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Foreword Newcastle upon Tyne to

manage the day to day affairs
of the Freemen) to more Contents
effectively communicate
through this particular New Look 4-5
The Coat of Arms of the City of
medium. We were delighted to The Stewards’
Newcastle upon Tyne.
respond and I hope this Committee 6
magazine, which we intend to
publish on a bi-annual basis, The Stewards’
will prove to be informative Committee report 7-10
and even at times provocative. The St.Mary 11
As guardians of the Newcastle Magdalene &
Town Moors, the Freemen of Holy Jesus Trust
the City have a pivotal role to The Town Moor 12-13
play in caring for this highly Money Charity
WELCOME to the inaugural treasured environmental asset.
The responsibility that falls From the Master 14-15
edition of our new magazine,
which builds upon the Guild upon the shoulders of the of the Gild
Newsletter, that for many years Stewards Committee, in FEW -AGM 16-17
The Badge of the Gild of the Freemen of has served to keep Freemen, maintaining this open space so 2006 report
Newcastle upon Tyne. friends and colleagues in touch that the public at large can
on a range of issues. enjoy traditional rights of ‘air FEW Warden 17
and exercise’ should never be for the North
At the outset, may I express a
big thank you to Alan Robson underestimated. Dates for your diary 18
Steward of the Bakers and Feedback is very much Useful Contacts 19
Brewers, who with such welcomed. Do not hesitate to names and addresses
dogged determination has get in touch and let us know of
ensured the Newsletter was your views. Ideas whether in
sustained and distributed, Alan
relation to this publication or The Editorial Team,
and rightly so has persuaded
the commitment of the The Newcastle upon Tyne
the Steward Committee (the
Front Cover Picture Town Moor Gate Forsyth Road executive of twelve Stewards,
Freemen in all that we do, are Freemen Moor Bank Lodge,
who are elected at the actively encouraged. Claremont Road,
Design by Andy McDermott local craftsman. Depicting at the base rig and
furrows, the halberds –with which the Freemen protected the City, the top line Michaelmas Guild on an annual Newcastle upon Tyne
reflecting the undulations of the hills and the ‘spoked’ wheel can be either the basis by the Incorporated L R Fenwick CBE NE2 4NL. e-mail
passing of time or the rays of the sun which sets behind to the west. Companies of the Freemen of Chairman, Stewards Committee


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New look
N the 1970’s the Gild of A5 size was made to circumvent of any Newcastle upon Tyne benefits associated with being a
Freemen was publishing an the new postal charges) The Freeman who is not receiving Freeman of Newcastle upon
A5 mono-colour booklet for publication will be issued twice a The Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne.
its membership - the “Gild year, in May and November. Freemen Magazine, get them to Should you wish to contribute
magazine”. It changed to an A4 write to Mrs P. Ansell. You will
It will be mailed to all Freemen of any items please send your ideas
“Newsletter” when Alan Robson find Mrs Ansell’s contact details
took the job of Editor 20 years Newcastle upon Tyne and to the Editorial Team, (Alan
at the back of the publication. Robson, Jim Johnson and Pat
ago. The publication remained as include some widows and
an A4 newsletter, albeit with a daughters with whom contact is This publication will continue to Ansell) to Moor Bank Lodge
few changes in format, until the kept. To ensure you continue to give news on what is currently Claremont Road Newcastle
July 2006 issue. receive a copy it is important that happening within the freelage of upon Tyne NE2 4NL. or e-mail
we have your current and correct Newcastle upon Tyne and also,
Today, thanks to the financial for consideration ,they will
backing of the Steward’s address on the database in Moor nationally within the Freemen of
Bank Lodge. Therefore please England and Wales. We will also be welcome!
Committee, the format of the
publication has been revised, ensure that Mrs. P. Ansell maintain our educational roll with The Editorial Team hope you like
giving it an image worthy of the (Administrator) is notified regard to the historical the new format and enjoy
Freemen of Newcastle upon quickly of any change of connections of Freemen, the City reading its content! Editorial
Tyne. (The decision to revert to address. Likewise, if you know of Newcastle and the duties and team

The Gild of Freemen - facilitate the ‘social’ side of matters, whilst the Stewards Committee of the Freemen and Town Moor Money
Charity, by statute, deal with charitable and business matters relating to management and lettings and use of the Town Moor.


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committee The Hoppings

THE weather was kind for the Town

Moor Hoppings again this year.
Improved supply of waste bins
helped with site cleaning and there
was little ground reinstatement
required. However the world cup
affected numbers attending the event
and Car Park receipts were down 21%.
There was some vehicular damage to
the service road and repair work has been
carried out. Problems, which arose with
conduct on site, were brought to the
attention of the Showmen and dealt with.
Figures have not been finalised but signs are there
will be an operating surplus, which is split 50/50 with
the City Council. Once again this year the Town Moor
has either hosted or facilitated many events.

Town Moors.
AFTER a long cold and wet start to the
year, conditions changed drastically. The
grazing was very good in late spring, then
due to the scorching hot weather and lack
of rain there was concern about the lack of
grass growth (No wonder farmers grumble
about the weather!). Some grazers
City Mace Bearer City Sword Bearer
reduced numbers for a period, and
Front Row - left to right recently brought some cows back for the
H.D.Wilson, K.Hall, Councillor Diane Packham Lord Mayor, L.R.Fenwick, last few weeks. All in all, the beasts have
Chairman of the Stewards Committee, P.Anderson and I.F.Miller. done well this year. This season there were
551 cattle decanted onto the various Town
Back Row - left to right, Moors and calvings temporarily lifted the
D.M.Lowdon, A.R.Bainbridge, S.A.Alderson, Vice Chairman, S.Ovens City Council Acting numbers, however mothers and calves are
Head of Administration, R.M.Grey, W.G.Frizzle, J.Johnson, and F.H.Alder. returned to the farm as soon as possible.


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cycleways Working with the City Council
PHASE 1 of the major scheme by the City ARISING out of representation by Mr Fenwick (Chairman of the Stewards Committee)
Council to upgrade the at Guild and also to the Chief Executive and leader of the City Council, a new structure
footpaths/cycleways across the Town to joint meetings with the City Council Officers has been put in place. The Freemen
Moor was completed satisfactorily before
consider this to be a more open forum with greater transparency and partnership, the
the grazing season began. Phase 2 (from
first meeting will take place on 24th October 2006. Whilst the terms of reference and
Kenton Road/Grandstand Road junction
to Claremont Road) will commence as inherent powers remain limited and do not reflect those of the former Town Moor Joint
soon as possible following the removal of Sub Committee this is a positive step forward and is welcomed.
the cattle on the 31st October. The final
stage of Phase 2 incorporates the removal
of old lighting columns and the link up

and switch on of the new lights and
CCTV cameras.

Castle Leases Moor

PLANNING permission was granted for
the reinstatement of traditional metal
fencing of Castle Leases Moor on 20th
April, work began on the specially
manufactured posts and rails to reflect
the original 19th century specification.
Nuns Moor (North)
The major reclamation scheme on Nuns Moor, Cowgate steam, (Devils Burn) which
Installation commenced on 2nd October primarily involved extensive drainage work has been satisfactorily completed, the
it is an anticipated 3 months programme, improvement is visible! A rustic post and restraining wire fence has been installed to
at a budget of £117,000. An application protect both works and cattle. The drainage work and ancillary costs meant a total
for a grant from the Heritage Lottery was spend of £42,724.43. Three pedestrian bridges are required to complete the scheme.
refused as it was viewed as being A specialist bridge manufacturer has been awarded the contract to remove, supply and
Renovation rather that Preservation, install the 4m, 6m and 7m bridges, complete with self closing latch gates. The cost of
despite there still being a small section of this work is £35,000. The Freemen have received praise from the City Council and
the original fence remaining. rightly so, not only for improvement of the area also covering the cost.
This project will improve the security of
grazing stock, hopefully cutting down on
repairs and call outs due to vandalism of
timer fencing, but above that it is an
Nuns Moor (South)
environmental improvement linking with Another area of Town Moor which required drainage work to link up runs to the
the Victorian park, which was originally correct catchment pit. This was carried out in September at a cost of and £5,949 there
Town Moor land. is already a visible improvement to an area, which was subject to ponding.


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St. Mary Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust

The Borough Freedom
WE wish to bring to the attention those who may require these Applicants are given every
(Family Succession) Bill re Lady Freemen of our new readers, and to services. There is a main dining opportunity to look around the
THE Bill was scheduled to be read in the House remind Freemen, that there are room where residents can enjoy Trust’s properties and facilities
of Commons on 20th October, regrettably, the vacancies in Freemen designated a mid-day meal if they do not feel before taking the decision to
accommodation in the like cooking for themselves and accept a property. Looking at the
House ran out of time and remaining Bills were
bungalows of the St. Mary regular social activities are location and benefits- this is an
deferred. At the time of publication the Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust. arranged, should you wish to opportunity which should be
rescheduled date is not available, should you given serious consideration if you
Trustees are appointed by the
wish to check progress of the Bill the web site
address is -
Church, University of Newcastle
upon Tyne, City Council,
Existing residents
are looking to ‘downsize’ and cut
your overheads!
voluntary sector and the affectionately call it For economic reasons,

Freemen. The charity exists bungalows allocated to Freemen
mainly to provide sheltered their “Shangri-la”, as use can not continue to remain
housing to those with limited they are convinced empty and could be reallocated.

means. All applicants have to that living there adds Should you, or anyone you know
meet certain financial criteria, who meets the qualifications and
although each application is at least 10 years to ‘‘ may be interested in this
considered on its own merit. their life span! accommodation, please contact:
There is an allocation of
Miss Sharon Hepple,
accommodation afforded to the
participate. Existing residents General Manager, St Mary
Freemen of Newcastle upon
affectionately call it their Magdalene & Holy Jesus Trust,
Tyne over the age of 50 years
Dukes Moor (married couples or single), or a
“Shangri-la”, as they are
convinced that living there adds
Claremont Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NN
widow or unmarried daughter of
THE Kenton Road /Grandstand Road Allotments site is set to be vacated in at least 10 years to their life span!
a Freeman living in Newcastle Telephone number
December 2006 and a Winter works programme will then progress to incorporate
upon Tyne. The definition of St. Mary Magdalene & Holy 0191 2697920. Email:
the area into the adjoining Dukes Moor.
“unmarried daughter” also Jesus Trust offers self-contained st.marymagdalene@btconnect.
Due to vandalism and theft six trees have been replaced, and four includes a daughter who is a independent living, set in private com
new trees have been planted on Dukes Moor and are doing widow or divorcee. landscaped gardens just a short
well. To complete the refurbishment of the Blue House bus ride from the City centre.
The bungalows in Spital Tongues
landscaping and the driveway facility have been completed. provide a safe and friendly
In addition a brick boundary wall adjoining Grandstand Road atmosphere, with home help and
was constructed to replace the pailing fence line. The garden personal assistance available to
was planted with environmentally friendly structural shrubs and
hedging, the tenant (a member of staff) has introduced his own under
planting. The cost of the wall £7,400, planting of both areas, £383 and all in all
this has enhanced the area as a whole.
It is hoped that this will give readers a small insight into the unseen work,
which is necessary to maintain this vital open space in good
condition. It is not always easy, juggling staff time etc., to meet the
many demands on the Town Moors whilst still maintaining the
grazing pasture and it is the Freemen's grazing rights, enshrined in
the Newcastle upon Tyne Town Moor Act, which protect this
valuable asset to the City.


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Whether you are a Freeman of Cases have come to light where

Newcastle upon Tyne, a
Freeman’s widow, daughter or
an applicant has struggled
financially for many years,
‘‘In the June 2006
son in need of financial assistance, unaware that help was at hand. distribution, the
your application is made in the It is worth completing an
Town Moor Money
same way. You must request an application form, the forms are
official ‘green’ form from the not complicated, and the answer Charity paid out
Senior Steward of the will be a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’! £63,337.00 to 211
Incorporated Company, which Should you be aware of beneficiaries
your father’s/ late husband’s was someone within your family ‘‘
a member. The Town Moor (33 of whom
who is in need of financial aid,
Money Charity Trustees will and meets the criteria, please were students).
require full details, therefore the encourage them to apply.
applicant and the Senior Steward Unless they submit the first
must ensure that the forms are ‘green’ application form they
completed correctly. If the will never know if they qualify
required assistance is in

Town Moor
for assistance!
connection with higher
education, course details should In the June 2006 distribution, the
be provided on a separate sheet Town Moor Money Charity paid

Money Charity
of paper. The completed form out £63,337.00 to 211
must be returned to your beneficiaries (33 of whom
Company Senior Steward who were students).
will forward it onto the Trustees
for consideration.
Grants for the Town Moor Money
Charity are paid out in June and
UNDER the Newcastle upon daughters of Freemen of December each year. Once the
Town Moor Act 1988, the Newcastle upon Tyne can apply first grant has been awarded a
Stewards’ Committee is on their own behalf for form will be automatically sent out
empowered to designate a assistance in meeting their in time for the next distribution.
limited proportion of the Town financial obligations in higher In cases of extreme
Moor as “Intakes”. It is the rents education. However, it is hardship, the Trustees may
arising from the lease of intakes important to remember that a consider applications outside
which provide income for the son of a Freeman of Newcastle of the normal distribution
Town Moor Money Charity. upon Tyne is eligible to become dates by calling an
a Freeman himself at the age of
Grants are available from the Extraordinary Meeting.
20 years. Therefore he must
Town Moor Money Charity for If you do not know the name and
take up the freelage if his
Freemen of Newcastle upon address of the appropriate Senior
education grant is to continue
Tyne, their widows and their Steward, this can be obtained
past the age of 19 years. As the
daughters. Such grants means from the web site
law stands at the moment,
tested are made towards living or
daughters of Freemen are
expenses, education or help Mrs P. Ansell, Administrator,
naturally not affected by this
towards the purchase of Moor Bank Lodge,
stipulation and their grant will
mobility aides. Claremont Road,
automatically continue at 20
From the age of 18, sons and years and beyond. Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL.


THE GUILD NOVEMBER 14/11/06 09:58 Page 17


A message from the A Freeman of Newcastle silk tie bearing the
Newcastle upon Tyne Coat of Arms (a choice of
single crest or repeat crest is available). You

Master of the guild must obtain an order form from your Company
Stewards. Sales of the silk ties are dealt with at
Moor Bank Lodge by mail order only. Price per
tie (including packing and postage is only £21.
Alternatively, as a stocking filler, The Newcastle
be arranged, but to date not Gild Hon. Treasurer before Gild of Freemen have their own ties which you
can buy direct from their Hon.Treasurer. Price
one member has come up the 11th December.
£7.00 each (including P&P). They are not silk, but
with any ideas. This is your are very smart with a single under-knot woven
Those Newcastle Freemen
Gild and we would like to see Gild crest. Tie available in navy blue or maroon.
who are not members of the
more members becoming Gild, and would like to join, Also available from the Gild Hon.Treasurer are
involved in its activities. you can obtain application ceremonial robes, complete with the Newcastle
Ok, now I have got that of my forms from the Hon. Treasurer upon Tyne Gild badge. Price only £44 each
of the Gild. His address is at (including P&P)
chest, let’s start to look
forward to the festive season. the back of this journal.
Already, shops have their My time as Master of the Gild
Christmas stocks on show, has flown by. I only have 6
there are even houses already months left before I hand over
IT was of great disappointment
decorated with lights to the current Senior Warden.
that the Horse Racing night
appearing on TV news, and I have enjoyed my time in the
had to be cancelled because
the Gild is already planning chair and thank all those who
of lack of interest. It’s
the Christmas Buffet. This is have support me in my role.
disheartening for the Gild
always a good time to meet
Court of Assistance members As this is the last newsletter of
fellow Gild members and their
after months of planning to the year, may I be the first to
families and enjoy good food
put on events and not get wish you all a Merry
and a few drinks. This is a
enough response from Gild Christmas and a prosperous
popular event so if you have
members to attend. New Year.
not attended before, why not
In the last Gild newsletter I ask make the effort and come Leslie Hogarth
members for some ideas on along. To do so, get your Master of the Newcastle
the activities you would like to booking form returned to the Gild of Freemen


THE GUILD NOVEMBER 14/11/06 09:58 Page 19


than 52 airfields, or the remains The annual church parade was

of such, on that photograph. as usual highly colourful, with
robes of every hue to be seen as
Entertainment included talks on
the procession made its way
the famous riots in 1911 (some of
from the Castle square to the
the Lincoln Freemen seemed to
Cathedral. In defiance of the
know an uncomfortable amount
weather forecast and obviously
of detail about these!!!) and the
because of the presence of the
origins of the strange nickname
Freemen, the sun shone that
afforded to residents of the City morning. Interestingly, once in Mr J.W.N.Petty
(there seems to be an ongoing the Cathedral, the Freemen
debate similar to that surrounding were seated around and behind
the term “Geordie”), to a local
folk singer, complete with piano
the choir, which gave us the FEW
accordion, who told stories and
rare opportunity to appreciate
them in action from close
sang songs about local places
and characters, the finale of
quarters (And no, they don’t do
crosswords or play on “Game-
which, naturally enough, was the boys” between hymns). FORTY years ago the Freemen
“Lincolnshire Poacher”. of Newcastle upon Tyne were
Yet again, being part of the
Throughout the weekend, founder Guild Members of a
affairs of Freemen on a national
our hosts proudly showed off national Association - The
scale, meeting and enjoying the
their local fare and we had the Freemen of England. Today
company of friends old and new
that Association encompasses
opportunity to sample locally- and exploring the home of
Wales and is now known as The
raised hams, beef and duck, another group of Freemen Freemen of England and Wales

Lincoln Weekend
locally-produced cheeses and proved of pleasure and value. (FEW for short).
locally-grown vegetables. The Newcastle, Durham and
formal banquet on the Saturday Alnwick were all represented in The FEW Warden of the North
night, held in the assembly rooms, Lincoln and we look forward of England is Mr J.W.N.Petty - a
was indeed particularly enjoyable. already to Leicester in 2007. Freeman of Newcastle upon
Tyne and Senior Steward of the
A report by Captain Stephen Healy (Gild Senior Warden) Hostmen’s Company. Mr Petty
is also the Chairman of the FEW
SO yet again the jamboree in went well until the outskirts of programme complemented the Association’s Trustees.
some far-flung borough, as the Lincoln itself, whereupon a official business, ranging from a As FEW Warden Mr Joe Petty is
Association Freemen of England devilish temporary one-way tour of Lincoln’s tiny, very quaint the area representative of the
and Wales held its Annual system conspired to confuse and genuinely historic Guild Hall President of the Freemen of
General Meeting and social many attendees, including some to a visit to a modern museum, England and Wales
weekend. This time, the of the locals! The need for the most interesting feature of Association. Therefore if you
“yellowbellies” of Lincoln were negotiating this hazard was the which, to my mind, was a huge have any questions relating to
the generous and amiable hosts. location of the event hotel, which aerial photograph of the whole FEW activities or Individual
was right in the city centre and county. Knowing of the Membership, these can be
As we approached Lincolnshire
had the most spectacular view of importance of Lincolnshire in channelled locally through
on the drive down, we had our
the Cathedral, at least out of our supporting the efforts of Bomber Mr.J.N.W.Petty, 7 Wentworth
“I-spy” books to hand, but
window. Worth the effort around Command and the US Eighth Air Grange, The Grove, Gosforth,
strangely failed to notch up
the road-works for that alone. Force in the Second World War, I Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1NL.
maximum points by spotting The Newcastle upon Tyne representatives.
any combine harvesters. All A varied and interesting cultural was interested to count no less Mr & Mrs Sam Lee, Joe Petty, Capt. & Mrs Stephen Healy. Telephone 0191 2850591


THE GUILD NOVEMBER 14/11/06 09:58 Page 21


Diary Contact
Monday 11th December 2006 Monday 16th April 2007 Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle Gild of Freemen Meeting, Easter Guild, upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall Administrator and Office
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall, (on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) Mrs P. Ansell, Moor Bank Lodge,
starting at 7.30 p.m. Claremont Road,
Close Court of Guilds (for Company Stewards
only) starts at 10AM Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL
Saturday 16th December 2006 Telephone 0191 2615970
Open Court of Guilds (for all Freemen of
Newcastle upon Tyne) starts at 12 noon prompt Fax. 0191 2324677
Newcastle Gild of Freemen Christmas Buffet,
upstairs in the Newcastle Guildhall, upstairs in You must be seated by 12 Noon for the Open
the Newcastle Guildhall, starting at 12 Noon. Web site:
Guild in readiness to receive the Lord Mayor.
Booking forms must be returned to the Gild Hon. After the proceedings, buffet lunch is available in
Treasurer before the 11th December 2006. the Merchant Adventurers Room Gild of Freemen of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne
Hon. Secretary of the Gild
Monday 15th January 2007 Monday 14th May 2007 Mr. F P.M. Cook , 79 Holly Avenue,
Christmas Guild, upstairs in the Newcastle Newcastle Gild of Freemen Head Meeting Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2QB
Guildhall (on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) (AGM) upstairs in the Guildhall, starting at 7.30PM Telephone 0191 2816509
Close Court of Guilds (for Company Stewards
only) starts at 10AM
Sunday 20th May 2007 The Freemen of England and Wales Association
Open Court of Guilds (for all Freemen of
Newcastle upon Tyne) starts at 12 noon prompt Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne Annual Warden for the North of England
Church Parade, held in the Cathedral Church of
You must be seated by 12 Noon for the Open Mr. J. W. N. Petty ,
St. Nicholas.
Guild in readiness to receive the Lord Mayor. 7 Wentworth Grange,
Robing in the Cathedral Library at 9.00.a.m. for The Grove, Gosforth,
After the proceedings, buffet lunch is available in commencement of parade into the Cathedral at
the Merchant Adventurers Room. Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1NL
9.15 a.m. with the Lord Mayor.
Telephone 0191 2850591
(Should you need to borrow a robe, please advise
Monday 12th March 2007 the Hon. Treasurer of the Gild of Freemen.)
Newcastle Gild of Freemen Meeting, upstairs As the Freemen’s Church parade, attended by the
in the Newcastle Guildhall, starting at 7.30PM. Lord Mayor, it is vital that there is a good turn out! Publishers: Cameron Publishers, 2 Earls Court, 5th Avenue Business Park,
Team Valley, Tyne & Wear NE11 0HF