjā   yang qin E♭ horn
  atenteben   yanggŭm USE alto horn
  dvorgrle   yoochin (dulcimer) e-violin
  flageolet dulcimer, American USE electric violin
  iwabue USE Appalachian dulcimer edge-blown instrument
  khlui dulcimer, Appalachian A woodwind instrument whose sound is created by
  melody flute USE Appalachian dulcimer blowing across an edge.
  Native American flute dulcimer, Kentucky BT woodwind instrument
  ocarina USE Appalachian dulcimer NT duct flute
  penny whistle dulcimer, lap   ductless flute
  pinkullu USE Appalachian dulcimer   nose flute
  pipe (musical instrument) dulcimer, mountain   suifūkin
  recorder USE Appalachian dulcimer ekón
  saxoflute dulcimer, plucked A bell made from two pieces of metal, lacking a
  slide whistle USE Appalachian dulcimer clapper, and struck on the outside, used by the Afro-
dulcimer ensemble Cuban Abakwá people.
  svirala An ensemble consisting of two or more dulcimers. UF banká
  tarka BT instrumental ensemble   ekong
  whistle dulcitone BT bell
ductless flute A tuning fork piano created by Thomas Machell in ekong
An unspecified wind instrument that does not have the late 19th century. USE ekón
an air duct, and instead the player creates a ribbon- UF tuning fork piano ekue
shaped stream of air with the lips. BT keyboard instrument An Afro-Cuban single-headed friction drum with a
BT edge-blown instrument loose shaft.
  percussion idiophone
NT bānsurī dultzaina BT friction drum
  blul USE dulzaina electric acoustic guitar
  di zi dulzaina USE electric guitar
  fife A double-reed folk instrument of Spain and the electric bass guitar
  flute Basque region. USE bass guitar
  huang zhong UF bolingozo electric cello
  kagurabue   dolçaina UF e-cello
  kaval   dolzaina   electronic violoncello
  kōauau   dultzaina BT cello
  kurai   pito   electronic instrument
  limbe BT double reed instrument electric guitar
  nāy (flute) dulzian An acoustic or solid-bodied guitar that is
electronically amplified.
  nōkan USE dulcian
  panpipes dumbeg UF acoustic guitar, electric
  quena USE dümbelek   e-guitar
  ryūteki dumbek   electric acoustic guitar
  saluang USE darabukka   electro-acoustic guitar
  sáo   dümbelek   electroacoustic guitar
  shakuhachi dümbelek BT electronic instrument
  shinobue A single-headed goblet drum of Syria and Turkey.   guitar
  šupeljka UF deblek NT bass guitar
  tanso   dumbeg electric harpsichord
  veṇu   dümbek USE electronic harpsichord
  washint BT goblet drum electric organ
  xiao dumbrak USE electronic organ
  xun USE dömbra electric piano
dude dùndún USE electronic piano
USE dudy USE talking drum electric violin
An acoustic or solid-bodied violin that is
duduk (double reed instrument) dutār electronically amplified.
A double-reed instrument of ancient Armenian Any one of various types of long-neck fretted lutes
origin. of the Middle East and Central Asia. UF e-violin
UF duduki UF dotār   electronic violin
BT double reed instrument BT plucked lute BT electronic instrument
duduk (duct flute) Dutch organ   violin
USE svirala USE barrel organ electrical orchestra
USE Novachord

electro-acoustic guitar   live electronics feadóg stáin
USE electric guitar   pre-recorded audio USE penny whistle
electroacoustic guitar   processed sound fêli
USE electric guitar electronium A single-headed goblet drum with attached metal
electronic drum UF elektronium rattles.
USE drum machine BT electronic instrument BT goblet drum
electronic harpsichord   keyboard instrument female voice
UF digital harpsichord elektronium UF woman's voice
  electric harpsichord USE electronium BT singer
  MIDI-harpsichord enas NT alto voice
BT electronic instrument USE launeddas   mezzo-soprano voice
  harpsichord enchemí   soprano voice
electronic instrument USE bonkó fiddle
An instrument that produces sounds by outputting English flute BT bowed lute
an electric audio signal. USE recorder fiddle, Black Sea
BT instrument English guitar USE kamānche
NT cell phone UF cetra fiddle, bladder
  computer BT plucked lute USE bumbass
  computer printer English horn fiddle, devil's
  digital player piano UF cor anglais USE skrzypce
  drum machine   tenor oboe fiddle, nun's
  electric cello BT double reed instrument USE trumpet marine
  electric guitar engoma fiddle, straw
  electric violin USE ngoma USE xylophone
  electronic harpsichord enharmonic organ fife
  electronic organ USE organ BT ductless flute
  electronic piano ensemble fife and drum band
  electronics A group that is not named according to number of USE fife and drum corps
  electronium performers or a more specific medium of fife and drum corps
  heliphon performance. UF corps, drum and fife
  MIDI controller NT audience   corps, fife and drum
  mouseketier   continuo   drum and fife corps
  ondes Martenot   instrumental ensemble   fife and drum band
  percussion controller   mixed media BT band
  piano-harp   pin peat figured bass
  radio receiver   vocal ensemble USE continuo
  sampler ëochin finger cymbals
  sequencer USE yoochin (dulcimer) UF zilia
  synthesizer eolian harp   zils
  television set USE aeolian harp BT concussion idiophone
  telharmonium epinette de Vosges finger snapping
  theremin USE epinette des Vosges BT body percussion
  trautonium epinette des Vosges fire calliope
electronic keyboard UF bûche USE pyrophone
UF digital keyboard   epinette de Vosges fire organ
  keyboard synthesizer   Vosges, epinette des USE pyrophone
BT keyboard instrument BT psaltery flabiol
  synthesizer equal voices USE flaviol
NT clavioline A chorus in which all the voices parts are for one flageolet
type of voice.
  Novachord BT duct flute
electronic keyboard ensemble BT chorus flame organ
An ensemble consisting of two or more electronic er hu USE pyrophone
keyboards. UF erhu flamenco guitar
BT electronics BT hu qin USE guitar
  keyboard ensemble NT da tong Flandre, basse de
electronic organ   zhong hu USE bumbass
An organ that produces sounds only through erhu flat-top guitar
electronic means, or that has electroacoustical or USE er hu
electromechanical elements. USE guitar
erzlaute flauta pastoril
UF electric organ USE archlute USE gaita (pipe)
BT electronic instrument eunuch flute flauto d'amore
  organ USE kazoo USE flûte d'amour
NT archiphone euphonium flauto dolce
  Novachord The tenor instrument of the tuba family. For the
baritone of the saxhorn family see baritone horn. USE recorder
electronic organ ensemble
BT keyboard ensemble BT brass instrument
UF fabiol
electronic percussion euphonium (clavicylinder)
USE drum machine USE clavicylinder
electronic piano eVI (electronic valve instrument)
A piano that produces sounds through digital BT pipe (musical instrument)
USE wind controller
oscillators or through digital synthesis. flowerpot
eVI wind controller
UF digital piano BT percussion instrument
USE wind controller
  electric piano flugelhorn
eWI (electronic wind instrument)
BT electronic instrument BT brass instrument
USE wind controller
  keyboard instrument flute
explosion calliope
The flute of European art music. For generic uses
electronic trumpet USE pyrophone of flute see ductless flute or duct flute.
USE wind controller explosion organ UF Boehm flute
electronic valve instrument USE pyrophone   concert flute
USE wind controller fabiol   transverse flute
electronic violin USE flaviol BT ductless flute
USE electric violin fagottino NT alto flute
electronic violoncello USE tenoroon   bass flute
USE electric cello fair organ   contrabass flute
electronic wind instrument USE fairground organ   flûte d'amour
USE wind controller fairground organ   piccolo
electronics A mechanical organ used for outdoor
Unspecified electronic sounds, either produced live entertainments and circuses. flute choir
or from a recording. An ensemble of two or more flutes of any type.
UF band organ
UF tape (electronics)   fair organ UF flute ensemble
BT electronic instrument   showground organ BT woodwind ensemble
  instrumental ensemble BT mechanical organ flute clock
NT electronic keyboard ensemble USE musical clock

flute d'amore frula gan gan
USE flûte d'amour USE svirala USE agogo
flûte d'amour full orchestra gángán
A member of the flute family that is associated with USE orchestra USE talking drum
Western art music and is pitched in A or B♭, between gadulka ganzá
the C concert flute and the G alto flute.
USE gŭdulka USE reco-reco
UF amore, flûte d' Gaelic harp gao hu
  flauto d'amore USE Irish harp A string instrument similar to the er hu, but smaller
  flute d'amore gagaku-biwa and with a higher tone.
  Liebesflöte USE biwa UF gaohu
BT flute gaita (bagpipe)   high hu
flute ensemble BT bagpipe   yue hu
USE flute choir gaita (pipe) BT hu qin
flute-playing clock UF flauta pastoril gaodi
USE musical clock BT pipe (musical instrument) USE bangdi
fluviol gaku-biwa gaohu
USE flaviol USE biwa USE gao hu
folk bass guitar galizona garmon
USE acoustic bass guitar USE calichon USE accordion
foot clapping gallichon gayagŭm
USE foot tapping USE calichon USE kayagŭm
foot percussion gallichone gazoo
USE foot tapping USE calichon USE kazoo
foot tapping gallizona gazooka
UF clapping, foot USE calichon USE kazoo
  foot clapping galoubet gazoota
  foot percussion UF jombarde USE kazoo
  podorhythm   txistu ge hu
  tapping, foot BT pipe (musical instrument) A large four-stringed Chinese instrument from the
BT body percussion 1950s that is tuned like a cello.
gamba, viola da
fortepiano USE viola da gamba UF gehu
USE piano gamba (family of viols) BT hu qin
frame drum USE viol gehu
A struck drum, with or without handles, in which USE ge hu
the depth of the body does not exceed the gambang
A wooden or bamboo xylophone of Malaysia and gemendze
circumference of the membrane.
Indonesia. USE kamānche
BT drum gender
NT bodhrán BT xylophone
gamelan A multi-octave mallet instrument from Java and
  daff Bali.
An ensemble from Bali, Java, and the surrounding
  par̲ai areas consisting of various gongs, metallophones BT mallet instrument
  ravanne and drums. genggong
  tamborim UF gamelang USE Jew's harp
  tambourine BT instrumental ensemble ghaṙā
  tar (drum) NT gamelan degung USE ghaṭa
free aerophone   gamelan genggong ghaṭa
An aerophone in which the vibrating air is not   gamelan gong gede UF ghaṙā
confined by the instrument.
  gamelan gong kebyar   ghaṭi
BT aerophone   gamelan jegog   kaṭam
NT bull-roarer   gamelan joged bumbung BT drum
free reed instrument   gamelan semar pegulingan ghaṭi
An instrument in which the reeds move freely at
one end, not overlapping any opening. gamelan degung USE ghaṭa
A small gamelan ensemble from Sunda. ghichak
BT aerophone
NT accordion BT gamelan UF gidzhak
  mouth organ gamelan genggong   gijak
A gamelan ensemble from Bali. BT bowed lute
  reed organ BT gamelan gidzhak
French horn gamelan gong gede USE ghichak
USE horn
A large gamelan ensemble associated with gijak
Balinese temples and old court ceremonies. USE ghichak
fretless zither
UF gong gede gimbri
USE harp zither
BT gamelan USE gunibrī
fretted instrument
gamelan gong kebyar gjold
USE bowed string instrument A 20th century gamelan from North Bali.
friction drum USE gŭdulka
A drum in which the membrane is made to vibrate
UF gong kebyar glass
through direct or indirect friction. BT gamelan A glass of any shape or size manipulated to
gamelan jegog produce sound.
BT drum
  friction instrument
A gamelan consisting of bamboo xylophones from BT friction idiophone
West Bali.   percussion instrument
NT cuíca
UF jegog glass harmonica
BT gamelan UF armonica
friction idiophone
gamelan joged bumbung   glasses, musical
BT idiophone A gamelan consisting of four or more tingklik with
  friction instrument   harmonica, glass
added flutes, drums and gong, used to accompany
NT clavicylinder social dance.
  musical glasses
  cristal BT friction idiophone
UF gamelan pajogedan
  daxophone glasses, musical
  joged bumbung
  glass USE glass harmonica
  pejogedan bumbung
  glass harmonica   verrophone
BT gamelan
  musical saw glaw-ng æ
gamelan pajogedan
  singing bowl USE klō̜ng ǣ
USE gamelan joged bumbung
  verrophone glaw-ng yao
gamelan semar pagulingan
  waterphone USE klō̜ng yāo
USE gamelan semar pegulingan
  wind machine gliṅ-bu
gamelan semar pegulingan
friction instrument USE limbe
A court gamelan from Bali.
An instrument sounded by the use of direct or gling-bu
UF gamelan semar pagulingan USE limbe
indirect friction to the instrument itself.
  semar pagulingan glock
BT instrument   semar pegulingan
NT bowed string instrument USE glockenspiel
BT gamelan glockenspiel
  friction drum gamelang
  friction idiophone UF bell lyra
USE gamelan   bell lyre
  hurdy-gurdy gamlka   bells, orchestra
USE gŭdulka   bells, orchestral

glockenspiel  (Continued) gran lira gulintangan
  bells (glockenspiel) USE lirone USE kulintang
  chimes (glockenspiel) grand piano gumbri
  glock USE piano USE gunibrī
  lyra, bell great bass recorder gunbri
  lyre, bell BT recorder USE gunibrī
  orchestra bells grinder organ gunibrī
  orchestral bells USE barrel organ A plucked lute with one to three strings from North
BT mallet instrument gu zheng Africa.
gmbri USE zheng UF gimbri
USE gunibrī guan   gmbri
gnbri UF bili   gnbri
USE gunibrī   guan zi   gogo (lute)
goblet drum   guanzi   gombri
BT drum   kuan tzu   guembri
NT darabukka BT double reed instrument   guenbrit
  djembe guan zi   guimbri
  dümbelek USE guan   guinbri
  fêli guanzi   gumbri
  klō̜ng ǣ USE guan   gunbri
  klō̜ng yāo guayo   hejhuj
  zarb USE guiro   sintir
goč gudastviri BT plucked lute
USE tupan USE chiboni guqin
godie gŭdulka USE qin
USE goge UF gadulka gusla
goge   gamlka USE gusle
UF godie   gjold gusle
  goje   kemene A single-string bowed lute of Southeastern Europe.
For the psaltery from Russia see gusli.
  gonje   kopanka
BT bowed lute   tsigulka UF gusla
gogen-biwa BT bowed string instrument BT bowed lute
USE biwa guembri gusli
A psaltery from Russia. For the single-string
gogo (lute) USE gunibrī bowed lute of Southeastern Europe see gusle.
USE gunibrī guenbrit
UF husli
goje USE gunibrī
BT psaltery
USE goge guimbri
gom-gom USE gunibrī
USE washtub bass
USE gora guinbri
goma USE gunibrī
USE zheng
USE ngoma guiro
gombri UF calabazo
UF djil
USE gunibrī   guayo
BT xylophone
gomo   ralladera
USE ngoma   rascador
USE dulcimer
gomungo BT indirectly struck idiophone
USE kŏmunʼgo guiro (rattle) A two-string spike fiddle from Korea.
gong USE cabaca
UF hyegum
BT percussion idiophone guitar
BT bowed lute
NT ching (gong) UF acoustic guitar
  hsiao luo   arched-top guitar
USE bānsurī
  tam-tam   classical guitar
hammer dulcimer
gong, rin   flamenco guitar
USE dulcimer
USE singing bowl   flat-top guitar
hammered dulcimer
gong, suzu   Spanish guitar
USE dulcimer
USE singing bowl BT plucked lute
hammered dulcimer, Hungarian
gong gede NT acoustic bass guitar
USE cimbalom
USE gamelan gong gede   bajo sexto
Hammond Novachord
gong kebyar   chitarra battente
USE Novachord
USE gamelan gong kebyar   electric guitar
hand clapping
gonje   harp guitar
UF clapping, hand
USE goge   lyre-guitar
BT body percussion
gonrang   resonator guitar
hand organ
BT instrumental ensemble   steel guitar
USE barrel organ
gora guitar, harp-lute
hand piano
UF gom-gom USE harp-lute guitar
USE mbira
  gorah guitar, Portuguese
hand piano, African
  gorra USE guitarra portuguesa
USE mbira
  gowra guitar ensemble
An ensemble consisting of two or more guitars. handbell
A bell with a handle held in the hand for ringing.
  t'gorrah UF guitar orchestra
BT musical bow BT bell
BT plucked instrument ensemble
gorah handbell choir
guitar orchestra
An ensemble consisting of two or more handbells.
USE gora USE guitar ensemble
gorra guitar violoncello UF handbell team
USE gora USE arpeggione BT percussion ensemble
gottuvadyam guitar zither handbell team
A fretless vina from Southern India. USE harp zither USE handbell choir
UF block instrument guitare en bateau handchimes
A chime, usually in the shape of a square tube,
  mahanataka vina USE chitarra battente with an external clapper that is rung by hand.
BT vina guitarillo BT chimes
gowra USE tiple hankin
USE gora guitarra portuguesa USE ichigenkin
grall de pastor UF guitar, Portuguese Hardanger fiddle
USE gralla   Portuguese guitar A traditional violin of Western Norway with four or
gralla BT plucked lute five sympathetic strings running beneath the
A small shawm-like double-reed instrument from guitarrón fingerboard.
Catalonia and Spain. A fretless bass guitar from Mexico. UF Harding fiddle
UF grall de pastor UF guitarrón mexicano   hardingfele
  xaramita BT plucked lute BT bowed lute
  xirimita guitarrón mexicano
BT double reed instrument USE guitarrón

Harding fiddle   pedal harpsichord hu hu
USE Hardanger fiddle   sambuca lincea BT hu qin
hardingfele harpsichord ensemble hu qin
USE Hardanger fiddle An ensemble consisting of two or more solo A generic term for a Chinese spike fiddle, usually
harmonic canon harpsichords. with two strings, but sometimes three or four.
A plucked box zither with 44 or 88 strings invented BT keyboard ensemble UF huqin
by Harry Partch. hautbois de Poitou BT bowed string instrument
BT plucked string instrument A straight wind-cap shawm from France. NT da kuan hsien
  zither BT double reed instrument   er hu
harmonica Hawaiian guitar   gao hu
UF mouth harmonica USE steel guitar   ge hu
BT mouth organ Hawaiian steel guitar   hu hu
NT melodica USE steel guitar   jing hu
harmonica, chemical head rapping   zhui qin
USE pyrophone UF rapping, head huagu
harmonica, glass BT body percussion USE yaogu
USE glass harmonica heckelphone huang zhong
harmonica ensemble A double-reed instrument with a wide bore and BT ductless flute
An ensemble consisting of two or more spherical bell sounding an octave below the oboe. hueco
harmonicas. BT double reed instrument USE catá
BT instrumental ensemble heike-biwa humle
harmonium USE biwa USE noordsche balk
USE reed organ hejhuj hummel
harmonium, bichromatic USE gunibrī USE noordsche balk
USE bichromatic harmonium helicon Hungarian hammered dulcimer
harp A valved brass instrument of the tuba family USE cimbalom
An unspecified chordophone in which the plane of distinguished by its circular shape, allowing the
performer to rest the weight of the instrument on his hunting horn
strings is perpendicular to the soundboard. For the
modern Western pedal harp, use pedal harp. shoulder. USE horn
BT tuba huqin
BT plucked string instrument
heliphon USE hu qin
NT audeharp
A MIDI-controlled xylophone in the shape of a hurdy-gurdy
double helix played by striking the keys with An instrument in which a crank-turned rosined
  Irish harp solenoids. wheel vibrates the strings, whose pitches are
  kong hou manipulated on a keyboard or buttons.
BT electronic instrument
  pedal harp UF lyra
  mallet instrument
  saùng-gauk   organistrum
hiang te
harp bow   vielle
USE suo na
USE musical bow   vielle à roue
harp ensemble A Japanese oboe made of bamboo and with a BT friction instrument
An ensemble consisting of two or more harps. reverse conical bore.   zither
BT plucked instrument ensemble BT double reed instrument husli
harp guitar high E♭clarinet USE gusli
A guitar with any number of additional unstopped USE sopranino clarinet husor
strings that can accommodate individual plucking.
high E-flat clarinet USE bānsurī
BT guitar USE sopranino clarinet huur, morin
  zither high hu USE morin huur
harp-lute USE gao hu hybrid piano
An unspecified instrument in the Sachs-Hornbostel
harp-lute category. high treble viol USE digital player piano
USE pardessus de viole hydraulic barrel organ
UF bridge harp
high voice BT barrel organ
BT string instrument
A high-register voice that is not otherwise   water organ
NT kamele ngoni specified. hydraulic organ
  kora BT singer USE water organ
harp-lute guitar NT child soprano voice hydraulis
Any one of the family of instruments invented by
Edward Light in the late 18th and early 19th centuries   soprano voice USE water organ
that combined aspects of the guitar or lute with an   tenor voice hydraulos
extended harp-styled neck that held extra strings. Himalayan bowl USE water organ
UF guitar, harp-lute USE singing bowl hydraulus
BT plucked lute hojŏk USE water organ
harp-piano USE tʻaepʻyŏngso hyegum
A harp-shaped instrument fitted with a keyboard. hommel USE haegŭm
BT keyboard instrument USE noordsche balk hyŏnʼgŭm
  plucked string instrument horn USE kŏmunʼgo
  zither An orchestral valved or valveless French horn. For ichigen-kin
harp zither an unspecified valveless horn see natural horn. USE ichigenkin
A fretless zither with two sets of strings, one tuned UF French horn ichigenkin
to a scale and the other to complete the chords in the   hunting horn A single-string Japanese zither.
key of the melody strings. BT brass instrument UF hankin
UF chord zither horn choir   ichigen-kin
  fretless zither USE horn ensemble BT plucked string instrument
  guitar zither horn ensemble   zither
  MacArthur harp An ensemble consisting of two or more horns. idiophone
  mandolin guitar zither UF horn choir An unspecified or undetermined instrument that
  mandolin harp zither BT brass ensemble produces sound through vibration of the instrument
  mandolin zither houleur itself.
  zither harp USE rouleur BT instrument
BT plucked string instrument hourglass drum NT friction idiophone
  zither A struck drum with a body that is smaller in   plucked idiophone
harpola diameter in the middle than at the ends.   struck idiophone
BT plucked string instrument BT drum   wind chime
  toy instrument NT batá imzad
  zither   changgo A single-string rubāb with a high bridge a curved
harpsichord   damba neck.
UF cembalo   kotsuzumi UF amzad
  spinet (harpsichord)   talking drum   anzad
BT keyboard instrument hsiao luo   anzhad
  plucked string instrument UF xiaoluo   inzad
  zither BT gong   rabāba (imzad)
NT arcicembalo hsien tse BT rubāb
  clavicytherium USE sanxian indirectly struck idiophone
  electronic harpsichord An unspecified or undetermined idiophone in which
the percussion is produced indirectly, such as by

indirectly struck idiophone  (Continued) jàkhây jouhikko
shaking or scraping the instrument. USE čhakhē A Finnish bowed lyre with two to four strings.
BT struck idiophone jakhē BT bowed string instrument
NT angklung (rattle) USE čhakhē   lyre
  cabaca jal tarang jug
  guiro USE jaltarang BT wind instrument
  jawbone jaltarang jug band
  maraca A set of bowls tuned by filling them with different An instrumental ensemble consisting of one or
  notched rattle levels of water, struck with bamboo sticks. more jugs used as bass wind instruments that arose
UF jal tarang among African Americans in the early 20th century as
  rattle popular entertainment for medicine shows and
  reco-reco   jaltarangam picnics.
  tambourine BT percussion idiophone BT instrumental ensemble
  washboard jaltarangam jūshichigen
in̄goma USE jaltarang A 17-string bass koto from Japan.
USE ngoma jamisen
BT koto
ingomba USE sanshin
kacapi (plucked lute)
USE ngoma jao pa A boat-shaped plucked lute from Indonesia.
instrument BT cymbal
UF kacaping
Any unspecified or undetermined solo instrument. jaw bone
UF musical instrument USE jawbone
BT plucked lute
  unspecified instrument jaw harp
kacapi (zither)
BT performer USE Jew's harp A plucked box zither from the Sundanese areas of
NT aerophone jawbone West Java.
  continuo A jawbone used as an idiophone that may be
struck, rattled, or rubbed. UF kecapi (zither)
  electronic instrument BT plucked string instrument
  friction instrument UF jaw bone
  idiophone   musical jaw bone
  keyboard instrument   quijada
USE kacapi (plucked lute)
  mechanical instrument   quijada de burro
  melody instrument BT indirectly struck idiophone
USE khǣn
  membranophone jaw's harp
  percussion USE Jew's harp
USE lu sheng
  percussion instrument jazz band
  plucked instrument USE big band A six- or seven-hole Japanese flute.
  string instrument jazz combo
A small ensemble associated with jazz that usually UF yamatobue
  toy instrument consists of 3 to 6 instruments, including piano, bass, BT ductless flute
instrumental ensemble drum set, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, or kalimba
An ensemble consisting of diverse instruments that other instruments. USE mbira
cannot be described by a more specific term. BT instrumental ensemble kamale ngoni
BT ensemble jazz orchestra USE kamele ngoni
NT accordion band USE big band kʻaman
  balalaika orchestra jedina USE kamānche
  band USE svirala k'amancha
  bowed string ensemble jedinka USE kamānche
  concertina ensemble USE svirala kamānche
  dulcimer ensemble jednojka A spike fiddle of the Black Sea region, Pontic
  electronics USE svirala Greece, and Iran.
  gamelan jegog UF Black Sea fiddle
  gonrang USE gamelan jegog   Black Sea kemençe
  harmonica ensemble jembe   çemençe
  jazz combo USE djembe   fiddle, Black Sea
  jug band jenbe   gemendze
  keyboard ensemble USE djembe   kʻaman
  khrū̜ang sāi Jew's harp   k'amancha
  mahōrī UF genggong   kamancheh
  orchestra   jaw harp   kāmanja
  percussion ensemble   jaw's harp   kamantcha
  pipe band   khomus   karadeniz kemençesi
  pīphāt   trump   kemancha
  plucked instrument ensemble BT plucked idiophone   kemanche
  plung orchestra jhān-jhān   kemençe
  string band USE jhāñjh   kemenche
  string orchestra jhāni   kemendze
  talempong USE jhāñjh   kementche
  toy orchestra jhānj   kyamancha
  washboard band USE jhāñjh   Pontian lyra
  wind ensemble jhāñjh   Pontic kemenche
  zither ensemble UF jhāni   Pontic lyra
inzad   jhānj BT bowed lute
USE imzad   jhān-jhān kamancheh
Irish harp   jhānjha USE kamānche
Use for a variety of small, gut-string harps used in BT cymbal kāmanja
Celtic or Celtic-derived music.
jhānjha USE kamānche
UF Celtic harp USE jhāñjh kamantcha
  Gaelic harp jin qian ban USE kamānche
  Scottish harp A Chinese clapper used in storytelling. kamele ngoni
  Welsh harp BT clapper (percussion) A six-stringed harp of the Wassolou region of Mali.
BT harp jing hu UF kamale ngoni
Irish organ A high-pitched hu qin. BT harp-lute
USE uilleann pipe UF jinghu kañcirā
ishibue BT hu qin USE kañjirā
USE iwabue jinghu kanjeera
iwabue USE jing hu USE kañjirā
A small Japanese stone flute.
joged bumbung kañjirā
UF ishibue USE gamelan joged bumbung A South Indian frame drum.
  stone flute jombarde UF kañcirā
  stone whistle USE galoubet   kanjeera
BT duct flute jorhi BT drum
ja-kae USE algōjā kanklės
USE čhakhē jorī USE Baltic psaltery
jabisen USE algōjā
USE sanshin

kannel kementche khen
USE Baltic psaltery USE kamānche USE khǣn
k'anon kena khène
USE qānūn USE quena USE khǣn
kanonaki kena-kena khil-khuur
USE qānūn USE quena USE morin huur
kanoon kenawak khim
USE qānūn USE kemanak A hammered dulcimer of Laos and Thailand that is
kantele Kent bugle similar to, but smaller than, the yang qin.
USE Baltic psaltery USE keyed bugle UF kim (dulcimer)
kanun Kent horn BT dulcimer
USE qānūn USE keyed bugle khlui
karadeniz kemençesi Kentucky dulcimer A bamboo duct flute from Thailand with six or
seven finger holes and a thumb hole.
USE kamānche USE Appalachian dulcimer
kaṭam kettledrum BT duct flute
USE ghaṭa USE timpani khol
kaval kettledrums USE mridanga
A rim-blown flute of Southeastern Europe and USE timpani khō̜lō̜
Turkey. key fiddle USE kaw law
UF caval USE keyed fiddle khomus
  kavali keyboard controller USE Jew's harp
  kavall A MIDI with a keyboard controller. khong vong
  qawūl BT MIDI controller USE khō̜ng wong
BT ductless flute keyboard ensemble khō̜ng wong
kavali An ensemble consisting of two or more varied A group of bossed gongs set on a circular frame.
USE kaval keyboard instruments. UF kháw-ng wong
kavall BT instrumental ensemble   khong vong
USE kaval NT electronic keyboard ensemble BT percussion idiophone
kaw law   electronic organ ensemble khrū̜ang sāi
A vertical log xylophone of northeastern Thailand.   harpsichord ensemble A instrumental ensemble consisting of strings and
a flute and used in the Thai court.
UF bong lang   organ ensemble
  khō̜lō̜   piano ensemble UF khrư̄angsāi
  pong lang   player piano ensemble BT instrumental ensemble
  pong larng keyboard instrument khrư̄angsāi
  pōnglāng An unspecified or unidentified keyboard USE khrū̜ang sāi
BT xylophone instrument. kiak
kaya kum UF keyboard stringed instrument USE qobuz
USE kayagŭm   string keyboard instrument kīkā kila
kayago   stringed keyboard instrument USE steel guitar
USE kayagŭm BT instrument kim (dulcimer)
kayagŭm NT carillon USE khim
A Korean twelve-stringed zither.   celesta kimbalom
UF gayagŭm   clavichord USE cimbalom
  kaya kum   clavicylinder kisaanj
  kayago   claviharpe USE mbira
  kayakko   claviorgan kit
  kayako   dolceola USE pochette
  kayakum   dulcitone kithara
BT plucked string instrument   electronic keyboard USE cithara
  zither   electronic piano klaviziterium
kayakko   electronium USE clavicytherium
USE kayagŭm   harp-piano klavizitherium
kayako   harpsichord USE clavicytherium
USE kayagŭm   lute-harpsichord Klavizylinder
kayakum   organ USE clavicylinder
USE kayagŭm   orphéal klentangan
kazoo   piano USE kulintang
UF bazoo   tangent piano klō̜ng ǣ
  telharmonium A large Thai drum used in Buddhist temples.
  eunuch flute   toy piano UF glaw-ng æ
  gazoo   virginal BT goblet drum
  gazooka keyboard percussion instrument klō̜ng yāo
USE mallet instrument A Thai drum played with the hands and used in
  gazoota festival parades.
  tommy talker keyboard stringed instrument
USE keyboard instrument UF glaw-ng yao
keyboard synthesizer BT goblet drum
BT singing membrane
USE electronic keyboard ko tsuzumi
keyed bugle USE kotsuzumi
USE kacapi (plucked lute)
UF Kent bugle kōauau
kecapi (zither) A flute of the Maori people of New Zealand.
USE kacapi (zither)   Kent horn
  royal Kent bugle UF kooauau
BT bugle BT ductless flute
USE angklung (xylophone)
keyed fiddle kob
UF key fiddle A curved brass horn from India.
BT percussion idiophone
kemanak   lökkelje BT natural horn
A banana-shaped metal idiophone of Java that is   nyckelgiga kobsa
usually used in pairs.   nyckelharpa USE kobza
UF kenawak   Schlüsselfidel kobuz
BT percussion idiophone   Schlüsselfiedel USE qobuz
kemancha BT bowed lute kobyz
USE kamānche keyed harp USE qobuz
kemanche USE claviharpe kobza
USE kamānche keyed trumpet UF kobsa
kemençe BT trumpet BT plucked lute
USE kamānche khǣn kōjin-biwa
kemenche UF kaen USE biwa
USE kamānche   khen kokle
kemendze   khène USE Baltic psaltery
USE kamānche BT mouth organ koḷ
kemene kháw-ng wong A double-reed instrument of the Kota people of
USE gŭdulka USE khō̜ng wong

koḷ  (Continued) lambeg drum   lira di sette corde
UF koul A large double-headed drum associated with the   lira moderna
BT double reed instrument Orange Order in Northern Ireland and traditionally   lyra (lira da braccio)
used in parades.
kolintang (gong-chime) BT bowed lute
USE kulintang BT drum lira da gamba
kŏmunʼgo lamellaphone USE lirone
A six-stringed fretted, plucked, zither of Korea. USE mbira lira da spalla
UF gomungo lamellophone USE lira da braccio
  hyŏnʼgŭm USE mbira lira di sette corde
  kum langeleik USE lira da braccio
A fretted Norwegian box zither.
BT plucked string instrument lira doppia
  zither BT psaltery USE lirone
komuz lap dulcimer lira grande
A long-necked, unfretted, three-stringed lute of the USE Appalachian dulcimer USE lirone
Kirghiz people of Central Asia. large orchestra lira in gamba
BT plucked lute USE orchestra USE lirone
kong hou launeddas lira moderna
UF konghou A polyphonic single-reed instrument with three
pipes that originated in Southern Sardinia. USE lira da braccio
BT harp lirica
konghou UF aenas
UF liritza
USE kong hou   benas
BT bowed lute
kooauau   bisònas
USE kōauau   enas
USE lirica
kopanka   leunéddas
USE gŭdulka   lionéddas
UF arcivioladaslyras
kopuz   sonus de canna
UF qopuz   triédda
  qupuz   truédda
  gran lira
BT plucked lute   truvédda
  lira (lirone)
kora BT single reed instrument
  lira da gamba
A 21-string harp-lute of the Mende people of West lautenclavicymbel
  lira doppia
Africa. USE lute-harpsichord
  lira grande
BT harp-lute lautenwerck
  lira in gamba
koto USE lute-harpsichord
  lirone perfetto
A Japanese zither with 13 strings. Lautenwerk
  lyra (lirone)
BT plucked string instrument USE lute-harpsichord
  lyra de gamba
  zither lavta
A Turkish plucked lute with tied frets, popular in the
  lyra perfecta
NT jūshichigen   lyrone
early 20th century.
koto ensemble BT bowed lute
An ensemble consisting of two or more koto. UF politiko laouto
BT plucked lute lirone perfetto
BT plucked instrument ensemble USE lirone
lead singer
kotsuzumi lithophone
A performer who sings the main solo vocal
An hourglass drum used in Japanese theater. portions of a popular song, often as part of a band. A stone or a set of stones that is struck to produce
UF ko tsuzumi sound.
UF lead vocalist
BT hourglass drum BT singer BT percussion idiophone
koul lead vocalist liu qin
USE koḷ USE lead singer BT plucked lute
krar leaf liu sheng
A six-string bowl lyre from Ethiopia and Eritrea. One or more leaves from a tree or other plant that USE lu sheng
BT lyre produces sound through vibration (as in a reed liuto attiorbato
krummhorn instrument). USE archlute
USE crumhorn BT percussion instrument live electronics
kuan tzu legawka BT electronics
USE guan USE ligawka lökkelje
kūḷalu leunéddas USE keyed fiddle
USE veṇu USE launeddas lõõtspill
kulintang Liebesflöte BT accordion
UF gulintangan USE flûte d'amour love flute
  klentangan ligawa USE Native American flute
  kolintang (gong-chime) USE ligawka low voice
  kwintangan ligawka BT singer
BT percussion idiophone A wooden aerophone from the Mazowsze region of NT alto voice
Poland.   bass-baritone voice
kulintang ensemble
A Filipino ensemble consisting of two sets of UF legawka   bass voice
kulintang and a drum.   ligawa lowland bagpipes
BT percussion ensemble BT natural horn USE border pipes
kum likembe lowland pipes
USE kŏmunʼgo USE mbira USE border pipes
kundi limbe lu sheng
USE qudi A side-blown flute that originated in China and UF kæng
kurachʼŏlsa kum   liu sheng
USE yanggŭm UF gliṅ-bu BT mouth organ
kurai   gling-bu luo gu
An end-blown flute of the Bashkir and Tatar   lingbu UF luo gu ensemble
peoples. BT ductless flute BT percussion ensemble
UF kuray lingbu luo gu ensemble
  qurai USE limbe USE luo gu
BT ductless flute linguaphone lur
kuray USE mbira BT natural horn
USE kurai lionéddas lute
kututeng USE launeddas A fretted plucked-string instrument with a pear-
USE mbira lira shaped body that was popular in 16th-18th century
kwintangan USE bowed string instrument Europe. For other lute-type instruments, see plucked
  lyre lute and bowed lute.
USE kulintang
kyamancha lira (lirone) UF lyra
USE kamānche USE lirone BT plucked lute
kytte lira (short-necked fiddle) NT archlute
USE pochette UF lyra (short-necked fiddle)   Baroque lute
kyyak BT bowed lute   Renaissance lute
USE qobuz lira da braccio lute, Brazilian
la pa UF lira da spalla USE viola-de-cocho
USE suo na

lute-clavier UF MRP (magnetic resonator piano) mandorre
USE lute-harpsichord BT piano USE mandola
lute consort mahanataka vina mandurria
USE lute ensemble USE gottuvadyam USE bandurria
lute ensemble mahōrī Männerchor
An ensemble consisting of two or more European An instrumental ensemble originating in Thailand USE men's chorus
lutes, often of different sizes. that combines melodic and rhythmic percussion, maraca
UF lute consort string, and wind instruments.
BT indirectly struck idiophone
BT plucked instrument ensemble BT instrumental ensemble marching band
lute-harpsichord male voice BT band
A gut-strung harpsichord with a mellow tone similar BT singer marimba
to a lute. NT baritone voice UF marimbaphone
UF lautenclavicymbel   bass-baritone voice BT mallet instrument
  Lautenwerk   bass voice NT bass marimba
  lautenwerck   boy soprano voice marimba (mbira)
  lute-clavier   changing voice USE mbira
  theorbo-harpsichord   countertenor voice marimba ensemble
BT plucked string instrument   tenor voice BT mallet ensemble
  keyboard instrument mallet controller marimba-xylophone
  zither An electronic instrument that simulates the sound
of a mallet instrument. USE xylorimba
luthéal marimbaphone
UF piano luthéal UF xylophone controller
USE marimba
BT prepared piano BT mallet instrument
lyra   percussion controller
USE mbira
USE bowed string instrument mallet ensemble
An ensemble consisting of two or more different marine trumpet
  hurdy-gurdy USE trumpet marine
mallet instruments of any type.
  lute marovany (box zither)
  lyre BT percussion ensemble
NT marimba ensemble BT plucked string instrument
lyra, bell   zither
USE glockenspiel mallet instrument
An unspecified mallet instrument of any type. marovany (tube zither)
lyra (lira da braccio) USE valiha
USE lira da braccio UF keyboard percussion instrument
  mallet percussions Martenot
lyra (lirone) USE ondes Martenot
USE lirone BT percussion idiophone
NT balo Martenot's ondes musicales
lyra (short-necked fiddle) USE ondes Martenot
USE lira (short-necked fiddle)   bamboo marimba
  diamond marimba matou qin
lyra bastarda USE morin huur
USE baryton   gender
  glockenspiel matouqin
lyra de gamba USE morin huur
USE lirone   heliphon
  mallet controller mbila
lyra perfecta USE mbira
USE lirone   marimba
  sticcado pastorale mbira
lyra viol UF African hand piano
UF lyro-viol   vibraphone
  xylophone   hand piano
  viola bastarda   hand piano, African
BT viol   xylorimba
  zoomoozophone   kalimba
lyre   kisaanj
An unspecified string instrument whose strings are mallet percussions
attached to a yoke that lies in the same plane as the USE mallet instrument   kututeng
soundtable. mando-cello   lamellaphone
UF lira USE mandoloncello   lamellophone
  lyra mandocello   likembe
BT plucked string instrument USE mandoloncello   linguaphone
NT begena mandola   marimba (mbira)
  cithara UF mandolino   marímbula
  crwth   mandora   mbila
  jouhikko   mandore   nsansi
  krar   mandorre   sandza
  simsimīyya BT mandolin   sansa
  surrogate kithara mandolin   sansi
  talharpa UF mandoline   thumb piano
lyre, bell BT plucked lute BT plucked idiophone
USE glockenspiel NT mandola mechanical clock-organ
lyre-guitar   mandoloncello USE musical clock
BT guitar mandolin ensemble mechanical instrument
An unspecified instrument whose sound is
lyro-viol An ensemble consisting of two or more
produced fully or partially through automated means.
USE lyra viol instruments of the mandolin family.
UF mandolin orchestra UF automatic instrument
BT plucked instrument ensemble   automatic musical instrument
USE lirone
mandolin guitar zither   automatophone
ma tʻou chʻin
USE harp zither BT instrument
USE morin huur
mandolin harp zither NT clock chimes
MacArthur harp
USE harp zither   mechanical organ
USE harp zither
mandolin orchestra   mechanical piano
USE mandolin ensemble   music box
USE cavaquinho
mandolin zither   orchestrion
USE harp zither   panharmonicon
USE cavaquinho
mandoline   phonograph turntable
USE mandolin   violano-virtuoso
USE cavaquinho
mandolino mechanical organ
An unspecified mechanized organ.
USE cavaquinho USE mandola
mādal mandoloncello UF automatic organ
UF mādala UF mando-cello BT mechanical instrument
BT drum   mandocello   organ
mādala BT mandolin NT barrel organ
USE mādal mandora   calliope
madinda USE calichon   fairground organ
USE amadinda   mandola   musical clock
magnetic resonator piano mandore   player organ
An electronically-augmented acoustic grand piano USE mandola   water organ
using electromagnets to extend the capabilities of the mandorlauten mechanical piano
traditional piano without speakers or amplification. An unspecified mechanized piano.
USE calichon
BT mechanical instrument

mechanical piano  (Continued) mirliton mukhavīṇā
  piano BT singing membrane UF mukha veena
NT barrel piano mirutaṅkam BT double reed instrument
  player piano USE mridanga multi-media
mechanical singing-bird box miruthangam USE mixed media
UF mechanical singing-bird tabatière USE mridanga multimedia
  singing-bird box, mechanical mišnice USE mixed media
  tabatière, mechanical singing-bird UF mjersnice musette (bagpipe)
BT music box BT bagpipe USE bagpipe
mechanical singing-bird tabatière mixed chorus musette (oboe)
USE mechanical singing-bird box BT chorus UF musette pipe
medium voice mixed media BT oboe
BT singer Non-musical elements such as movement, musette pipe
NT baritone voice projected images, audience participation, etc., or USE musette (oboe)
effects related to electronic music.
  mezzo-soprano voice music box
megaphone UF multi-media UF musical box
A device used to amplify other media in the   multimedia BT mechanical instrument
performance of a musical work. BT ensemble   plucked idiophone
BT wind instrument   performer NT mechanical singing-bird box
NT vamp-horn mjersnice music conductor
mellophone USE mišnice USE conductor
USE alto horn mobile phone music director
melodeon (button-key accordion) USE cell phone USE conductor
BT button-key accordion mock trumpet music sampler software
melodeon (reed organ) USE chalumeau USE software sampler
USE reed organ Mongolian zither music synthesizer
melodica USE yatga USE synthesizer
A keyboard harmonica. monochord musical bow
UF scaletta BT plucked string instrument A bow that is played as a musical instrument in its
BT harmonica   zither own right and not as a device to draw sound from
NT crychord another instrument.
melody flute
BT duct flute moon guitar UF harp bow
  toy instrument USE yue qin BT zither
melody instrument moon lute NT berimbau
An unspecified instrument on which more than one USE yue qin   gora
note can be played. morin huur   mouth bow
BT instrument UF huur, morin musical box
meloharp   khil-khuur USE music box
BT zither   ma tʻou chʻin musical clock
membranophone   matou qin A clock equipped with a mechanical organ. For
An unspecified instrument whose sound is   matouqin sounds produced by a clock equipped with a carillon
produced via vibrations of a stretched membrane. or other chiming mechanism use clock chimes.
BT bowed lute
BT instrument mōsō-biwa UF clock, musical
NT drum USE biwa   clock-organ
  singing membrane mountain dulcimer   flute clock
mendjan USE Appalachian dulcimer   flute-playing clock
USE mendzan mouseketier   mechanical clock-organ
mendzan BT electronic instrument BT mechanical organ
UF mendzang mouth bow musical glasses
  mendjan BT musical bow USE glass harmonica
  menjyang NT chipendani   verrophone
  menzan mouth drum musical instrument
BT xylophone USE vocal percussion USE instrument
mendzang mouth harmonica musical jaw bone
USE mendzan USE harmonica USE jawbone
menjyang mouth organ musical saw
USE mendzan An unspecified mouth organ. UF saw, musical
men's chorus BT free reed instrument   saw, singing
A chorus of adult male voices. NT harmonica   singing saw
UF Männerchor   khǣn BT friction idiophone
BT chorus   lu sheng   struck idiophone
menzan   plung musical synthesizer
USE mendzan   sheng USE synthesizer
meta-harp   shō musical toy instrument
BT plucked string instrument mr̥dang USE toy instrument
  zither USE mridanga musicsticks
mey mr̥daṅga USE clapsticks
UF nay (oboe) USE mridanga nadasvaram
BT double reed instrument mr̥daṅgam USE nāgasvaram
mezzo-soprano (singer) USE mridanga nadaswaram
USE mezzo-soprano voice mridanga USE nāgasvaram
mezzo-soprano oboe Any of several types of double-headed drum used nāgasuram
USE oboe d'amore to accompany devotional music and known by USE nāgasvaram
various names in different regions of India. nāgasvaram
mezzo-soprano voice
UF mezzo-soprano (singer) UF khol UF nadasvaram
BT female voice   mirdang   nadaswaram
  medium voice   mr̥dang   nāgasuram
MIDI controller   mr̥daṅga   nâgaswaram
BT electronic instrument   mr̥daṅgam   nākasvaram
NT keyboard controller   mridangam   nāyanam
  wind controller   mirutaṅkam BT double reed instrument
MIDI-harpsichord   miruthangam nâgaswaram
USE electronic harpsichord   pakhāvaj USE nāgasvaram
military band   pakhawaj nai
USE band BT drum USE nāy (flute)
mime mridangam   panpipes
UF mime artist USE mridanga nākasvaram
BT performer MRP (magnetic resonator piano) USE nāgasvaram
mime artist USE magnetic resonator piano nallari
USE mime mukha veena USE tʻaepʻyŏngso
mirdang USE mukhavīṇā narrator
USE mridanga USE speaker

Native American flute   Northumbrian small pipes   pipe organ
UF American Indian flute   Northumbrian smallpipes BT aerophone
  love flute   small pipe, Northumbrian   keyboard instrument
  Native American love flute   small pipes, Northumbrian NT bambuso sonoro
BT duct flute BT bagpipe   chamadron
NT sĭyotanka Northumbrian small pipes   chamber organ
Native American love flute USE Northumbrian small pipe   electronic organ
USE Native American flute Northumbrian smallpipes   mechanical organ
natural horn USE Northumbrian small pipe   positive organ
An unspecified valveless horn. For the orchestral nose flute   pyrophone
valved or valveless French horn, use horn. BT edge-blown instrument   theater organ
BT brass instrument notched rattle organ, cabinet
NT alphorn UF bone rattle USE reed organ
  bugle   rattle, bone organ, parlor
  didjeridu   rattle, notched USE reed organ
  kob BT indirectly struck idiophone organ ensemble
  ligawka Novachord An ensemble consisting of two or more organs of
  lur UF electrical orchestra any type.
  oliphant   Hammond Novachord BT keyboard ensemble
  post horn   orchestra, electrical organette
  Russian horn BT electronic keyboard BT player organ
  shofar   electronic organ organistrum
  túru (side-blown trumpet) nsansi USE hurdy-gurdy
natural trumpet USE mbira orkon
USE trumpet nun's fiddle UF chromette
nāy (flute) USE trumpet marine BT recorder
UF nai nyckelgiga orpharion
  ney USE keyed fiddle BT plucked lute
  quṣaba nyckelharpa orphéal
BT ductless flute USE keyed fiddle An instrument combining aspects of the piano,
nay (oboe) organ, and harmonium.
USE mey BT double reed instrument BT keyboard instrument
nāyanam NT musette (oboe) oud
USE nāgasvaram   oboe da caccia UF oude
nāykhĩ   oboe d'amore   ʻūd
USE nāykhīṃ oboe da caccia BT plucked lute
nāykhīṃ BT oboe oude
UF nāykhĩ oboe d'amore USE oud
BT drum UF mezzo-soprano oboe oulèr
new century harp BT oboe USE rouleur
BT plucked string instrument oboe ensemble oulère
  zither An ensemble consisting of two or more oboes of USE rouleur
ney any type, sometimes also including one or more ouleur
USE nāy (flute) English horns or other double reed instrument. USE rouleur
ngoma BT woodwind ensemble pakhāvaj
UF engoma ocarina USE mridanga
  goma BT duct flute pakhawaj
  gomo olifant USE mridanga
  in̄goma USE oliphant pan, soprano
  ingomba oliphant USE steel drum
  ngomba UF olifant pan, steel
  ngomm BT natural horn USE steel drum
  ngomo ondes Martenot pan flute
BT drum UF Martenot USE panpipes
ngomba   Martenot's ondes musicales pan pipes
USE ngoma   ondes musicales USE panpipes
ngomm   ondium Martenot pandean pipes
USE ngoma BT electronic instrument USE panpipes
ngomo ondes musicales pandeiro
USE ngoma USE ondes Martenot USE tambourine
ngoze ondium Martenot pandora
USE algōjā USE ondes Martenot USE bandora
nickelodeon ongnyugŭm pandore
USE orchestrion BT plucked string instrument USE bandora
nishiki-biwa   zither pandur
USE biwa ophicleide USE tambūrā (drone lute)
nō-flute BT brass instrument panflute
USE nōkan orator USE panpipes
nō-kan USE speaker panharmonicon
USE nōkan orchestra BT mechanical instrument
noardske balke A large ensemble consisting of bowed string panpipes
instruments and some combination of wind and other UF antara
USE noordsche balk types of instruments, or such an ensemble whose
nohkan relative size is not specified. For a small orchestra so   nai
USE nōkan specified, use chamber orchestra.   pan flute
nōkan UF full orchestra   pan pipes
UF nō-flute   large orchestra   pandean pipes
  nō-kan BT instrumental ensemble   panflute
  nohkan NT chamber orchestra   pan's pipes
BT ductless flute orchestra, electrical BT ductless flute
noordsche balk USE Novachord NT siku
Any of several types of zither played in the Low orchestra bells panpipes ensemble
Countries. USE glockenspiel An ensemble consisting of two or more sets of
UF hommel panpipes.
orchestral bells
  humle USE glockenspiel BT woodwind ensemble
  hummel orchestral chimes pan's pipes
  noardske balke USE tubular bells USE panpipes
  scheitholt orchestrion par
BT psaltery A cylindrical drum that originated in Tamil Nadu,
UF nickelodeon India.
Northumberland small pipes BT mechanical instrument
USE Northumbrian small pipe BT drum
Northumbrian small pipe par-dessus de viole
UF enharmonic organ
UF Northumberland small pipes USE pardessus de viole

paradon   catá   mechanical piano
USE baryton   celesta   pedal piano
par̲ai   clapsticks   prepared piano
UF pirai   cloud chamber bowls   spinet
BT frame drum   crotales   square piano
pardessus de viole   cymbal piano, toy
UF descant viol   dulcitone USE toy piano
  high treble viol   gong piano accordion
  par-dessus de viole   jaltarang USE accordion
  quinton   kei piano ensemble
BT viol   kemanak An ensemble consisting of two or more pianos,
paridon   khō̜ng wong each of which has one or more performers.
USE baryton   kulintang BT keyboard ensemble
pariton   lithophone piano-harp
USE baryton   mallet instrument BT electronic instrument
parlor organ   polopalo piano luthéal
USE reed organ   ranāt ēk USE luthéal
pastoral oboe   ranāt thum piano organ
USE pipe (musical instrument)   sēmantron USE barrel piano
pāvā   slit drum piano-player
USE algōjā   steel drum USE player piano
pāwā   toy piano pianoforte
USE algōjā   triangle USE piano
pedal clarinet   tubaphone piccolo
USE contrabass clarinet   txalaparta BT flute
pedal clavichord percussion instrument piccolo trumpet
A clavichord with a pedal-board like that of an A single unspecified percussion instrument. For USE trumpet
organ. one or more unspecified percussion instruments that pien chung
BT clavichord are often included as part of a larger ensemble see USE bian zhong
pedal harp pillana grōvi
A modern Western harp. For an unspecified BT instrument USE veṇu
chordsphone in which the plane of strings is NT balloon pin peat
perpendicular to the soundboard see harp.   drum A Khmer classical court ensemble.
BT harp   drum set
UF bin bādy
pedal harpsichord   flowerpot
  pinn peat
A harpsichord with a pedal-board like that of an   glass
organ.   pinpeat
UF pedalcembalo BT ensemble
  percussion controller
BT harpsichord pin piah
  sound effects
pedal piano USE phin phia
  spoils of war (musical instrument)
A piano with a pedal-board like that of an organ. pincollo
  struck idiophone
USE pinkullu
UF pedal pianoforte   struck string instrument
BT piano   tin can
USE pinkullu
pedal pianoforte performer
USE pedal piano An unspecified participant in a musical work.
USE pinkullu
pedal steel guitar NT actor
A steel guitar equipped with a pedal that allows for pingullo
  audience USE pinkullu
instantaneous change of tuning.
  celebrant pinkayllu
BT steel guitar   conductor
pedalcembalo USE pinkullu
  dancer pinkillu
USE pedal harpsichord   instrument
pejogedan bumbung USE pinkullu
  mime pinkullu
USE gamelan joged bumbung   mixed media An end-blown flute from the Andes region.
pelittone   signer
BT tuba UF pincollo
penny whistle   pincullo
UF feadóg stáin   pincuyllu
USE phin phia
  pennywhistle   pingullo
phin phia
  tin whistle   pinkayllu
UF phia
  whistle (penny whistle)   pinkillu
  phin pīa
BT duct flute   pinquillo
  pin piah
pennywhistle BT duct flute
BT stick zither
USE penny whistle pinn peat
phin pīa
pentacontachordon USE pin peat
USE phin phia
USE sambuca lincea pinpeat
percussion USE pin peat
A one-string violin developed by Augustus Stroh
One or more unspecified instruments in the and used in early sound recordings. pinquillo
percussion family that are often included as part of a
BT violin USE pinkullu
larger ensemble. For a single unspecified percussion pipa
instrument see percussion instrument. phonograph turntable
UF turntable, phonograph USE pi pa
BT instrument pipe (musical instrument)
percussion controller   turntable system (phonograph)
An unspecified simple end-blown flute with or
BT electronic instrument BT mechanical instrument without finger holes.
  percussion instrument pī
UF bamboo pipe
NT mallet controller BT double reed instrument
  chalumeau (pipe)
percussion ensemble pi pa
  pastoral oboe
BT instrumental ensemble UF Chinese lute
  shepherd's pipe
NT drum circle   pipa
  handbell choir BT plucked lute
  tabor pipe
  kulintang ensemble pianette
BT duct flute
  luo gu USE barrel piano
NT flaviol
  mallet ensemble piano
  gaita (pipe)
  steel band UF concert grand (piano)
  taiko (drum ensemble)   fortepiano
pipe band
percussion idiophone   grand piano An ensemble consisting of two or more bagpipes
An unspecified percussion idiophone.   pianoforte and various drums.
BT struck idiophone   spinet (piano) UF bagpipe band
NT bell   spinnet (piano) BT instrumental ensemble
  bilo   upright piano pipe organ
  bonang BT keyboard instrument USE organ
  bronze drum   struck string instrument pipes, cauld wind
  cajón   zither USE border pipes
NT magnetic resonator piano

pipes, lowland   kacapi (plucked lute) pochette
USE border pipes   kobza UF kit
pipes, Scotish lowland   komuz   kytte
USE border pipes   kopuz   pocket fiddle
pīphāt   lavta   Taschengeige
An instrumental ensemble of Thailand featuring the   liu qin   treble violin
pī.   lute BT violin
UF sep nyai   mandolin pocket fiddle
BT instrumental ensemble   orpharion USE pochette
pirai   oud podorhythm
USE par̲ai   pi pa USE foot tapping
pʻiri   ruan poispil
BT double reed instrument   rubāb USE bumbass
pitch-pipe   sanshin politiko laouto
USE pitchpipe   sanxian USE lavta
pitchpipe   sapeh polopalo
UF pitch-pipe   sarod BT percussion idiophone
BT free reed instrument   saz pommer
pito   setār (Iranian instrument) USE shawm
USE dulzaina   shamisen pong lang
player organ   shudraga USE kaw law
BT mechanical organ   sitar pong larng
NT organette   su̜ng USE kaw law
player piano   tambūrā (drone lute) pōnglāng
UF piano-player   tambura (fretted lute) USE kaw law
  reproducing piano   ṭanbūr Pontian lyra
BT mechanical piano   tar (lute) USE kamānche
NT digital player piano   theorbo Pontic kemenche
player piano ensemble   tiple USE kamānche
An ensemble consisting of two or more player   tres Pontic lyra
  ukulele USE kamānche
BT keyboard ensemble   vihuela Portuguese guitar
plectral instrument   viola d'arame USE guitarra portuguesa
USE plucked instrument   viola-de-cocho Portuguese viola
plucked dulcimer   yue qin USE viola d'arame
USE Appalachian dulcimer plucked string ensemble positive
plucked idiophone USE plucked instrument ensemble USE positive organ
BT idiophone plucked string instrument positive organ
  plucked instrument An unspecified plucked string instrument. For an A movable organ.
NT Jew's harp unspecified plucked instrument of any material see UF positive
  mbira plucked instrument.
  table organ
  music box UF plucked stringed instrument BT organ
plucked instrument BT plucked instrument post horn
An unspecified plucked instrument of any material.   string instrument UF coach-horn
For a plucked string instrument see plucked string NT Appalachian dulcimer
instrument.   posthorn
  autoharp BT natural horn
UF plectral instrument   bandura
BT instrument posthorn
  čhakhē USE post horn
NT plucked idiophone   chipendani
  plucked string instrument practice chanter
  citaharp BT double reed instrument
plucked instrument ensemble   claviorgan
An ensemble consisting of two or more plucked pre-recorded audio
instruments of various types.   đàn bâù Sounds generated, captured, or manipulated in
  diddley bow advance and later played back as part of the
UF plucked string ensemble performance of a musical work.
  harmonic canon
BT instrumental ensemble
  harp UF tape (electronics)
NT balalaika ensemble
  harp-piano   recorded audio
  guitar ensemble
  harp zither   recorded sound
  harp ensemble
  harpola BT electronics
  koto ensemble
  harpsichord prepared piano
  lute ensemble
  ichigenkin A piano that has been altered by placing objects
  mandolin ensemble on and/or between the strings.
  kacapi (zither)
  tambura (fretted lute) ensemble BT piano
plucked lute NT luthéal
An unspecified plucked string instrument of the
Sachs-Hornbostel classification. For the fretted   koto prepared violin
plucked-string instrument popular in 16th-18th   lute-harpsichord A violin that has been altered by attaching wire or
century Europe see lute. objects on and/or between the strings.
BT plucked string instrument   marovany (box zither) BT violin
NT balalaika   meta-harp preset rhythm machine
  bandolín   monochord USE drum machine
  bandora   new century harp primer clarinet
  bandurria   ongnyugŭm USE clarinet
  banjo   plucked lute processed sound
  banjo ukulele   psaltery BT electronics
  biwa   qānūn provençal, tambourin
  bouzouki   qin USE tambourin
  calichon   siter Provence, tambourin de
  cavaquinho   stick zither USE tambourin
  charango   tambi psalmodicon
  cigar box guitar   valiha USE psalmodikon
  cittern   vina psalmodikon
  colascione   virginal UF psalmodicon
  cuatro   washtub bass   salmodikon
  dömbra   yatga BT bowed string instrument
  domra   zheng   zither
  dutār   zitho-harp psaltery
  English guitar An unspecified neckless zither.
plucked stringed instrument
  guitar USE plucked string instrument UF ala
  guitarra portuguesa plung   salterio
  guitarrón BT mouth organ BT plucked string instrument
  gunibrī plung orchestra   zither
  harp-lute guitar An ensemble consisting of two or more plungs. NT Baltic psaltery
BT instrumental ensemble   epinette des Vosges

psaltery  (Continued) rabāba (spike fiddle) rebekke
  gusli USE rabāb (spike fiddle) USE rebec
  langeleik rabābah (lute) reco-reco
  noordsche balk USE rubāb UF canzá
puíta rabābah (spike fiddle)   caracaxá
USE cuíca USE rabāb (spike fiddle)   casaca
pullāṅkulal rabeca   catacá
USE veṇu UF rebeca   ganzá
pullankuzhal BT bowed lute   querequexé
USE veṇu rabob   raspador
pung USE rubāb   reque-reque
BT drum racket BT indirectly struck idiophone
pyrophone UF cervelas recorded audio
UF calliope, explosion   cervelat USE pre-recorded audio
  calliope, fire   cortaldi recorded sound
  chemical harmonica   cortalli USE pre-recorded audio
  explosion calliope   rackett recorder
  explosion organ   rankett UF basset recorder
  fire calliope BT double reed instrument   beak flute
  fire organ rackett   Blockflöte
  flame organ USE racket   common flute
  harmonica, chemical radio receiver   English flute
BT organ BT electronic instrument   flauto dolce
qānūn ralladera   subcontrabass recorder
UF k'anon USE guiro BT duct flute
  kanonaki ram's horn NT alto recorder
  kanoon USE shofar   bass recorder
  kanun rana-t ay-k   contrabass recorder
BT plucked string instrument USE ranāt ēk   csakan
  zither rànaât eèk   great bass recorder
qawūl USE ranāt ēk   orkon
USE kaval ranāt aek   sopranino recorder
qin USE ranāt ēk   soprano recorder
UF ch'in ranāt dhaṃ   tenor recorder
  guqin USE ranāt thum   tonette
BT plucked string instrument ranāt ēk   tussefløyte
  zither UF rana-t ay-k recording and reproducing piano
qobuz   rànaât eèk USE digital player piano
UF kiak   ranāt aek reed instrument
  kobuz   roneat ek An unspecified reed instrument.
  kobyz BT percussion idiophone BT woodwind instrument
  kyyak ranāt thum NT double reed instrument
  qobyz UF ranāt dhaṃ   single reed instrument
BT bowed lute BT percussion idiophone reed organ
qobyz rankett UF cabinet organ
USE qobuz USE racket   harmonium
qopuz rapping, head   melodeon (reed organ)
USE kopuz USE head rapping   organ, cabinet
qudi rascador   organ, parlor
UF kundi USE guiro   parlor organ
BT di zi raspador BT free reed instrument
quena USE reco-reco NT bichromatic harmonium
UF cuena rattle   vocalion
  kena BT indirectly struck idiophone Renaissance lute
  kena-kena NT baby rattle A lute popular in Europe from the 15th-17th
  quena-quena   sistrum centuries that has five to twelve courses, the upper
courses tuned primarily in fourths.
BT ductless flute rattle, bone
quena-quena USE notched rattle BT lute
USE quena rattle, notched repinque
An Afro-Brazilian medium-sized single-headed
querequexé USE notched rattle drum, sometimes used in pairs.
USE reco-reco ravann
UF repique
quíca USE ravanne
BT drum
USE cuíca ravanne
quijada UF ravann
USE repinque
USE jawbone BT frame drum
reproducing piano
quijada de burro rbab
USE player piano
USE jawbone USE rubāb
quinto (drum) reader
USE reco-reco
BT conga USE speaker
resonator guitar
quinton rebab (lute)
UF dobro
USE pardessus de viole USE rubāb
  resophonic guitar
quiringua rebab (spike fiddle)
BT guitar
USE teponaztli USE rabāb (spike fiddle)
resophonic guitar
qupuz rebana
USE resonator guitar
USE kopuz UF rebano
rgya gliṅ
qurai BT drum
USE rgya-gling
USE kurai rebano
quṣaba USE rebana
UF rgya gliṅ
USE nāy (flute) rebec
A European bowed lute, normally with a vaulted
BT double reed instrument
rabāb (lute)
back and tapering outline. rhythm machine
USE rubāb
UF rebeck USE drum machine
rabāb (spike fiddle)
Any of the various spike fiddles common in North   rebecke ribāb (lute)
Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia.   rebekke USE rubāb
UF rabāba (spike fiddle) BT bowed lute ribāb (spike fiddle)
  rabābah (spike fiddle) rebeca USE rabāb (spike fiddle)
  rebab (spike fiddle) USE rabeca rin gong
  ribāb (spike fiddle) rebeck USE singing bowl
  spike fiddle USE rebec rindik
BT bowed lute rebecke USE tingklik
rabāba (imzad) USE rebec robāb
USE imzad USE rubāb

rohbab samisen   coṅʻʺ
USE rubāb USE shamisen   coṅʻʺ kokʻ
roneat ek sampeh   tsaung
USE ranāt ēk USE sapeh BT harp
roopill sampeq saw, musical
BT single reed instrument USE sapeh USE musical saw
roulèr sampiʹ saw, singing
USE rouleur USE sapeh USE musical saw
rouleur sampler saw dûa-ng
UF houleur An electronic musical instrument that has no sound USE sō̜ dūang
  oulèr of its own, and whose sounds are entirely derived saw-sǎ-m sǎi
from recordings.
  oulère USE sō̜ sām sāi
  ouleur UF sound sampler saw û
  roulèr BT electronic instrument USE sō̜ ū
BT drum NT software sampler sax horn
royal Kent bugle sampler software USE saxhorn
USE keyed bugle USE software sampler saxhorn
ruan sampling drum machine UF sax horn
UF chung juan USE drum machine BT brass instrument
  daruan sanāī NT alto horn
  zhongruan USE śahnāī   baritone horn
BT plucked lute sānāyī saxoflute
rubāb USE śahnāī A toy wind instrument consisting of 15 pieces that
UF Afghan lute sandza can be connected in various ways.
  rabāb (lute) USE mbira BT duct flute
  rabābah (lute) sangen   toy instrument
  rabob USE shamisen saxophone
  rbab śanja UF subcontrabass saxophone
  rebab (lute) USE shudraga BT single reed instrument
  ribāb (lute) sansa NT alto saxophone
  robāb USE mbira   baritone saxophone
  rohbab sanshin   bass saxophone
A Japanese three-stringed lute.   contrabass saxophone
  rubob UF jabisen   sopranino saxophone
BT plucked lute   jamisen   soprano saxophone
NT imzad BT plucked lute   tenor saxophone
rubaub sansi saxophone choir
USE rubāb USE mbira USE saxophone ensemble
rubob santir saxophone ensemble
USE rubāb USE santūr An ensemble consisting of two or more
santoor saxophones of any type.
rudra veena
USE vina USE santūr UF saxophone choir
rudra vīṇā santūr BT woodwind ensemble
A trapezoidal dulcimer of Asia and the Balkans. saz
USE vina
UF santir A long-necked fretted lute.
Russian horn
BT natural horn   santoor BT plucked lute
ryūteki   sintir (dulcimer) NT bağlama
BT ductless flute BT dulcimer scaletta
sà láw sanxian USE melodica
A Chinese long-necked lute. scalmuse
USE salō̜
sackbut UF hsien tse USE shawm
A brass instrument operated using a telescopic   xian ze schalmei
slide that was generally used in the 15th-18th   xianzi USE shawm
centuries. BT plucked lute schalmuse
UF sagbut sáo USE shawm
  shagbut A Vietnamese transverse bamboo flute. scheitholt
  shakbush BT ductless flute USE noordsche balk
BT trombone sape Schlüsselfidel
saenap USE sapeh USE keyed fiddle
USE tʻaepʻyŏngso sapeh Schlüsselfiedel
sagbut An Indonesian plucked lute. USE keyed fiddle
USE sackbut UF sambe Scottish harp
śahnāī   sampeh USE Irish harp
UF sanāī   sampeq Scottish lowland bagpipes
  sānāyī   sampiʹ USE border pipes
  shahnāī   sape Scottish lowland pipes
  shanai   sapi USE border pipes
  shehnai BT plucked lute sehtār
  surnai sapi USE setār (Iranian instrument)
BT double reed instrument USE sapeh sekere
saitār sāran.gī USE cabaca
USE setār (Iranian instrument) USE sāraṅgī sēmandron
salmodikon sāraṅgī USE sēmantron
USE psalmodikon A South Asian short-necked fiddle. sēmantēr
salō̜ UF sāran.gī USE sēmantron
A Thai two-string spike fiddle with a separate bow BT bowed lute sēmantērion
and coconut shell resonator.
sārindā USE sēmantron
UF sà láw A South Asian bowed lute. sēmanthron
BT bowed lute USE sēmantron
BT bowed lute
salterio sēmantron
USE dulcimer A South Asian short fretless plucked lute. A wooden percussion board struck with a hammer
  psaltery and used as a call to prayer.
BT plucked lute
saluang UF sēmandron
An Indonesian open end-blown bamboo flute.
A brass instrument played with a double reed.   sēmantēr
BT ductless flute   sēmantērion
BT double reed instrument
sambe   sēmanthron
USE sapeh   simandron
USE algōjā
sambuca lincea BT percussion idiophone
An enharmonic harpsichord.
semar pagulingan
USE biwa
UF pentacontachordon USE gamelan semar pegulingan
BT harpsichord A Burmese arched harp. semar pegulingan
USE gamelan semar pegulingan
UF Burmese harp

semsemiya shino singing trumpet
USE simsimīyya USE shinobue USE vamp-horn
semsemiyya shinobue single reed instrument
USE simsimīyya A Japanese transverse bamboo flute. An unspecified single reed instrument.
sep nyai UF shino BT reed instrument
USE pīphāt   takebue NT bālabān (single reed instrument)
sequencer BT ductless flute   birbynė
An electronic device that creates repeatable shō   chalumeau
sequences of sound. BT mouth organ   çifte
BT electronic instrument shofar   clarinet
serng UF ram's horn   launeddas
USE su̜ng BT natural horn   roopill
serpent showground organ   saxophone
BT brass instrument USE fairground organ   tárogató
setā shudraga sintir
USE setār (Iranian instrument) UF śanja USE gunibrī
setār (Iranian instrument)   shandz sintir (dulcimer)
An Iranian four-stringed plucked long-necked lute.   shandze USE santūr
UF saitār   shanz sipsi
  sehtār   shidurgu USE çifte
  setā   śhuduġu sistro
  setór BT plucked lute A series of small mushroom-shaped bells mounted
  sihtār śhuduġu in a frame on a handle.
BT plucked lute USE shudraga UF timpano musicale
setar (sitar) sico BT bell
USE sitar USE siku sistrum
setór sicu BT rattle
USE setār (Iranian instrument) USE siku sitar
seyo go side drum UF citara
USE changgo USE snare drum   setar (sitar)
shagbut signer BT plucked lute
USE sackbut A performer who uses sign language. NT surbahar
shahnāī BT performer siter
USE śahnāī sihtār BT plucked string instrument
shakbush USE setār (Iranian instrument)   zither
USE sackbut siku sĭyotanka
shakuhachi UF sico BT Native American flute
A Japanese end-blown bamboo flute.   sicu skrzypce
UF syakuhati   zampoña UF diabelskie skrzypce
BT ductless flute BT panpipes   devil's fiddle
shalm simandron   devil's violin
USE shawm USE sēmantron   diable skrzype
shalme simple chordophone   fiddle, devil's
USE shawm USE zither BT violin
shalmie simsimijah slide trombone
USE shawm USE simsimīyya USE trombone
shalmuse simsimīyah slide trumpet
USE shawm USE simsimīyya USE trumpet
shamisen simsimīyya slide whistle
A Japanese three-stringed fretless plucked lute. An Arabian bowl or box lyre. UF swanee whistle
UF samisen UF semsemiya   swannee whistle
  sangen   semsemiyya BT duct flute
BT plucked lute   simsimijah slit drum
shanai   simsimīyah A hollowed-out piece of wood with one or more
USE śahnāī   sumsumīyya
shandz BT lyre BT percussion idiophone
USE shudraga singer NT teponaztli
shandze A performer who uses his or her voice to produce   wood block
USE shudraga musical tone. For an unspecified vocalized part see small pipe, Northumbrian
shank bone voice. USE Northumbrian small pipe
USE tibia UF vocalist small pipes, Northumbrian
shanz BT voice USE Northumbrian small pipe
USE shudraga NT child's voice snare drum
shawm   female voice UF caixa
UF bombarde (shawm)   high voice   side drum
  chalmeye   lead singer BT drum
  chalmie   low voice NT surdo
  chalumeau (shawm)   male voice   tabor
  pommer   medium voice   tamboril
  scalmuse singing-bird box, mechanical   tambourin
  schalmei USE mechanical singing-bird box sō̜ dūang
  schalmuse singing bowl A two-stringed Thai bowed lute.
  shalm A Himalayan metal bowl that is generally struck or UF saw dûa-ng
rubbed with a padded mallet. BT bowed lute
  shalmie UF bowl, Himalayan so la
  shalmuse   bowl, singing USE suo na
BT double reed instrument   gong, rin sō̜ sām sāi
shehnai   gong, suzu A three-stringed Thai spike fiddle.
USE śahnāī   Himalayan bowl UF saw-sǎ-m sǎi
shekeré   rin gong BT bowed lute
USE cabaca   suzu gong sō̜ ū
sheng   Tibetan singing bowl UF saw û
BT mouth organ BT bell BT bowed lute
shepherd's pipe   friction idiophone soft sampler
USE pipe (musical instrument) singing membrane USE software sampler
A membrane made to vibrate by speaking or software sampler
shidurgu singing into it.
USE shudraga UF music sampler software
BT membranophone   sampler software
shin bone
NT kazoo   soft sampler
USE tibia
  mirliton BT sampler
singing saw sŏlchanggo
USE tibia
USE musical saw USE changgo

solo vocal ensemble square piano string keyboard instrument
An ensemble consisting of solo voices. For an UF square pianoforte USE keyboard instrument
ensemble consisting of two or more unspecified BT piano string orchestra
voices see vocal ensemble.
square pianoforte An orchestra consisting solely or primarily of string
BT vocal ensemble USE square piano instruments.
solor squashbox BT instrumental ensemble
USE bānsurī USE concertina stringed instrument
sona squeezebox USE string instrument
USE suo na USE button-key accordion stringed instrument ensemble
song bell staccato-pastorella USE bowed string ensemble
USE xylophone USE sticcado pastorale stringed keyboard instrument
song flute stage band USE keyboard instrument
USE tonette USE big band strings
sonus de canna stand-up bass USE bowed string ensemble
USE launeddas USE double bass struck idiophone
sopranino clarinet steel band BT idiophone
A sopranino member of the clarinet family that is An ensemble consisting of steel drums and rhythm   percussion instrument
associated with Western art music and is pitched in instruments.
E♭ or D. NT concussion idiophone
UF D clarinet (sopranino) UF steel orchestra   indirectly struck idiophone
  E♭ clarinet (sopranino)   steelband   musical saw
  E-flat clarinet (sopranino)   tinpanny   percussion idiophone
  high E♭clarinet BT percussion ensemble struck string instrument
  high E-flat clarinet steel drum BT percussion instrument
BT clarinet UF bass pan   string instrument
sopranino recorder   drum, steel NT berimbau
BT recorder   pan, soprano   clavichord
sopranino saxophone   pan, steel   dulcimer
BT saxophone   soprano pan   piano
soprano, boy (singer)   steel pan   tangent piano
USE boy soprano voice   tenor pan stviri
soprano, child (singer) BT percussion idiophone USE chiboni
USE child soprano voice steel guitar su-na
soprano (singer) UF Hawaiian guitar USE suo na
USE soprano voice   Hawaiian steel guitar subcontrabass recorder
soprano clarinet   kīkā kila USE recorder
USE clarinet BT guitar subcontrabass saxophone
soprano pan NT pedal steel guitar USE saxophone
USE steel drum steel orchestra suifūkin
soprano recorder USE steel band BT edge-blown instrument
UF descant recorder steel pan suling
BT recorder USE steel drum BT duct flute
soprano saxophone steelband sumsumīyya
BT saxophone USE steel band USE simsimīyya
soprano voice sticcado su̜ng
UF soprano (singer) USE sticcado pastorale UF serng
BT female voice sticcado pastorale BT plucked lute
  high voice UF staccato-pastorella suo na
sordellina   sticcado UF chi na
UF surdellina   sticcado-pastrole   hiang te
BT bagpipe BT mallet instrument   la pa
sorna sticcado-pastrole   so la
USE zūrnā USE sticcado pastorale   sona
sornai stick zither   su-na
A chordophone consisting of a stick bearing a   suona
USE zūrnā string.
sound effects   ta ti
BT plucked string instrument   wa wa erh
Sounds and noises, primarily percussive that are
often produced by noise-making objects not normally   zither   wu li wa
regarded as musical instruments. NT bumbass BT double reed instrument
BT percussion instrument   phin phia suona
sound sampler stone flute USE suo na
USE sampler USE iwabue šupeljka
sound synthesizer stone whistle UF šupelka
USE synthesizer USE iwabue BT ductless flute
sousaphone straw fiddle šupelka
BT tuba USE xylophone USE šupeljka
Spanish guitar street organ surbahar
USE guitar USE barrel organ BT sitar
speaker street piano surdellina
A performer who uses a speaking, rather than a USE barrel piano USE sordellina
singing, voice. string band surdo
UF narrator An ensemble consisting largely or wholly of string UF caixa-surda
  orator instruments and often associated with jazz music.
BT snare drum
  reader BT instrumental ensemble surlă
BT voice string bass USE zūrnā
spike fiddle USE double bass surle
USE rabāb (spike fiddle) string ensemble USE zūrnā
spinet USE bowed string ensemble surna
BT piano string instrument USE zūrnā
spinet (harpsichord) An unspecified string instrument. For an
unspecified string instrument played with a bow see surnai
USE harpsichord bowed string instrument. USE śahnāī
spinet (piano) UF chordophone   zūrnā
USE piano   stringed instrument surrogate kithara
spinnet (piano) BT instrument BT lyre
USE piano NT bowed string instrument suzu gong
spoils of war (musical instrument)   harp-lute USE singing bowl
BT percussion instrument   plucked string instrument sviraja
spoken chorus   struck string instrument USE svirala
An ensemble of performers who use a speaking svirala
voice rather than a singing voice.   zither
string instrument ensemble UF duduk (duct flute)
BT chorus   frula
USE bowed string ensemble

svirala  (Continued) tambi tanpūrā
  jednojka BT plucked string instrument USE tambūrā (drone lute)
  sviraja   zither tanso
  svirale tambor BT ductless flute
  žvegljica USE atabaque tap box
BT duct flute tamboril USE wood block
svirale BT snare drum tap dancer
USE svirala tamborim A performer who tap dances as part of a musical
swaenap BT frame drum composition.
USE tʻaepʻyŏngso tambou BT dancer
swanee whistle A French Caribbean drum formed from a hollowed tape (electronics)
USE slide whistle out tree trunk covered in animal skin. USE electronics
swannee whistle BT drum   pre-recorded audio
USE slide whistle tamboura tapping, foot
syakuhati USE tambūrā (drone lute) USE foot tapping
USE shakuhachi tambourin tar (drum)
symphonet A double-headed snare drum from Provence. For BT frame drum
the single-headed frame drum, usually with jingles tar (lute)
USE pipe (musical instrument) hanging loosely from openings in the shell, see
symphonic band tambourine. UF taar
USE band UF Provence, tambourin de BT plucked lute
symphonic wind ensemble   provençal, tambourin tar pinkayllu
USE band   tabour USE tarka
symphonic winds   tabourin taragot
USE band   tambourin de Provence USE tárogató
synth   tambourin provençal tarakava
USE synthesizer BT snare drum USE tárogató
synthesiser tambourin de Provence tarca
USE synthesizer USE tambourin USE tarka
synthesizer tambourin provençal tarka
An electronic instrument capable of producing A wooden duct flute of the Andes.
USE tambourin
sounds by generating electrical signals of different UF anata
frequencies. tambourine
A small single-headed frame drum, usually with   tar pinkayllu
UF music synthesizer jingles hanging loosely from openings in the shell. For   tarca
  musical synthesizer the double-headed snare drum from Provence see   tharka
  sound synthesizer tambourin. BT duct flute
  synth UF adufo taro patch fiddle
  synthesiser   basque, tambour de USE ukulele
BT electronic instrument   pandeiro tárogató
NT electronic keyboard   tambur de basque UF taragot
ta ti BT frame drum   tarakava
USE suo na   indirectly struck idiophone   torogoată
taar tambouritza BT single reed instrument
USE tar (lute) USE tambura (fretted lute) taropatch
tabala ṭambūr USE ukulele
USE tabla USE ṭanbūr tarsa
tabatière, mechanical singing-bird tambur de basque USE tāshā
USE mechanical singing-bird box USE tambourine tarshā
tabla tambūrā (drone lute) USE tāshā
A pair of small, tuned, hand-played drums from A South Asian long-necked plucked drone lute. ṭāsa
South Asia.
UF pandur USE tāshā
UF tabala   tamboura Taschengeige
BT drum   tambūrī USE pochette
table organ   tampūrī tāshā
USE positive organ   tanpūrā UF tamukku
tabor BT plucked lute   tarsa
BT snare drum tambura (fretted lute)   tarshā
tabor pipe A Balkan long-necked lute.   ṭāsa
USE pipe (musical instrument) UF tambouritza BT drum
tabour   tamburica tavil
USE tambourin   tamburitza UF dhavul
tabourin BT plucked lute   thavil
USE tambourin tambura (fretted lute) ensemble BT drum
tʻaepʻyŏngso An ensemble consisting of two or more tamburas. television set
UF hojŏk BT plucked instrument ensemble BT electronic instrument
  nallari tambūrī telharmonium
  saenap USE tambūrā (drone lute) UF dynaphone
  swaenap tamburica BT electronic instrument
BT double reed instrument USE tambura (fretted lute)   keyboard instrument
taiko tamburitza temple drum
BT drum USE tambura (fretted lute) USE yaogu
taiko (drum ensemble) tampūrī tenor (singer)
An ensemble consisting mainly of indigenous
Japanese percussion instruments. USE tambūrā (drone lute) USE tenor voice
tamtam tenor bassoon
BT percussion ensemble
USE tam-tam USE tenoroon
tamukku tenor horn
USE shinobue
USE tāshā USE alto horn
tanboor tenor oboe
BT instrumental ensemble
USE ṭanbūr USE English horn
ṭanbūr tenor pan
BT bowed string instrument
UF ṭambūr USE steel drum
  tanboor tenor recorder
talking drum
  tanbura (lute) BT recorder
UF dùndún
BT plucked lute tenor saxophone
tanbura (lute) BT saxophone
BT hourglass drum
USE ṭanbūr tenor trombone
A large flat gong of indefinite pitch.
tangent piano USE trombone
A keyboard instrument whose strings are struck by tenor viol
UF tamtam slips of wood that resemble harpsichord jacks.
BT viol
BT gong BT keyboard instrument tenor violin
ṭambal   struck string instrument BT bowed lute
BT dulcimer   zither tenor voice
UF tenor (singer)

BT high voice   tympani tromba marina
  male voice BT drum USE trumpet marine
tenora timpano musicale trombone
BT double reed instrument USE sistro UF slide trombone
tenoroon timpanum   tenor trombone
UF fagottino USE timpani   valve trombone
  tenor bassoon timple BT brass instrument
BT bassoon USE tiple NT alto trombone
téorbe tin can   bass trombone
USE theorbo BT percussion instrument   contrabass trombone
tepenahuasqui tin whistle   sackbut
USE teponaztli USE penny whistle trombone choir
teponagua tinco USE trombone ensemble
USE teponaztli USE teponaztli trombone ensemble
teponahuaztli tingklik An ensemble consisting of two or more trombones.
USE teponaztli UF rindik UF trombone choir
teponaxtle BT xylophone BT brass ensemble
USE teponaztli tinpanny truédda
teponaztli USE steel band USE launeddas
UF quiringua tiorba trump
  tepenahuasqui USE theorbo USE Jew's harp
  teponagua tiple trumpet
  teponahuaztli UF guitarillo UF bass trumpet
  teponaxtle   timple   natural trumpet
  tinco BT plucked lute   piccolo trumpet
  tun-kul toba   slide trumpet
BT slit drum USE tupan   valve trumpet
termenvoks tom-tom BT brass instrument
USE theremin UF Chinese tom-tom NT keyed trumpet
t'goerra BT drum trumpet, mock
USE gora tombak USE chalumeau
t'gorrah USE zarb trumpet, singing
USE gora tommy talker USE vamp-horn
tharka USE kazoo trumpet choir
USE tarka tonette USE trumpet ensemble
thavil UF song flute trumpet ensemble
USE tavil BT recorder An ensemble consisting of two or more trumpets.
theater organ topan UF trumpet choir
An organ developed to provide background music USE tupan BT brass ensemble
for silent films. torogoată trumpet marine
UF cinema organ USE tárogató UF fiddle, nun's
  theatre organ tower clock bell   marine trumpet
BT organ USE clock chimes   nun's fiddle
theatre organ toy instrument   tromba marina
USE theater organ An instrument made for children that is often a BT bowed lute
theorb simplified or scaled-down version of a conventional
USE theorbo USE launeddas
théorbe UF musical toy instrument
USE theorbo   toy musical instrument
USE saùng-gauk
theorbo BT instrument
A large extended-neck lute with two peg boxes that NT baby rattle
USE chipendani
was used principally in the Baroque period, on which   harpola
the upper courses have a reentrant tuning and the tsigulka
  melody flute
diapasons are tuned diatonically. USE gŭdulka
UF chitarrone tsymbaly
  toy piano
  téorbe USE cimbalom
toy musical instrument
  theorb tuba
USE toy instrument
  théorbe UF bass horn
toy orchestra
  tiorba   bass tuba
UF toy symphony
  tuorba   BB♭ tuba
BT instrumental ensemble
  tuorbe   Bʹ♭ tuba
toy piano
BT plucked lute   bombardon
UF piano, toy
theorbo-harpsichord   Cʹ tuba
BT keyboard instrument
USE lute-harpsichord   CC tuba
  percussion idiophone
theremin   contrabass tuba
  toy instrument
UF aetherphon   double B-flat tuba
toy symphony
  termenvoks   double C tuba
USE toy orchestra
  thereminvox BT brass instrument
BT electronic instrument NT helicon
USE tupan
thereminvox   pelittone
transverse flute
USE theremin   sousaphone
USE flute
thoroughbass tuba ensemble
trap kit An ensemble consisting of two or more tubas.
USE continuo USE drum set
through bass BT brass ensemble
trap set
USE continuo tuba stentoro-phonica
USE drum set
thumb piano USE vamp-horn
USE mbira tubaphone
USE drum set
ti-tse UF tubuphone
USE di zi BT percussion idiophone
BT electronic instrument
Tibetan singing bowl tube zither
treble viol
USE singing bowl BT zither
BT viol
tibia NT čhakhē
treble violin
UF shank bone   valiha
USE pochette
  shin bone tubular bells
treble voice
  shinbone UF chimes, orchestral
USE boy soprano voice
BT woodwind instrument   orchestral chimes
timbales criollos BT bell
BT plucked lute
BT drum tubuphone
timpani USE tubaphone
BT percussion idiophone
UF kettledrum tulum
  kettledrums USE chiboni
USE launeddas
  timpanum tulumi
USE chiboni

tumba vamping-horn viola da braccio
BT drum USE vamp-horn UF braccio, viola da
tumbadora veena BT bowed string instrument
USE conga USE vina viola da gamba
tun-kul veene UF bass viol
USE teponaztli USE vina   gamba, viola da
tûnbak veṇu   viol, bass
USE zarb A ductless flute used in Carnatic music. BT viol
tuning fork piano UF kūḷalu viola da gamba (family of viols)
USE dulcitone   pillana grōvi USE viol
tuorba   pullāṅkulal viola d'amore
USE theorbo   pullankuzhal BT viol
tuorbe   vēṇuvu viola d'arame
USE theorbo BT ductless flute UF arame, viola da
tupan vēṇuvu   Portuguese viola
UF daul USE veṇu   viola braguesa
  goč verrophon   viola chuleira
  toba USE verrophone   viola de arame
  topan verrophone BT plucked lute
  tʼpan UF glasses, musical viola de arame
BT drum   musical glasses USE viola d'arame
turntable, phonograph   verrophon viola-de-cocho
USE phonograph turntable BT friction idiophone UF Brazilian lute
turntable system (phonograph) veuze   lute, Brazilian
USE phonograph turntable BT bagpipe BT plucked lute
túru (side-blown trumpet) vibraharp viola di bordone
BT natural horn USE vibraphone USE baryton
tusse fløyte vibraphone viola ensemble
USE tussefløyte UF vibraharp An ensemble consisting of two or more violas.
tussefløyte BT mallet instrument UF viola choir
UF tusse fløyte vichitra vina BT bowed string ensemble
BT recorder USE vicitra vina viola paredon
txalaparta vicitra vina USE baryton
BT percussion idiophone UF vichitra vina viola pomposa
txistu BT vina BT viola
USE galoubet vielle violano-virtuoso
tympani USE hurdy-gurdy BT mechanical instrument
USE timpani vielle à roue violetta d'amore
ʻūd USE hurdy-gurdy A bowed string instrument with five playing and six
USE oud vihuela resonating strings developed in Germany in the 20th
uilean pipe UF vihuela comun
USE uilleann pipe   vihuela de mano BT bowed lute
uileann pipe BT plucked lute violin
USE uilleann pipe vihuela comun BT bowed lute
uilleann pipe USE vihuela NT electric violin
UF Irish organ vihuela de mano   phonofiddle
  uilean pipe USE vihuela   pochette
  uileann pipe vina   prepared violin
BT bagpipe UF bīṇ   skrzypce
uke   bīṇā violin choir
USE ukulele   rudra veena USE violin ensemble
ukelele   rudra vīṇā violin ensemble
An ensemble consisting of two or more violins.
USE ukulele   veena
ukulele   veene UF violin choir
UF taro patch fiddle   vīṇai BT bowed string ensemble
  taropatch   vīṇe violo
  uke BT plucked string instrument BT bowed lute
  ukelele   zither violoncello
  yukelele NT gottuvadyam USE cello
BT plucked lute   vicitra vina violoncello piccolo
ukulele banjo vīṇai BT cello
USE banjo ukulele USE vina violone
unspecified instrument vīṇe UF double bass viol
USE instrument USE vina BT viol
upright bass viol violotta
USE double bass An unspecified instrument from the family of BT bowed lute
upright piano fretted, bowed string instruments in use from the virginal
16th-18th centuries. BT keyboard instrument
USE piano
urucungu UF gamba (family of viols)   plucked string instrument
USE berimbau   viola da gamba (family of viols)   zither
valeha BT bowed lute visuals
USE valiha NT lyra viol A visual component of a musical performance.
valiha   pardessus de viole vocal ensemble
UF baliha   tenor viol An ensemble consisting of two or more unspecified
  treble viol voices. For an ensemble consisting of solo voices,
  marovany (tube zither) use solo vocal ensemble.
  valeha   viola da gamba
  viola d'amore BT ensemble
  valiha-volo NT chorus
  volo   violone
viol, bass   solo vocal ensemble
BT plucked string instrument vocal percussion
  tube zither USE viola da gamba
A vocalist who creates sounds with the mouth that
valiha-volo viola approximate, imitate, or otherwise serve the same
USE valiha BT bowed lute purpose as a percussion instrument.
valve trombone NT viola pomposa UF bouladjèl
USE trombone viola bastarda   mouth drum
valve trumpet USE lyra viol BT voice
USE trumpet viola braguesa   body percussion
vamp-horn USE viola d'arame vocalion
UF singing trumpet viola choir BT reed organ
  trumpet, singing USE viola ensemble vocalist
  tuba stentoro-phonica viola chuleira USE singer
  vamping-horn USE viola d'arame
BT megaphone

voice wind symphony   temple drum
An unspecified vocalized part. For a performer who USE band BT drum
uses his or her voice to produce musical tone see windchime yataga
USE wind chime USE yatga
BT performer woman's voice yatga
NT singer USE female voice UF Mongolian zither
  speaker women's chorus   yataga
  vocal percussion BT chorus   yatug
volo wood block   yatuġ-a
USE valiha UF bang zi   yatuga
Vosges, epinette des   bangzi BT plucked string instrument
USE epinette des Vosges   Chinese wood block   zither
wa wa erh   clog box yatug
USE suo na   tap box USE yatga
Wagner horn   woodblock yatuġ-a
USE Wagner tuba BT slit drum USE yatga
Wagner tuba wood-wind instrument yatuga
UF Bayreuth tuba USE woodwind instrument USE yatga
  Wagner horn woodblock yoochin (dulcimer)
BT brass instrument USE wood block UF ëochin
washboard woodwind ensemble   yanchin
BT indirectly struck idiophone An ensemble consisting of two or more different   yanchir
washboard band woodwind instruments. BT dulcimer
UF band, washboard BT wind ensemble yue hu
BT instrumental ensemble NT clarinet choir USE gao hu
washint   flute choir yue qin
UF wāšint   oboe ensemble UF moon guitar
BT ductless flute   panpipes ensemble   moon lute
washtub bass   saxophone ensemble   yueqin
UF gutbucket woodwind instrument BT plucked lute
BT plucked string instrument An unspecified woodwind instrument. yueqin
wāšint UF wood-wind instrument USE yue qin
USE washint BT wind instrument yuka
water organ NT edge-blown instrument BT drum
UF hydraulic organ   reed instrument yukelele
  hydraulis   tibia USE ukulele
  hydraulos wu li wa zampoña
  hydraulus USE suo na USE siku
BT mechanical organ xaramita zarah
NT hydraulic barrel organ USE gralla USE kazoo
waterphone xian ze zarb
BT friction idiophone USE sanxian UF dombäck
Welsh harp xianzi   dombak
USE Irish harp USE sanxian   tombak
whistle xiao   tûnbak
BT duct flute BT ductless flute BT goblet drum
whistle (penny whistle) xiaoluo zheng
USE penny whistle USE hsiao luo UF Chinese zither
whistling xirimía   gu zheng
BT aerophone USE chirimía   guzheng
  body percussion xirimita BT plucked string instrument
wind band USE gralla   zither
USE band xun zhong hu
wind-bell BT ductless flute UF zhonghu
USE wind chime xylo-marimba BT er hu
wind chime USE xylorimba zhonghu
UF wind-bell xylophone USE zhong hu
  windchime UF bell, song zhongruan
BT aerophone   fiddle, straw USE ruan
  idiophone   song bell zhui qin
wind controller   straw fiddle BT hu qin
UF electronic trumpet BT mallet instrument zilia
  electronic valve instrument NT amadinda USE finger cymbals
  electronic wind instrument   angklung (xylophone) zils
  eVI (electronic valve instrument)   gambang USE finger cymbals
  eVI wind controller   gyil zink
  eWI (electronic wind instrument)   kaw law USE cornett
BT aerophone   mendzan zither
  MIDI controller   tingklik UF cither
wind ensemble xylophone controller   simple chordophone
An ensemble consisting of two or more mixed wind USE mallet controller
instruments. For a brass or woodwind ensemble, see BT string instrument
brass ensemble or woodwind ensemble. For wind xylorimba NT aeolian harp
band, see band. UF marimba-xylophone   ajaeng
BT instrumental ensemble   xylo-marimba   Appalachian dulcimer
NT brass ensemble BT mallet instrument   autoharp
  woodwind ensemble yamatobue   bulbultarang
wind ensemble (band) USE kagurabue   citaharp
USE band yanchin   clavichord
wind instrument USE yoochin (dulcimer)   claviorgan
An unspecified woodwind or brass instrument. yanchir   đàn bâù
BT aerophone USE yoochin (dulcimer)   đàn tranh
NT brass instrument yang qin   diddley bow
  jug UF yangqin   dolceola
  megaphone BT dulcimer   dulcimer
  woodwind instrument yanggŭm   harmonic canon
wind machine UF kurachʼŏlsa kum   harp guitar
UF aeoliphone BT dulcimer   harp-piano
BT friction idiophone yangqin   harp zither
wind orchestra USE yang qin   harpola
USE band yaogu   harpsichord
UF huagu   hurdy-gurdy

zither  (Continued)    
  kacapi (zither)
  marovany (box zither)
  musical bow
  new century harp
  stick zither
  tangent piano
  tube zither
zither ensemble
An ensemble consisting of two or more zithers.
BT instrumental ensemble
zither harp
USE harp zither
BT plucked string instrument
BT mallet instrument
USE zūrnā
BT double reed instrument
USE zūrnā
UF sorna
BT double reed instrument
USE svirala