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- alcohol : cồn - antibiotic : thuốc kháng sinh
- calorie(s) : năng lượng - antihistamine : thuốc trị dị ứng
- carbohydrate : - bandage : băng vết thương
- diet : chế độ ăn kiêng - blister : vết bỏng giộp
- exercise : bài tập thể dục - casualty : người chết, bị thương/ nơi cấp cứu người bị nạn
- fat : mập - cold : cảm lạnh (catch cold)
- fibre : chất sơ/ sợi - flu : cảm
- fish : cá - jet lag : mệt mỏi sau chuyến bay nhiều múi giờ
- fruit : trái cây - operating theatre : phòng mổ
- gym : môn thể dục - plaster : bột (bó bột)/ thạch cao
- junk food : thức ăn nhanh - prescription : sự kê toa thuốc
- salad : món sa lát - scales : cái cân
- salt : muối - scar : vết sẹo
- sleep : ngủ - sore throat : viêm họng
- smoking : sự hút thuốc - splinter : mảnh vụn, dằm
- stress : xì chét - stethoscope : ống nghe
- sugar : đường - stitches : mũi khâu
- vegetables : rau - stomach upset : sự rối loạn tiêu hóa
- vitamins : vi ta min - stretcher : cái cáng
- surgery : khoa phẫu thuật, sự mổ
ADJECTIVES - syringe : ống tiêm
- (un)healthy : có hại cho sức khỏe - thermometer : nhiệt kế
- high in (fat) : (đồ ăn) nhiều (chất béo) - vaccination : sự tiêm chủng
- low in (salt) : (đồ ăn) ít (muối) - wheelchair : xe lăn


- cut down on (salt) : cắt giảm cái gì - jet lagged
- cut out (fat) (of sth) : dừng sử dụng, ăn, làm gì,… - run down : kiệt sức
- go on (a diet) : ăn kiêng - sunburnt : bị cháy nắng
- go for (a run) : bắt đầu chơi/tập sth (chạy bộ)
- join (a gym) : tập thể dục VERB PHRASES
- make sure : đảm bảo - get a blister : bị phồng, dộp
- put on (weight) : tăng cân, giá - get a splinter : bị dằm
- tuck into sth : ăn ngon lành - have a headache/a sore throat/a stomach upset
- go down with sth : mắc bệnh gì (cảm,..) - make a decision/a mistake/a phone call/a speech/a suggestion
make an effort : nỗ lực
- make arrangements/ change : sắp xếp cuộc hẹn/ tạo sự thay đổi
- make for (the centre of town) = head for: di chuyển tới đâu
- make out (what sb is saying) : hiểu được/ nghe, nhìn, đọc được
- make up (an excuse) : viện, đưa ra (lý do); bịa chuyện
- make up for = compensate for (lost time) : đền bù cho

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Exercise 1:
Well, I'm a keen athlete, so I try to have a healthy diet. I eat a lot of protein, especially fish and lean meat, and plenty of fruit and
veg. That's no problem, because I like those things and I love crunchy salads. But I also need quite a lot of carbohydrate to give me
energy, so I tuck into pasta and baked potatoes. I can't resist chocolate either; I've cut down a bit, but I don't think l'd want to cut
it out of my diet completely! Anyway, because I do so much exercise I don't ever put on weight. I have reduced my salt intake
though - I never put it on food and I normally avoid junk food, which is full of salt and fat. I go to a training session two evenings a
week with my local team. I also belong to a gym and go there three times a week. I've never smoked and don't drink much
alcohol. What I do drink is lots of water- you really need it if you do a lot of exercise. And I also try and get eight hours sleep a
night- I find it makes a big difference. I think I'm fit, and being fit helps me deal with stress, at work and at home.


1. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. …………….. T
2. I never drink alcohol. …………….. F
3. I drink a lot of water. …………….. T
4. I’ve cut down on chocolate. …………….. T
5. I go to the gym regularly. …………….. T
6. I never have to go on a diet. …………….. T
7. I make sure I get plenty of sleep. …………….. T
8. I eat a lot of junk food. …………….. F
9. I’ve never smoked. …………….. T
10. There’s no stress in my life. …………….. F

Exercise 2: Complete the paragraph below using the correct form of one of these verbs.

go for cut out join get put on make sure cut down on

If you want to stay healthy (1) MAKE SURE you have a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and salad and (2) CUT DOWN
ON salt, fat, and processed sugar. And if you want to avoid (3) PUTTING ON weight, it’s probably best to (4.) CUT OUT junk food
completely, because it contains all those things. And whatever your age, it’s important to (5) GET enough exercise, so think about
(6) JOINING a gym, or (7) GOING FOR a regular walk or run.


Exercise 3: Even the fittest person suffers minor illness and injuries! Match the problem and the cause.
1 get a blister A you’ve been working in a very noisy office
2 have a stomach upset B you’re just recovering from flu
3 be sunburnt C you’re about to go down with a cold
4 get a splinter in your finger D you’ve eaten some undercooked meat
5 have a headache? E you’ve been making some bookshelves
6 feel run down F you’ve just done a long flight
7 have a sore throat? G you’ve spent too long lying on the beach
8 be jet-lagged H you’ve been wearing new shoes.
Answer: 1 – H 2 – D 3 – G 4 – E 5 – A 6 – B 7 – C 8 – F

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Exercise 4: Choose the correct word

1. If you have burnt yourself badly, you go to the casualty department/ local surgery.
2. If you cut your hand and need scars/ stitches the doctor will give you a local anaesthetic.
3. If you suffer from hay fever, the doctor will give you antihistamines/ antibiotics.
4. If you need medicine, the doctor will give you a recipe/ prescription to take to the local pharmacy.
5. If you break your leg, the doctor will put you a plaster/ bandage on it.
6. When you are a child, you have lots of injections/ vaccinations for common illnesses.
7. If you have a temperature, a nurse will take it with a syringe/ thermometer.
8. If you need a weighing, the nurse will ask you to step on the stethoscope/ scales.
9. If someone is seriously injured, they are lifted into an ambulance on a stretcher/ wheelchair.

Exercise 5: Read the texts below and fill in the box

Person 1: I got home from work on Thursday with a really awful sore throat, and when I looked in the mirror on Friday I realised it
was bright red and covered in spots. So I made an appointment at the Iocal surgery. My doctor gave me a prescription for
antibiotics. It cleared up quickly once I started taking them.

Person 2: Well, I felt really stupid the other day. I was trying to put up some bookshelves in my study. I had the hammer and nails
out ...and well, I suppose I just stopped concentrating for a minute and the next thing I knew hit my thumb with a hammer! It
really hurt. My wife took me up to the casualty department and they sent me for an X'ray. lt wasn't broken, so they just put a
bandage on it.

Person 3: I was out playing hockey. I'm in the college team. Anyway, I went for this ball at the same time as someone on the
opposition. I fell over and there was this awfuI crack. I knew I'd broken something. I couldn't move: it hurt too much. They called
an ambulance, put me on a stretcher and took me up to A and E. My left arm will be in plaster for another two weeks, and then I
have start physiotherapy.

Person Problem Where they got help Treatment

1 Sore throat (red with spots) Local surgery (doctor) (Prescription for) antibiotics
2 Hit his thumb with a hammer Casualty department X – ray
3 Fell over someone and broke his A and E* (Accident and Emergency) Left arm in plaster
arm Physiotherapy

Exercise 6: Put a tick (✓) of a cross (X) if these people are feeling well or unwell.
P1: I'm really out of sort at the moment - I've been feeling tired and headachy all week. X………………
P2: Me? I'm feeling as fit as a fiddle. I've been in good shape since I took up running on a regular basis. ✓ ………………
P3: I've felt a bit off colour since yesterday. I think I'm going down with a cold. X ………………
P4: I'm fine thanks. I've got loads of energy now. I always come back from a holiday feeling refreshed and ready for anything! ✓
P5: I'm a bit under the weather at the moment. Too many late nights and not enough sleep I think, so it serves me right! X ………

Exercise 7: COMMON EXPRESSIONS. There are lots of expressions with MAKE. Use one of the nouns below in each sentence.

arrangements changes decision phone call effort mistake speech

appointment suggestion

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1. Before you go to the doctor’s, you need to make a/an APPOINTMENT at the surgery.
2. Carla made a very helpful SUGGESTION about how the wating room could be rearranged.
3. I’ve got to make a firm DECISION about which malaria tablets to take.
4. if you’re stressed, it’s easy to make a really stupid MISTAKE and have an accident.
5. They’ve made a lot of CHANGES to my local surgery and it tooks really good now.
6. The SPEECH that the doctor made at his retirement party was hilarious.
7. The hospital has made a huge EFFORT recently to improve the appointments system.
8. By the end of the afternoon, they had made all the ARRANGEMENTS for the operation.
9. It was noisy in the waiting room, so John went outside to make an important PHONE CALL .

Exercise 8: PHRASAL VERBS. Read sentences 1-5, then match them to the descriptions A-E.
1 I didn’t want to play hockey, so I made up a story twisting my ankle.
2 She didn’t visit me when I was in hospital, but she made up for it by buying me some chocolates.
3 Sophie didn’t know which ward her brother was on, so she made for the information desk.
4 The nurse spoke so softy that I couldn’t make out what she was saying about my medicine.
5 The old operating theatres are no longer used, so the hospital has made them into accommodation for nursing staff.

A Someone is doing something good to compensate for something they didn’t do before.
B Someone is heading in a particular direction.
C Someone has decied to use something in a different way.
D Someone has invented a reason for something which happened to them
E Someone was unable to hear what another person was saying.
Answer: 1-D 2–A 3–B 4–E 5–C

Exercise 9: Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. You must
use between 2 and 5 words, including the word given.
1. The staff will have to work hard tomorrow to compensate for the time they’ve lost today. (MAKE)
The staff will have to work hard tomoorw to MAKE UP FOR the time they’ve lost today.
2. I’ve reduced the amount of chocolate I eat, but I’m not losing any weight. (CUTTING)
I’ve tried CUTTING DOWN ON chocolate, but I’m not losing any weight.
3. No one appreciated that what Anna suggested was helpful. (MADE)
Anna MADE A HELPFUL SUGGESTION but no one appreciated it.
4. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to think about starting a diet. (GOING)
If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to think ABOUT GOING ON A diet.

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