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Yaniv Janson

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Yaniv Janson is a young artist and political commentator. Through his art, he works to raise awareness about
environmental and social issues and to move audiences to create impact. He has exhibited his work
extensively in New Zealand and abroad. Yaniv’s passion is to give a voice to more disabled people whilst
contributing back to society:

“Working towards crucial environmental goals allows Yaniv to give back to his
community by proving that disability is not a barrier to achieving and sharing a social
message with others”
Bernadette Grosyeux, Presidente, Eg’Art, Paris, France

Janson’s animation on the website of the New Zealand Human Rights Commission
[] and his books featuring art, social change and education illustrate his ideas,
works and concepts, and inspired his work with international organizations such as the UNESCO and Apple.

"I have had the privilege to observe Yaniv’s creative journey since he enrolled as a
student at The Learning Connection. In the beginning Yaniv could not explain the
inspiration and thought processes behind his work. He would instead talk about
how it was created; maybe assuming it would satisfy our need to understand
the ‘why’. Since those early days Yaniv has learned to explain his unique view and
experience of the world linguistically. Interestingly, this development influences
his visual language and creative processes leading to a new body of work".
Marcel Baaijens, Director, Sitdance and

Expressing unique and subjective points of view is an ethical and esthetical examination at once, and it is in
that exact spirit that made Mémoire de l’Avenir – Memory of the Future choose to expose the work and
ideas of Yaniv Janson from October 6th to November 6th 2017 and to organize a round table with the artist
and specialists on the 18th.

Unsustainable, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, 2016.

A happy sea, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, 2016.
The arts promote rational and emotional progress through creativity. Arts offer the opportunity to each and
everyone to reinforce and affirm (life) skills, by promoting self-expression, physical abilities and competence,
offer “vocabulary” to emotions and behaviour, and establish a unique place among others. Using the arts
encourage self-exploration and will lead to a development of a self-language. Art presents a different way to
develop a communication with others, beyond all limits .

Creating exists among others, therefore art and creativity will play a role to help any unique individual with
better social skills , offering each tools and a significance of self within a group.

Via art and creativity we can open a dialogue between differences, learn to attest pluralism and similitudes within
diversities, fight against stereotypes, prejudice and all forms of discrimination, get to know self as of the others,
and the environment, for better living together with respect between all, as between people and their planet.
Creativity is essential in all forms of learning, as in all cognitive development such as linguistic, scientific
learning or professional studies.

John Dewey’s statement, Learning by doing, is based on the fact that people learn best when they are
personally or practically involved in the experience of study. If knowledge has significant meaning and can
impact the realities of individuals or of groups, then, it must be understood by each person.

Individuals, as different as each is, get engaged in acquiring competences, languages or knowledge when
they are setting their own rhythms of learning and defining objectives, only then are they actively pursuing
the process of creativity and of understanding.
The view from the 22nd floor, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, 2017.

Tornadoes coming, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, 2017.

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