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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013


The Application of GIS in The Digital Oilfield Construction

Xu Xiaohong1,Shao Yanlin1 Fu Jilin2,Sun Zhihua2,Xu Xin3
1 2
School of Geosciences, Yangtze University, CNPC Niger Petroleum S.A. Niamey Niger
JingZhou China 434023 Iowa Wesleyan College, The United States of America

Abstract—In the 21 century, the construction of oil and process, and it can significantly improve the quality of
gas resources information system has stepped into the oilfield production operation; digital oilfield construction
mature and development stage, However, it also faces can promote the further oilfield reform,therefore , the
two technical difficulties: multi-data integration and the level of oilfield management could be improved [1].
integration of attribute information and location However, the theory and technology system of the digital
information. This paper analyzes the technical features
oilfield is not fully mature, it needs to be explored and
and advantages of Geographic Information System (GIS)
practiced continuously, and it demands more
and lists the application methods of GIS in the
construction the oil and gas resources information
system. It proposes the classification scheme of oil and In October 2009, China Digital Oilfield Ten Years
gas resources information. By applying GIS spatial Forum Summit Defines the digital oilfield from both the
database technology, basic oil and gas resources broad and narrow perspective. Generalized digital oilfield
information, including graph and data, can be managed holds that the digital oilfield is an advanced stage of
collectively at one database platform. Based on GIS information technology applied in oilfield, and that it is a
technology, it can provide the diversified information high integration of oilfield management with computer
query method between space orientation and attribute network, data and application system. Digital oilfield
data. By using the multi-data integration technology consists of digital oil services, digital corporate cultures
supported by GIS, it realizes the flexible transformation and digital staff and so on. Wang Quan, from the Daqing
and transfer of spatial data. Based on GIS vector oilfield, raised the seven-layers digital oil model ,and it
drawing ability, it realizes the flexible geological maps is one of the major representatives of generalized digital
thematic mapping technology.With the help of GIS oilfield[2]. the narrow definition originated from the
spatial analysis, it realizes oil and gas decision support concept of “digital globe”,which was put forward by the
functions such as virtual drilling, et al.. And it can be former US vice president Gore at the OGC conference in
applied to the construction of oil and gas resources 1998. Digital oilfield is part of the digital globe, Professor
information system.
Liu Xuefeng held that digital oilfield is a GIS-based
Keywords-Resources Information System; Geographic
information platform about oilfield enterprise information
Information System; Spatial Database; Multi-source Data infrastructure and management layer, and that it is a oil
field online spatial information service system built on
I. INTRODUCTION the framework of digital globe[3-6]. He Shenghou ,et al.
made a similar explanation about digital oilfield in 2002
From the end of the last century, digital oilfield [4]
. Either form the broad or the narrow
construction has been carried out in major oil fields
perspective,GIS ,which blend property information with
around the world. In 2001, the construction of the
space orientation information system,is sure to be the core
digital oil field was on the National Key Technology
technology in digital oil field construction and
Research and Development Program of China during the
implementation. By applying the spatial information
“10th Five-Year Plan” list; In the end of 2003, the digital
organization and the management capacity of GIS, it can
oilfield research of the Shengli oilfield was listed as a 863
assembles the seismic, logging and geological pictures
national plan of scientific and technological research, and
and data involved in the resources exploration and
the Shengli oilfield has explicitly put forward the
collectively stores them at one database platform;it can
strategic objective of realizing the digital oilfield at the
provide the flexible information query geological
primary stage; in 2004, Daqing Oilfield proposed that
mapping functions.With the help of GIS spatial analysis,
technologies need to be transformed from large-scale
it can realizes the oil and gas assistant decision-making
computing centers to a distributed network information
abilities. It has been applied to CNPCNP companies in
center, and It also raised the “digital oilfield” strategy.
South Africa, Niger overseas project that in the provision
Digital oilfield has demonstrated a wide range of
of petroleum industry geographical information system
potential applications. Digital oilfield construction can
dramatically improve the exploration and development of
oilfields and decision support levels, and it can promote II. GIS APPLICATION
the sustainable development of oilfields; the construction
of the digital oilfield can also optimize the production With the development of GIS, it has been applied in

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such as well location map. flooded sections. 23 Fine 51 Water layer it can effectively manage various basic maps and data at 31 sandstone 52 Well symbol one platform and establish an interactive correlation 32 Magmatite 53 Prospecting between spacial information and property data. et al. it can build a Table 1 encoding for map elements classification professional analysis algorithms and process flow. Regional well 3) Decision support and analysis: based on the strong structure spatial analysis function of GIS. facies. evaluation and source rock 21301 Sandstone 4404 Bad oil layer distribution. © the authors 0046 . shown as follows: [5-6]: Geologi Drawing Geologi Drawing 1) Thematic mapping: the powerful mapping cal code element cal code element capabilities that can accomplish almost all of the maps in 2 Lithology 43 Logging oilfield production process (such as comprehensive 21 Sedimentary 44 information histogram of geologic..interlayers distribution plans. stratigraphic correlation profiles. profile. and so on). the platform provides two means : the 1) Shaft: It means one-dimensional data and maps management of corresponding property information associated with the shaft.In Flexible space query function based on GIS. and based on the spatial database engine. and based Contact Well on based on spatial database and network services it can relationship Development also offer efficient data sharing . order to help systems organize. reservoir profiles. Oil and gas resource information query on spatial information can be born by geologic maps. they are mainly born on plans. space Guidelines for Information Classification and Coding” relationship query from diagram to diagram and the SQL (SY/T 578. geological maps. map elements and result data were query from property conditions to the corresponding primitive.reservoir physical properties distribution plans. and the application of GIS technology in A. sedimentary facies plans. 212 rock 4401 Interpretation various of geological profiles. they can be divided into three At the same time. reservoir description..The primary application of GIS encoded (Table 1) and input into the system database in the oil and gas exploration information system are according to certain encoding rules. 213 Conglomerate 4402 Oil layer reservoir distribution. sedimentary facies profiles. isopach map.flooded plans. with references to the “Petroleum Industry inquiries from the diagram to the property. Oil and gas resources information system data “digital oilfield” is bound to set up a new milestone in the management information construction of oilfields. hierarchical data. CLASSIFY OIL AND GAS FUNDAMENTAL models.999). through space objects: or the employment of data explanation. logging data and production data. Oracle. et al. et al.). and so DB2. such as: logging data. and organization model based B. block distribution [6-7]. France. et al. these information can be born on a single well bar order to complete the property data categories: shaft. evaluation and forecast of oil and gas 21305 Conglomerati 44011 Oil-water resources. 3) Block distribution: It means the data and maps which relied on a certain range within a block. Figure 2 illustrates the query from primitive Published by Atlantis Press. 22 c sand 5 layer 2) Data management and sharing: by employing GIS. such as: seismic profiles. analysis data of single well management tools provided by the system(Figure 1). it can on). which Metamorphite well enables the highly efficient data management.521. APPLICATION exploration. exploration (including basic data. construction plans. according to the basic steps and objectives of achieve efficient data security control and data sharing. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013) various industries till now. tectonic map. 2) Profile: It means sectional drawings associated with cross section and the data relied on these sectional drawings. oil-bearing maps. Paris. providing decision-support functions for oil and gas IV. with the help of its relationship . they INFORMATION can be managed collectively in the large-scale As to the basic information involved in resources commercial relationship databases (SQL Server. Almost all of the information involved in the the work Figure 1 stratigraphic hierarchical data manager of oil and gas exploration.. manage and expression exploration development foundation information platform the information involved in the exploration and provides three important query method: basic information development. management . The maps and data involved in the oil and gas exploration are organized in the spacial information III. sedimentary facies.

vector drawing and map editing (Figure 3). achieves the fast automatic to semi-automatic mapping method of geological maps. which is based on the secondary development of GIS platform. For example. the platform can generate the employing the traditional way of map delineation in the stratigraphies reached by the virtual drilling and its system. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSEE 2013) (drilling) to its corresponding basic attribute and graphic document (drilling composite histogram). by selecting the location of virtual drilling maps which are incompatible with GIS platform. Oil and gas resources multi-source information int egration The basic data and results information involved in the oil gas exploration research have various formats. even well sections. AutoCAD and other mapping softwares. there are two methods as follows: if Decision support is the highest level of GIS the format of graphic documents and data are compatible application in oil and gas exploration. the platform also provides the auto to semi-automatic thematic mapping function of conventional maps. which is functions: the generation of virtual drilling and sections in compatible with LandMark achievement data volume. and it can automatically guarantee its accuracy and it would be too much draw up the well drilling histogram. the following achievements are made in Published by Atlantis Press. the platform has achieved two this system contains import components. Based on this model. Figure 5 Generate virtual drilling V. any directions. In order to meet the demands of the information technology efficiency required by the oilfields and corporations. Oil and gas exploration and decision support unified management. Figure 3 Geological map management and editing Figure 2 query from property to map C. the system. it constructs the otherwise they should be moved to spatial database by three-dimensional model of underground geologic bodies. the basic with GIS platform. it also provides the reference for the D. and planer distribution maps. the major forms of the oil and gas development. there will be two problems: it is difficult to geological hierarchical data.(Figure 4).Geologic maps might be made by Discover. Paris. In view of the characteristic and requests of geological maps. France. time-consuming and labor-intensive. And the outcomes are output by it. they can be moved to spatial database information platform of exploration and development is directly by multi-source data integration technology. by anywhere in the work area. © the authors 0047 . Figure 5 shows the generation of virtual exploration maps are either paper maps or electronic drilling. CoreDraw. As to seismic interpretation. based on DEM technology. it also realizes the management of geological maps. such as drilling comprehensive histogram. seismic interpretation Is usually processed by professional softwares like LandMark. In order to transfer all the basic data and Figure 4 Geological thematic mapping achievements discussed above to the spatial database for E. Geological Thematic mapping decision support of oil and gas exploration and At the present. Surfer. thus they will follow fixed formats. self-developed components. CONCLUSION Through the application of GIS technology in oil and gas exploration.

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