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Computer Science Project Ideas

1. Voice based E-mail for the Blind

2. A Railway Anti-Collision System with Auto-Track Changing and Phis Plate Removal Sensing
3. Computer Folders ‘Security with a Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone and Rinjdal Security Extension
4. Speech Stress Analysis based Cheap Lie Detector for Loyalty Test
5. Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam
6. Recognition of Hand Movement for Paralytic Persons Based on a Neural Network
7. Network Security Implementation Layer through Voice Biometric
8. Agent Based Blocking and Response, Intrusion Detection using Signature
9. Load Balancing of Artificial Intelligence Network using Ant Colony Optimization
10. Authentication and Adaptive Security for DNS System
11. Multicasting of Bandwidth Efficient Video in Multiradio Multicellular Wireless networks
12. ADHOC Networks Based Bandwidth Estimation of IEEE 802.11
13. Data Mining Technique Based Building Intelligent Shopping for Web Services
14. Automatic Teller Machine Network Implementation based Controlling of CAC Connection Admission
15. Adaptive Coaching and Co-Operative System for MANETS
16. Multidimensional and Color Imaging Projections
17. Inter Domain Packet Filters based Controlling of IP Spoofing
18. Hidden Markov Models Based Credit Card Fraud Detection
19. XML Enable SQL Server Based Data Storage and Minimization
20. Artificial Neural Network Based Verification of Digital Signature
21. Design and Implementation of E Secure Transaction
22. Pattern Recognition and Dynamic Character Using Neural Network
23. Verification of Dynamic Signature Using Pattern Signature
24. Data Integrity Maintenance and Dynamic University Linking
25. Filtering and Analyzing of Effective Packet System for ATM Network
26. Efficient and Distribution and Secure Content Processing by Cooperative Intermediaries
27. Rule Mining Algorithm for Efficient Association in Distributed Databases
28. Digest Algorithm for Efficient Message for Data Security
29. By Using Concurrent Engineering Train Simulation Based on Genetic Algorithm
30. Travelling Salesman and Genetic Algorithm Problem Using ATL COM and C#
31. Channel Rate Allocation for Scalable Video Streaming Using Genetic Algorithm over Error-Prone
Networks Based on GOP
32. High Speed Face Recognition Based on RBF Neural Networks and Discrete Cosine Transform.

CSE Project Ideas

1. Storage Systems Based HBA Distributed Meta Data Management for large Cluster
2. Image Analysis and Compression with PSNR and MSE Technique
3. Implementation of Threshold Cryptography for MANET Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
4. Image Processing for Resizing and Bilinear Filters
5. Architecture of Distributed Database in Next Generation Mobile Networks for Global Roaming
6. Recognition of Dynamic Pattern and Character Using Neural Networks
7. Customer Relationship Management Based on Distributed Component Router
8. Supply Chain Management System Based on Distributed Component Router
9. Dynamic Logistics Management and Support Systems
10. Multithreaded Socket Based Email Server
11. Design and implementation of Mobile Banking
12. JMX Based Managing and Monitoring the Clusters
13. Implementation of Multi Router Traffic Monitoring
14. Real Time Transmission Protocol Based Broadcasting of Multicast Video
15. Multicast Routing For Collaborative Applications with Delay Variation Constrains On Overlay Networks
16. Near-Optimal Multicast Scheme Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Hoc and Mobile Networks
17. SNMP Based Network Monitoring and Analyzer Tool
18. Network Border Patrol for Promoting Fairness in the Internet and Preventing Congestion Collapse
19. Recognition of Digits Back Propagation and Handwritten Based on Neural Network
20. Novel Framework for Personalized Retrieval and Semantic Annotation of Sports Video
21. Query Workload Based Online Index Recommendations of High Dimensional Data Bases
22. Image Retrieval Imaging Based on Content, Adaptive and Personal
23. Software and Algorithms for problems in Radiation Therapy and Radio Surgery and Medical
24. Bluetooth and J3ME Enabled Full Duplex Automation Based on Mobile
25. Development of an Application for Weekly Automatic College Timetable
26. Using Pythagoras and Trigonometry to Watermark an Image
27. By Using Steganography Compression and Decompression of Wavelet
28. Coded Structured Light Based Real Time 3-D Data Processing
29. A Distributed Learning System with Desktop recording, VoIP, Desktop Sharing and Session Sharing.
30. A Wireless Communication Protocol Based on Electric Bulb
31. Musical Conversion and Recognition for Music Compression

List of Computer Science Project Topics

1. Mitigating and Degradation of Congested Sensor Networks
2. Sales Order Processing and Invoicing (SOPI)
3. A Simple Generic Algorithm for Music Generation by Means of Algorithmic Information Theory
4. A Decentralized Self-adaption Mechanism for Service-based Applications in the Cloud
5. Wireless Local Area Network Monitoring and Controlling Tool
6. Implementation of Multi Threaded Multimedia with Push/Pull Technology
7. Small Scale Business Management System
8. Secured Pocket Store for Pocket Personal Computer Using Windows SE Cryptographic Solution
9. Detecting Age of a Person Based on Hand Writing Analysis
10. Implementation of Spam Filter Based on JAVA
11. A Distributed System for Scaling up GNOME Similarity Search
12. Designing of a flight Black Box Based on Event Automatic Reader with Noise Suppression
13. Concept Map Mining for Easy Mining and Technical Concepts-CMM
14. Detection of Network Fault with MAC Authentication
15. Authentication of Network Attached Storage by Using SCARED Protocol
16. Wireless Modem Configuration Wizard for UBUNTU OS
17. Wireless Finger Print Identification Based on Unique Devices
18. Recognition of Kannada Character Using Curve Let Transformation
19. Detection of Pattern Using Web Log Data
20. Updating of Distributed Cache for Dynamic Source Routing Protocol
21. Network Load control in TCP/IP
22. Detection of Credit Card Fraud by Using Hidden Markov Model
23. Verification of Offline Signature Using GABOR Transforms
24. Road Traffic Analysis and Traffic Control Algorithm Based on Density
25. Detecting Terror Related Activities on Net By Using Data Mining Technique
26. Intelligent Emotion Recognition Using Brain Signals (IEMOTION)
27. Detection of Medical Abnormalities in Skeletal Muscles Using EMG
28. Simulation of Color Tree Using SIM CT Algorithm for Disjoint Multipath Algorithm
29. Storage Security for Data Dynamics in Cloud Computing and Enabling Public Verifiability
30. Establishment of Secret Key Based on Correlation of Wireless Channel Coefficients
31. Ranking and Clustering Software Cost Estimation Models Using Multiple Comparison Algorithms
32. Estimation in Model Checking with Bit State Hashing
33. A New Approach to Random Testing Using Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
34. Interaction of Asynchronous Server Using AJAX and XML
35. Implementation and Control of Homogenous Network
36. Implementation of Quick Car Rental Services Based on J2EEE
37. Implementation and Automation of Remote Electricity Billing System
38. Design and Implementation of ESECURE Transaction
39. ATM Networks Implementation Using Connection Admission Control
40. Verification of Digital Signature Verification Using Artificial Neural Networks
41. Design and Implementation of Web Portal E-learning
42. Detection of Moving Object by Detecting Contiguous Outliers in The Low Rank Representation
43. Intelli Information and Implementation of WAP Based System
44. Implementation of Vertical Market Information Providing System
45. A theoretical Analysis of The Role of Test Sequence Length in Software Testing for Structural Coverage
46. Locating of Aware Mobile Applications Based on Event Middleware
47. Sequence Based Test Cases Event Generation Using GUI Runtime State Feedback
48. Fault Prediction in Object-Oriented System Using the Concept of Cohesion for Classes
49. Design and Discovering of Service Based Systems Using UML
50. A Web Based Application for Vehicle Sales, Purchase and Inventory Management
51. Implementation of ASP Based Supply Chain Management System
52. Approach of Combinational and Geometric System Using Digital Imaging Applications
53. Speech Recognition and Synthesis for Linux
54. Computational Methods for Simulation of Biological Development
55. A cost based Approach to Adaptive Resource Management in Data Stream Systems
56. Design of Prototypic Hand Talk Based on Assistive Technology for Deaf
57. Rectified Probabilistic Packet Marking Algorithm for the Markets
58. Designing Less Structured P2p Systems for Expected High Churns
59. Direct Manipulation Technique for Wireless Networking
60. IP Spoofing Detection Approach for Network Intrusion Detection System.