De Guia,Charles Louie U.



Technology: a sign of Power Since the rise of technology mankind has used it to make life simple, fast and efficient. It has changed the world as we know it. From high speeding trains to flying machines. To the use of fast operating computers and advanced machines for a speedy production. Life has never been easier but good things have its own consequences. Technology has created a world of chaos and inequality. A world where the environment is at its brink of destruction and the poor crated a form of dependency on the rich. And before we know it technology has become a sign of power and control. Throughout history notice how technology affects the tide of power. During the world war technology played a very important part in determining the outcome of one of the world’s greatest battles. One example is when the United States developed the first ever atomic bomb and tested it in the city of Hiroshima and since then it has become a country to be feared with, it has brought fear as well as caution to other countries, it has become sort of an alpha dog. Then a few years later after the Great War more countries continued to developed new types of technology leading to a new era and a new field of science. Just last month there was a U.F.O sited in the skies of China. There are rumours going on that China has built a new type of weapon and the military is still hiding it to the public. (. We all know that the United States is to be feared with in the skies and in the seas because of its super carriers. And just lately this month it has been reported that China has made another new type of missile that could destroy this Aircraft Carriers. Isn’t this a way of china telling the U.S. that it has now become another country to be feared with? ( arrier_killer) Even in small situations like the cell phone. In the Philippines not all of us here have cell phones since we live in a country where poverty exists. In one article that I have read a man from Hong Kong was on a business trip to the Philippines. He noticed that almost everyone here from business men to average Joes have their own cell phones. But when someone asked him what his cell phone model was, which was an N95, Nokia’s latest model at the time, he was surprised by the man’s response “Wow. That's an expensive phone. You must have a lot of money. You must be rich.” immediately the man was shown respect and dignity due to his acquirement of high end technology. ( ones_define_your_social.html?cat=15 Technology affects society physically and mentally. It has affected the way we see power. It not only gave us a new way of living life but it has given us a new way of determining the better and the stronger. From what I learned in Soctec2, there are two types of how we analyse power.

10908625 EI One is reputational and the other is decisional. where power is analyzed as manifested in relations between actor vis-à-vis a conflicting situation emanating from competition. China developed new weapons of mass destruction while the U.Charles Louie U. both showed competition and fear to the world. brought fear and respect to its neighbouring countries. Reputational is based on the reputation of the group/individual as perceived by the community as said by our professor. Like the examples above each situation has shown great reputation to the world. Hitler and his diabolical plans and Japan’s suicide bombers. . Such as World war I and II.S. And decisional.De Guia.

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