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Ashley Cardona, Andrea Chirino, Lang Le, Jennifer Rivas, Manpreet Singh

HSC 402 T/TH 12:30pm

Professor Sparks

9 November 2017

Budget Justification


The ​program director​ will have a base salary of $100,000. However, they will only dedicate 50%

of their time on this program, therefore, their salary will be of $50,000. The program director

will be overseeing the coordination and administration of all aspects of the ongoing program that

includes planning, organizing, staffing, leading, proposal preparations, and controlling program

activities. They will ensure that everyone is on task, fulfilling their requirements. In order to be

fit for this role, the program director must have a minimum of 7 years working with HIV

(preferably within the MSM community), and a MPH. The program director must also be

comfortable creating/adhering to contract negotiations (i.e., employee contracts, office sublets,

etc.). The program director will assist in developing curriculum/training materials, such as

PowerPoints, “game-night” questions, and questionnaires. At the end of the program, the director

will assist with data analysis and program evaluation.

For this project, the ​program coordinator ​will be earning a salary of $55,000 and devoting 100%

of their time to the program. The program coordinator will work with staff members, manage

community outreach, and develop procedures to ensure proper implementation and success of

programs. They will assist in dedicating tasks that caters to the population needs. The program

coordinator will monitor staff members’ workload and hours, coordinate their schedules, and
plan any requested time off. Some of the responsibilities of the program coordinator includes

hiring, recruiting, and training the health educators. Along with helping the program director to

create interventions and its curriculum, the program coordinator will need to develop pre- and

post-tests. The program coordinator will also be in charge of tracking billing payments as well as

monitoring program budget limitations. In addition, they will make sure program plans stay

within time constraints and help raise any necessary funds.

For the program, there will be ​two health educators​ earning a salary of $40,000 each. Each will

be devoting 100% of their time to the program. Health educators educate people about behaviors

that promote wellness while developing and implementing strategies to improve the health of

individuals and communities. The two health educators will be responsible for implementing

interventions and creating educational materials such as brochures, flyers, and printed versions of

the lesson plans. They will have to make sure this reaches the target population. Health educators

will be reporting to the program coordinator, just like how the program coordinator reports to the

program director to get reassurance that tasks are done correctly. They will also be conducting

pre- and post-tests assessments to the participants.

Consultants and contractual costs

For this project, the ​program evaluator​ is budgeted for a total of $25,000. The program evaluator

is responsible for analyzing collected data such as pre- and post-tests and surveys. The evaluator

will determine effectiveness of the program and activities. The evaluator will also create and

manage a secure database and data files. He/she will develop reports and infographics based on

findings from analyzed data. The evaluator will also provide recommendations for program

improvement and implementation.
For this project, the ​administrative assistant​ is budgeted for a total of $32,000. The

administrative assistant is responsible for maintaining, purchasing, and organizing inventory.

The administrative assistant is also responsible for managing database for participants attendance

and information. The administrative assistant will also answer phone calls and provide

information regarding the program.

For this project, three public health ​interns​ will each receive a $1,150 stipend, for a total of

$3,450. Their duties will be administering tests and surveys. They will take part in outreach

activities such as social media announcements and recruiting, as well as creating culturally

tailored pamphlets, documentation, and flyers. Interns will also collect supplies and set up

workshops/interventions before the start of workshop/program. Interns will also assist the health

educators/coordinator in necessary tasks. Working alongside the interns will be ​volunteers​;

however, unlike the interns, volunteers will be unpaid. They will assist the interns with setting up

the program’s HIV rapid test mobile unit.

A ​bus driver ​will be needed for the program’s HIV rapid testing mobile unit; and will be paid

$2,000 for the entirety of the intervention, three months. The driver will take the bus to a popular

location in Long Beach, and will wait for the event to finish.

Assisting with the mobile units will be two ​LVN nurses​ who have experience working with HIV

rapid testing devices. They will each be paid $30/hour (a total of $120 each). Therefore, $8,640

will be spent on nurses.

Equipment, Supplies and Expenses

Materials for activities
● Condoms, lube, and HIV testing kits will be needed for the mobile clinic. Additionally, a

mobile clinic will be rented. We expect to pay $2,000 a month to rent the mobile clinic

for 3 months, for a total of $6,000. For $18, we can get 100 condoms, so for 3 months,

the cost will be $90. Lube is $12 for a pack of 12 individual packets, and for the 3

months, the cost will be $144. HIV kits are $20 for 10 or more kits, so we plan to spend

$6,000 for 300 kits. ($12,918)

● Condoms, condom training models, and pamphlets will be needed for the condom

demonstration workshops. We will purchase packets of 100 condoms for $18 for 2

months, which will cost $36. We will buy a set of 20 styrofoam condom training models,

for a total of $78. We will purchase 100 pamphlets for $80. ($194)

● Game supplies, snacks, refreshments, raffle tickets, and prizes will be needed for game

night, as well as a location with tables and chairs for the event. The price to rent out a

location will be $80 per hour for the space, for a total of $320. The table and chairs will

cost $326 for 15 tables and 150 chairs. Snacks such as chips, popcorn, cookies, and

pretzels as well as refreshments such as coffee, water, and soda, will cost $200. One roll

of raffles tickets will cost $11. Loteria cards will be purchased for a total of $27. ($884)

Materials for day-to-day office work

● Telephone: $240

○ Telephone service for 12 months from Charter Spectrum is $19.99 per month.

● Printing: $200

○ Printing cost will be distributed for 100 flyers and 100 brochures for recruitment

of interns, volunteers and participants.
● Incentives: $300

○ The cost for incentives will be distributed for prizes at the game night, such as gift

cards for the winners.

● Promotional items/advertisements: $300

○ Banner for mobile clinic advertisement.

● Computer costs: $1,000

○ Two computers with the necessary software will be purchased for the two health

educators to utilizes for creating flyers, brochures, databases and for

creating/running the social media pages.

● Audiovisual costs: $350

○ Audiovisual costs will be distributed for one dvd player, video projector and

screen rental, as well as the necessary cables and software.

● Office supplies: $300

○ Pens, pencils, markers, dry-erase markers, highlighters, paper clips, staplers,

staples, post-its, paper, printer, toner/ink, electric sharpeners.

● Training: $200

○ Refreshments and snacks will be purchased to distribute during trainings.

● Travel: $300

○ A total of $300 is budgeted for travel cost. The mobile clinic will be driven for 3

months, in downtown Long Beach. The mobile clinic is an essential part of the

program that will allow residents of Long Beach to receive free HIV testing.

● Other items
○ Internet service will also be purchased. Internet for 12 months from Charter

Spectrum is $39.99 per month. ($480)

○ For the office space, electricity will cost $200 a month ($2,400)

TOTAL: $276,192